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Minecraft World Record - BEATEN in 95 Seconds!? Analysis

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The WORLD RECORD for start to finish minecraft java edition... is 95 seconds - Previous Video(5 Ways You're Not Using Minecarts): https://youtu.be/rpEnxExspHc Geo (Gameplay): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4FRf7unWXA&feature=youtu.be&a= - Think you've missed a video? You can check my most recent uploads here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ibxtoycat/videos - Curious about the new version? Here is a playlist of videos on it! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe8AZ2rjfkpzlqWOA6hR8qr2fFbnxEu77 - My Twitter: http://twitter.com/ibxtoycat - Follow for video updates and personal news - Recorded With an Elgato HD60: Buy in US - http://amzn.to/1DcpKgv Buy in UK - http://amzn.to/1KAjBwY - Music By Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike - Minecraft Console Edition Seed Sunday Playlist: https://goo.gl/rDqf8D - Minecraft Xbox - Update Adventures Lets Play Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe8AZ2rjfkpx5SUrbzQrqt_bwLkNxC9sD
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Text Comments (13351)
Cristobal Rubilar (25 minutes ago)
It takes me 95 seconds to punch a tree :v
Trixton (1 hour ago)
dude it was sped up lmao
lolol50735 (2 hours ago)
doesnt count he is cheating
Gaby Gabriel (8 hours ago)
Ur speed and the timer doesn't even sync guh doy
xBabylon _ (14 hours ago)
Anybody who has played minecraft should know that it is sped up
Ñó ñámês lëft (1 day ago)
this comment section proves that 90% of the minecraft community is beyond retarded
Mister Tomato (1 day ago)
He completed minecraft in 95 sec The video is 10min...
Justin Zou (1 day ago)
The fire also played a big role at the end, it possible could of been 96 seconds if not because most people know this if they’d done insane parkour. When your on fire, the moment you get “hurt” while in the air, you suddenly go down. In this case it made him go into the portal way faster.
Phillip M. (1 day ago)
huh, so it's not completely impossible to beat in 95 seconds... but you have to cheat like hell (duping, picking the seed in advance, and using a tool to stretch the game's definition of time) to achieve those breakneck speeds
MeGaKill (1 day ago)
How the hell he Craft Obsidian
Evol GrinZ (2 days ago)
using glitches or exploits = basically just cheating.
Cheddar Cheese (2 days ago)
At least say its tool assisted in the title
DeathDontWait4NoOne (3 days ago)
Not a speedrun
Max Hilsmeyer (3 days ago)
Tool assist is fagish
Max Hilsmeyer (3 days ago)
He’s literally skipping parts of the video in the end
Gameplay sped up, but time stays slow. prob 4minutes actualy
Enderborn (3 days ago)
Takes me 95 seconds to nutt
Shyper (3 days ago)
This guy had a premade world and hacks not impressive at all
ApexFiction 101 (4 days ago)
He was speeding the video and slowing the time
He duped
Skullcracker keesler (4 days ago)
its a TAS run its not an any% run by any means
Dbz God (4 days ago)
He definitely sped it up
Logan's Login (4 days ago)
Dbz God No he did not, he slowed it down to get frame perfect inputs, then sped it back up to normal speed.
Maric Victor (4 days ago)
I beat minecraft in 200 seconds
Logan's Login (4 days ago)
Maric Victor proof?
Theodore Yuen (4 days ago)
Well, I would like to see someone actually duplicate this TAS run speedrun method, it would be amazing
Chris Rankin (5 days ago)
As impressive as speed running could be.....using glitches and tool assisted games is completely pointless and not impressive at all. Not impressive in even the smallest way.
Zohonde Kids (4 days ago)
Chris Rankin That may be your opinion, but tas runs aren't easy. You gotta path it, reload/re-record several times, automate anything your automating. Also, even if making a TAS was easy, it's still cool to see one of the fastest theoretical WRs of MC (And, at least at the time of this video, the TAS any% WR for minecraft.) Saying that "this isn't even impressive in the smallest way" seems like you just don't understand the work involved in a tas run. Plenty of TAS runs on other games take months and for some runs, years to make. (Most TAS runs for games like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, etc take over a month to make, and while MC is different to these games, the TAS techniques are the same, and guess what? No one can recreate this TAS run in a day, even if they had the same seed, RNG, tools, PC, and knowledge) As for the statement of "This is pointless..", there is a point. To see the technical shortest time the game can be beaten, with perfect RNG, duplication times, movement, efficiency, and seed. So I disagree, this is _at least_ a bit impressive.
jay Parker (5 days ago)
Cheated so it don’t count
Die Noob (5 days ago)
Yeah sure. The video isnt sped up at all noOoOOOoOoOo
Philip Marlow (5 days ago)
It's not a record if You're cheating. It takes me about 10 or 15 minutes. just to find a village.
Logan's Login (4 days ago)
Philip Marlow it’s ANY%, he can use cheats as long as it’s from the game.
