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Minecraft Mystcraft Tutorial

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In this tutorial you should learn everything you need to know about the latest version of Mystcraft, including all of the new symbols that are available, and how to write descriptive books in the new book binder interface. Part 2 will cover more advanced topics such as control of Celestial Bodies. Mystcraft version: 0.10.0 TexturePack: default Mystcraft website: http://binarymage.com FTB website: http://www.feed-the-beast.com
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Text Comments (304)
Jesse Barrows (6 months ago)
Just for everyones information there is a hidden chest behind the bookshelves in the bottom corner not everyone has one but 9/10 times they do and there in random corners :)
Pat (2 years ago)
Thx this helped
Joe Andrew Turner (2 years ago)
how do i make descriptive books with pages i tried using a book binder i put the pages in their and the leather and i can't make it and i tried putting a linking panel in there too but it still doesn't work?
Tim Van Hoeck (2 years ago)
Major Feature and Minor Feature are special biomes in Twilight Forest that spawn Twilight Forest Landmarks and Structures. Major Feature spawns major landmarks like Lich Towers and Hollow Hills. Minor Features spawns lesser landmarks like Druid Huts and Twilight Wells.
Zakręcona Nastolatka (3 years ago)
nie działa :(
Brittney Klatte (3 years ago)
Thank you!!!!!~
Soren Blachly (3 years ago)
Mystcraft is based on river anyone remeber that game
Centaur Of Doom (1 year ago)
I know this is two years old, but it's actually based on Myst, not Riven, hence "Myst"craft. Riven was a sequel to Myst.
Anti-HyperLink (3 years ago)
I seriously didn't know that I had to link anything when I created a world and I guess that means I can't get back! Oh well! It wasn't that much of a loss!
Sean Inman (3 years ago)
Your the best at mine craft in the universe better than stamp my username is moonjui e
GermanFTB (3 years ago)
an updated tutorial with the new mod version would be nice : /
Shae Weaver (3 years ago)
it wont let me make the descripted books
iDxL (3 years ago)
I just joined world where the water is purple and everything is literally killing you the second you get there
Add Kim (3 years ago)
+GrandtheftGlitches Just found it kinda weird considering there is a edit button.
iDxL (3 years ago)
+Add Kim because I wanted to add more but forgot I could just click edit. Got a problem with that? 
Add Kim (3 years ago)
+GrandtheftGlitches Why are you answering to yourself anyway ?
iDxL (3 years ago)
Scared the shit out of me. 5 ghasts straight above me and you are poisoned, you have food poisoning, miner fatigue, slowness, and nausea.
Kieran Martin (3 years ago)
Can u do that on Xbox 360 and how
Zach Goldberg (3 years ago)
No you can not. This is a PC mod. Unless someone were to take years to convert all files to Xbox format than this is impossible to do on Xbox. I know this sucks but you can always buy a computer.
Wolfgang177 (4 years ago)
+FunshineX How do I add a page to a descriptive book
FlipHeartache80 (4 years ago)
sub to my channel
Maxi Schmidt (3 years ago)
Dave Uffels (3 years ago)
+FlipHeartache80 die in a fire, my fire.
Maxi Schmidt (3 years ago)
Lewis Reid (4 years ago)
how do you get out of another dimension when your in cheat mode ?
UltimateSocialist (4 years ago)
TGGoldenWarrior (4 years ago)
How would you get home from a different age if you didn't make linking book home?
Hammy (3 years ago)
+Malware Dragon /kill does not work if you try it it will send you to the spawn of that age
Mystic (4 years ago)
+Tyler Gandy It's not an item, if you had the page when you made the age, then look somewhere near spawn for this "tear" in the ground.
TGGoldenWarrior (4 years ago)
+Astral Jus how do I make it
Mystic (4 years ago)
Star Fissure, other than that, it's impossible unless you /kill, or (if you're in multiplayer) /spawn
skating hippo's (4 years ago)
love this vid i just subscribed 
KefkeWren (4 years ago)
Unless I am mistaken, Major Feature and Minor Feature are from Twilight Forest. They were biomes used in TFs worldgen to define where dungeons and the like get placed.
