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Minecraft FTB Unleashed - Episode 1 - Tinker's Tools

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FTB Unleashed 1.1.0 for Minecraft 1.5.2 A new FTB pack to play until 1.6 comes out. In this first episode I'll completely avoid vanilla tools and start with some basic items from Tinker's Construct.
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Text Comments (33)
Linda Daniel (9 months ago)
Youuuuuuuuuuu are so boring you stupid nerd use vein miner idiot you are dumb o will subsribe if you play project ozone
wtf there vanilla
tim atkinson (4 years ago)
LOL your doing it with a book
LookIts FreshlikeJ (4 years ago)
How did i not find this before???
FunshineX (4 years ago)
They are all on the ftb site, or you can just get the modpack from the FTB Launcher
Jer0da0sniper (4 years ago)
can you give a list of all the mods in this?
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Google - type ftb :)
thesteampunktiger (4 years ago)
how do i get ftb mod pack????
you can make a stone pick with stone stick and thisp ick have more durabiliti
Angry Norwegian Man (5 years ago)
id conflict :C
Dimitar Gaydadzhiev (5 years ago)
i have tried to play alone in the dark new nightmare but i was scared at the begining
SkizZzZzy (5 years ago)
can you do a tut on how to get Galacticraft on to FTB? thnx :)
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Galacticraft goes in the coremods folder
Adam Taylor (5 years ago)
I've tryed to install this mod into ftb unleashed and it just crashes. What verison did you use?
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Most of the noise is from the busy road right outside the window, or from my kids screamin :) I appreciate the advise, but my office is also the guest room, so I can't toss foam rubber all over the walls without upsetting the wife ;)
CNC295 (5 years ago)
Try this to reduce ambient back ground noises.. If you have any packing foam rubber pads, place one above where you record. Place a couple on the door, and any interior wall that shares access to any other area in the home. You don't have to cover the whole wall, just the ares that are even with the height of your mick. These are things we did in our recording booth to cost effectively dampen sound migrations. Hope they help.
Skillexs (5 years ago)
could you add a link to the version every version i use don't work with tconstruct
- H00ntr - (5 years ago)
Just like fwoop you I'm getting a hatchet motha fwoop
- H00ntr - (5 years ago)
MindedMaker those are no the right keys Menu=- Zoom=/or]
Masztufa Ä. (5 years ago)
I'm glad i discovered your 1.2.5 FTB insanity seires (that map is pretty much evil)
TheLoneMinecraftian (5 years ago)
Is this Your Channel Where You Distroy a Turtle base? And Fight Turtles? In a mod pack?
MatazaNz (5 years ago)
It's different on Unleashed I believe.
MinedMaker (5 years ago)
nice having a new LP, still cinda miss the old one, think the GalactaCraft thing was a great idea!
MinedMaker (5 years ago)
the map menu= m, waypoint hotkey= b, map= x zoom on the map= z I think, hope this helps
MinedMaker (5 years ago)
I can hear him perfectly, I am using a headset but volume is still only at 50%
Xenthrick (5 years ago)
Thanks for the tip. I didn't know what happened to my sword. I disabled rust in the config.
juustkunas (5 years ago)
what buttons did you use to operate the map to make a waypoint and get the menu it doesn't I can't fogure it out.
MadruckLPs (5 years ago)
:( it's a shame you did not set the world type to biomes o'plenty.
brandon osborne (5 years ago)
But it also destroys tinkers construct tools when you run into a mob with the rust ability.(probably due to the different way that those tools durability are handled.)
Xenthrick (5 years ago)
Found out Infernal Mobs makes FTB Unleashed a lot of fun. You should try it if you enjoy fighting and exploring as much as mining and building.
IIIPlasmaIII (5 years ago)
I cant hear you well, turn up the volume, my shit is maxed out
MrGreeguy (5 years ago)
Hey Funshine, cool
Deepstream32 (5 years ago)
Havent seen the video yet but i hope this will be fun :)

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