Acel Damia (5 days ago)
There is never anything impressive about any run that uses a set seed or that is a TAS, no matter how fast. Irrelevant video.
Logan's Login (4 days ago)
Acel Damia The reason TAS runs exist isn’t to “impress” people, it’s to show the theoretical limits of humans players.
LushVision YT (5 days ago)
Not sped up huh?
Acel Damia (5 days ago)
Not sped up. The speed is because it's TAS bullshit.
8BIT Scorpion (6 days ago)
0:45 I love the Super Meat Boy soundtrack.
VicNeedsToChill (6 days ago)
He sped up the part where he gets the sword and coal out of chest
John Doe (6 days ago)
So the world record is taken by hacker trash!
poof_ (4 days ago)
John Doe this is a TAS a Tool Assisted Speedrun, this isnt done by a human.
Zar ryc (6 days ago)
You speak very very fast.
Fyre (6 days ago)
Tool assisted speedrun? More like tool assisted headache
Its Salty (6 days ago)
Not sped up my ass
MoldyGT (7 days ago)
Obviously cheated he always double items I can do that too
Acel Damia (5 days ago)
You didn't listen to the video, did you? The duping is explained. It's not cheating. And if you can do it, then do it. It'd be allowed for you, too.
xd Rouge Zero (7 days ago)
can opnly duplicate items.
xd Rouge Zero (7 days ago)
trash at minecraft
Sorry I didn't mean (8 days ago)
I get slowing down the video and analyzing details, but playing the entire video is dirty. There's no reason to watch the original speedrun anymore since we saw it start to finish audio and all. You stole his video.
Gabriel123459XO x (8 days ago)
Hes yousing hacks
Gabriel123459XO x (4 days ago)
+Logan's Login ok thanks
Logan's Login (4 days ago)
Gabriel123459XO x He’s only using software to slow down the game. This isn’t meant to be a world record, it’s supposed to show the theoretical limits of human players. All of the stuff in this video is completely possible normally, but it requires extreme skill, speed, and luck.
Lunaaxx (8 days ago)
seems legit.
The Deer King (9 days ago)
Tool assisted run. So not valid.
Fun Stuff (9 days ago)
Lol this is so fake
Mystic (9 days ago)
This is TAS (tool assisted speed run) so this is fake and not done by a real human
Acel Damia (5 days ago)
Yeah, the video says that, jackass. That doesn't make it fake.
Raizen (9 days ago)
didnt take damage when spawned in the nether and whats with the super speed when crafting and accessing chests and stuff, how is that vanilla and for example when he enters the end you can actually see time skips, damage taken in one frame is half a heart than all of a sudden 3 hearts, and after throwing an ender pearl instantly looking down at the ground and stuff like that, i know a lot of stuff can be done by practicing hard and being very skillful but this is straight bullshit
jason jang (4 days ago)
Watch the video, it's an Tool Assisted Speedrun Any%. It is not played in real time by a human nor is it glitchless
_The_Fallen_ Angel_ (9 days ago)
Its so obvious how fake this is
Logan's Login (4 days ago)
_The_Fallen_ Angel_ its a TAS you dingus
Sauce_pann (10 days ago)
The crafting was sped up
DuckXrec (10 days ago)
"World record 95 seconds woah" *taps video* *12 minutes long*
Potato Juice (10 days ago)
95 sec. Speed run Video 13 min.
Skate Raptor 1 (10 days ago)
And he cheated... this doesn’t even count :(
Skate Raptor 1 (10 days ago)
So... he uses an older version? Or no?
BrickBuilder7 Gaming (10 days ago)
He obviously used seeds and knew where to put his portals to get to the stronghold
poof_ (4 days ago)
BrickBuilder7 Gaming "*TAS*"
MXCHAEL (10 days ago)
It took me 95 seconds to realize that he cheated
WhiteKnightProd (11 days ago)
Kush Daddy (11 days ago)
This is so fake
BIRDDD (11 days ago)
its obviously sped up btw there isnt a world record for... minecraft
poof_ (4 days ago)
BIRDDD there is, look it up
Tnamrod (11 days ago)
Some would say this shouldn't be counted seeing as how it's a TAS speed run, and you would be right, different leaderboards allow it, anyways this would be the top for the TAS Speedruns or leaderboards that allow TAS, anyways I'm against bugs/glitches to quickly complete a game seeing as how they will be patched then either they have to 1. Beat that score which could be impossible if it heavily relies on said bug or glitch which this one does. 2. The score goes irrelevant and is kicked off "modern" leaderboards, again with minecraft you can change versions, and I don't know much about MC speed runs but I'm sure there are rules to certain boards and they will have different versions for the board or the current board (Updated) will be only the current V.# of the game.
PeRfEcTiOnIsT (11 days ago)
Clearly sped-up tho?
Ridig (11 days ago)
Wtf are all those minecraft vids in my recommendations
ELECTYgamer (12 days ago)
its tool assisted
Zatchwen (12 days ago)
Why did he duplicate the apples?
