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Stampy's Top 10 Battle Mini-Game Maps

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Welcome to my top 10 favorite battle mini-game maps that have been released on the console edition of Minecraft. They are based partly on how good they look but mainly on how well they play. Enjoy. More top 10's - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEZiAg2bYC7kD_cWyuk__cRyNIvv1h5Xv Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (1795)
TurtlePlays52 (22 days ago)
what about shrunk
FairyGames 13 (1 month ago)
Mine is castle because it looks awesome and has varied matches
‘Sea-soaked’.... I LOVE IT!
Nudrat Salik (1 month ago)
No shrunk knew it
LeviJoel LP (1 month ago)
1.Frontier because off the Tracks and the design.
BenXVariety (1 month ago)
Liberatalia is my favorite
Shrunk Sucks
Dan The Super Spider (2 months ago)
Invasion is my favorite
Camal 4 Craft (2 months ago)
2:15 with captions my thith favourite NAP lol
NiNo Warrior (2 months ago)
What do you guys call that ''Stampy shooting arrows, while player foolishly charge to stampy, only to die'' Move? I would call it ''The Stampy Sharp Shooter Combo aka The SSS Combo''
NiNo Warrior (2 months ago)
One question: does stampy still plays this?
NiNo Warrior (2 months ago)
There is a difference between battle mini game and hunger games for those who said that that it's all the same, okay
Trent Sims (2 months ago)
Hello we are back there but it will be easy we will go back to the future with my cat promise you promise you you are me and that really made all that up and tell me your future
Cat Gaming (3 months ago)
4:19 well now we all know why stampys dogs die
Zareef Uddin (3 months ago)
or five times
Zareef Uddin (3 months ago)
do top ten dens with squashy
sexy watermelon (3 months ago)
My favourite map is the wild west one with the train being where most battles and skilled players go to and the train holding the best items! However my LEAST favourite map is the Halloween one as it's hard to manovour and you have no idea where your going. Also the texture pack makes it so it's hard to tell what armour type is what. Also SCREW THE LAVA. The lava CAN add difficulty and fun.. CAN. But it's mostly where people sneak up behind someone and kill them without a fight. Overall I HATE this map.
Mark Simon (4 months ago)
toy town or the bedroom map is my fav because thare is a fish tank at has good places to hade
Dax to the Max (4 months ago)
Wait.. why don't I get any of these maps? I play on Wii U so everything should be updated 100%....
Ben and Jo's Skits (5 months ago)
My favorite Is holaween
TomBig Head (5 months ago)
My favourite map is castle
Fifa Theo (5 months ago)
All others meh
Fifa Theo (5 months ago)
5 valley
Fifa Theo (5 months ago)
4 festive
Fifa Theo (5 months ago)
3 cove
Fifa Theo (5 months ago)
2 carern
Fifa Theo (5 months ago)
1 castle
midnight cat (5 months ago)
My favorite is invasion because I'm good at it and it looks cool
lord dracunyan (6 months ago)
My favorite map are the fallout ones
dunny_ pee (6 months ago)
My number 1 would be crucible
Jamarion Erving (6 months ago)
*Top 10 Favorite:* *10.* Frontier *9.* Invasion! *8.* Medusa *7.* Cove *6.* Cavern *5.* Festive *4.* Lair *3.* Temple *2.* Crucible *1.* Shrunk *Top 4 Least Favorite:* *4.* Capitol *3.* Atomics *2.* Libertalia *1.* Shipyard
SmilingFunAndGames (7 months ago)
I HATE Carvern
Isaac Rod (7 months ago)
my favourite is siege
Jon Freeman (7 months ago)
I love shrunk
Wopman (7 months ago)
Im a skilled pvper im leader of trollpvp
KatieKoolz77 (7 months ago)
Well Stamps i do agree with ya Shipyard is also ky FAVOURITE map so yh plz will u try and friend me on Xbox 360 my gamertag is (anyone else can as well) KatieKoolz77 😼😼😼😼😼 meow meow meow Stampy: also i hope u understand cat language: meow meeooowww meow meeow MEEEEOWWW
Agnieszka Romańczuk (7 months ago)
my favourite map - cavern
Zoe Smith (7 months ago)
Cove Cavern Shrunk Lair☺
A. G. (7 months ago)
My favs are 10.Festive 9.Dig 8.Siege 7.Shrunk... I'm sorry Stampy 6.Temple 5.Ruin 4.Mudousa 3.Crucible 2.Cove 1.Frontier
Hassan gamezz (7 months ago)
You suck stampy let me in you video no all ways your rules
Richa Rai (7 months ago)
My favourite is shrunk
Abigail Kemp (7 months ago)
I'm Not Bothered To Do 10 So I Did 5 5. Seige 4. Castle 3. Shrunk 2. Cavern 1. Frontier
Horsey. (8 months ago)
I love ship yard
Kesea Czorina Llorin (8 months ago)
You see dan and stampy play battle mini game and shut up you face!!!!!
