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Coding with Notch (from Minecraft: The Story of Mojang)

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AVAILABLE NOW! $20 2 DISC DVD - http://www.fangamer.net/products/minecraft-the-story-of-mojang $8 DRM-FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD http://www.minecraftstoryofmojang.com $7 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY C418 http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/one In 2009, independent video game designer Markus "Notch" Persson released a work in progress that would go on to break every industry rule for achieving success. Part exploratory adventure, part creative building tool, "Minecraft" evolved from a cult classic into an unprecedented hit, raking daily sales in by the thousands. By the end of 2010, Notch was able to quit his day job and live the dream of founding his own development studio, Mojang. This feature-length documentary follows the young company over the course of its first year as their profile expands across the world stage and into the homes of millions of gamers. Featuring insights from industry icons (Peter Molyneux, Tim Schafer), journalists (Geoff Keighley, Stephen Totilo), tastemakers (Gabe & Tycho of Penny Arcade), and players profoundly impacted by the game (Yogscast, The Shaft, Minecraft Teacher), the film serves as a time capsule for one of this generation's most unorthodox success stories. Minecraft: The Story of Mojang is the second feature from game culture archivists 2 Player Productions (Reformat the Planet, Penny Arcade: The Series - Season 1, Double Fine Adventure!). Funded through crowdsourcing site Kickstarter.com, the production spanned nearly two years in locations across North America and Europe.
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Text Comments (10434)
Dharanesh Kajenthiran (5 hours ago)
Notch can you make the full mcpe aquatic update for mcpe Please
nguyen hoang (8 hours ago)
Hello Notch
Nika Špehar (20 hours ago)
I LOVE YOU nojang your sweet to us😍
عزوز Win (21 hours ago)
نوتش خربتهه تره اريد افوت سيرفر بالتحديث ما اكدر
IshyWy (1 day ago)
This must be so hard
Hunter Little (1 day ago)
Notch should add more updates and make the game better and more life into these games.
Marinos Papadopoulos (2 days ago)
notch has sell minecraft to microsoft..
Salem Ramte (2 days ago)
Notch you make the creeper a mistake notch you where going to make a pig modle in minecraft
Salem Ramte (2 days ago)
Notch we can't sign in xbox to minecraft
Adam Eriksson (3 days ago)
Hey notch! I love minecraft and i play it all time! Its a good game and you are good at coding!
xuan quang pham (3 days ago)
hi notch
Christy Eagar Botes (3 days ago)
You have done that is all updates
Christy Eagar Botes (3 days ago)
Finally thanks for fish and thanks for everything why do you always remove horirine when he was already removed
I mean on every phone
I wish Minecraft was free to play on Xiaumi 😔😭but Minecraft is too popular haa... 😭
tres langgoy (4 days ago)
notch thx for the new mobs and update i love it.
ElFedePlays (5 days ago)
what languaje is?
ElFedePlays (4 days ago)
mr roast ty
mr roast (5 days ago)
ElFedePlays java
Lord Sauron (6 days ago)
Much better than fucking fortnite. You get to hack the game.
Lord Sauron (6 days ago)
Omg the god of minecraft more powerful than fucking Jesus. So the first part I guess the prediction was for how Skelton’s have such good aim.
jojie senario (6 days ago)
Herobrine is a virus
Osama Bin Laden (6 days ago)
It just works
AJIT JADHAV (7 days ago)
notch plz add thirst bar in minecraft
Secant64 (7 days ago)
Is it just me or is keyboard not labeled? Hardcore coder right there.
Jimmy Perkins (7 days ago)
Hey can you add a age bar
TrxsTer Gaming (7 days ago)
amosh family (8 days ago)
Jacob to make an update you can craft anything you whant
ZIGORAVTTT (8 days ago)
Did notch use Java to make Minecraft . my channel depends on his hard work
etwas 007 (8 days ago)
ZIGORAVTTT he used Java
ZIGORAVTTT (8 days ago)
Did notch use Java to make Minecraft . my channel depends on his hard work
circus baby (8 days ago)
ginga ninja (9 days ago)
He has a razer keyboard
rohit shivnani (9 days ago)
What is minecraft
انس ابراهيم (10 days ago)
yanina elizabet (11 days ago)
notch minecraft ?
Noemelyn Seno (12 days ago)
He is the most nice person
Noemelyn Seno (12 days ago)
Yooo look at notch he is really the god owner of minecraft
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
I like you
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
I try to download minecraft the i just press free trial i did it mine os in my pc thank you very much notch
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
I like you notch
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
Hey i like you very much your the best owner ever
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
Your the best owner notch
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
Thanks for the game
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
We like you very much your the best
Noemelyn Seno (13 days ago)
I like you notch this game is very cool
ahmed khaled (13 days ago)
You Remember which server
ahmed khaled (13 days ago)
You was with me in the server
CrazyMacaroon31 (13 days ago)
You can actually code minecraft by using mcp.
