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This Resource Pack BREAKS Minecraft?!

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One file within this Resource Pack absolutely breaks Minecraft! » Breaking Minecraft Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZWMSVz2LkRoob_KRf72xcEx » Discord - http://discord.gg/AntVenom » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe LEROKKO's REDDIT THREAD https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/8ka365/my_game_after_i_tried_making_individual_spawn_egg/ SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library (Sad Past, Air Hockey Saloon, Divider, Open Sea Morning) Air Hockey Saloon by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/vendaface/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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Text Comments (1312)
Kaira Allen (1 day ago)
buh das magenta, not purple
QuikkPlayz MCRBLX (2 days ago)
Why did the student eat their work? Cause the teacher said it was a PIECE OF CAKE!
minicraft 292GT (8 days ago)
Sp0000000py Can we get 666 likes
Prancing Corn98 (9 days ago)
I love breaking minecraft
KADEPOW11 BETA (11 days ago)
I think it's trying to put on the FOV zoom out effect, but its unloaded so It displays a checker pattern of half normal display and half inverted display because it tries to zoom the FOV out when you enter fly or run mode and I puts that as an effect rather than a setting and that's why
Jack Locklear (16 days ago)
i have an explanation it broke bad
Ribbons0121 R121 (20 days ago)
"like we are living in the matrix" how do you know that? are w e all living in the matrix and your just not telling us?
Ribbons0121 R121 (20 days ago)
yes images for worlds are housed in the world files themselves
Maximus Waughman (23 days ago)
The purple and black blocks are called locked chests
BunnyEars22 (24 days ago)
0:51 Would have been better if you said "What in the nether is happening here?"
UTGeek2004 (27 days ago)
when i see that pattern i get Pissed because of memories of trying to set UP F***ING GMOD MAPS sorry for my fit of rage
Vaughn Hawks (27 days ago)
flying underground in spectator shows the vignette.png texture as shading around the screen.
VastoLord Varun (28 days ago)
Got that once
CutePopplioZoe (29 days ago)
Water Loves being blue! ITS STILL BLUE LOL!
tobias wildenhoff (29 days ago)
I hate This pattern in gmod
Alpha Untamed (29 days ago)
The reason the weird texture happens under the ground in spectator mode is because whenever you're in a dark area, the game actually places a shadow around your screen to add to the effect that it's dark. What's happening is that that shadow texture isn't there (obviously) so it covers your screen in... that.
Jēkabs Stumbris (30 days ago)
This block means "cant be loaded" or "unknown block"
Cloro Sphere (30 days ago)
Take a shot everytime he says "we could see"
Blizzard The Dragon (1 month ago)
Green screen
Iron Fox Gaming (1 month ago)
Time to install Counter Strike Source
Jordan Sipe (1 month ago)
If I had a dollar for every time AntVenom ended a sentence with ''..... yeah'' I could buy out trump 9x over.
MyBlog1 (1 month ago)
Your green black issue is the vignette effect I think.
GreenYarnYoshi (1 month ago)
the bug is stil in minecraft its self when you fire a resource pack from 1.12.2 and your minecraft version is 1.13 you will get the same result!
john doty (1 month ago)
how do i get it?
Jonathan West (1 month ago)
What happens when those purple and black textures are gone? Is it just blackness?
Canne france (1 month ago)
I have a different Version of Minecraft
CrafterPlayz 008 (1 month ago)
I liked To Use Your Experiment in Minecraft But I Cant Do That Cause Yeah, I have Fear With it. I turned on Notifications.
Kobe Dancil Coo (1 month ago)
This was in CaptainSparklez's latest r/softwaregore video
YourBoi Reaper (1 month ago)
imagine a lets play in this world
Issac Arellano (1 month ago)
Imagine mining for ores
Mannie Dickson Myers (1 month ago)
Make sure you have Counter Strike Source installed
Ebelel (1 month ago)
Mr. Presiden Sanoesi (1 month ago)
Spazmatism (1 month ago)
your saying purple and black but i see pink and black am i color blind or are you
grumpychris (1 month ago)
The color being displayed is exactly 50% of the way between pink and purple, at least in computer terminology. Any darker and it would be purple but any lighter and it'd be pink.
James The Gamer 22 (1 month ago)
I got this to happen completely on accident when I was working on and update for my resource pack for 1.13. They need to fix this.
George Ober (1 month ago)
The view bug on spectator mode is due to a texture of view when you're on the dark
SuperSolid100 (1 month ago)
I need to see how the far lands look with zero textures
Andrew Porter (1 month ago)
This problem happens as a result of an error thrown in ResourceManager. Minecraft has a ResourceManager object storing all resources in it. Every time there is a change to it, _everything is reloaded_ in the ResourceManager. This means whenever the game starts; whenever a resource pack is loaded; and whenever else resources might need to be reloaded, such as downloading and installing a server resource pack. Since this causes the game to fail to load the default resource pack stored in the Minecraft assets folder, this means that an exception is thrown before any resources are loaded, specifically, before JavaScript Object Notation files are loaded [JSON]. Yes, JSON are JavaScript objects, so technically, you could actually load those objects into a browser script for a webpage. Anyways... This is primarily caused by the poor design of Minecraft itself. There should be an ErrorManager where all Throwables are caught and rethrown, and each exception should be declared in the method instead such as `public void someMethod() throws MyMinecraftException`, and the game initialization method should wrap the game's tick method in a try-catch block to catch specific errors and throw specific warnings (and generate specific crash reports).
real life gaming/101 (1 month ago)
Horses are broke cra ft ine m. Thye rae odg
Not Freeman (1 month ago)
You spelled "fix" wrong, how embarrassing right there in the title
Riolunator1820 (1 month ago)
I like how Dokucraft is used in the beginning
Fc Peeps (1 month ago)
Hey what if you unload or delete the purple and black resource pack????
