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A visual guide on the most effective way to find Minecraft diamonds! » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe » Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library
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Text Comments (634)
ุุ ุ (7 days ago)
Xray or seed based xray on servers with obfuscation
m0nksta (13 days ago)
Use xray
Prakriti Sharma (13 days ago)
The smartest way is / give @p diamonds
satisfiction (15 days ago)
11 diamonds in less than 5 minutes out of my old strip mines using this. Amazing.
Scathing Lemon (15 days ago)
This is most efficient, UNLESS you have mending, efficiency V...becuase then you can just power through blocks like nothing and mining out that whole area in regular strip mines (leaving 2 block spaces in-between the tunnels) takes about the same time.
tamooz br (19 days ago)
best layer is 8
clara kris (19 days ago)
I just mine down and lucky to have lots of iron and at y:5 I am even luckier. I FOUND 6 DIAMONDS AND 4 LAPIS LAZULI AFTER DIGGING AROUND DIAMOND ORE (I'm not looking for it)
Fuck YouTube (21 days ago)
Nah. Use xray
Frisk (25 days ago)
Stranger Think is my favorite song.
Glynnpogi Manuel124 (26 days ago)
Antvenom can i have a shoutout and how to be pro in building house please😀😉
kmacdough (28 days ago)
This guy needs to chill out for a moment. This is strip mining. In minecraft. It's not THAT exciting?!
Desmond Day (1 month ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what if you want lava ha ha ha ha Ha ha he he ha ha
Desmond Day (1 month ago)
Anthony Chiboucas (1 month ago)
This may be the most efficient way to ensure no blocks are missed, but it is not the fastest. As others here have pointed out, diamond often spawns in a 2x2 area. Many assume this to mean that a single unrevealed block (3 blocks between "poke-holes"), will maximize efficiency. These astute miners have noticed that maximizing efficiency means minimizing overlap. Specifically, reducing the likelihood of two "poke holes" uncovering the same diamond spawn. An important detail to note here, is that diamond can spawn 3-wide. This means that using 2 unrevealed blocks, at four blocks between the poke-holes, and 2 blocks between the top and bottom levels, maximizes your diamond/time ratio.
Dan Cole (1 month ago)
This isnt the most efficient way. Go down one block above bedrock. Dig tunnels one block wide, 4 blocks high. Dig these tunnels straight out. When you reach lava stop and go to the start of the tunnel. Go to the third square on your side. Dig in the samw direction as your other tunnel and dig 1x4. There should be a 2 block thick wall between the tunnels. What makes this efficient is that you are in the area diamond most likely spawns and are digging with the best surface area without wasting time on blocks which dont reveal new information or blocks that only reveal one other block at a time. This means you will never see the blocks which are diagonal from your tunnels corners. This means for every 4 blocks you dig you will have seen 11 new blocks which might have diamonds, not including the next 4 you will mine. When you strip mine you spend a lot of time on blocks that wont reveal much, when you should be digging constantly at the highest odds of finding a diamond.
Nathan David Covey (1 month ago)
U make your own tunnels too!!
Why is antveonm at the peace ful map
Here is something funny I went on my legit survival world and went down to y 12 and made a x-3-2 tunnel for harvesting diamonds and ended up hitting the edge of the world and what’s even more crazy is that the world started as a large world then I extended the chunks 10 times so yeah it’s a pretty big world
Penguin Imp the Insane (1 month ago)
Easy: don't.
Jason Wheneger (1 month ago)
Vincent Hildebrand (1 month ago)
I did this in the beginning. Then I discovered the divining rod. I go up to level sixteen, and start a tunnel. But I divine downward. As I dig down, I worry about lava, by making three by one hole downward. This ensures I can dig one downward, while still standing on rock, to avoid lava. It is even quicker to find diamonds. Using the talisman of repair keeps your tools in good shape.