Gianna Ciarlo (12 days ago)
It takes me 95 seconds to join a game
A Kent 05 (13 days ago)
I miss this game
AndriodPlayz (13 days ago)
He Cheated 1000 % because wehen it was black screen he was in gmc and he taked some obs so hes a .. kid who cant legit
KaZa Nova (14 days ago)
I got an mcpe ad before this o_O
That Guy In Green (14 days ago)
God, I wish people would watch a video before leaving a hate comment
That Guy In Green (14 days ago)
Ashley Valentine (14 days ago)
It's hard to believe this isn't sped up. I don't know am I missing something here? It takes way longer to restart minecraft without editing and if it is edited then its basically cheating right. Tool assist, perfect seed, sped up or edited footage. Can we get a speed run that isn't cheated?
Sarge (14 days ago)
perhaps everyone commenting he cheated or its not legit or anything else should take the time to go learn how speed runs are classified first its a TAS run its classification of speed runs for runs made using bot software intended to find the fastest possible way to run a game if the user could work at perfect timing and efficiancy it also serves purpose outside of tas in finding new glitches skips and exploits example wrong warp was originally discovered by a tas run and refined to be doable by regular players from this discovery secondly its a any% run this means the goal is to get from the start to the predetermined end in whatever way possible including skipping all achievements even entire levels so killing the ender dragon is not seen as a neccesary step if it can be bypassed third its not a glitchless run as long as everything he does not use any external tools or cheat codes/commands (outside of the tas software) he can do anything he is able to including item duping this run is a verry specific subsection of the minecraft category other things you may be interested in knowing yes this run would only work on this map most speed runs for minecraft are ran on the same map so the runner has taken time to learn the map inside out and knows where all the items he needs are where to find them this run and most runs would fall apart if you changed the map and theyd have to go relearn it all over finally this is just for fun who cares as long as everyone involved is having fun
Mousaad TDK (15 days ago)
Stupid,it's a cheat because duplication glitch isn't easily done lol haha and he didn't kill the Ender Dragon so no proof=/
Av3. RonoRO2 (16 days ago)
Just Pathetic (16 days ago)
TAS idiots...
Speed demon002 (16 days ago)
Play this in 2x of speed
Supa Grim (16 days ago)
U talk to fast
WWei (17 days ago)
I didn't know about that duplication glitch
Good Doggo (17 days ago)
Russian Badger brought me here
Sysco Rivera (17 days ago)
Chris J (17 days ago)
You said it's not sped up, but it speeds up a few times.
Taco Master (18 days ago)
i'm pretty sure Tool Assistant speedruns are where you go in an emulator and tell the computer what buttons to input on each frame
Sarge (14 days ago)
no there just well speed runs that are assisted by tools for some games thats using the emulator for the game you wanna play and recording inputs for others its long complicated macro sequences for some it can even be just slowing the game consoles clock down and playing the game yourself recording it and then playing it back at regular speed
Tenticle Man (18 days ago)
No hack my ass
endson (18 days ago)
So what's the seed
AleXiz Luna (18 days ago)
HA! I BROKE THE RECORD BY 1 SECOND! I Beat It In 94 Seconds ;].
gaming mammot (18 days ago)
Takes me 95 seconds to get wood
Martin Vargas (19 days ago)
He talks faster than Eminem can rap
Liam dabrowski (19 days ago)
This doesn't count, with glitchs and tools
GTX Gaming (20 days ago)
Do u not realise the white outlines around mobs when he enters the nether, then when he turn it off the world glitches and rebuilds, creating that wave effect.
GTX Gaming (20 days ago)
Also he took no fall damage from that height when he was falling into the nether fortress
Playnyx Gaming (20 days ago)
0:57 4 obsidian 1:03 8 obsidian 1:09 16 obsidian 1:11 31 obsidian, hacking/cheating?
Calvin York (20 days ago)
Before you comment that this isn’t legit, know that this is an any% speedrun, you are supposed to beat the game as fast as possible using anything you want as long as it follows the rules like staying in survival and not using outside resources
Foxylitious xox (20 days ago)
This is sped up
Otto Tamkivi (21 days ago)
super gamer (21 days ago)
I can't even finish the game
Pedro Pincheira (21 days ago)
Why would you even post this...
The Kobster 05 (21 days ago)
Wait isn’t TAS when the runner inputs the controls frame by frame?
Luke Jayson (21 days ago)
It takes me 10 seconds to get stone armour and get iron armour I’m being serious
Mátyás Steiner (22 days ago)
Theo Buckingham (22 days ago)
Fake. how come there’s just obsidian in the chest.
matthew bess (22 days ago)
This is totally sped up
pac45x (11 days ago)
matthew bess it’s not you retarded Brony
Reevin (22 days ago)
Take... A... Breath...
FireBreather Lucario (22 days ago)
How do you do that duplication glitch?

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