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Tyrants and Plebeians - Unified Mod pack development 30

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Right now I am working on a glorious unified mod pack that will consume and improve upon both the TDM and Survival Tyrants and Plebeians mod packs. In this episode, I just show footage of carnage filmed on the TDM closed alpha server. Forum thread about this project: (post maps/models/missions/etc you want to submit here) http://monorisu.enjin.com/forum/m/21720506/viewthread/25254322-unified-mod-pack-thread/post/last#last
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Text Comments (91)
Lucas Plays (3 months ago)
How do you close this mod without uninstalling it please reply
Laptop Oyuncuları (11 months ago)
What's controls ?
Cool_Boy_ Hood (1 year ago)
give some jet
Reiner Paguio (1 year ago)
What name server da hek
i love brasil
Super Trini Gamer (1 year ago)
Hi monorisu, Is this mod available for download?
seth daigle (1 year ago)
Can i play it?
NotAHackusator (1 year ago)
and when i say israeli vs arabs like the battle of day kipor i belive you say kipor well it was at 1973
NotAHackusator (1 year ago)
i'm living at one of the most unattacked cities in israel
_DeKa_ Rul (1 year ago)
I am live in Russia and have a licence of minecraft.Can i join the server?(my english bad)
Edwardg2 (5 months ago)
you can if you have the modpack
Gabriel Armaly (1 year ago)
idfk how to join
Jackson B (1 year ago)
Where's The next update video? THeone saying the pack is released? Is it tomorrow?
Angelo Bahinting (1 year ago)
Love it!,the map needs work but its still quite good
Samuel Alexander P (1 year ago)
don't forget Inrervention, AWP.
Samuel Alexander P (1 year ago)
you should add Black Hawk, Little Bird, Little Bird With Miniguns and rockets, M1A1 Abrams, Kap-40 from BO2, Type 95 from BO2, Scar H, FNSCAR, MTAR, and, add AC-130 Gunship. that will make this mod a true number 1 modpack.
JustRepice (1 year ago)
Where I can download the modpack?Or this Texture pack?
FeelsWeirdMan (1 year ago)
"Tyrants and Plebeians - Unified Mod pack *DEVELOPMENT* 30"
THCobra (1 year ago)
7:18 that's me flying with a missing wing, not a fuck was given
Eren Tiger (1 year ago)
dudeb send me the link and make it single player
немало готини клипове
Salty Henry (1 year ago)
I cry every time when you make a video..... Because all the awesomeness in the server but....... I can't download the modpack file, it always have error I don't get to play it
Jackson B (1 year ago)
Does the server only have tdm? Or is it also the survival factions server?
Joseph Nguyen (1 year ago)
It's a mix of both serves with new things, so yes
Everything Lucien (1 year ago)
when will I be completed?
Cheesey Doodles (1 year ago)
you will never be complete
Massimo Cenci (1 year ago)
NotAHackusator (1 year ago)
yea i think you should do israelis vs arabs like i'm gonna be in the israeli team cuz i'm an israeli
CyraX سايركس (6 months ago)
i hope isis come to you
Tiome (1 year ago)
tbh you shouldnt really admit that on the internet isis will come to your house
NotAHackusator (1 year ago)
yea i think you should do israelis vs arabs like i'm gonna be in the israeli team cuz i'm an israeli
CyraX سايركس (6 months ago)
amir peleg isreal is real shit , isis will come to tou
Blackout Division (1 year ago)
Relese date plz
Game Player 55 (1 year ago)
umm when it comes? can somebody tell me??
DaSpineLessFish (1 year ago)
Just noticed Akitsu Maru in the bottom right
장정원 (1 year ago)
How to play this server?I want to play this server
Edwardg2 (1 year ago)
Jackson B (1 year ago)
im sad. later in the stream, lab says he would give me the pack but hes too lazy. Maybe now he has some free time to add me?
Everything Lucien (1 year ago)
btw wat recording software
Everything Lucien (1 year ago)
were are links for modpack
FeelsWeirdMan (1 year ago)
Can you read? It says *DEVELOPMENT*
Everything Lucien (1 year ago)
were are links for modpack
FeelsWeirdMan (1 year ago)
Edwardg2 (1 year ago)
here they are the link is ITS NOT DONE
kevin22105 (1 year ago)
Jackson B (1 year ago)
Can i please please PLEASE get the link to the closed alpha? Everyone says i cant :/
thats why its called a closed alpha, illiterate fuck
Ydrials (1 year ago)
That is why it is called a *CLOSED* alpha.
EvgeNik (1 year ago)
I want it
EvgeNik (1 year ago)
hey, can you link the Modpack, i cant downloading IT and the semi-automatic is doesnt downloading
Musanix (1 year ago)
MonorisuFilms I have a question : When you are in a turret of a ship ( for example the first Turret of Prince of Wales ) and you fire on an enemy, all guns on turret fire at same time ( so 4 shells at same time ) or it just 1 shell ?
Joseph Nguyen (1 year ago)
I believe it's one shell, he did release some of the ships in his fleet pack and those ships fired one wheel per turret.
Massimo Cenci (1 year ago)
Good question
Top Silver (1 year ago)
tiger tank 2000 (1 year ago)
Paris should be us vs Russians
FeelsWeirdMan (1 year ago)
But we already have two us vs russians maps..
the legendary (1 year ago)
the legendary (1 year ago)
FeelsWeirdMan (1 year ago)
Do you know what "development" means?
Minecraft Zimm (1 year ago)
Nice video and good progress 👍
Luan Luna (1 year ago)
I can't wait for open beta or alpha! I WANT IT NOW XD
Luan Luna (1 year ago)
+Kade yes?
Kade (1 year ago)
Luan Luna
khang nguyen (1 year ago)
Joseph Dupree (1 year ago)
Same man
Izack (1 year ago)
A0vol9Z (1 year ago)
ALLAH AKBAR XD This is shaping up to be a Battlefield game with more destruction than ever
Aldy A.P (1 year ago)
A0vol9Z yep, many people blew them self up
Izack (1 year ago)
Mhm. because this game has destruction...
lab you should make an israeli army like f15 and more israeli weapons thing israel army against iran or suria or 6 day war edition with jerusalem map. hope yoy wont ignore me!
Kevin Yang (1 year ago)
Well make them themselves mate
+Chen Kevin the IDF uniforms are from 6 day war they change the uniforms
+A0vol9Z IDF dont use galil anymore they use m16
Kevin Yang (1 year ago)
And there is an IDF uniform
A0vol9Z (1 year ago)
+The Minecraft Gaming 2 Aren't there Galils and Tavors in the game ?
Prototype Theta (1 year ago)
45 minutes later..
Ghost112 (1 year ago)
I was only in the last part when I said "SCRAMBLE THE FIGHTERS" Then died a lot of times
MJ George Productions (1 year ago)
I remember someone saying there is a way in Flans Mod Plus to make planes explode when they hit the water. Is this true?
Pavel Cherepanov (1 year ago)
how to play on this server? good video, like
MJ George Productions (1 year ago)
The server hasn't been made public yet - he's still working on the actual modpack.
WW2 Memories (1 year ago)
The modpack is finished or more time for waiting
BlazerProZ (1 year ago)
what he do spam
Izack (1 year ago)
It's finished for everyone except you, you need to wait a little bit longer
THCobra (1 year ago)
nerf|buff the|the rocket|damn launchers|vehicles
yis comrade
Sanjay Bharati (1 year ago)
good video
Sharura (1 year ago)
Ur face is good to
LevelCrunch (1 year ago)

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