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SimCity Tutorials - 3 Quick Tips - Starting Out, Guide Me Quests, and Homeless

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Here are 3 quick tips to help you in building your cities: How to make some easy money when starting a new city. How to receive more quests and get cash rewards for things you'd build anyway What are the homeless and how to deal with them.
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Alyson McDevitt (1 year ago)
Here are my 3 quick tips. 1. Buy Cities: Skylines 2. Play Cities: Skylines 3. Never play the buggy, dirty mess that is Sim City. Optional tip - (4). Torrent ALL and EVERY EA game from this day forward.
Raun Rees (4 years ago)
any more on homeless
combatground (5 years ago)
Died reading this lol
Augusto Monteiro (5 years ago)
Man i started in the same region as you and seeing now the architecture... i could have done better i thought i could have better of use of the cliffs using Curvy Road Tool ... how naive. But nice tips specially the first and the third. The high Density keeps complaining about taxes even in 10% no idea how to have a nice balance in the end of the game. And the homeless annoying just to see and we can't do nothing
MinedMaker (5 years ago)
Thanks ron, this was very helpfull, I have been strugaling with simcity, its all fun at the start but when the city grows up it all goes to shit, this will help prevent that!
MinedMaker (5 years ago)

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