ツGD WolfiplayZ (1 month ago)
ErrorCraft XD
Bill William (1 month ago)
how do you download this texture pack antvenom? i need help
Tux Penguin (1 month ago)
I tried to update a pack I made to 1.13, and just about every texture was the error texture. I looked, and the files were all the correct name, nothing should be broken.
Kirito CRO (1 month ago)
You can do in mcpe try
Blood moon 766 (1 month ago)
Try mixing texture packs. Like have 2 different texture packs in one world.
Bill William (1 month ago)
i wanna see O1G take a look at this
Bill William (1 month ago)
wheres resource pack
Bill William (1 month ago)
could this be what happens if you put in the command /tp 99999999999999999999999 999999999999999999 999999999999999
Bill William (1 month ago)
i think you can just change 1 item to look like the broken block to make it not that wired
Unlimited Stone9 (1 month ago)
Finally getting around to trying this now!
DSG Debden Study Group (1 month ago)
The green blacky thing was darkness when you walk in caves or at night I think
QuantumFlare (1 month ago)
This reminds me of vines in the Jappa resource pack
AdamFra (1 month ago)
scoutyy (1 month ago)
You just need to install Counter Strike Source, Ant!
InspectrE (1 month ago)
It’s MineCrap...
InspectrE (1 month ago)
At 6:57, the scroll bar wasn’t screwed up
xLakis (1 month ago)
04:45 Seizure :l kind of lol
Damkee (1 month ago)
It happend me now with faithful
JIn Link (1 month ago)
if your going to to download tis remember where everything is before you download because I am going to
Basskitty (1 month ago)
Thats My gmod in normal
Darkbowserdofus99 (1 month ago)
Imagine if this texture pack is a very beautiful, but we need to install Counter Strike to see it.
halospartan9929 (1 month ago)
Hey antvenom where is the link to the texture pack? I don’t see it in the description
Daku (1 month ago)
you need to install counter strike source
sean beltran (1 month ago)
The rain looks like the background of some final boss or something...
Justin Sun (1 month ago)
Just buy cs:s lol
Hyper Minecrafting (1 month ago)
Jorden has now found out about this texture pack. Jardon, the unending meme himself.
TLeague Official (1 month ago)
Best joke of the day "let's dive in"
Jujube 18 (1 month ago)
What is the name of that texture pack he uses at the beginning I want to use it
Scarlet255 (1 month ago)
Type this command in minecraft 1.11 /Give @a Diamond_Sword 1 64
k9 k9 (1 month ago)
🔯◼🔯 ◼🔯◼ 🔯◼🔯
dallin1016 (1 month ago)
Wow, this is happening with a resource pack I made myself & it's due to the arrow model, but looking in it's json file, nothing appears to be wrong. I hope Mojang fixes this ASAP.
Noaboy99 (1 month ago)
antvenom you said there is a link for the resource pack
Lizzi (1 month ago)
This video didn't just break minecraft - it broke my eyes!
tamooz br (1 month ago)
I Have Seen When Iv'e Messed Up With The Models In My Resoucepack
ElaBirb (1 month ago)
Install counter-strike: source.
Jammin' GD (1 month ago)
Where do I download the broken bat pack?
John Williams (1 month ago)
Someone should make this into a texture pack
Berk Sedat Kabadayı (1 month ago)
Expert mode
Unlimited Stone9 (1 month ago)
First things first, this is definitely my next survival challenge (getting to the end to defeat the dragon) and secondly Ant needs to find a way to somehow break and remove the missing textures icon that appears when textures are broken, that would be a weird one
Zach Townsend (1 month ago)
You should mess around with the files in mcpe worlds!
Sans Bones (1 month ago)
oh yea, this happened to me the other day after moving a resource pack that was making my game crash booting up. moving the pack from outside of the resource pack menu (due to being unable to boot the game because of it) corrupted it or something, so now anytime i use it it just does this lol
ayy lmao im dumb (1 month ago)
Garry's Mod has this on CS:SOURCE maps or any map if you don't have the required game like Portal 2,CS:GO,Team Fortress 2
罗珊珊 (1 month ago)
So, I was loading 1.8 thing in 1.9 and...
Renna Reinsoo (1 month ago)
What if you delete the broken file?
grumpychris (1 month ago)
You can't. It's hardcoded into the game and not actually a texture file you can find. If you do somehow prevent the game from accessing it, the game would either crash upon loading or everything would be completely invisible.
go to the corner-edge-void farkands with this txture pack
Carter Schulz (1 month ago)
You don't actually need this, I tried loading shpax pureBD craft 1.12 into 1.13 and had the same effect.
lambdaguy101 (1 month ago)
No one remembers Half-Life 2?
Nachotaur (1 month ago)
Just install Counter-Strike: Source
O'Neil (1 month ago)
That green shadow effect is your "vignette" texture. The reason it is more apparent underground is because in a darker area, your vignette is darkened or intensified.
Juice The Orange Yoshi (1 month ago)
I love that pattern
Lynnieee (1 month ago)
That happened to me
lambdaguy101 (1 month ago)
Fucking ERROR
IndigoGollum Love (1 month ago)
Now try removing the error texture and doing this
grumpychris (1 month ago)
You can't. It's not actually a texture file being used, it's the game itself manually texturing the blocks without a file. If you did somehow prevent it, the game would either crash or everything would be invisible.
Tyler Rivel (1 month ago)
one time my texture pack for earlier versions looked like this when I tried to use it in 1.13
Brody Gronau (1 month ago)
In mcpe in like 2013 their was a block in a mingolf maps that was a dirt Bill with some green waves,on it
Oofon Oof (1 month ago)
Wow that's great
I am extremely itchy

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