CrazyMacaroon31 (13 days ago)
you can mod it
rayden andes (13 days ago)
aツ (14 days ago)
Lo amo más que a "Dios"
Paul Olivares (14 days ago)
Don't give me some of my notes
Bendy Tuber Gamer (15 days ago)
i though notch is too serious to code the game but he could be a fun gi get it its a mushroom joke and thanks for keep making the game better notch do you best
Eneyor Yu (15 days ago)
I found your temple
SOLMUŞ OYUNCU (16 days ago)
Türkler Selam :D
Wiesław Kubas (16 days ago)
I love minecraft :) <3
Lucas Ferreira (17 days ago)
Notch is PRO games!
Lucas Ferreira (17 days ago)
Notch is PRO games!
Lucas Ferreira (17 days ago)
Lucas Ferreira (17 days ago)
Noootch os you
Nelia Della (17 days ago)
Omg we love minecraft notch💙💙💙💙❤
adam rebii (17 days ago)
I love minicraft
deblex t (18 days ago)
Adoro notch 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Saba Naeem (19 days ago)
Thx notch for making this asowem game:minecraft
ツSeñorPepinillo (19 days ago)
lo hubiera progamado en block de notas xd
This is Sammy and I like tornado today I wish you could add tornadoes for Minecraft pocket addition day thank you NOTCH
ياسر ياسر - (20 days ago)
موجود القفله
Mehmet Arabacıoğlu (20 days ago)
Keyboard sound very nice
Mehmet Arabacıoğlu (20 days ago)
Arvin Flojo (20 days ago)
Hi notch im here to report herobrine
El Has (22 days ago)
Lets give it a bigger explosion!
Brian Thurban (22 days ago)
Add how to train your Dragon 2 skinsin plz
Roi Gipot (23 days ago)
He just showed his scripts screen.. Guess who's getting rich by making a game rn
TWTD _ (23 days ago)
dead game, fuck microsoft
THE0N3 (23 days ago)
Honestly if Notch comes back to Minecraft, its gonna be amazing Since the rich Microsoft aholes bought minecraft, it turned into shit.
Jm Urquico (24 days ago)
We love you notch
IAmRiley GD (25 days ago)
At 1:37 I hear a blaze. Anyone else??
NotASpyReally (25 days ago)
If only they could teach java with this example in class...
BNF 55 (26 days ago)
for me not open server hypixel
Mohit Das (27 days ago)
I Really love to play minecraft this is best game ever can you add oggy and cochroches minecraft
Itz Eaglan (27 days ago)
Notch looks like a teacher of my english academy XD
Eliana Branzani (27 days ago)
Ias kk
XxThe KingxX (28 days ago)
وات فوفو ههههههه
Trickster playz (28 days ago)
Man this coding this a professional can only do
ITSFayan -Minecraft (29 days ago)
We All Love Minecraft Thanks Notch
Xxmarc GamingxX (29 days ago)
Hi notch I'm late 2018 ?????
Dakota Audotiva (29 days ago)
TilesSoft (29 days ago)
why he has white background in code editor ?
TilesSoft (28 days ago)
Rafithesky X yea just saying
Rafithesky X (28 days ago)
TilesSoft You do know that this was recorded a long time ago right?
megapolis craft (1 month ago)
I saw you while playing Minecraft notch is that you
hummy (1 month ago)
Why??? Why Notch?? Why u sold da fakin minecraft to that ugly guys (microsoft)?!?! Man.. I am still playing beta wtf??!?! Cause is nice. And I also loved your versions. Microsoft u fucked minecraft!! Plzz notch, come back w us! ;(
Andrei Abad (1 month ago)
Notch please free mcpe again
Engineer Of Wonders (1 month ago)
He's using open GL rather than coding his own engine... how lame
oben brian (1 month ago)
Pls notch I really want to have minecraft pls Delete the 💸 P 343.98 Pls I like 👍 your vedeo and SUBSCRIBE your vedeo pls pls pls pls pls pls
Allen Cabantoc (1 month ago)
hi my name is allen and can you make Minecraft pocket edition free again I want to play it pleas!! thank you
naldo naldi (1 month ago)
Omg notch
dltks0306 (1 month ago)
Karla Tavares (1 month ago)
Karla Tavares (1 month ago)
Manatee MC (1 month ago)
I miss Notch...
Никофай (1 month ago)

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