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Forbidden Ant Farm Survival - Ep. 7 - ENDERMAN RAGE!

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Text Comments (2272)
Korpio (1 year ago)
Ant Farm Survival is so fun I just downloaded the trilogy and I'm having a blast plus the achievements are fun to work towards but currently I'm only about halfway through the first afs not looking forward to the forbidden ant farm lol
Conga (1 year ago)
"lets throw these in a safe place" *throws into fire*
whatisadamnname? (3 years ago)
Oh god. Good ol times
Edarp 1155 (3 years ago)
Brandon Bright (3 years ago)
Face cam
Jade Swan (4 years ago)
If nobody liks blazes then why you need blaze rods? :D
Potato (3 years ago)
+Mark Bittner you commented 6 months after he put that comment, HES NOT GOING TO ANSWER YOU! ( irony, i respond 5 months laster)
Mark Bittner (3 years ago)
He wont answer
Max Forsström (4 years ago)
He doesnt suck he is good
Robbie Olsen (4 years ago)
You suck at minecraft
Mark Bittner (3 years ago)
Blythe can Be cool (4 years ago)
if u dont have anything nice to say just dont say it robbie
Emilee Rowles (4 years ago)
u must not watch him much....
TheFoxfiend (4 years ago)
I always look down at how much time is left when you say "I think I'm going to end off the episode here."  There have been times when you say that and the episode goes on for another 4 to 5 minutes.
John/Ruby Olsen (4 years ago)
Lmer Do (4 years ago)
to kill the mobs
Lmer Do (4 years ago)
just put lava on the side of the block
Heidi Markes (4 years ago)
press the button to get diamonds
Bruce Wayne (5 years ago)
so hes playing enderfarm survival? =D
Lavaboy844 (5 years ago)
Just me or did he have a broke iron pick and another Non broken one so he made 2 non broken ones 6:58
John/Ruby Olsen (5 years ago)
Colin Lewis (5 years ago)
I meant glowstone the place
Colin Lewis (5 years ago)
Lots of stuff to say. 1) GET THE WATER!!! 2) go to the shimmering caves or whatever 3)Go to that wither skeleton kinduv dungeon u found in ep. 4 ( I think) 4)for some reason every time u walk up ur little bridge I expect either herobrine or some sort of mega-creeper to be standing there 5) burn da mobs by the tree and while they're ded flowstone the place
jcj248 (5 years ago)
Ender farm
Brian Shaw (5 years ago)
u need an eye of ender not an enderpearl
Maksim Demikh (5 years ago)
what the heck are you saying
Maksim Demikh (5 years ago)
it is XD
Maksim Demikh (5 years ago)
that would be so powerful
MrChicken (5 years ago)
LOL Turn captions on when listening to the video. Sacraficial. Sector artifficial
Pillow Square (5 years ago)
lets do 10, and go try that again!
Benjamin Feit (5 years ago)
Imagine the destruction of a wither blaze
DLC_Gaming (5 years ago)
try letting the enderman damage u befor u start hitting it maybe itll stay
Naikus4G (5 years ago)
Ant, a good technique for the mobs on the platform with the trees would be to stand on your bridge and use the lava to burn them. As for the blazes, take 10 slabs at a time and continue to place then die lol I suggest doing that off camera
Silent Domo (5 years ago)
y he no make bunker like him do like he did with the endermen?? my English is excellent xD
Silent Domo (5 years ago)
tonfon gamer (5 years ago)
i think the blazes think ant drop an item agian let burn it
tonfon gamer (5 years ago)
your right
nasiresa11 (5 years ago)
The Enderman are being a wuss
Lil Brim (5 years ago)
you wasted iron you alredy made an iron pick
Federico Lippmann (5 years ago)
Killer- 22 (5 years ago)
the drops will burn ... GENUIS
13kpf (5 years ago)
Potata dude that was for not get hit so you dont need to build it if you dont matter!
Shane Ryan (5 years ago)
We even have a nice little "kill ourselves area!" lolz
Nope. I think everyone is way to lazy to waste 9 blocks just to kill an enderman.
13kpf (5 years ago)
I havr tip for enyone how are going to kill enderman whitout it teleporting = sneak and hit to the feet and they cant hit you if you build 3•3 roof top of your head and stay middle of the platform!! I have tested and use it all the time!
sam tukua (5 years ago)
Lord ignitom (5 years ago)
andi achimnes (5 years ago)
He could've had infinite arrows from the skeletons.
Landon Ryncarz (5 years ago)
yep you got very lucky
DankSouls (5 years ago)
Riley Losleben (5 years ago)
Dude, go to f**king shimmered caves!
pickle cucumberson (5 years ago)
Just attack them don't make them mad I've killed them with wooden swords like that
Barby Ganesh (5 years ago)
your gonna find water in the next episode
brickboy7567 (5 years ago)
What happened to aether?