Remo Wicki (1 month ago)
xray is effectiver
Ben quemp (1 month ago)
Damn anty... nice effieciency, you literally cut the amount of blocks required to mine by half Actually more than half because you use the next level down to see the previous levels "floor" blocks
supersonic6481 (1 month ago)
Hey i found diamonds in no tine flat, thanks
K463178 (1 month ago)
Wouldn't it be equally as efficient to not do side tunnels and just mine the holes in the main tunnel
K463178 (1 month ago)
Actually did the math and the side tunnels make you lose efficiency
Faust Ordo (1 month ago)
Randum_ gamer (1 month ago)
The background music sounds like Stangerthings intro
Ishak kiaririkame (1 month ago)
If you dig 5 blocks deep without breaking the bottom part of the blocks, wouldnt you miss the chances of finding diamonds below it?
Gustav Glad (2 months ago)
I had better luck digging at y:13
Julef Mapper (2 months ago)
*or use xrays =P
mindlessmaniac5 (2 months ago)
Doesn't this technique leave a ton of none visible blocks. Most notably the foot level blocks to the sides? This is why I am partial to the just dig a straight line every two blocks technique.
Allie M (2 months ago)
Is there a way to know if you are at the y axis of 11 on a console or Bedrock edition of Minecraft?
HalfmanDude (2 months ago)
Allie Cutes- Mermaids ,Roblox, Ponies and More! Notice the lava, most of them spawn at y 10. Maybe this can help
_ Xaveir Does Gaming_ (2 months ago)
The smartest way to find diamonds is by spawning it in
Juho Mikael (2 months ago)
Omg I have always mined like that
Christian Lund (2 months ago)
But… hostile mobs can spawn in light level 7 or darker. You need the torches to be closer to each other.
dad life (2 months ago)
🔥 y is u be so gay no of yall is be lit as freak right now like me
4:06 um okay ;d
Michael Dominguez (2 months ago)
*Cough* *Cough* -CREATIVE- *Cough*
a little freddy puppet (3 months ago)
i haven't played survival mode in years, so i sorta know how you feel.
Lamps Will Take Over (3 months ago)
I have found 31 diamonds in just a 20 minute mining session thanks to this method thanks man keep up the good work! :)
Ethan Mulder (3 months ago)
Comments: 50% "Three blocks in between not two" 10% "OMG stranger things music" 5% "what's the texture pack" 25% "fastest way is hax" 10% "This is awful/xisuma already did it"
Jacob Castle (3 months ago)
4:04 Your lighting will be *PRFRRT* .. lol
GamingLegend (3 months ago)
David Frost (3 months ago)
This is drift mining, not strip mining. Strip mining is a type of surface mining. I wish people would stop using the term "strip mining" because they've heard of this type and use it to describe any type of mine. Anything that digs tunnels under the ground is NOT strip mining. The access stairs down could mean it also qualifies as "slope" mining, but the exclusively horizontal shafts of the mine, I believe, would mean it falls into the category of drift mining. Some Minecraft forums and tutorials have also called it "branch mining", and I also refer to the separate corridors in my mine as "branches" as it's an apt description.
Jonjon Godino (3 months ago)
Who is watching this in 2013
Nezumi (3 months ago)
... Gah, you using strip-mining to mean that instead of open-pit mining is starting to make me want to stick a grapefruit spoon in my brain. Probably my autism, but just super-frustrating. x.x;
Detective Bohobe (3 months ago)
As always, wonderful video AntVenom!
Shayan (3 months ago)
Good Mythical Morning?
The Gaming Vlogger (4 months ago)
0:20 Was that the Stranger Things intro music?
Blue Ouija (4 months ago)
Let me guess. Chunk mining.
Blue Ouija (4 months ago)
Sigh. Just regular strip mining? If you find diamonds in a chunk, you're not going to find any more diamonds in that chunk. There's only one vein per chunk. So, if you mark the chunks, you know that when you find diamond in that chunk to move on to the next one. This is probably the first thing I learned about Minecraft and I think everyone should know this. Good tips though. I'll make sure to go to y=11 next time, but from experience I know that some strip mining methods still allows mobs to spawn when you use the minimum amount of torches, and you get plenty of coal from the mining anyways, so I suggest going every 8 blocks so that you both light up the caves and mark the chunks (every 2 torches would be a chunk). Also, it might be a good idea to set up a positioning system to get you back home. I just put all my torches on the left so that, when I want to go home, I turn around and follow the torches on the right side of the wall, but you can do it however you want (redstone, signs, etc).
