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Super Smash Bros - Trailer Analysis

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Dunkey takes a closer look at the new Smash Bros trailer to reveal some juicy new info about the upcoming game.
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Shades Guy (1 hour ago)
How many people here were like "Oh my God, they don't have the rights to METROID!" and then looked it up and realized it was a joke.
Türk Kafası (2 hours ago)
But wheres funky kong
Amy Ice Rose (3 hours ago)
LINK *triggered*
An Le Khac Quang (10 hours ago)
I see a gallade
humist1 (14 hours ago)
Dunkey doing gods work
Artisbot (16 hours ago)
Actually since Undertale is coming to switch they may be able to sneak them in actually. But maybe not but there’s always hope.
Coyote Gris (22 hours ago)
I hope they add "Smitty werben jager man jensen" to the game.
Random Cartoons (23 hours ago)
He copied Weegee The God
Jorge Gutierrez (6 hours ago)
Random Cartoons Weegee The God has been copying other people's videos. The Blue Yeti one is the biggest example of straight up theft.
SmokonmKay (1 day ago)
we need a new cereal game. the gba game was AMAZING
TrolaOmega (1 day ago)
all i want are two people... mega man exe and mega man star force... daddy sakurai can you make that happen?
Endrick (1 day ago)
Will DarkSydePhil be in this game?
Yalcin Askar (1 day ago)
what kind of idiot disliked this mastapeece 7 thousand times ?
An Oshawott's Ideas (1 day ago)
Is that the Iron Man on the sun fishing from the animated video?
Leonard Sheppard (1 day ago)
I see Luigi
Shane (1 day ago)
i hope they add King from Tekken Tetris Monopoly Battleship Yahtzee Dr. Doolittle Steve Urkel Urkel's Grandmother Angry Bird Game boy Color Dog from Earthbound The tree from Animal Crossing Vice City Spiderman Hulk Green Goblin A fighter-jet A firetruck Macho-man with a fishing pole riding the sun and the sun has sunglasses and the sun says "I'm fishing for a fight, brother" The Rock's head on the muffin man's body on Shamu and Shamu's mouth opens and Iron Man's in there and he says "Who ordered the fish and chips?" A bus on a camel's back and the camel says "Whose bus is this anyway?" Steve Urkel's shirt The tooth of a saber-tooth tiger on a Dinosaurus Rex with the arms of a robo-cop with laser-feet
Nick Dantzlerward (1 day ago)
Tony the Tiger from Cereal lmfao
-Ernie Gang.- dead meme.
2018 Connor Purcell (2 days ago)
Carter A. Klassen (2 days ago)
"Tony the Tiger from Cereal."
Brandon Saavedra (2 days ago)
This dude stupid
Violet (1 day ago)
ExtremeRotoms (2 days ago)
I mean if the facts say so...
Pedro Albano (3 days ago)
I hope they add Rockhopper the pirate from Club Penguin, fans have been wanting him since Melee
PutMeIn YourFreezer (3 days ago)
Is that dunky in the flames?
Shögun (3 days ago)
Gru confirmed for smash 5
ControlLingOo (3 days ago)
Im always dying on: "which is a cardboardbox that costs 80$ ... will we be able to use that to make a gamecube controller out of" :D:D:D
JRockerTV (3 days ago)
little kids: clicks on video pauses video coments "its not melee" clicks on another trailer video repeats
PuRe MaZtErZz (3 days ago)
Get this shit out my face 😂👐 Jimmy Neutron is not in the game
Violet (1 day ago)
How would you even know?! The game is not even out!
Avery (2 days ago)
PuRe MaZtErZz yes he clearly is
Jacob Phil-Ebosie (4 days ago)
whats the song at the end?
keatonwice (4 days ago)
Who in their right mind dislikes this video. I mean, who do you think you are? Knack 2?
