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Can you win REVOLVER ONLY?

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Can you win REVOLVER ONLY? Thank you for watching please leave a like on the video and subscribe if you haven't already! Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL2IBrwgLIo
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Text Comments (11553)
Ceeday (6 months ago)
Thanks for being patient
Aron Kalej (12 days ago)
Ceeday I’m your 500hundredth replyer
Rapper Curenton (2 months ago)
500th reply
dania y (3 months ago)
Soap Instead Of Syrup (3 months ago)
500th reply xD
Mikey Campbell (15 hours ago)
Era took so many kills from you
Kyler Spencer (16 hours ago)
R.I.P Revolver
Now do six shooter only
Best Around (1 day ago)
Season 8?
Zamauriyah GILLIAM (1 day ago)
Check again brother
Chey Star (1 day ago)
Yo your name is will????
Alexislife2 (1 day ago)
His name is will
Alekstheboy (2 days ago)
but you impulsed the last guy into the storm so technically you didn't do "revolver only"
Maria Alvarez (2 days ago)
I think he didnt notice that he didnt get the kill
Kersheldride Morgan (2 days ago)
Spic3y Clips (2 days ago)
Wait they got nine kills ceeday impulses them into the storm😔 so...challenge failed
Josh Brown (2 days ago)
Not anymore....
OinkersThePig (2 days ago)
T Th Thi This This t This to This too This took This took w This took wa This took way This took way t This took way to This took way too This took way too l This took way too lo This took way too lon This took way too long This took way too long t This took way too long to This took way too long to m This took way too long to ma This took way too long to mak This look way too long to make This took way too long to mak This took way too long to ma This took way too long to m This took way too long to This took way too long t This took way too long This took way too lon This took way too lo This took way too l This took way too This took way to This took way t This took way This took wa This took w This took This too This to This t This Thi Th T
N Boss (2 days ago)
I miss the old outro
Snipezz_ YT (3 days ago)
Brittany Johnson (3 days ago)
1v1 me name Jwoodz2007
Carson does Stuff (3 days ago)
*in conclusion, no because they got vaulted*
DONECOW 18 (3 days ago)
no u cant
Trygve Evensen (3 days ago)
1:14 Ladies and gentlemen...
Joel Chappers (3 days ago)
Love it 8:49
YungJohn (3 days ago)
7:43 is ceeday’s real name will?
GoldRPG (3 days ago)
Bruh according to 2 videos ceedays name is WILL
Matthew Rios (4 days ago)
Ceeday’s name is Will. Check 7:40 if you don’t believe me.
Ray jr (4 days ago)
it says revolvers only but he uses a impulse grenade at the end
Oxipe (4 days ago)
1:03 imhavingastroke
Desy Gonzalez (4 days ago)
F you lost dark knight
Safwan Miah (4 days ago)
Any1 watching old ceedy vids cause he hasnt uploaded in quite some time
Gavin Sijansky (5 days ago)
R.I.P Revover
Alex (5 days ago)
Season 8 battlepass?? TIME TRAVELER CONFIRMED!!
Izaiah Gil (5 days ago)
Is it me or does era kind of sound like nashawn
Itz Ash (6 days ago)
Thao Le Official (6 days ago)
5:25 😂
Mimikyugigas (6 days ago)
no you can’t
Andrew Bray (7 days ago)
1:20 “Hit Em Once Twice (Era Shoots The Guy) Nice
Yadriel Ramos Cortés (7 days ago)
Tinytk78 1 (7 days ago)
Your name is will
johnnyperea 11 (7 days ago)
I didint know u had the dark night???
Carmello Stovall (8 days ago)
3:25 season 8 battle pass
Teem Olsen (8 days ago)
Noskundo master
Teem Olsen (8 days ago)
Noskundo master
HAYDEN BERGE (8 days ago)
8:25 lol
Kiilns Fire (8 days ago)
Revolver in Fortnite = DISGUSTING Revolver irl = One shot u dead
SFX Taej08 (8 days ago)
You didn’t win beacause you impulse the last guy and he died in the storm so that was a fail rip
Alan Garduno (8 days ago)
Ceeday's real name is will???? Wow..
