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Today is the start of a new adventure! Join Bazillau as he catches pixelmon and becomes an elite pokemon trainer! •Follow me on ze twitterz: [https://twitter.com/bazillau] The PokéPack Mod pack is a mod pack based around, you guessed it! POKEMON! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is Pokémon in Minecraft! There are various new structures, weapons, tools, the list is endless! • PokePack 1.0: [http://goo.gl/aMtfsx] • Elite Pixelmon Island v2.0: [http://goo.gl/6zCrZJ] • AtlanticCraft: [http://goo.gl/v3vCie] •Music By Approaching Nirvanna •Intro By TacoBite
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Text Comments (40)
Zombieparty6 (9 months ago)
fuck head its a boss
Kylwana Gallman (1 year ago)
can you dab pls I like dabs
DrawnTech (1 year ago)
There is a pokemon online card game u can play
it's a boss Lol
it was a boss ferio
Jaime Cortez (1 year ago)
you now you can fly on charizard and tropius
TPG Gg (1 year ago)
It's a boss pokemon
TPG Gg (1 year ago)
Get recet
Anthony Owens (2 years ago)
No magicharp learn tackle at lvl 15
Het Patel (2 years ago)
you can fly with your Pokemon
MysticWaffle (2 years ago)
it won't work for me :( a java error....
Zacks Channel (2 years ago)
I agree
Jack Bayliss (2 years ago)
u sound like dan tdm
Catherine Mansell (2 years ago)
Awesome! Now I wanna play it!
Jen Kelln (2 years ago)
elijah merritt (3 years ago)
Minecraftfrk2 (3 years ago)
Cool mod!!!!
BGaming (2 years ago)
Its modpack xD :-)
Bazillau (3 years ago)
It's very cool :-)
Michael Toh (3 years ago)
The pokecenter at the boat
Michael Toh (3 years ago)
The Fearow is a boss!!!!!!
Ross The Invadr (3 years ago)
Ross The Invadr (3 years ago)
o lol srry
Bazi Already Got Charmander it Evolve into Charmeleon
analyn siron (3 years ago)
hey those fearow you say it was a shiny its not it was a boss pokemon if you challenge them theyre high level and if you beat them they drop some of the tm's and balls
Tiffany Floyd (3 years ago)
You can fly on that grass pokemon
Deanna Macias (3 years ago)
My cousins following you
Anoxio (3 years ago)
No the green ferrows is bosses shiny is yellow
Anoxio (3 years ago)
Cat Samm (3 years ago)
your back , but for how long .....
Cat Samm (3 years ago)
haha :P
Bazillau (3 years ago)
Place your bets xD
PweerPressure (3 years ago)
Glad to see you back, dude. Those weren't shiny Fearows, they were boss Fearows. You can (try to) beat them for random item drops.
Bazillau (3 years ago)
Good to be back! Random item drops? Those fearows are going down! lol
TheLivingRequiem (3 years ago)
You're back! YES! Woohooooo!
Bazillau (3 years ago)
Supernatural Saiyan (3 years ago)
Awesome dude id like to play pixelmon with you!
Bazillau (3 years ago)
One day maybe :-)
TheLivingRequiem (3 years ago)
I'ma call a ditto on this.
Bazillau (3 years ago)
Now that school is finished I'm finally back to making videos! Bit late on the Pixelmon scene but hopefully you enjoy the start to this mini-series! :-)

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