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intro wip

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First time using after effects, lmk what you think of it ☼ Open description for all info! ► SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/Sub2Imp ► FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! http://bit.ly/ImpTwitter ► YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIP? http://bit.ly/IMP-Freedom ► CHEAP & RELIABLE SERVERS! http://bit.ly/IMP-FadeHost ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑EXTRA INFO๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Song in Video: ► Outro song: ► FAQ: ► Do you have a skype? ✔ ImpavidConcepts ► Do you have a server? ✔ yes, but my server is in the making! ►What do you use to record? ✔ I use Elgato for console, and Open Broadcast Software for ►Do you have a trade link? ✔ yes I do! http://bit.ly/ImpSteam **DISCLAIMER** I do not own any music used in my video's, it is for entertainment purpose's only! ►THANKS FOR READING MY DESCRIPTION ◕‿◕
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Text Comments (7)
SpyboyGames (3 years ago)
Yo impavid I like it
Hayyu Adam (3 years ago)
Hayyu Adam (3 years ago)
your shit
BlueEyedLynx (3 years ago)
And you eat shit so STFU
Impavid (3 years ago)
+Canadian Nacho and ty
Impavid (3 years ago)
+Canadian Nacho you're*
Impavid (3 years ago)
ik theres no sound. still working on them c:

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