Luke Wilson (5 days ago)
Shut up you don’t even now what super smash bros is 2018 means when it’s coming out and they don’t have the rights of jimmy neutron
Violet (1 day ago)
This is why children shouldn't use the internet
Saint Garcia (5 days ago)
You can't even tell this was a joke
Joey Nilsson (5 days ago)
Yeah there will be Zelda and Metroid. You know I think if Metroid was a girl she was date Zelda.
Charbomber (5 days ago)
I can't wait to see jimmy neutrons moveset would be, i think a good move would be sitting on a banana, i heard it can change whole games.
the king of the fat (6 days ago)
also he forgot to mention that if zoom into the smash logo you can see filthy frank risen from the dead for the second cuming so he can be in smash 5
the king of the fat (6 days ago)
can't wait for boss baby to be in smash
Gamer Shy Guy (6 days ago)
I’m gonna be honest I hope they bring Mario from the obscure “Super Mario” series of video games in the new game (it’s not a port due to previously mentioned line that is now missing) but I can see why they wouldn’t add him in
not too bad :P (6 days ago)
soooooooo.... what about sky
Jango (7 days ago)
That Symbol on the Thumbnail looks like he really is Fishing for a Fight
Benjamin Wilkin (7 days ago)
I just noticed the "im fishin for a fight, brother" in the thumbnail
SlinkBasil 35355 (8 days ago)
I hope thay add Nintendo characters in this one
Ally Paratrooper (8 days ago)
Jimmy neutron hahahah
FlipaClipa (8 days ago)
2018 characters lol
Xanthan Gum (8 days ago)
*"Who ordered the fish n chips"*
Son Ssj3 (8 days ago)
I wish iron man was in this game
The Frozen Xbox 360 (8 days ago)
“Tony the Tiger from cereal.”
Average Guy (9 days ago)
InternetTAB (9 days ago)
i do not like dunkie, he is black
Shawntina York (8 days ago)
InternetTAB he's Chinese
starClight (9 days ago)
Wheezing, doesn’t describe
Takaya Cole (9 days ago)
If Despacito isn't a playable character then I'm out.
Thomas Salisbury (9 days ago)
SeaBelch555 (9 days ago)
Shovel Knight and Waluigi pls.
Pikachu Fan (9 days ago)
Ningondo forget bout rock man
Robert Hunter (9 days ago)
Where’s the brave little toaster?? He’s like da star of da game???
Angel Salazar (9 days ago)
SWFT co leader gaming (9 days ago)
Maining boss baby
Speedy Angel Infinite (9 days ago)
Is mario
BlakeRocks52 (9 days ago)
This video is such high quality
That Taco Guy (10 days ago)
They better have Reggie
That Taco Guy (9 days ago)
Boss Baby will my main
The Hentai Shogun (10 days ago)
Satanic Chocobo (10 days ago)
BOSOSSS BABBY !!!!!!!1! i love thAT GUY
regimiro (10 days ago)
You know this reminds me of that time dunkey beat sky in smash
Groig (10 days ago)
Hey, play dunk by daylight
Kelly Rants (10 days ago)
Gotta love how he calls Link Zelda on purpose. Now donkey, i know you think that Jimmy Neutron is 100% confirmed but did you consider that it could also be Buddy from The Incredibles?
Senpai Kito (10 days ago)
Itz smash 2 , the 5 is upside down, why you think the smash logo got slices in it, half of 4 is 2 c'mon people.
That Danya Guy (10 days ago)
I hope they add in kiteman
Rob Lammens (11 days ago)
Hey, dumbass. There’s no way that silhouette was Kirby. Kirby is owned by HAL Laboratories, and is not owned by Reggie. It is in fact Stewie from Family Guy. I can’t believe you were dumb enough to miss that
Reid Martin (11 days ago)
"Tony the tiger from cereal" Cereal is also a competitive crossover fighting game if you think about it.
