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Stardew Valley - Strange Things - Part 33

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Next episode - https://youtu.be/mjHpgxpY3Kg Welcome to my let's play on Stardew Valley. Join me as I improve my farm, meet new friends and explore. Enjoy. Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose Instagram - www.instagram.com/stampycat
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Death Lord (5 days ago)
hey stampy here is a monster tips 1, the slime with the thing coming for its head is a female slime and the one that is just well slime with no string coming out of him they can mate and have baby slimes so better kill them quick 2, the creepy black ghost thing takes 25% knock back so its rly hard to fight but your sword is doing fine i dont rly play the game but im good with strats (when it comes to shooter games tho i just run in)
Isabella Gulembo (6 days ago)
Farmer Stampy, I live on a farm and we don't have any crows on our fields ever. We live in Michigan, so I don't think we have any crow season. So I'm not face palming.
React zar (6 days ago)
25:26 this is so painfull
ImACakeCaat Alexandra (11 days ago)
penny is in trailer at 8.00. but if you want to give her quicker, be friend with penny until 2 heart, and enter her room
Megan Smith (12 days ago)
Stampy try to get ten hearts with all the girls and something helarious
Stuart Humphery (13 days ago)
You need to by a bucket from marnie's shop
Kyrst O'Keefe (13 days ago)
9:17 No, you sometimes get stuff from every rock you destroy. It's random chance. 9:31 Not once in the game are you ever in a lucky mood. Not once. It's the spirits who decide whether they're feeling friendly or not and so will make aspects of your life (fishing & mining) easier or harder.
Roy Chen (14 days ago)
please name a cow milkshake or cream.
Look at This baby (14 days ago)
hey it's farmer stampy
Bikram K (14 days ago)
Potatoes! Use potatoes!
CEC416 (15 days ago)
Hey Farmer Stampy: Penny lives in the trailer with her mom Pam. Pam is an alcoholic and Penny hates that so Penny will never be found in the Saloon. She teaches the kids in the library/museum. When it’s rainy she can often be found under the eaves of the museum. She doesn’t admit it but she loves the rain. On Sundays she can be found under the big tree next to the graveyard, meditating
CEC416 (15 days ago)
Don’t throw away joja colas: Sam loves when you give him one as a gift. He’s the only one who does and he doesn’t love many other things
Najah Abi Georges (17 days ago)
Make Stardew Valley 34: Chicken Feeding
Stampy, good tip, play on PC, beta for Multiplayer is out so you can play with friends
Maxdinok (17 days ago)
Hey 50,283 person
spiritwolf (18 days ago)
farmer stampy I believe that the museum is also a school or where penny hangs out cause there is lots of books and I have played stardew valley I she was often there
Gustav Blomquist (18 days ago)
Get anothercow
Gustav Blomquist (18 days ago)
Put paths to the barn
Lark Fin (18 days ago)
Can you make the cow Honey?
Craftbloxroyale (19 days ago)
Farmer Stampy, you have the 2nd best sword in the game
Craftbloxroyale (19 days ago)
It’s been AAAGES since I last watched this channel
Terraria Addict (19 days ago)
I am addicted to this game even though I don't have this game
allycat871 (19 days ago)
More stardew valley PLESSSS 😂
Crystal Shabazian (20 days ago)
the iridium rod is my savior, it makes your whole life so much easier (edit- not your WHOLE life, but it makes your life in the game easier at least)
Trenton Tamagni (20 days ago)
You have to buy a milk pail from marnie to milk the cows
JJ Villy (20 days ago)
ever thought about maybe looking in Penny’s house duuuuuuh!!! Dude has been playing the game forever and still don’t know that Penny lives with Pam in the trashy trailer... Smh...
Martin DA BEAST (20 days ago)
You should play more retail tycoon roblox
Rebecca Lantto (20 days ago)
hi farmer stampy
Rebecca Lantto (20 days ago)
you need to buy a milk pail from marnie
Olivia Roberts (20 days ago)
Hey Stampy, here's a tip. When Moo-Moo grows up u need to go to Marnie's and buy a pail. Same thing if you decide to get Sheep. If u get Sheep when they grow up you need to go to Marnie's and buy some shears. Well I hope you enjoyed that tip Stampy. Byeeeeee
Olivia Roberts (20 days ago)
Stampy also don't leave the animal gate open because the wolves will come in a get your animals and they will be gone. And fences don't prevent this in case you are wondering. Sorry for the tips!!!
Olivia Roberts (20 days ago)
Also for mining you can eat certain food that gives you pick and you will find more gems. Also if you watch the Fortune Teller on TV she will tell you what your luck is that day. Sorry I'm a Stardew Geek. Also GamerShark and Dangerously Funny give really good tips and make really good videos on Stardew Valley. Maybe their vids can teach you some tricks Stampy.
Kermit plays Roblox (20 days ago)
This channel dies more every day you used to be So popular i used to love you but the same content gets old sorry man...
Benjamin Lutz (21 days ago)
i havent wattch this dude since he was relavent.in 2012
Gracie G (21 days ago)
Penny lives in the caravan
AllMightyHaze -Yee (21 days ago)
Name the second cow bessy or Dairy Queen from your old series called the quest to kill the enderdragon!
