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Minecraft World Record - BEATEN in 95 Seconds!? Analysis

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The WORLD RECORD for start to finish minecraft java edition... is 95 seconds - Previous Video(5 Ways You're Not Using Minecarts): https://youtu.be/rpEnxExspHc Geo (Gameplay): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4FRf7unWXA&feature=youtu.be&a= - Think you've missed a video? You can check my most recent uploads here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ibxtoycat/videos - Curious about the new version? Here is a playlist of videos on it! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe8AZ2rjfkpzlqWOA6hR8qr2fFbnxEu77 - My Twitter: http://twitter.com/ibxtoycat - Follow for video updates and personal news - Recorded With an Elgato HD60: Buy in US - http://amzn.to/1DcpKgv Buy in UK - http://amzn.to/1KAjBwY - Music By Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike - Minecraft Console Edition Seed Sunday Playlist: https://goo.gl/rDqf8D - Minecraft Xbox - Update Adventures Lets Play Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe8AZ2rjfkpx5SUrbzQrqt_bwLkNxC9sD
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Text Comments (11721)
Jules C (33 minutes ago)
He cheated by doubling things so it shouldn't count as the "world record"
Crumpet Rs (10 hours ago)
Takes me 95 Seconds to Startup my Xbox...
7D7 Gaming (20 hours ago)
Bro! I beat the game in 89 seconds! This is total BS!
Clayton Vaughn (11 hours ago)
7D7 Gaming lol
_Last _ (23 hours ago)
Yeah you need to play a different game
christine buxton (1 day ago)
is no one gonna talk about how fast he speaks
Sql (1 day ago)
in 9.5 Miliseconds i can die
Master Creepy (1 day ago)
Takes me 95 seconds to move a block forward.
Dominick Rodriguez (1 day ago)
You didn’t go under 95 seconds
COOKIES (1 day ago)
sped up,whe he hits the villager in the beginning,the effect that comes up isn't that fast as shown in the video
Lazy Gamer (2 days ago)
You completed it in 95 seconds with a glitch but could you complete it whiteout the glitch
Th4tGuyII (2 days ago)
Well damn, in the time he 'beat' the game, I would have barely made a wood pickaxe haha
SpyroGamesHere (2 days ago)
Don't think duplicating should ever be counted for a achievement.
TheCreeper (2 days ago)
In 95 seconds i got wooden sword and wooden pickaxe and im building my house (time was over at 23th block)
aquaphoenix iSmarts (2 days ago)
What is the minigame called that he is playing in the background?
jonh hancock (2 days ago)
Auto dislike any video that has an advertisement for more then 5 seconds
A Bit of an Animator (2 days ago)
You can’t really finish minecraft though
sykrysus (2 days ago)
Is this guy speed running his narrating?
Synk Slider (2 days ago)
this is what it takes to play absolver.
Retro Mess (2 days ago)
Bruh u said it wasnt sped up liar
Clayton Vaughn (11 hours ago)
Retro Mess it's not
Retro Mess (2 days ago)
U said u would beat it in 95 seconds, but the video is 12 minutes long
Clayton Vaughn (11 hours ago)
Retro Mess bruh
It's Mythi (2 days ago)
Doesn’t count it’s practically cheating
Tobias Boss (2 days ago)
It's Mythi No it's not
Epic Terry (2 days ago)
these things are pointless nobody cares
Jessie Guerrero (2 days ago)
It takes 95 seconds to find 3 sheeps .
Josephir AB (3 days ago)
Did he play in 1.12 ?
Ash the Snowman (3 days ago)
Blessed Lucifer (3 days ago)
i am listening
TheMonster375 (3 days ago)
Its done by TAS bot its a bot jesus christ!!!!
Matthew Molinaro (3 days ago)
Cait (3 days ago)
I was sped up you can tell
Shaen (3 days ago)
It's funny because he's talking like this was 100% done by a human with extreme precision but most of the video is him using the TAS software to do modified frame perfect inputs
R W (3 days ago)
dude that video is so fake wtf
lil dunkey (3 days ago)
I beated the record i used 1: 19
Markus Lampinen (3 days ago)
how did he kill the ender dragon in 10 seconds
Notouch713 (3 days ago)
That is completely bullsh*t he cheated by using glitches
scorch second acc (3 days ago)
There is many skip trust me
Adrian Ceja (3 days ago)
Sounds like this guy was trying to make a YouTube video speed run..
Teller Hames (3 days ago)
that is cheating.
Jacob (3 days ago)
With that amount of glitching why not just spawn in creative and claim that you beat it in 2 seconds?
Andrew Lloyd (4 days ago)
Tom Mccarthy (4 days ago)
He didn’t kill the 🐉
Bradley Geiman (4 days ago)
xdboi xd boi (4 days ago)
he was duping alot xd
1ts2EZ (4 days ago)
He didn’t kill the dragon so he didn’t beat minecraft
SamorZo // AX (4 days ago)
This isn't a real speed run. He knew the seed. And he used a duplication glitch to do most of it
Justin Y. (4 days ago)
Took me a while to figure out you were speaking english
ItsBlueRush (4 days ago)
It’s sped up u can tell
Nether Spectre (4 days ago)
ItsBlueRush its not
sillydramaqueen XD (4 days ago)
In 95 seconds I can get 1 piece of wood and kill my sister in the game
internet explorer (4 days ago)
im playing minecraft for 4 years i coundnt finished yet
JasTheGamer YT (4 days ago)
It takes me 95 seconds to spawn Rip computer
zTech (4 days ago)
It takes me 95 seconds to fibd food.
