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How To Play PC Games With VR Headsets (Google Cardboard) - Trinus Gyre

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**** UPDATED VERSION OF TRINUS VR TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/nNcak3hDNOQ **** Server Link: http://trinusvr.com/download-2/ Thanks for Watching. Don't forget to subscribe and like the video! If you have any questions, ASK! :) Visit: www.virtualrealitycorner.com -BuluTube VR Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/captainboogieman/ Snapchat: skinwalker1101
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Text Comments (522)
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
Yusuf Çalışkan (9 months ago)
Turan Bulut türksün değil mi
Sammy West (1 year ago)
Not really, the less pixels on the screen and lower resolutions make it easier to twitch your mouse to the spots you need to aim too with out making it over aim. i almost always play at 1024 by 768 because it makes the buffering time faster for the fps.
Justin Master (1 year ago)
Is it wireless or usb
Tox1c1ty 356 (1 year ago)
BuluTube VR
MrMedotaku (2 years ago)
+LT_Develoop ... Try it? Sounds like you'll have no head movement at all.
Re build (2 months ago)
Suggest some games
zsolt pilter (2 months ago)
No virus?
Arthur Johnstone (2 months ago)
is it safe?
Unknown User_97 (2 months ago)
A fhd budget phone to a amd 4 core radeon?
ZealDozer (2 months ago)
But can u use ur joystick?
Pokazyharu (4 months ago)
кто российский
Cat_Man9000 (4 months ago)
thia sux coz i cant play accual vr games
Cat_Man9000 (4 months ago)
do i need steam VR?
Cat_Man9000 (4 months ago)
ps. i watched the new one
Cat_Man9000 (4 months ago)
and makes my internet lag SUPER badly. do i need steamVR installed?
TECHNICAL GAMER RK (6 months ago)
Bhai isme mobile ko computer se connect karne par internet ki avsaykata hoti hai kya.
Paulo Ricardo (9 months ago)
so, all the games that i can play with oculus rift i can play with Google Cardboard too, right?
Marko isheas (9 months ago)
pls tell me how to then use vr controlelrs if i have this VR
dineth nawa (10 months ago)
good thing
YoStu (1 year ago)
I tried google cardboard VR and wasn't too impressed because I could only see about 70% of already tiny screen and when I tried to move phone further away from lenses everything went all fuzzy. So it seems that distance between phone and lenses is fixed, no way I want to play PC games like that lol
TheBlueSpartans (1 year ago)
i have an LG, what do i do?
Strangermoon (1 year ago)
güzel video adriftte deniycem bakalım olcak mı
Nazar Prokudin (1 year ago)
vr porn I'm coming
Dante Dmc (1 year ago)
this can run in iphone6plus or not ????
sanjeev sharma (1 year ago)
I have a doubt guys....i usually play on my laptop using keyboard and mouse, ehen using this method...how am i suppose to control game?
Will this method work for PC VR games?
Ninoy Pagkalabuan (1 year ago)
Ķorna (1 year ago)
can you play 360 ?
mireazma (1 year ago)
can anybody confirm the vision is stereoscopic? (as in different image for each eye lol). That "fake 3D" option kinda looks... curious
ultraali453 (1 year ago)
Thanks Bro!
Mr JARO1232 (1 year ago)
dont work on zte blade a451 no conect :(
DragoFTW (1 year ago)
do you need data or wifi or just straight up use a USB cable
Ornate'o,o'Owl (1 year ago)
Straight up I assume.
Miss Goddess (1 year ago)
Does this work with an iPhone 5?
Kristijan Lopatić (1 year ago)
Yes :)
Red and White Roses (1 year ago)
only 3 minutes
BestNameEver (1 year ago)
how open the game
M'kay (1 year ago)
2000th sub!
Turan Bulut (1 year ago)
M'kay I was going to sleep man if you did not inform me about 2000th subs, thanks!!! But now its 1999 again. I can sleep :D
Zee Shan (1 year ago)
does it work with computer neo
suriyanto (1 year ago)
SuperBlastDude (1 year ago)
I'm so gonna set this up and download don't let go and get my mom and dad to do it 😂
Asjad Khan (1 year ago)
umm bro will it work with any game? and were u playing csgo? how were u controlling it?
Asjad Khan (1 year ago)
oh thx a lot +BuluTube VR and yes does it work with any vr headset? and any pc?
Turan Bulut (1 year ago)
Asjad Khan yes, with mouse
Asjad Khan (1 year ago)
+BuluTube VR
inagerli (1 year ago)
funktioniert nicht...
