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Minecraft Shape-Shifter Mod

1244 ratings | 69815 views
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Text Comments (207)
alex groff (4 years ago)
It's for multiplayer
Morph Guy (5 years ago)
A snowman is the same thing as a snow golem it is just does not have a pumpkin on.
will tullis (5 years ago)
MuzikJunkie (5 years ago)
Aidan Dodge (5 years ago)
ultimate piigge9uhirgfpiaeujf
SmallDeadCow (5 years ago)
super pig!
Linsey Nadell (5 years ago)
fight the ender dragon with the giant
DerptheDino (5 years ago)
You look so naked without the cape
Leiron Norken (5 years ago)
I like the ghast
Leiron Norken (5 years ago)
urtekuller (5 years ago)
Im a brony girl too :D
lillie wells (5 years ago)
Andreas Østby (5 years ago)
Hey! Need 1.5.1!
Flava Flav (5 years ago)
Shut up... Stupid Brony
jaiden gillenwater (5 years ago)
최동혁 (5 years ago)
TheCayfie13 (5 years ago)
Awesome review!! :D may i ask what program u used to record ur vid?
yeet yeet (5 years ago)
Carlos Soto (5 years ago)
Cole Beardshaws (5 years ago)
Y changes the (other) player you ate looking at
tarantula .poison (5 years ago)
ender pig
Carter Cajuste (5 years ago)
Are you on the cumputer
Suicidal Daydream (5 years ago)
actully now 1.4.7
Elize Lin (5 years ago)
actually... clash that is the face of the sow golem. trap a snow golem as such so that it cannot move and jump into that trap. you will see the face
ShadeGames (5 years ago)
that is the mob disguise plug in
NG1406 (5 years ago)
lol you stamped on the pig
Alice Cullen (5 years ago)
MaskedWolfDragoness (5 years ago)
12 people were stepped on by giant lions.
JBZKAR6 (5 years ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday... I know it's kind of late but thanks Clash
Claire Dwenger (5 years ago)
Gabbi Pabbi (5 years ago)
die you pick bihtc
Tia Reynolds (5 years ago)
die beastly pig
Redzsi99567 (5 years ago)
And 1.4.6
Henry Reed (5 years ago)
Emerson High (5 years ago)
this mod is cool and today i learned to mod but this mod is out of date
8bithallucinations (5 years ago)
i posted that when i had 1.4.2
Cringe Maestro (5 years ago)
No it needs to be updated in 1.4.6
Joshua Rapada (5 years ago)
King Red Howler (5 years ago)
so you can falcon punch. must get \
Nico Lane (5 years ago)
ikr man i got diet coke
Papiomike (5 years ago)
THIS MOD IS IN MULTIPLAYER::::::: when you press Y put a player's name in the box on the right and pick what you want him/her to be then click "set" THUMBS UP SO LION CAN SEE
Papiomike (5 years ago)
"oh man i may have lost bruce!" me: "you just killed him"
Duke Wilson (5 years ago)
i got here from toby's slenderman playlist...and damnit i spewed coke when this started XD
8bithallucinations (5 years ago)
same shit
wisp cast (5 years ago)
milosh226 (5 years ago)
magic pig :O
rienk heidstra (5 years ago)
comment: eughhh
Reuben Nyarko (5 years ago)
8bithallucinations (5 years ago)
this needs to be updated to 1.4.2
Allan Lazo (5 years ago)
- -
Outrageous250 (5 years ago)
not yet, you can use mcnostalgia to downgrade...
Eddy lee seng ong (5 years ago)
Its for 1.4.2?
andyrin12 (5 years ago)
Wear a pumpkin when you are a snow man.
andyrin12 (5 years ago)
2:02 Floating chicken!
Art Poling (5 years ago)
When you press y it lets you change you're name
Jay Frost (5 years ago)
Jay Frost (5 years ago)
no dumbass
Spike B (5 years ago)
ist there a ender dragon
dreq randolph (5 years ago)
i now
Michael M (5 years ago)
its cald the void
MrTriplerko (5 years ago)
clash try it without bacon in your hand for the golem
Alex Perez (5 years ago)
ALRIGHT LETS START A COMBO! ill start I like cake
John Doe Sr (5 years ago)
is this mod made for 1.4 to
Jake aka flaky (5 years ago)
Panini (5 years ago)
Y is so you can set people on multiplayer servers
Cameron Voigt (5 years ago)
Are you retarded?
Troy Delvo (5 years ago)
Helen Hines (5 years ago)
lion+creeper=leeper or crion
Luther Fla (5 years ago)
TheSporeJunkie (5 years ago)
when you press y then if you are on a multiplayer sever tipe a playrs name in the bar and click set then press the crecher you whant it to be and it might efect you
Turtle Bottems (5 years ago)
craftedmine dude (5 years ago)
I was blind and death till i saw the awseom lion and his intro/ roar
Liaminator (5 years ago)
Y makes people on servers change shape to you
WimpyLightning (5 years ago)
He's done multiple.
B Klaus (5 years ago)
Clash r u going to do a super hostile map?
Shinzilla2 (5 years ago)
kinda easy to tell he's not. I was on my server and A guy named tobygames and honeydew came.
jpjavip (5 years ago)
Bob better make an appearance in dumbcraft xD
William Tregurtha (6 years ago)
Like comment +1 f yeah
Bigkaizokufan (6 years ago)
Like+comment. Here is the combination!
NL's Secret Grandson (6 years ago)
U should review biomes xl mod
jebethebest (6 years ago)
Pixelmon its an awesome mod
Chillville (6 years ago)
or the battle gear mod
Chillville (6 years ago)
Do mine little pony mod
Manatee Whale (6 years ago)
do the Pixelmon
HolyXDeserter (6 years ago)
AmbassadorArt (6 years ago)
Why no blaze in a snowy forest??? I digress, good video.
Dream Wolf (6 years ago)
clash try out the little maids mod please
Sebhowell (6 years ago)
Why didn't you transform into an enderman?
legospiderful (6 years ago)
put it in dumb craft but no use of giant and other op mobs
Over the Classic (6 years ago)
vanilla mod ++
MrGoremand (6 years ago)
Clash please do the Ninja mod! Please please please please please please.
FuhrerKingCourier (6 years ago)
do the assasin's dagger mod!
Jack Blue (6 years ago)
What about enderman teleporting
The MSP Duo (6 years ago)
Snowman and spider midget arm XD
robert o'connel (6 years ago)
clash gets likes when he does comment XD
Wolfbrother39 (6 years ago)
That post gave me cancer.
uMadKid12 (6 years ago)
when is dumbcraft?
7theluigimaster7 (6 years ago)
it a fat fan kid (maybe fat)
Awesome410 (6 years ago)
Clash the y works for changing people in multiplayer

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