Darealdude (4 days ago)
12 minute video for a 1 minute 35 second speedrun
EpicEnderGaming (4 days ago)
parts of the vid are speaking up. u can tell
Lepre Shawn (4 days ago)
Minecraft speedrun using glitches and admin tools, nice
ryan bryant (4 days ago)
The video was sped up when he get out of the nether.
Jeffery L (5 days ago)
I will be mining iron in 95 seconds xd
BonedBill (5 days ago)
Tool assisted speedrun guys,not world record
Jonatan Roman (5 days ago)
This guy talk fast
Oreole1 (5 days ago)
Has no one mentioned _that's not how timers work_ ?
Epicgamer546 (5 days ago)
Since I was watching on my phone the title of the video shortened analysis to anal...
Titanium Salmon (5 days ago)
That’s not what a TAS is...
FuckingRainbows (5 days ago)
Used a glitch *BORING*
spencershaw98 (5 days ago)
cocaine is one hell of a drug
Timmy Girard (5 days ago)
Typically it takes me 95 seconds to find my first iron vein, and maybe diamond if Im lucky. I typically go straight to mining early in the game, and idk why its just always been a habit of mine
He crafts in .002 seconds
He sped it up
Camel (5 days ago)
Dear people who claim this is fake. WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO FIRST K THX
Derbit (5 days ago)
it takes me 95 seconds to swipe right on swag nuts
CuteFennekin (6 days ago)
It takes me that long to SPAWN
DemolitionDoge (6 days ago)
Bow Wow (6 days ago)
He cheated smh
Cody Shafer (6 days ago)
Read More
Derrick Hitchcock (6 days ago)
this is stupid you cant tell me you beat it in 95 seconds when the only thing you done was spawned a bunch of stuff you needed other then actually mining and working for it other then the blaze and ghast good job on them but this dont count
PorpoisePlayz (6 days ago)
Umm... they didn't slay the dragon, or break the crystals. They used multiplier mods too. This is needless to say, fake.
what to play ! (6 days ago)
he is a fake guy .He is pausing the video and re starting it.
travis bayless (6 days ago)
it takes me 95 seconds to kill a chicken
MattedManx (6 days ago)
Was the ender dragon already defeated?
Craptastic (6 days ago)
Super meat boy?
Mike K (6 days ago)
This is as fake as can be. The video glitches you see is called video editing....Glitching is not legitimate therefore this is nothing but complete bullshit! This is not a speed run and if he's using a saved seed therefore again this is not a speed run on a legitimate new world.
Mike K (6 days ago)
ibxtoycat its cheating/hacking plain and simple. Not a category of anything nor a world record other than for cheaters which are irrelevant and worthless. Play it without this nonsense and with a fast time then youve done something. Do it this way and you have done nothing worthwhile.
ibxtoycat (6 days ago)
it's TAS - a category of speedrun. If you look into it this is a valid run, and was the world record
Adam Jackle (7 days ago)
Not as impressive when I realize it was a tas
Night Fury (7 days ago)
He used duplication glitch
Reuben Goldschmidt (8 days ago)
Uhh glitching out the ender dragon is cheating
Andy kipko (9 days ago)
FalconsFury (9 days ago)
Umm I looked down at the comments for just a moment and they've gone from the overworld to the nether...
The Pro MC Hack3r (9 days ago)
In 95 seconds i can hack Minecraft and beat it in 30 seconds
Hero Gamer (9 days ago)
Wait Cheater Liar He speed up the Vedio and time still on It's Speed K Liars Dislike
GayLynn Fisher (9 days ago)
he just cut things out
GayLynn Fisher (9 days ago)
this is fake
Slickzy (9 days ago)
He was hacking when he went to nether he had mob esp the mobs were outlined it was a Hacked client fake
DREamY NigHtMaRE (9 days ago)
I'm impressed with the use of the duplication glitches. I didn't know they were allowed in speed runs. And to find a seed with all the stuff he needed, incredible.
I like me (9 days ago)
Wellllllllll he spawned at a village so that was kinda cheaty
Simply Starc (9 days ago)
And it’s obviously sped up at times
Simply Starc (9 days ago)
I mean he didn’t even kill the dragon he placed some fire and it died
SkyriderNick Z (10 days ago)
Sped up footage wow
Living Person (10 days ago)
12 minute video
Derek Fi (10 days ago)
This player plays Minecraft everyday.
Beren Hamilton (10 days ago)
I wouldn’t call this a speed run, I think this count more of playing s game just slower and trying to get to the end fast while the game is slow, I’d also count it as letting a computer play Minecraft
_Frantica _ (10 days ago)
So in other words, he didn't do it legitimately, he cheated but got away with it
Bryan LMC (10 days ago)
In 95 seconds i will already be crafting wood planks
Conner Vieira (10 days ago)
That intro gave me a seizure​.

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