Kats & Rabbits (22 days ago)
Pierre: “It’s Farmer Stampy!” 😅 Stampy: “...rather than just saying ‘Stampy,’ can everyone just say ‘It’s Farmer Stampy!?’” 😂 Me: *laughs so hard and comments* 🤣
Jac Gamer 4267 (22 days ago)
SarahEllie Penny (22 days ago)
penny is at the libary
Esme Freeman (22 days ago)
**it is
Esme Freeman (22 days ago)
When you get more experienced you can get a horse 🐴 so iris faster than walking
Splat Nub (22 days ago)
Sell geodes
Jaco Fry (22 days ago)
And penny teaches at the library
Jaco Fry (22 days ago)
To milk moo moo you need to buy a bucket from Marnie
Ede Ede (23 days ago)
Sell the mayoinnase
Nesa Bug (23 days ago)
Penny and pam lives together in the trailer BTW. [They are mum and daughter ]
Eva Achtzener (23 days ago)
its farmer Stampy!
Eva Achtzener (23 days ago)
you should name your other cow chocolate or daisy
Johnpbreen (23 days ago)
stampy sorry for saying this but your an idiot. Penny lives in the trailer with pam and you started about three months before i did and I am already on year 3
Susan Hastings (23 days ago)
You need a bucket for mild stampy
galaxy smasher (24 days ago)
Penny normally at the library
galaxy smasher (24 days ago)
With 90 stone you can make stairs and place them down to go to the next level
Screamer King (24 days ago)
since you have the upgraded pikaxe you can talk to the dwarf in the mines
Kyle Z (24 days ago)
Stampy penny lives in the trailer near the river!!!
Connor J Nelson (24 days ago)
If you sell all your Moyo? You will be rich!!!!!!!!
Teddie Sage (25 days ago)
Penny lives in the Trailer with Pam, her mother.
HannaMouse1 (25 days ago)
buy a pail from Marnie
Mage ́s Lovely world (25 days ago)
Moo moo must be lonely
Alyanna Seville (25 days ago)
ArianaShortFace (25 days ago)
You can get the sewer key from unlocking a certain amount of items for Gunther
The king of emos (25 days ago)
Am I the only one who wants him only to have the tiny facecam? I want him to stop zooming in on himself.
EonCat Gaming (25 days ago)
I just beat pokemon ultra moon
Gast boy (25 days ago)
Farmer Stampy!!!!!!!!
Teddie Sage (25 days ago)
Visit Marnie's ranch for pet-related tools, I guess.
Hadassah Ucko (25 days ago)
I think that Penny was the blonde standing next to the counter.
CRYOGEN101 (25 days ago)
Why di you name the video "Stranger Things" Farmer Stampy?
Flori Cascella (25 days ago)
Dylan Lahammer (25 days ago)
You have my dog
Michelle H (25 days ago)
you could have made stairs to get down in levels
exp613 (26 days ago)
Penny tutors in the library and lives in the trailer with Pam
Loui Kreamy (26 days ago)
STAMPY! PLAY GAMES THAT ARENT ALWAYS KIDS FRIENDS YOU AINT GETTIN VIEWS NO MORE! I DONT KNOW HOW YOU FIND THESE ACTUALLY GOOD GAMES, no lie dude, minecraft if dewd, kids don’t usually watch these and watch something else.... change your style to save yourself
Filippo Guelfi (26 days ago)
Farmer Stampy Penny lives in the trailer
SPYROS TSABOURIS (26 days ago)
In stardew valley you can get a girlfriend
KyronOG (26 days ago)
Thomas Rose (26 days ago)
Penny lives in the trailer
Ella Battista (26 days ago)
stampy: I have way more crops then I need Me: I have close to 200 soooooooo its not that many
Sophie Longmoor (26 days ago)
It would be cool if farmer stampy got married in stardew valley Penny lives in the trailer!!!!
Milky All (26 days ago)
You should give an amethyst the Abigail. And true to get her to 2 hearts
Milky All (26 days ago)
Tim Bob (26 days ago)
I love the stardew valley but can you please do some terraria
Brendan Evans (26 days ago)
Jey Farmer Stampy can you tell us when wonder quest will be coming back
Sarah Neely (26 days ago)
make sure you get a heater from marnies shop for the barn and coop
The Tatiman7 (26 days ago)
penny liveswith pam in th trailer
Flipperdip (26 days ago)
Penny lives in the trailer by the Mayor’s house!!!
wolf girl888 (26 days ago)
Stampy you can probably break the purple stone at the mines on the right
Henry Mccormack (26 days ago)
You should record more often.
Markus markus (26 days ago)
Oh you should name your channel IT'S FARMER STAMPY long head XD
E F PLAY (26 days ago)
I thought you where going to get a new cow 🐄
Katie Fam (26 days ago)
It's farmer stampy.
Stamps! Please play with Nintendo LABO!
Emad 3015 (26 days ago)
(cried face)
Emad 3015 (26 days ago)
what noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iAmRyan (26 days ago)
Play fortnite
Camal 4 Craft (26 days ago)
Stampy plz get married in Stardew Valley
Gamerz man (26 days ago)
100 is not the end...
Farhat Jehan (26 days ago)
I ve been waiting for another minecraft video for one day
crazy gamer Markuss (26 days ago)
ory rimineded me about muffin my bffs cat he was sleeping on my arm
Where was Alyx? He's (or she) is usually in your face cam when you record stardew valley
Richard Siddans (26 days ago)
farmer stampy play hyrule warriors ( please )
bigboi William (26 days ago)
stampy! dont say you have too many crops, more plants=more money!
Sonicrhy Thompson (26 days ago)
Stumpy i got a new video
Khyeren Noakes (27 days ago)
Hi farmer stampy
Wolf The raptor (27 days ago)
It’s farmer stamps

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