Jon Graham (8 months ago)
Mine are 10 shipyard 9 atomics 8 dig 7 capitol 6 frontier 5 libertolia 4 cove 3 lair 2 cavern and 1 shrunk
Zachary Taylor (8 months ago)
sorry but my favorite map is shrunk
Tyson Bowen (8 months ago)
I love it so much Tyson
Pat Whittington (8 months ago)
4:2 shipyard
Pat Whittington (8 months ago)
Pat Whittington (8 months ago)
Pat Whittington (8 months ago)
my fvrote is shrunk
Kuut Zon (8 months ago)
Vortex Gaming (8 months ago)
Whose watching this in 2018
jacob smith (8 months ago)
My favourite is invasion
jacob smith (8 months ago)
It’s this videos birthday today
Scallywag For life (9 months ago)
Do more top 10’s
Dorna Granmayeh (10 months ago)
1 shrunk 2 castle 3 siege 4 invasion 5 cove 6 shipyard 7 cavern 8 festive 9 valley 10 lair
MasterBastketball Star (10 months ago)
I love castle
Janine Coleman (10 months ago)
srunk is my favourite
Craftgirl 20 (10 months ago)
my favroite map is srunk
The mystery Killer (10 months ago)
That gives me an idea you should do the friends challenge when you and your friends play against echother or teaming with them and to kill others
The mystery Killer (10 months ago)
First to say I'm first
My fav map is shrunk
Devean Gonzales (10 months ago)
I cant believe shrunk is not there -_-
Gaming in a chair 36 (11 months ago)
My favorite map is frontier
jake Townend (11 months ago)
Alex Kelly (11 months ago)
There good maps
My favorite map is crusuble
Mr. Mineblox (1 year ago)
my favorite battle map is frontier, cove, and shrunk! :)
Karen Aitken (1 year ago)
Puppies Rule (1 year ago)
My favorite maps!! 1. Castle 2.Cavern 3.Shrunk 4.Cove 5.Halloween 6.Frontier 7.Festive 8.Temple 9.Lair 10.Ruin
TNT Productions (1 year ago)
I love how all the coments on stampy videos are nice and friendly 😊
Plasticsix 10 (1 year ago)
He said Dalley not valley
TheFrog (1 year ago)
Go to about 1:08 he said egg favorite
Rhowyn Hosler (1 year ago)
I have cove and it's one of my favorites.
4:07 is that StampyCat there is two Stampy?!?!?!? But there is only one Stampy cat!😲😲😲😇😂🤣
why did you kill mittins the black kitty👽😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Isaac Beckley (1 year ago)
1. Frontier 2. Crucible 3. Cavern 4. Medusa 5. Atlantis 6. Cove 7. Shipyard 8. Temple 9. Lair 10. Shrunk
Esther L (1 year ago)
i love frontier
Redstone Gaming (1 year ago)
Favorite is fronter
VS GIRL (1 year ago)
my fave map on nintendo switch is cove cuz my bro and me as never lost a round on that one sorry for any mistakes in that!!!!
Mlg sanic360 no scope (1 year ago)
All is my favorite
Particle Scythe (1 year ago)
did anybody else think he said "egg favorite map" instead of "eighth favorite map"
Aquatic_ Ox (1 year ago)
1. shipyard definetly stamps
My1st favorite is frontier 2 cavern 3cove 4 festive 5 lair 6 shrunk 7 shipyard 8 medusa 9invaison 10cruible
Ash Kayton (1 year ago)
Cove is my favorite
NinjaRPanda (1 year ago)
Awww not Shrunk
Beygamer 985 (1 year ago)
They are all my favourite maps to!
Hatem Khandaqji (1 year ago)
Here are my favorite maps 10. Medusa 9. Cavern 8.cove 7.cruiceble 6.temple 5. Siege 4. Ship yard 3. Invasion 2.lair 1.shrunk
That is realy cool bro jolly god
Javy Rodvid (1 year ago)
you have xbox 360
Samthebeast84 (1 year ago)
My favorate battle map os shrunk
Jamal Karwan (1 year ago)
My favorite map is shrunk
is it just a coincidence or does anyone notice that stampy only has winned games on his top ten battl emaps video...
Carlos Medina (1 year ago)
my top 5 favorite maps are cavern shrunk,valley lair and cove
Snowflakekitty 133 (1 year ago)
I now know how Stampy found the design of his clock tower :3
mini bros jr (1 year ago)
Mine is shrunk
Katharine Delaney (1 year ago)
I love Libertaila because it has great gameplay.
Magdalena Golczewska (1 year ago)
RachelThe DanceCat (1 year ago)
my favorite is shrunk, not just because it looks cool, but it really sets off an amazing gameplay, with the secret areas that give good chests, the wither thing, all of it makes for a perfect gameplay, and I never want to stop playing.
Dog Dude114 (1 year ago)
OMG! Only 141 dislikes stampy top 10 vids kill it! Do more

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