Alexander the Gamer (4 months ago)
I think there is a much easier maybe just as quick and more interesting way to mine. Just mine a 26x4 at Y:11 and mine it over and over. If you find a cave you can save it for later or explore it then. It may cost more torches, but definitely doesn't matter when u get like a stack of coal every morning session.
zZoKo (4 months ago)
this isn't the best way
GayAppleGate the gayrr (1 month ago)
Read the title
vuk djuraskovic (4 months ago)
Thanks m8 ☺
Talrune Gaming (4 months ago)
Texture pack?
RaresGaming99 (4 months ago)
TFW (4 months ago)
/give @e minecraft:diamond 64
Corruptidd Now (4 months ago)
Guy with enchanted pickaxe but no levels and 60 steak with no sword? seems legit
Another Guy (4 months ago)
even more efficient way: when digging the 1-block tall tunnels, put three blocks in between each instead of 2. That way, you still notice almost all the diamonds (because they come in chunks that are almost always 2 blocks wide) without mining 1/4 as many blocks.
Jimu Rhew (4 months ago)
no it's not just go in creative then mine it lol
Jimu Rhew (4 months ago)
me:just say it!
Navin Mali (4 months ago)
do a ant farm survival
Rob Plant (4 months ago)
not 11....13
Level 12
Yellow Anonymous (5 months ago)
Oh jeez, the name antvenom makes me so nostalgic. I remember watching mod showcases by this guy!
MindlessBoi TheGamer (5 months ago)
dude we want an easy way not a rocket science way lol
Sam David (5 months ago)
For the first time in my life...I found a block of emerald in survival and I had the enchantment fortune and i got 2
Ein Google Nutzer (6 months ago)
The best way to find any ore is still a X-ray texturepack ;)
Theodore Cenabre (6 months ago)
How to find ores easily by changing ore settings: go to customized world, press customize, go to ore settings, then change the coal,diamond,gold,redstone,iron,lapis lazuli ore settings like this: Spawn size: 50 Spawn tries: 40 Min. Height: 0 Max. Height: 255 plz do this it worked and also no needed mods, commands, maps, etc.
Smoot Transitions (6 months ago)
YAYYY. Stranger Things music
BOOM! Headshot (6 months ago)
Dude u r the best minetuber I have ever seen I love all your vids
Healion123 (6 months ago)
Thanks for the technique, Ant! But how can one tell if they're on y=11 in Bedrock Edition in vanilla survival?
Max Rose (6 months ago)
the best way is to xray but really, a good video. keep it up.
TheRealRJ (6 months ago)
I found 82 diamonds with in 1 hour
Evan Roderick (6 months ago)
diamonds actually start spawning at level 16.
jberda_95 (6 months ago)
This video is wrong for multiple reasons. Many people already pointed out that the side tunnel spacing should be 3 instead of 2. But also no one mines only diamonds, and when you mine more ores you have an even higher chance of tunnels constantly connecting, so an even wider spacing would be appropriate. Third, a diamond vein can only spawn once per chunk so when diamonds are found, you should stop mining and move to the next chunk.
Diana Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Do you ars in a lucky block mod pat and jen do mod about you
Diana Gonzalez (6 months ago)
David Birkes (7 months ago)
Do some research on what strip mining is
Prriti Yokendran (7 months ago)
500th comment
K McD (7 months ago)
Have you ever looked into the pinwheel tunnel layout? It's supposed to be even more efficient than the corridor layout. I like the idea of just poking a hole as far as your pick can reach, but I feel like you'd be missing a lot by not popping that leg path out.
wigglebot23 (3 months ago)
K McD what is it?
bullet x (7 months ago)
what about console should we use a map to see what level
Deniz Mustafa (7 months ago)
4:04 pervert
George Quilitz (7 months ago)
put your torches at light level 1, actually
MeowStuffs Does Stuff (7 months ago)
kaleem hussain (7 months ago)
It worked I got 78 diamonds in one WORLD OK THIS GUY IS THE BEST
Chano Christensen (8 months ago)
If you hear close enough, the background music sounds like the theme of Stranger Things xd.
