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Chill Sunday night cod4 Commentary

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Text Comments (1279)
Halldor H. (1 year ago)
Oh boy here i go chilling again!
My Branding Is Bad (3 years ago)
xThatWhiteKid (3 years ago)
lol hes in a game with SourPatchAdults xD I dont know if its the actual sour but its cool
NHK Got Me (4 years ago)
I miss these.
Kyle Benoit (4 years ago)
klossner34 (4 years ago)
best series ever
itsHATTER (5 years ago)
is that the same sourpatchadults that plays MC with woody?
Caleb (5 years ago)
dooooo ittttt.
SogMosee (5 years ago)
I'm watching these for a second time!
Mark Jaramillo (5 years ago)
shut up
cheeseitjn (5 years ago)
TheEternaIQuest (5 years ago)
shut up
TacoTruckOwner (5 years ago)
AnonSpace (5 years ago)
hey guys! i apologize if some of you are mad at me for posting this comment but i am a new commentator with only 353 subscribers and would like to be more known in the gaming community. I've gotten positive feedback on my videos and my main goal is to become more involved with my audience. And maybe on the way get more subscribers it would be awesome so can u help me its completely your choice if you would like to subscribe it will help no haters please thanks have a good one guys
ioN oGhanDz (5 years ago)
I fucking hate commentaries.. But your fuck tupp :O love you man
Logon1027 (5 years ago)
Two years in the future and I still come back to these videos to see you progress as a person and as a commentator. Keep it up blade your awesome! :)
Austin Mccall (5 years ago)
Told ya
naruto567sasuke (5 years ago)
lol who noticed the sour patch adults dude at 0:14
MrStefanLee (5 years ago)
Love this man. You are a true Legend blade! :)
SchmeagTV (5 years ago)
Yesterday I think it was, you made a video talking about people who play games just for money and not for their own enjoyment. But here, you're saying that you dislike BO but yet you still played it. Just found it ironic, not hypocritical, cuz I believe you've changed and growned as a person.
Robotzorg (5 years ago)
lol bomb squad....
海坊主 (6 years ago)
No, watch carefuly he gets 3 knife kills and 2 chopper kills. Than a UAV, again 1 chopper Kill so 3 chopper kills and UAV again. P.S. You'r the first that say something negative! All the other in it to.
ali021awesome (6 years ago)
its a bug
Crazy keemstar (6 years ago)
haha wtf???
Brandon Xypherous (6 years ago)
dude i love you chill videos
mazster27 (6 years ago)
haha still u get the point...
海坊主 (6 years ago)
Did anybody noticed that he get the UAV two times in one Live? Aroun 05:30 and 06:10.
mazster27 (6 years ago)
almost a year in the future... its still some of my favorite videos from you..