CaptainSperklez (5 years ago)
He rage quit when he died LOL
RJ (5 years ago)
Don't look at them you just hit their feet
Todd Neiss (5 years ago)
He should have made an enderman trap
Olivia Hunter (5 years ago)
Yeah I now realise I have the xbox version though
tAngelt (5 years ago)
get arrows from the skeletons
Daniel Hanson (5 years ago)
Imagine forbidden ant farm UHC mode.
Daniel Hanson (5 years ago)
Dude, we don't want your giveaway.
Blu (5 years ago)
he has arrows from killing skelebutts
Erin R (5 years ago)
2:59 there are skeletons kissing!
Piercelova (5 years ago)
Do face cam
Bob McGrumphry (5 years ago)
3:03 skellybutts making out in left bottom corner
metafilms36 (5 years ago)
Jake Bott (5 years ago)
u hit the enderman in the belly button
Zalif (5 years ago)
Maybe xD Jk maybe he can use a skeleton spawner for arrows.
Realsteel (5 years ago)
14:40 he went back on what he should of done at like ep 4 or 5 but NOOOOOO u went and be safe well just stck 2 what ur good at (witch is not being boring)
Realsteel (5 years ago)
14:32 ep: dear minecraft Diray Today I FINALY decided to get that frickin blaze rod. By Antvenom, ps im a dick of a noob
Rui DoCouto (5 years ago)
Matthew Brooks (5 years ago)
i'd RAGE if it was hardcore!
maeve leyden (5 years ago)
I mean bow
maeve leyden (5 years ago)
You need a now to kill blazes
Zombonikiller (5 years ago)
spaceisdead (5 years ago)
Kimlacount did you see the next episode?
Stephen Thompson (5 years ago)
u just crafted a pic and u had i
Zach Brady (5 years ago)
Screw the enderman
alamin ahad (5 years ago)
AikiSys (5 years ago)
Booljthgijgfnfg vfgrgfgtghhyhjngnhm hi
Bunnycraft306 (5 years ago)
14:00 you just noticed that ?? Oh and @below any has TONS if skill
Jessy Pelletier-Lemire (5 years ago)
Would of been easier to destroy the spawner first, than try to cover the lava. You need less blocks and, if you have a bit of skill (and ant does), than it would be close from easy to make it (maybe just build a "room" of 4x4 around you to be sure of the safety of it...
Jim Cross (5 years ago)
Ant the endermen keep teleporting because of glow stone
Dustin Golembeski (5 years ago)
how do u record
ilovenilo (5 years ago)
Actually, you can re craft stone into cobble stone. Just place down the stone and re-mine it, voila!
Melissa Alvarado (5 years ago)
He already had a new pick In the chest he wasted 3 irons and two sticks
RafinhaLmm (5 years ago)
if he light level is under 6 Agresive mobs can spawn Above 7 or 8 Pasive Mobs can spawn (bat need under 6 too)
Tatiana Gong (5 years ago)
Make a bow
Jono Castle (5 years ago)
Ender men sound like pigoens/zombie
Jono Castle (5 years ago)
The armor drops
Hello, My Friends. (5 years ago)
He said "HE MADE 2 IRON PICKS WITHOUT REALIZING IT!!!!!!!!!" because he noticed that even though AntVenom had a FULL iron pickaxe, he made another. Although, it was for the greater good in the end, I guess. I just figured you may have not realized that. Theme: Do not insult others without a GOOD reason.
Zed Arcanum (5 years ago)
Dude your dumb he said "I would take that pickaxe along but its about to die
Zed Arcanum (5 years ago)
Ant just went "Hey what's up skeleton Give me a brofist!" on 3:00- 3:20 I believe
Cassie Stacker (5 years ago)
Hey Antfarm Antvanam
Cassie Stacker (5 years ago)
You can use the lava bucket to kill the mobs and for a sores of light
sneaky528 (5 years ago)
Don't hit enderman feet hit ther head omg
Cody Luckett (5 years ago)
That cave u found probably has diamonds
Superclaus14 (5 years ago)
wow if you put captions on the way it fails at spelling is actually kind of funny
Baly Richard (5 years ago)
who told u that ? Your baby ? U can't hit enderman WITH BOW U minecraft noob
Amy Ferafowler (5 years ago)
u realize that the zombie picked up a block, right?
callum canning (5 years ago)
Yes they pick up anything that has be dropped or not picked up
apex (5 years ago)
did anyone see that zombie hold a block at 3:46 or can they normally do that?
sam minter (5 years ago)
Chow Tham (5 years ago)
You can only kill enderman with bows
Proxies Proxy (5 years ago)
the enderman took the glowstone

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