TOMYSSHADOW (4 years ago)
Those Mystcraft symbols look suspiciously like Narayani poetry...
Tier (4 years ago)
if i build a house with meteros and when im mining it falls on my house that would be sad :(
hi man i'm lost in some world can you help to back in my own world? please
Lars Mindrebø (4 years ago)
Now am i stuck in a mystcraft world and dont know how to get back
KefkeWren (4 years ago)
Always always ALWAYS bring a link book home. In fact, bring three or more, and hide some backups around your Age. Without a home book, your only option is to make a new writing setup and explore new Ages until you find a star fissure or the page to write one.
Nicole Zibung (4 years ago)
Hi :) i made a Tutorial about this too in German  is it oke when i post the Link here? lg Bloody
s70rk (4 years ago)
Thanks to this tutorial (and a lot of searching for pages in Mystcraft libraries), I now have 2 oceans of biofuel, more gold, iron, coal and diamonds than I will ever need on a Tekkit Lite survival server. Very useful!
Zachrey Mueller (4 years ago)
so I watched your post to get an idea with mystcraft, and after watching it, after some trial and error... and some unstable ages later, I got a age with three suns. http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab11/firebreaker2262/all%20me/2014-05-16_231800_zps0e39f1e9.png
James Boyd (4 years ago)
in the librarys that spawn theres a hidden chest behind one of the bookcases
LeelaSkullgrinn (4 years ago)
around 36 min. its not really a troll but a spoiler with out saying what...in minecraft/mystcraft it pays to be greedy for books/bookshelf if you have silk touch
Potatora (4 years ago)
So basically slap a bunch of pages together and hope for the best?
The KING Clan (4 years ago)
Is any one looking for a PS3 Clan? if so come check my channel. Thanks, -TKC sorry FunshineX
The KING Clan (4 years ago)
Racoon in the closet (4 years ago)
Videogame clans are about as bullshit as humanly possible. SUCH PRO, MUCH SKILL, VERY NOSCOPE! So "MLG" as you asswipes prefer to call it.
VideoStarGirls (4 years ago)
I forgot to make linking book before I was going into the diskription book
Stembrick Productions (4 years ago)
Awesome tutorial!
jason bowen (4 years ago)
thank you i finally found an UPDATED mistcraft tutorial for my tekkit lite
Austiinn (4 years ago)
this made me crash .-.
N (4 years ago)
+Sebastian sjöström lol
OP KilliE (4 years ago)
+DezzinesVSGaming are you running ftb if so alot of poeple crash but sill works. or you my need to update
Austiinn (4 years ago)
+Sebastian sjöström my computers from 2013 actually, and it was a conflict between mystcraft and ic2 smart ass.
Sebastian sjöström (4 years ago)
Get a fucking computer that is not from 1990 then ...
Devin Hess (4 years ago)
Thank you! I feel like I can somewhat understand mystcraft now, because I looked at it before like someone asked me to build a rocket.
N5731 (4 years ago)
you sound really bored and tired
connor171000 (4 years ago)
how would u make a linking panel I looked it up and theirs nothing their
livid banana (4 years ago)
my computer is so crap it doesent load the new age
JJ Hartmann (4 years ago)
O yea direwolf20 ftb mod pack
TOMYSSHADOW (4 years ago)
You're not technically creating new world, but linking to pre-existing ones...
TOMYSSHADOW (4 years ago)
+KefkeWren I did not even know that much, good explanation
KefkeWren (4 years ago)
+Jonathan Morgan  It's basically quantum mechanics. I won't get into the specifics, but the important part is this. Ages "exist" as possibilities, in the sense of quantum uncertainty. Until observed/defined, an Age is all ways that it could be (as in Schrodinger's Cat Paradox). So, when you write an Age, you define which of all possible states it exists in. Changes can be made, but only where they wouldn't invalidate what was true before (or where the change could reasonably happen). When the description of an Age deviates too far from the observed state, the link shifts, moving to a new Age that better matches the current description. There are exceptions to the rules, but those get into the truly confusing aspects of lore.