legendofman12 (6 years ago)
My opinion exactly!!!!!! If they didnt have zombies itd probably be a dead game
Zaire McQueen (6 years ago)
when ever i play this game it makes me feel sooo sneaky
colesawatzky1 (6 years ago)
U use tatical or default
Conky TheAngryCanadian (6 years ago)
Bro. You only need a dub-kill for that you dont need 4 >.<
JP Piotrowski (6 years ago)
@BrotherGroove nah he was just plain horrible, blade killed him multiple times where he was just horrible
awesomeguy183 (6 years ago)
we need more blade cod 4
Matt Durant (6 years ago)
Get a job doing what you like which means maybe a bouncer again or bartender but maybe as a game tester for a gaming company, your name is out there so you are overqualified already
ProphetPF (6 years ago)
lol this vid was 1 year ago i didnt see the date thought it was today you made it XDDDDD
Phez _ (1 year ago)
ProphetPF xddddd
TheWalz15 (6 years ago)
Hey man, maybe you should go back to school or something, get a job that pays real well
celticguy08 (6 years ago)
Love you Blade =)
1NYMfan (6 years ago)
oh my fucking god...its almost a 1 year anniversary of sunday chills. :O <3
Jasonxbr (6 years ago)
dude, dont worry about it, everyone is different by means of "growing up",U will know what u what in your life and how to live it to the fullest. i give u props for respecting women cuz Idk why our society always make females as not inportant and second class, anyeays sorry about your dad. and happy birthday man.. be happy
defiant codpro (6 years ago)
you said you get no kills with your air craft but you did and btw at least you found out you an get pro perks by shooting the balistic knkiife
Ryan Scott (6 years ago)
HOLY SHIT BLADE.. your videos are exactly as those "booths" you describe. man youre too fuckin chill
Jagjit5276 (6 years ago)
A masterclass in commentating
Dale Segura (7 years ago)
I am surprised he didn't come across any Jtags! I came back to CoD4 and thats all i see lol
FrostbyteRB (7 years ago)
i had the same thing with warlord pro but not in 1 and a half hour but 3 weeks!!!!! and when i finally got it i prestiged
carsonandthomaspwn (7 years ago)
kinda ironic ONLYUSEmeBLADE called in airstrike
Brandon Begley (7 years ago)
Sick quad feed lol :P
Chris Martineau (7 years ago)
sit down
King Symba (7 years ago)
Can somebody tell me if they shut down the COD4 servers and for how long? Or is it just my COD4 disc isn't working.
Syed Faizan (7 years ago)
whoa!! Knife in the Face at 5:48
Robert Keeling (7 years ago)
It's like you read me tales of the infamous Blade Wielder every Sunday while sitting by the fire. Thanks Blade.
zZzFTWzZz (7 years ago)
@SuperCODfilms no one.
random matt (7 years ago)
i saw pwnstar4hire :'D
PrimitiveStrikeForce (7 years ago)
so a ton of people still play cod4 damn that was my favorite game
sephiroththeman (7 years ago)
@SoccerChick3829 you're probably a guy
loocnoc (7 years ago)
the only way i can think of to get a genade multi kill is in headquarters wait outside the door of the hq building and cook a grenade and then walk in the door with it in your hand.
Darkshoot1001 (7 years ago)
wht do a prestige do in cod 4
MVS12 (7 years ago)
he is not only knifing on xbox 360 black ops he shoots and i know why but in this game he uses his airstrike and chopper
Dominic Mahn (7 years ago)
Free Challenge lobby just subscribe and add bigwillie_33 and i will invite you
haris tsp (7 years ago)
when i dnt want to get multi kills with grenade i get but when i wanted to get for warlord pro i got it after 3 days wtf?
GoldyGamerr (7 years ago)
onlyusemeblade add me on xbox360 because you have me as a friend on youtube and my name for xbox360 is El3texKlu3ch 45
BlazeKenny (7 years ago)
@icouldnotfindaname16 I am refering to how easy it is to knife in mw2 and how hard in cod4. In MW2 i literally got nukes just knifing around with commando.
Spike294 (7 years ago)
You fully accomplish your goal, Blade. :)
Magnumwithtactical (7 years ago)
The way I get the multi nades is off the spawn ... On Dom... Ppl rush B
Trevor Rohwer (7 years ago)
@juggalo7jakz maybe because you get extra grenades with the pro... maybe.
SweatyRombus (7 years ago)
i don't like black ops multiplayer at all it just doesn't feel right but i am obsessed with zombies that's the only reason i still have it
darkshyne34 (7 years ago)
Your words...they make many sense o.O
TurtleNY (7 years ago)
after two week im still coming back to watch this video. Because its Soothing and its CoD4. i usually watch it at night and somehow i become more calm?!?! if that makes ant sense? Thanks for the great video Blade =]
Stef Bogaerts (7 years ago)
Cod4 is the most fun game i ever played evryone was friendly on cod4 on MW2 eryone is so stressed out! just chill out, relax and play games .
