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Minecraft Tutorial : Industrial Craft - Water Mill

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In this video from mctutorials.com we show you how to use the Water Mill. ____________________________________________________ All games, mods, and other intellectual property belongs to their creators. I don't do anything but talk and play. Mojang Fully allows monetization of videos using their game play as stated in their Terms of Service. Provided below is a Link to their Terms of Service and brand guidelines along with a quote. Mojang, "If you upload videos of the game to video sharing and streaming sites you are however allowed to put ads on them." http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines http://www.minecraft.net/terms
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Text Comments (85)
SpecterFreak Gaming (11 months ago)
Thank you for the tutorial man, you helped clear up what my issue was when i was setting one up :D New Sub here!
Rasta Rhino Gaming (1 year ago)
You gotta lollipop in your mouth or somethin? 🙄
Frosty (11 months ago)
he obviously has a lisp....
Milo Estobar (1 year ago)
Water mill broken as fuck... Glad their remove it...
Morwic (1 year ago)
Great Vod. ty
space tech101 (2 years ago)
excellent video this is really going to help me build my underground mining base :Dthanks for the info :)looks like nuclear reactors will have to wait... I got some water mills to build XD
Rodrigo Sanguanini (3 years ago)
Are you flint from breaking bad? haha
Miklos Erdos (3 years ago)
Can you hook up an CESU to it instead of a bat box??
Veryek (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video. D:
а на российском, бля!!!????
Chrisb319 (4 years ago)
Will one tower be enough to power a quarry?
SuperFlamewarrior (3 years ago)
projects (4 years ago)
Like_A_Boss_PT (5 years ago)
Thanks Bro.!
Dropz0ne Gaming (5 years ago)
roblox master (5 years ago)
tanks so much for your help
Tommie (5 years ago)
im also gonna try to automate this by usin red power usein pnuenatic tubin and what not to increase energy output by 10 fold
Tommie (5 years ago)
im watchin for my own mod pack includes most from ftb but some custom mods and has 76 of em in fact im uploadin a newer version now
joão correia (5 years ago)
Senseless Dishwasher (5 years ago)
Benzilla. (5 years ago)
They take diamonds though :P
matti pekka (5 years ago)
isnt glass fibre wire's best wires?
yolo fakten (5 years ago)
Austin Emry (5 years ago)
just go check out ijevin's or crusty's channel, then you will know what alot of power looks like
deadstriker564 (5 years ago)
now i'm new at this sorta thing how do u hook this up to a generator
bob bobbings (5 years ago)
I want to put it in my 40x30 block house for safety but it takes up too much room and i don't want to expand it as it is made of obsidian ligit it would take hours to expand it do you know of a more compact design :-)
John Miller (5 years ago)
You placed mills wrong. I know the most efficient way to do it.
Rob Bunon (5 years ago)
Its surrounded by 25 blocks of water. LOL!
unrisesay (5 years ago)
Thanks, guy, it's easy to understand now. :-)
didy7178 (5 years ago)
Awesome tut man! Thanks, i subbed :)
Alienware-PC-gaming (5 years ago)
Thanks. I build chernobyll nuke reactor and it exploded. this will be better thanks.
Peter Maciejko (5 years ago)
cool tut thx for idea man :)
Zoe (5 years ago)
Thanks so much!
Simpa (5 years ago)
Thanks alot for these videos man! Helped me and my friend alot in working out our wind/water EU parks :)
Thraxmusic (5 years ago)
great tutorial man, gonna try after i check out some of your other tutorials
MOTORSPORTjerry (5 years ago)
i exactly did as you said, but mine is not producing energy at all? what did i do wrong?
Private Sparky (5 years ago)
can i use a mfe for the power? cause i don't wan't my stuff blow up like a creeper
Devin Howard (5 years ago)
i cant get mine to work i have mine exactally the same as yours
duhmonkey3 (5 years ago)
... use glass fiber cable for nuclear power or something that it gives the glass fiber cables better efficiency
Aaron D. (5 years ago)
No no no if you have the diamonds [like me] use glass fiber
Lunamana (5 years ago)
it says that Geothermal generator can use BC pumps to get lava, so can the water mill get water too ? without having to put them in a tin cell ?
Zero (5 years ago)
Ok, thanks
MrProtoking (5 years ago)
two different non related mods. No you dont. But its very usefull to play around with the mod and learn about it.
Zero (5 years ago)
You need the Too many items mod for Industrialcraft?
Carlos Vega (5 years ago)
finally some good minecraft tutorials!
ExodusVIP (5 years ago)
ExodusVIP (5 years ago)
wtf i cant put the batbox on the water mill
Karmaquarius (5 years ago)
clear and easy explanation of water mills use, thanks!
ZeyHD (5 years ago)
what is teh perfect high of the tower?
Ravi Parmar (5 years ago)
yeah because mills can draw power from the same water block its worth doing as you effectively double the output of the mill with 1 block of water :)
Cap'n Game (5 years ago)
Hmm. Hadn't stopped to really count the water around each mill. I like your idea of skipping a layer each step. I'll have to go test some of this once I finish with my base layout.
