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Counter Strike Source How To Fix The server requires that you be running Steam

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How To Fix CS:S The server requires that you be running Steam Watch The Video Visit On My Website For More Helps sohaibxtreme.org
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Text Comments (25)
RDx (4 months ago)
Bro m game folder do not have Rev loader then how can I solve this problem
jonsku (1 year ago)
Dont work
Sgatni Aladin (2 years ago)
dosen't work dude
Piyush Gajbhiye (1 year ago)
yes not working
Kitty Imba (2 years ago)
i dont have the revloader Help
RDx (4 months ago)
same problem
you have to replace masterservers.vdf
Kzamil Kenko (2 years ago)
Fyaaz Haque (2 years ago)
eye to eye taher shah :v
Radek Massa (2 years ago)
please learn english or use google trans
Vègetta TPLG (2 years ago)
what about cs1.6 ??
Vègetta TPLG (2 years ago)
+Sohaib Doom give me link pleas
i have no revloader!!
+Nika Janelaidze lol i downloaded other version ages ago and it works :D
Xamiak CT (2 years ago)
+Sohaib Doom thanks for this video it helped me but now it says ''this server runs newer version of the game'' help plz!!!!!
+Sohaib Doom yes
+Sohaib Doom what? how does that help
DeeJay Camper (2 years ago)
Same problem in Counter Strike 1.6. But it doesn't have revLoader.
Tahmid Karim (2 years ago)
thnx for the help.. bt what is the name of the song u played in the first part..??
Mahir S (2 years ago)
Thanks alot it worked but dat song gave me Canc0r !!!
Amrit Chaudhary (1 year ago)
starve.i o (1 year ago)
Herin Davda (3 years ago)
thanxs bro its working for me and i have 1 question  => how to add any server in favourite list via ip address??
Abdou Abdou (3 years ago)
+herin davda GO to add serveur then put the ip there and OK
qekk. (3 years ago)
Yes its work !!! thanks man sub + like + share

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