Baz (7 years ago)
You talk so much sense. Agree with the forced marriage idea, I enjoy MW and MW2 more than BO.
brandon ung (7 years ago)
Hate it when people are inviting you to a game you're not even playing so irritating it's like I'm playing this game and I don't want to play that game situation
Joe O (7 years ago)
He da blade man wild as the taliban, nine is his right and a knife in his otha hand
sol (7 years ago)
@EnderSolace nope.
qazwsxedc12345699 (7 years ago)
Post mw2 tips plzz
ahmad nassar (7 years ago)
I'm so sick of black ops too I'm surprised that I got tired of it so fast cause I never got tired of any cod game but waw cause I like modern better and hated the tanks there's just something off about black ops
BallonkaSwe (7 years ago)
COD 4 is the best. The only thing i hate is the grenades. SOOOOO many people use martyrdom
WhatTheFproductions (7 years ago)
@TheMillsykid Multiple tomahawks.
Javi (7 years ago)
@TheMillsykid The pro version adds another lethal and tactical grenade, which would give him two tomahawks.
malkin7127 (7 years ago)
@Sh0cKwUve yeah sledgehammers putting one out along w/ infinity ward.
Rigs (7 years ago)
@gokabo7 that would make it way more unrealistic than it already is...
nickthekid08 (7 years ago)
i bieleive that is a taliban at 602 i thought this map was sas and spetsnaz
Jared Cummings (7 years ago)
blade you the greatest
T12uth (7 years ago)
OnlyUseMeBlade, what I have seen so far from you're channel is Chilling with ownage sauce mixed in. Keep up the good work man
x X (7 years ago)
Bring Back the MW2 videos bro. With everyone on Black Ops there are less dick heads on MW2.
warhog355 (7 years ago)
i like cod4 the most i dont like bo that much either
Sean (7 years ago)
@exexed Yup good all Cod 4. I loved it when Wetwork came around and we just let nades from the sky kill us. There was nothing we could do. Or when we'd snipe someone in the upper torso to find out they had jugg. And then after you fire to heavy power sniper bullets into them, let thie rheat seeking martydom go after you and kill from a way to Op range. Cod4 was good, but it had a lot of problems and Treyarch is fixing any exploits b4 most of the community knows about them.
malkin7127 (7 years ago)
Cod 4 was my fav, but I played it, so much its only fun now if I'm playing in a party w/ ppl. Black Ops is blah I'm glad a new ones coming out in 6 months.
Christiano Cuyno (7 years ago)
Best thing that ever happened in youtube: skippable ads
whanuub (7 years ago)
i got warlord pro on accident. diddnt even realize i had warlord on. haha
Domenic Quarato (7 years ago)
@exexed Thank you. i love CoD4, i still play it almost everyday.
Louie Loud (7 years ago)
great commentary
Tlaloc (7 years ago)
Lando (7 years ago)
The ONLY thing wrong with Cod4 was one, Being able to throw grenades across the map like a MLB all star and Martydom, and second, if they got rid of stopping power, the game would pretty much be perfect. It's such a simple game which is what made it so good and fun, Mw2 and Black Ops, theres just too much crap in it.
wannabevids (7 years ago)
chillest commentary ever
Andrew Kim (7 years ago)
You just got 2 UAVs in one life... Woah, i thought that was a glitch that only happened to me. Haha, i one time got countinuous UAVs for like 8 times.
Geks YT (7 years ago)
Man Gunnsforhire is a huge twat. I still can't believe that shit. Sorry you reminded me of that when you said you don't get in beefs. He is such a child and retarded. love ya!
Evan Bourgeois (7 years ago)
That dude really was horrible....anddd sit down. loves itt ;)
Karl T (7 years ago)
@rudZ18 All activisions latest games suck.
BlazeKenny (7 years ago)
using only knife in cod4 means hard art using only knife in mw2 means 2 nukes in a row

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