Ravi Parmar (5 years ago)
But each mill has access to 3 blocks of water....which is....well its crap :( produces hardly any power per mill. As opposed to the 26 blocks it would be drawing power from if you spaced them out. With the new mod updates it now costs aluminium to make water mills, so spacing them out is cheaper :) I tried your method above, and i missed out every other mill acscending, so 4 - then nothing - then 4 etc....produces alot more power than having them stacked up one on top of the other.
Cap'n Game (5 years ago)
We're talking space efficiency as well as power efficiency, If we give each water mill the maximum amount of water around it (discounting the wire, batbox, or machine it's feeding into), that would take up a very large amount of room, and it'd be clunky and unwieldy to actually get it all together. This design's the best compromise between surrounding each mill with as much water as possible and clumping them together for convienence.
DrewDW (5 years ago)
Can you do a vid on nucular reactors?
Baer LordBaer (5 years ago)
good vid ,Helped me big time in my build
Ravi Parmar (5 years ago)
How is that the most efficient method? Each water mill doesnt not have access to 25 blocks of water, because there are water mills diagonally left and right, as well as a water mill above and below. Unless the water mill draws power from another water mill as though its a block of water???? Im a little confused.
HappyandAtheist (5 years ago)
one of these towers fits perfectly into a standard quarry hole. I like to take my 1st quarry hole and build one of these from bed rock to the surface , them build my house on top of it. You get loads of power and its invisible. Defiantly a good way to get started but you will need more power later in the game. thank you for a great vid regards
Midnighthobo89 (5 years ago)
160 and 80... math r hard
Midnighthobo89 (5 years ago)
actually no, glass fiber and tin cable are equal in terms of energy lost per block, but tin can only 5 EU per packet so you can only really use it for solar panels and water mills.. anyways they lose 1 EU / 40 blocks so i think you can have one of these thats 40 blocks tall x 4 per side = 140 watermills, so costing 70 generators and some wood.
Insouciant LoL (5 years ago)
Twisted86 (5 years ago)
Curious can you send a buildcraft pipe to fill water instead? Wonder if they made a mod for it haha.
Insouciant LoL (5 years ago)
What mod adds the rolling machine and the numbers to the baterys etc...? I have to many problems with some mods in FTB so I have build craft and industrial craft
B52's (5 years ago)
Glass fiber cable would be the best to use
Huntersss217 (5 years ago)
it's probably the cooper cable
Max Gains (5 years ago)
I'm having the exact same problem
dracuella (5 years ago)
I agree with TheRorsach, this is the best video I've come across explaining in detail for beginners the different aspects of water mills and simple energy generation. So thank you for this :)
Eric Feibelman (5 years ago)
there are no tin cables in industrial craft they are called ultra low current cable
Adrian R Walker (5 years ago)
Very good and informative. Going to make one of theses for my place now. Been working on a solar flower and i have to say its god dame expensive.
looper7853 (5 years ago)
another question what are best to use when transporting power?
Cogstyle (5 years ago)
If you have 2 water mills with one space between sharing the water would it decrease the eu capacity ?
Nobues (5 years ago)
I'm getting ready to start my FTB show, I'm just getting ready to start it.
Nobues (5 years ago)
Tin Cables are the best, there cheap and power output will not go over there max.
looper7853 (5 years ago)
what is the best cables to use?
Rage Barrel (5 years ago)
TheRorsach (5 years ago)
Thanks so much for your videos, you explain in a good way, makes it easier for me to understand :) Do you have any experience with the mod pack Feed The Beast? having alot of issues with the rolling machine, cant seem to find any uselfull info on the webz.
Miks Salna (5 years ago)
Then the wire will start to lose eu if it goes higher
QuasarPsychosis (5 years ago)
Hmm, my water mill doesnt work then. I am using the latest tekkit. I summerged the water mill, no power, however, when I have it hovering over water, I get power, I think 1 eu per second, not as quick as yours, but not particularly slow. I am majorly confused by this. :/
Grodose (5 years ago)
great tutorial and im definitely using this method with a few modifications of my own but overall its very well explained
steppenwolf (6 years ago)
wow mate, very happy i am to have found this. i saw what was on the wiki and it just wasn't clickin, but you made it look easy-peasy. cheers!
Nobues (6 years ago)
EU goes in as packets. Each packet has a limit based off the cable. You can send more than one packet at a time that adds up to more than just the limit of the cable. I'll make a video on it to explain it better.
TCVidz (6 years ago)
Im a real noob, but won;t the cables explode if there is more than 5EU/t running through them? I mean the tin cables. Becaause you said that you can build these as high as you want, so, say I have a system that produces 10EU/t wont the tin cables explode?
0DINOSAUR0LOVER0 (6 years ago)
It was helpful! But I think you need to speak a bit louder.
ashleywr (6 years ago)
Surprisingly good tutorial. Thanks for that.
snow golem (6 years ago)
thank you very helpfull

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