TOMYSSHADOW (4 years ago)
Well, I could give you the full rundown on the Myst linking books, or at least my understanding. There have been various pieces of evidence that ages exist before you write them (take for example, Emmit and Branch in the original Myst, which existed before that descriptive book was written). Atrus believes this, but Gehn does not, hence why he thinks he is God over all the people of Riven. Descriptive books give the writer incredible power, but not for long. You can write in a few changes, such as how Atrus wrote in the ship in Stoneship. But the more changes you make, the more unstable the link to the age becomes, until the descriptive book eventually doesn't work anymore. Gehn changing the descriptive books so much made them really unstable, hence why the beginning of the game shows Atrus trying to fix the problem, at least temporarily. But in Myst 3 you can see the remnants of the now broken link to Riven. Linking books, on the other hand, rely on the descriptive book to work. For example, think of descriptive books like computer files and linking books like computer shortcuts. The shortcuts don't work without the files themselves. And while you can edit the file's code, if you change it too much it becomes corrupted beyond repair. (and books don't have an "Undo" button.) Note that _linking_ books can only be created IN the spot you want to link to, hence why Atrus couldn't simply write a link back to Myst while trapped in Uru. Descriptive books, however, can be written anywhere, but only one can link to a specific age. Writing a different one will just link to a different age that looks exactly the same. It's also worth noting that, if you burn or destroy a linking book, it doesn't wreck the descriptive book at all. However, if you destroy a descriptive book, you can never link to that spot again. BUT, the age it linked to still exists. There just isn't any way of actually getting there.
Jonathan Morgan (4 years ago)
+The Wikipedia that Won't Shut Up™ Wait wait wait - If the world already exists before you write it, then why does changing the text in the descriptive book change the world? I would expect that changing the text in the descriptive book would link to a different world matching the new description rather than changing the already established world. And that also raises an interesting question. It was said that all ages written by Gehn die eventually. (Case in point: Riven) So if these worlds existed before the writing of their age, then does that mean that incompetently writing an age will cause a world to be destroyed? Or was Riven fucked even before Gehn wrote the age? Now my head hurts.
Jake Knackley (4 years ago)
+Nathan Hodgkiss  and this is a mod based on myst.. -_-
Bacon Burger (4 years ago)
linking book isnt working?
Syler (4 years ago)
Thanks for this I was flipping out
The Papa Smurf (4 years ago)
have you ever heard of the show sliders yeah thats your only option now or cheat mode.
The Papa Smurf (4 years ago)
love your tutorial very well detailed!!
imi (4 years ago)
you're stuck in there forever, you'll have to make a new world - there's nothing you can do about it.
TheYounggun551 (4 years ago)
my trapped in a dimension that i made, how do i get out! :( plz help
Dr. Nightstone (4 years ago)
Finally can make Skaia!
The Dutch Gamer (4 years ago)
Ty sir.
Alteyarius (4 years ago)
how to get symbols?
FunshineX (4 years ago)
The new version requires an ink mixer to make a linking page, add that with leather to make a book
Thomas Kirkwood (4 years ago)
there is a symbol for eternal night and one for eternal day
800Markus (5 years ago)
How do I make a linking panel?
Joshua (5 years ago)
using 10.6 and i cant get past step 1 even in creative i cant make a descriptive book
cadynsquidlover (5 years ago)
McSaf (5 years ago)
how can I set eternal night? I mean, with zero length I can freeze the daytime, but how do I set a specific time, or at least night generally?
Michael Ágoston (5 years ago)
Can someone link me a good guide for mystcraft in voids wrath? Ty ^^ This is a little bit diferent :\
merlin1840 (5 years ago)
legend thought i killed my skyden
sangyu kim (5 years ago)
@vlevhpu i agree one of my top 10 and dude! if your bored check this good time waster! ==> to.ly\oNur
O.C. (5 years ago)
direwolf's intro? :D
Bendbry (5 years ago)
i play ftb unleashed and he dont want to give me a book
Gunther41 (5 years ago)
or create a nether portal , enter in the nether and exit :D
GamingChimera (5 years ago)
when i put the symbols in my book binder it doesnt give me the option to take out a descriptive book i have the leather in i even tried it without any symbols please help
simanba (5 years ago)
And you can symbols into the notebook?