Balu Ranjan (1 year ago)
does can we play gta vice city in vr
Eric Ruiz (1 year ago)
how do you get the sound on your phone or do i have to have the sound coming from my pc?
Philipp Untoro (1 year ago)
is trinus available for mac too?
Onion (1 year ago)
Miss Controllerism (1 year ago)
i have a i5 3rd generation cpu with intel graphics 4000 i tried with my nexus 5 but i can see the 2 screen in a square way not rounded .... do you think the intel graphic is too slow ?
Lokman Özbağ (1 year ago)
kardeş bende iphone 5s var olur mu?
Dangus (1 year ago)
It doesn't become 3D tho. It is just a flat screen in front of my face. You being able to look around with your head doesn't make it VR
ツSimán (1 year ago)
rafisal hidayat (1 year ago)
its work ?
Jey (1 year ago)
opo 👍
godkiller (1 year ago)
Turan Bulut (1 year ago)
+godkiller Yes
Gediminas Jesinas (1 year ago)
What phone, resolution and screen type is better fitted for this purpose?
Lion of Judah (1 year ago)
"dumbasses" cant change, where as assholes can, do us a favor and show us you have some heart
Frankie (1 year ago)
you're a fucking dumbass, Jesse
Kieliopin Kuningas (1 year ago)
Gediminas Jesinas chill bro
Zimmer550 i (2 years ago)
What are the disadvantages of Free Trinus app?
Star 1abs (2 years ago)
Да нелепость всё это... От телефона излучение исходит. Башка будет хворать, если длительно телефон у глаз содержать.
why it send cant run on your pc?
SuperGAPMan (2 years ago)
Süper ingilizce kardeşim
Mingqi Yu (2 years ago)
is it working for iphone
kevin mvita (2 years ago)
This is cool...now suggestion on how to watch a movie saved in phone using that technique..inaweza kuwa powa sana
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
You don't need to use this technique to watch saved 360 videos. Just download 360 video from somewhere and open it with VR Video player. For example you can download VR Player Pro from Playstore. :)
dxs asd (2 years ago)
Try Tower Defense Game "Trinitaria VR"
LAMAMK (2 years ago)
etrafa bakabilirmiyiz bu şekilde yoksa mouse ile mi yapacağız?
LAMAMK (2 years ago)
var tamam zaten oluyor ;)
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+UhhIsAnyoneInThere87 Telefonunda Gyroscope desteği varsa 2side, yoksa mouse
WalkingDogz (2 years ago)
dose it really work
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+PugsOfLove Yeah, just try
Meme Generator (2 years ago)
how to do it without card board ??
Jsms101 (1 year ago)
this comment is fun xD
Adam Klaassen (2 years ago)
you need any sort of VR headset, like gear VR
Perfection53 (2 years ago)
does usb tethering cost money on my phone bill?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Perfection53 Nope, you don't have to enable Mobile data
Zack Johnson (2 years ago)
Can you do this with ios?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Zack Johnson Yeah with different Apps.
zalomand 66 (2 years ago)
MrMedotaku (2 years ago)
Goat Simulator has never been more immersive.
markimarku (2 years ago)
you have The same phone as i do!!!!! XD
Dokan (2 years ago)
ı am very very big cin
Emre Akyuz (2 years ago)
adam turk
Rahul (2 years ago)
Wow m buying gear vr now!
Rahul (2 years ago)
+BuluTube VR Aaaaaaa that's true. Can you suggest me cheap PC VR headsets?  
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+rahul maurya I recommend other VR headsets if you want to Play PC games with it. Because you can't connect the usb to your phone when you have Gear VR.
TheBeztMonkey Animator (2 years ago)
I have Question with you guys ............... . ..........what is giloscope
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+cloyd somosa It is a way to detect the moving object in 3-Dimension: X, Y, Z.
Dhruvrajsinh Jadeja (2 years ago)
thanks for this video
elfoxy (2 years ago)
you have oneplus one as well good choice :)
Jack Jackson (2 years ago)
So this will work with the Samsung VR right?
Adam Klaassen (2 years ago)
there's an app called cardboard for gear VR, and it let's you disable the oculus app whenever you plug your phone in to the headset to stop the oculus home auto launch
Yaika Edelweiss (2 years ago)
+Frighty then you're forced to use Wireless connection ( Wi-fi etc)
Etoraaa (2 years ago)
+mathiasrryba what if my vr can't put in a phone with the usb?
Yaika Edelweiss (2 years ago)
Samsung VR is just a plastic box with lenses so It will work
William Thompson (2 years ago)
that just renders your computer screen onto your phone. no actual 3d.
