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Text Comments (3824)
aya goldman (5 days ago)
Loved it :)
Adam B. Prescott (7 hours ago)
*I've used an Whats App to s p y friends, here:* *N E W S P Y T O O L . C O M* vwoef 2if wovw dviqw efq
Cool Kid (14 hours ago)
;tdm uprisen in fortnight against the husks begins
Dex Gaming (1 day ago)
Me to
Foxy charmander Lol (1 day ago)
aya goldman iii
Master Gamer (1 day ago)
aya goldm
Ryan Carter (1 hour ago)
Keoreeditse Malebane (3 hours ago)
My butt hurts can you help me
Louise Demers (4 hours ago)
dan if you hold the wepon when hittinga lama u might upgrade it it will go silver then gold
Mega Alex (6 hours ago)
You are so so so dumb and why did you make the video so long
Nina In the kitchen (6 hours ago)
Maxgaming Playz (7 hours ago)
Dan pls continue Minecraft Missasventures pls
Eric Thompson (7 hours ago)
Play with a team dan
cool yooo
MysteryWolf Gamer (10 hours ago)
DanTDM you are awesome
osman ashraf eltahir (10 hours ago)
Dan roblox has a legandarary update
Karen Kidtwo (10 hours ago)
Do fornite with james and justin plz ♥♡
Karen Kidtwo (10 hours ago)
I loved it I love fornite great job I would not be able to do that
Linda Downey (10 hours ago)
hiiiiii dan
Linda Downey (10 hours ago)
hiiiiii dantdm
cooper caratti (11 hours ago)
sims music??
omar tpnr (12 hours ago)
G Gimene (13 hours ago)
Loved it
G Gimene (13 hours ago)
I liak you
Gemma Phillips (13 hours ago)
Dan update fortnite
Gemma Phillips (13 hours ago)
Dan update fortnite
Gunner 4 life (13 hours ago)
Great video
Cool Kid (14 hours ago)
I love you dan and i went to your Perth tour
Valentina Salvo (15 hours ago)
I watched it all
Simple Man (16 hours ago)
Y do u play on private matches Dan? I could give u a good gun
Lei (17 hours ago)
Brandon-980Gamer YT (17 hours ago)
Dan how can can I use all my heroes I loved the stream and I don't know how I can use 1 of my ninja characters it's locked
TheMasked Blayder (18 hours ago)
Dan for one vid can you be the hero with the blue hair
J- Virus (20 hours ago)
Craft your razor wire it’s a really good weapon
Alexander Cruz Perez (20 hours ago)
I join the dab police
TheCaalid (22 hours ago)
iove it.u cool ;]
Sheila McMahon (22 hours ago)
Gemma Phillips (23 hours ago)
I luv this
Bro Gamer (23 hours ago)
I watched you when you had less then 10 mil subs
Teddy Scott (1 day ago)
Dan I'm new
carolyn cornish (1 day ago)
Play a hat in time
Miguel Cisneros (1 day ago)
31.22 glitch? Dan TDM?
Miguel Cisneros (1 day ago)
23.14 slided
Pack Attack (1 day ago)
Best Vid ever
Kevin Parris (1 day ago)
Can I play it him a huge fan I been watching 2015 my name is Tinman9 I have notifications on and I subed
XP Reflex (1 day ago)
I love your video
Ryan Playz 891 (1 day ago)
dan also play some more roblox kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ryan Playz 891 (1 day ago)
Ilkka Lillberg (1 day ago)
Could you play more Lego worlds
I have fortnite on my iPad
Mikey (1 day ago)
Charlotte Ellis (1 day ago)
hello mr.dantdm i want smaller streams
Finlay Binnie (1 day ago)
Hey dan I can give u guns and advice for save the world my PS4 name is Legassassin1234
Acidspl4sh (1 day ago)
Rip tilted
Fred Williams (1 day ago)
Dan you should play one night at flumptys
Keary Stephens (1 day ago)
I love your videos
Damiel18 (1 day ago)
Casper Zheng (1 day ago)
Joey Werner (1 day ago)
Can u do Sum more Akinator
Kohen Vines (1 day ago)
If you launch pad onto an airdrop you can hold on the ballon of the airdrop and fly with you holding the ballon and shoot people while flying.
Martine Miguel (1 day ago)
Brayden Cambier (1 day ago)
Luv it. You make me want to have all the games you have.
kawalpreet kaur (1 day ago)
kawalpreet kaur (1 day ago)
You want 400 v box
kawalpreet kaur (1 day ago)
Anime Boy (1 day ago)
Xgirly X (1 day ago)
shahzad awan (1 day ago)
Olivia Blatherwick (1 day ago)
Why can’t u play with thinknoodles or thxcya or wut ever lol
Quintin Belangie (1 day ago)
You should play overwhach
Jesus Aguilar (1 day ago)
Hi how are you
Jesus Aguilar (1 day ago)
Carter McNeill (1 day ago)
You can make doors dan
Chad Crocker (1 day ago)
Jeziel Lopez (1 day ago)
Hi Danton
Rachael Hatch (1 day ago)
Shout out plz m y name is jonathon
doggames76 (1 day ago)
Dan, with the llamas you can wind up an get sliver, and gold llamas
luis loco (2 days ago)
Dont die
Matt M (2 days ago)
Awesome Dude
Dominic Hughes (2 days ago)
Alex Games (2 days ago)
Dan is in fortnite... but he has a beard
R_zWolfie (2 days ago)
Dan , you don't have your pickaxe skin equipped
Kristen Asleson (2 days ago)
watch my cannel its grandpawilbar or grandpawillbar
FelixGaming (2 days ago)
DANTDM you uploaded this on my B-Day :D
Madex Daigle (2 days ago)
Switch guns please 🙄
Nicola Madin (2 days ago)
I played that you stream at the same time as you lol
Rizwan Anjum (2 days ago)
💖 love this game soo much!!!!!!!!
Ben Barker (2 days ago)
Ben Barker (2 days ago)
Magdalena Arroyo (2 days ago)
Yes you won dan can you play that game with me
Harriet Dunwell (2 days ago)
try get 3 wins
Luke Meister (2 days ago)
do a survival squad with think
XP Reflex (2 days ago)
How do I join superchat
Dean Johnston (2 days ago)
Ibrahim Vu (2 days ago)
I'll give alot of guns for you to use
Ibrahim Vu (2 days ago)
Dan can I play with u next time
Jeremy Prior (2 days ago)
Jeremy Prior (2 days ago)
Love it Dan Play squad
Marvin Marvin (2 days ago)
Marvin Marvin (2 days ago)
Dan your a nooooob ahahahhahahaha
Marvin Marvin (2 days ago)

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