Vincent Lazana (5 years ago)
I made a backup of my save file just in case something like that happened to me. Maybe a form of cheating but I wasn't about to lose everything I had if I couldn't get back.
FunshineX (5 years ago)
if you have cheats enabled, use /tpx yourname 0. If not, open it to lan, then set yourself to creative and use the same command. This is of course cheating, but its better than losing your world. You could also setup a new base on the new world and make more mystcraft worlds and hope one has a star fissure
Danny Philipson (5 years ago)
Ur screwed unless you have linking books on you made from home
ShiftingKill (5 years ago)
my linking book disappeared and i am stuck in a world.. help!
Nobody Nobodyson (5 years ago)
the cave world looks like the far lands...
Issey van Iersel (5 years ago)
You must do a review of aether II mod
Calin Ungurean (5 years ago)
There is a hidden chest with pages. It's in the left part, under de wood planks.
jc (5 years ago)
Someone help me out a little. Is there a hot-key to organize pages within a book instead of them being scattered and everywhere?
FunshineX (5 years ago)
pretty much. You need to use the ink mixer to make a linking page, and put that in the book binder with your other pages
Veritas Aeternia (5 years ago)
Oh o'really?! i couldn't get the link book to work. but still applys to all the ages and stuff?
FunshineX (5 years ago)
the only thing outdated is the ink mixer, everything else applies
Veritas Aeternia (5 years ago)
outdated as of mystcraft 10.4+
FishWishPOW (5 years ago)
If you break the bookshelves in the corners (the bottom ones) there is a chest
The Doctor (5 years ago)
Servers should spawn in a creative notebook and hide it somewhere far away in the world and start a legend as to whomever finds the notebook controls the world.
Uros Milasinovic (5 years ago)
do an upgrate for this video
WalkingCripple (5 years ago)
i wanna see a dence ores quary the sends the ores thru a portal to be picked up in the overworld
TabbyPvpz (5 years ago)
Try Sneak and Right Clicking
SmashGameSkiller LP (5 years ago)
You Must Probe the Page dense ores
Gogogirl (5 years ago)
Thank you for info, but your swallow is painful... and often. Are you okey?
Of Rhyme and Treason (5 years ago)
Thank you for making this
Zed Camra (5 years ago)
not meaning to be mean but show that you are haveing fun with youtube! :D
Tech The Trucker (5 years ago)
what would be a very stable world but with the dense ore page
FunshineX (5 years ago)
The latest version requires a Linking Panel as the first page, made from an Ink Mixer
Martynas Gliaudelis (5 years ago)
oooh youre about direwolf20 so yeah i have that issue too i cant create linking books and i cant do anything with mystcraft
mcFuRiouSCraft (5 years ago)
Same issue here using Direwolf20 1.5.2 mod pack. Yes leather is in GUI. Able to grab books from creative menu but unabel to craft anything normally.
Dr.Tyler O. (5 years ago)
Did you remember to add leather to the slot on the left of the GUI?
BartleDoo (5 years ago)
But I have really good stuff :( I posted it like a week ago and like i'm living in the world now :(
Wishful Enigma (5 years ago)
Its called a book shelf. Its part of the bibliocraft mod.
Martynas Gliaudelis (5 years ago)
did you put in leather?
BartleDoo (5 years ago)
Will it reset the map?
Lollis H (5 years ago)
There's a command called /tpx. If you have cheating enabled, simply type /tpx 0 in the chat box. If cheatig is disabled, open the world to LAN and set cheating to on. If you don't want to cheat, you simply have to find a star fissure. You can look that up on the wiki.
OnionChoppingNinja (5 years ago)
...... You're fucked son. Well, you could always cheat your way out with MCedit...
Lapis Lazuli (5 years ago)
Book Cases.
herrapan95 (5 years ago)
this seem cool! butI'm to lazy to download it :P
BartleDoo (5 years ago)
Oh fuck fuck fuck :( I for got a linking book and I cant get out HELP:(
Darth Sagit (5 years ago)
How can I make the glowing book that don't disappear?

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