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+William Thompson Better than 3D :)
Erkan ÇİLİNGİR (2 years ago)
kanka aksandan direk türk olduğunu anladım :D
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
MyNameIsJeff (2 years ago)
Thanks alot
Jordan Laidlaw (2 years ago)
will this work with leap motion
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Jordan Laidlaw Yeah but I recommend VRRidge for Leap Motion.
Sweeches (2 years ago)
I'm going to see if I could do that with Job Simulator... Can I?
Sweeches (2 years ago)
Oh it's fine! I don't have the game. Just checking!
Verigo (2 years ago)
VR BOX 3.0'da oluyor mu? Lütfen cevap ver.
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Killing Gaming olur.
Himel Syed (2 years ago)
please let me know that this will work on lenovo vibe shot or not?
Efe Kağnıcı (2 years ago)
Pc deki vr oyunları mesela job simulator onu oynayabilir miyiz
KaraŞövalye (2 years ago)
oculus oyunlarını nasıl oynayabiliriz?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Efe Kağnıcı HTC vive oynu. Oynayamazsin. Oculus oyunlarini Riftcatle oynayabilirsin.
Soham Nakarani (2 years ago)
How can it run in xp
ShadowBrighTV (2 years ago)
Türkçesini de çekeydin ya hıaa
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Shadow Bright Diğer videolarıma bakardan görürsün :)
Aminz Uar (2 years ago)
Can i Do that with my PS3 ????
Aminz Uar (2 years ago)
umm :(
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Aminz Uar Unfortunately no.
Yusuf Gamer (2 years ago)
Ne ama google play ve bigisayar dili türkçe? ** What but google play and computer language is turkish?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Yusuf “Minecraft Gaming” Gamer Evet :)
Pony (2 years ago)
Да , конечно ,благодарю . А без usb можно ?
Arthur Kjaernet (2 years ago)
Через вай фай
Hari Shanker Sharma (2 years ago)
please make a video how to connect your pc to vr hedset (wireless)
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Hari Shanker Sharma Try connecting to the same wifi.
Sasi Spn (2 years ago)
I'm using core 2duo processer. Trinus was not working on my pc,what am i do,i cant upgrade the i3, r i5, so pls help
Mahavir Bhakta (2 years ago)
lmfao....can u even play vr games with core 2duo? u need at least constant 32fps to avoid motion sickness/headache
amk hanzosu konusmaktan aciz
Yiğit Kartal (2 years ago)
Yaptım ama oyunlara girmedi
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Yiğit Kartal Oyunu Fullscreende oynama Windowed yap.
Rajat Sadhwani (2 years ago)
Superb I realy like this
Baran Kaya (2 years ago)
Google cardboard ile telefonda nfc olmasada bir şekilde sağa, sola, yukarı ve aşağı bakilabiliyormu?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Baran Kaya Telefonunda Gyroscope ozelligi varsa olur.
Take The L (2 years ago)
do you need gyroscope?
Take The L (2 years ago)
+BuluTube VR ight cool
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+KidPandaz If you want to use your head as a mouse, yes.
Hasan Can Karapınar (2 years ago)
iOS için de oluyor mu?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Hasan Can Karapınar Trinus yerine başka Streamerlar bulabilirsin.
Legoman718 (2 years ago)
how do you do it on the iPhone?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+legoman 718 Intugame VR
Aptal Penguen (2 years ago)
abi ingilizce konuşan hostes/pilot gibi konuşuyorsun
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Joker Penguin721 :D Eyv
Fire Guy (2 years ago)
that was easy
kenny S (2 years ago)
make a tutorial for how to do it on the iphone
Dorukhan Atik (2 years ago)
Türk'müsün hocam
Aptal Penguen (2 years ago)
+BuluTube VR böyle ingilizce konuşmayı nerden öğrendin
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+Dorukhan Atik Tengri Türk'ü Korusun.
BrandonPatrick11 (2 years ago)
what is song call
Rheyhan f (2 years ago)
Thanks youre my hero
AMIIAN - Obsidian (2 years ago)
We can play pc vr games in android without internet???
AMIIAN - Obsidian (2 years ago)
+BuluTube VR thanks :)
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+ιiιDεṽiι ƥιѧyʂ Yes you can. :)
A Dam (2 years ago)
can you do it with wifi?
Turan Bulut (2 years ago)
+THEsmartARMY Yes
Subarashi Music (2 years ago)
thank you for this information
Crimson Cuttlefish (2 years ago)
Is Trinus available for Linux?

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