Cblye 56 (11 days ago)
We still need Monopoly for Smash Bros
Vulcan (12 days ago)
Jack skellington is broken
M Benner (12 days ago)
This trailer really makes you feel like batman
A Potato (12 days ago)
I want Macho man but he has a fishing pole and is riding the sun, and the sun has sunglasses and he says: "i'm fishing for a fight brother!"
Double Aura (4 days ago)
That's a joke video right? Because characters like Jimmy Neutron is not gonna be a character (and Tony the Tiger wouldn't make sense) so Donkey Kong not Jimmy Neutron, Mario not Tony Tiger, and Bowser not Knack (although Knack would be interesting). The only one that made sense is Kirby. The ones other than Kirby aren't gonna be characters and Link is gonna be his BOTW version...And yeah I get it, I'm no fun! But NO WHOOSHING ME!! I JUST AM NOT A LAUGHER IN A LOT OF JOKES!!!
Double Aura (3 days ago)
Did you not read the whole thing!?! I SAID NO WHOOSING ME!!!
Avenue (3 days ago)
Double Aura wooooosh
Double Aura (4 days ago)
Avenue (4 days ago)
Double Aura wooosh
Sen-Pie666 (9 days ago)
Mr Zappz (13 days ago)
the roblox gamer (13 days ago)
so sgupid
Avenue (4 days ago)
the roblox gamer the irony
Sammy Kruizinga (14 days ago)
Seriously Bert and Ernie in smash would be so cool
DragonHearted (14 days ago)
This made me laugh so much
Steven Manii (14 days ago)
Hahaha great work. It’s always a pleasure watching your vids !
Jim _ (14 days ago)
dat jimmy doe
CummingNico (14 days ago)
I remember when dunkey used to be funny and didn't just rehash old reddit memes.
BigMann Dave777 (14 days ago)
Excuse me, that’s not Tony the Tiger. That’s the Pisano brother from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
extra crunch gaming (15 days ago)
There's also gonna be dark souls characters like pontiff shit and gael and artorias and the abyas watcher and gwyn and the soul of cinder as a skin of Gwyn and lothric and his brother and Ornstein and Smough
extra crunch gaming (10 days ago)
Violet yup
Violet (10 days ago)
extra crunch gaming **Nani?!?**
Tomy OwO (15 days ago)
and that's a character the fans has been asking for yea-
I am not a good person (15 days ago)
Clearly, that's Zelda. Not Link. Zelda.
I’d main trouple king.
Finally! Jimmy Neutron has been added to Smash!
David Tang (16 days ago)
Divvy Glazed (16 days ago)
I fucking lost it when you said it was jimmy neutron
Fricking Normies (16 days ago)
I’d love to see Jimmy Newtron in smash!
Logan Wright (17 days ago)
Who else though this would be an actual guess to who would be in this game
sloth man (17 days ago)
No jack skeleton is not in smash its clearly the sexy walugi
bibi poopy (17 days ago)
I just realized the thumbnail is showing Macho Man with a fishing pole riding the sun and the sun has sunglasses and the sun says "I'm fishing for a fight, brother." and yes I know another guy already commented this but even then I never noticed what the fuck
Foxy356 (18 days ago)
If you look closely, you can see Freddy Fazbear behind Kermit the Frog.
UberShyGuy (19 days ago)
This was how I found out about the trailer.
Hope Sakurai adds Halo.
0ni V1 (20 days ago)
sam and wing ding
Mevans (20 days ago)
What would Bert & Ernie's reveal tagline even be?
Thayne Solcher (20 days ago)
Gravelord Nito confirmed for smash
James Masters (20 days ago)
Can't believe they've confirmed that Snake will be in Smash again, and if he's not random Nintendo employees bomb collars will go off at an unspecified time. Nice job Konami.
king_Waluigi 13 (21 days ago)
From cereal
Alongcame Adrian (21 days ago)
The Jimmy Neutron joke kills me.
mustafa abed (21 days ago)
where is Hitler? wtf
Violet (1 day ago)

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