Casey_Gamer _64 (8 months ago)
the live perspective is great :)
PokeMaster22222 (8 months ago)
Eh, I just dig down to Y 10 (I disable caves and ravines in world generation because I'm not a fan of them) in either two one-by-one holes (one for a ladder or other form of upwards travel, one for a water fall-canceller) or some form of square/rectangular pit (I've just done a 5x5 one). Once I'm at the desired level, I create a square/rectangular room, where the ladder and water holes meet, though those are a couple blocks apart; if I want to, I put some chests, furnaces and a crafting table down there. Following the creation of the hub room, I dig out several 2-high-by-1-wide (sometimes 2x2), 3-block-long indents to mark where I plan on mining later, with a two block gap between each indent (a one block gap would be pointless, since I'd be seeing the same wall; three or more's out because I'd be missing blocks). These indents are on either side of the hub room, to maximise efficiency (at least in my eyes). I then pick an indent to mine out, look at the F3 coordinates, and only stop if one of three things happen: a) I run out of pickaxes (since I combine them in the 2x2 crafting grid to conserve durability, and I tend to carry four stone or iron pickaxes at a time, not likely), b) I run out of inventory space, or c) I reach 100 blocks away from the start of the tunnel. c) is obviously the best scenario; if a) or b) happen, I fix those issues and then go back into the tunnel until c) occurs. Once a tunnel is a hundred blocks long, I seal it off with iron bars, to signify 'that tunnel's mined out'. Whenever I next go mining, I head to the next indent, and start the tunnelling all over again. As for collecting ores? Well, since I do like to have Cheats enabled (SCREW YOU, ATTACK SPEED - why do I need to give myself a custom helmet with attribute data, instead of it being a /gamerule argument? I also edit my gamerules, like enabling keepInventory, increasing randomTickSpeed (to speed up crop growth and leaf decay), disabling doFireTick (so as to prevent forest fires), disabling doWeatherCycle (screw rain), increasing maxEntityCramming to 95, and setting spawnRadius to 0. I also use setWorldSpawn if I decide to stay anywhere other than natural spawn, if natural spawn's biome sucks), I give myself a pickaxe with Silk Touch - so I can save Coal/Redstone/Diamond Ores until I legitimately get myself a Fortune pickaxe. Iron and Gold Ores, meanwhile, are mined with my non-Cheat pickaxe, since they drop themselves and not a resource that can be increased with Fortune. I later get rid of my Cheat pickaxe the moment I get myself a legitimate one with Silk Touch.
Kristen Turner (8 months ago)
ResolutionBlade (8 months ago)
I would find this useful If UHC allows stripmining......
Aedan Mayschak (3 days ago)
Because of the border
Cody Playz (1 month ago)
Yeah, ResolutionBlade, why isn't stripmining allowed in UHC.
DracoPlays Tmpr (2 months ago)
ResolutionBlade Why doesnt it
Omg 165 fps. Kill me for me the highest is like 23 fps. Why do I have a bad laptop
TheGreenTaco999 (8 months ago)
that's not called strip mining, strip mining is where you strip away at the layers of earth from up to down. What you're doing is called branch mining. *t h i s g r i n d s m y g e a r s*
MEGAgamer 969 (9 months ago)
No day cald shiny rocks
Ethan Mulder (3 months ago)
Well, can't gold, iron, and emeralds be cald dat too?
no hablo inglés (9 months ago)
texture pack?
Arceus (10 months ago)
This is soooo good . Found 12 diamonds in 15 minutes :D
Ethan Mulder (3 months ago)
Fortune III? If not, that's really impressive
bobisbob. (10 months ago)
Not the best mining
Ryder Wilson (10 months ago)
dumbest to find diamonds. u dont need to tell us that much becuase its pointless
Quantry (10 months ago)
I mine on lvl 12 is that ok aswell?
Ethan Mulder (3 months ago)
Yes, it is. And you won't even have to worry about walking into lava that way! Just make sure that you dig down a block too when you find a diamond deposit, to check for more.
Justin Azzlin (10 months ago)
Level 12 Is Better Becouse There Is No Lava
Hint Of Sarcasm (10 months ago)
Every chunk has diamonds in so I recommend f3 g
I wanna die :D (11 months ago)
"Your lighting will be PURFERT." xD

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