Joshua Gallegos (8 days ago)
This vid was to funny 😂😂😂😂
Its kolen (9 days ago)
PandaMaster 314 (9 days ago)
Rip revolver.
Jacob Tyrcha (9 days ago)
Challenge:No aiming
Nicolas Jr Tribaldos (9 days ago)
3:20, ARE YOU DUMB!?!?!?!?! SEASON 8?!?!?!?!?:(:(:(:(:(
Lil Micah (9 days ago)
Ceeday real name's will???!?? His name is actually will
harry mann (9 days ago)
Low ping life
Memes R Us (9 days ago)
R.I.P revolver
Peti 7010 (9 days ago)
Another bue be balber
Corgi Boi (9 days ago)
When you listen to it on full because your home alone and you hear, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING EVERY SINGLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gettnmoneykid32 (10 days ago)
Who else is here when the dual pistols were vaulted
GD Eternal (10 days ago)
Let’s get some F’s in the chat bois.
ninja kid (10 days ago)
Challenge:you cn only use rpg
chase gallant (10 days ago)
Can I play with you
Jdynboss 3232 (10 days ago)
8:49 😂😂
Jdynboss 3232 (10 days ago)
Ceeday is your name will
JG300098 (10 days ago)
Ur name is will ?
SPIDERMAN 1234 (10 days ago)
These edits are hilarious
i Connor (10 days ago)
5:03 Blue Vevolver maybe its my ears but did you say Vevolver
Andrew Playz (10 days ago)
So we just gonna ignore the “spray bitch from the season 8 BATTLE PASS “
jaygaming HD (10 days ago)
this how u know xbox players r trash😂
Lanteire (10 days ago)
😢rip revolver
Rossyfries 72 (10 days ago)
Ceeday your name is will
The trap in the hat (10 days ago)
You in luck I got another chug jug drops bandages and dead silence
The trap in the hat (10 days ago)
3:00 CHILL 😈👌
Jack Miller (11 days ago)
Excuses are like butts. Everyone has one and they all stink
Chippy (11 days ago)
Who’s watching when Ceeday lost the dark knight?
MikeyDoodleツ (11 days ago)
Who’s here from season 8???
God joined the Server (4 days ago)
Here from Season 69
Abhinav Adigopula (5 days ago)
Michael Revelo (6 days ago)
There is no season 8
Jose Hernandez (11 days ago)
Once twice like rice which is nice
Toaster Waffles (11 days ago)
is your first name “Will”?
Diamond Thugs (11 days ago)
Will is ceeday name
cherryberry995 (11 days ago)
waffles (11 days ago)
after 2 years of fortnite (ye im og) i finally know how to build 👌
magic hacking (11 days ago)
Dude i really love your vids you are so damn funny and i am trying to watch all your vids the old one and the new and i play on xbox one and i will be adding you soon so please accept i love u and am not gay. By the way
King Daddy (11 days ago)
Ceedays name is will
Robin Hagen (11 days ago)
Who is watching in season 6 and misses revolver
emma gapper (11 days ago)
Season 8?
Corey Yang (11 days ago)
7:41 who’s Will?
Ali-a Ali a (11 days ago)
Ceedays name is will 7:43
Preston Kerr (12 days ago)
what revolver do you speak of
Tejvir Kandhola (12 days ago)
Tejvir Kandhola (12 days ago)
His name is will
JakeAROOO Co (12 days ago)
7:43 is your name will. Ceeday/will
dhuckins79 (12 days ago)
Who else is watching this after revolvers go vaulted ,
The_middle_child 777 (13 days ago)
When he looked down and saw the bandages🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amanda Crowley (13 days ago)
Starts :38
Hungary (13 days ago)
sometimes its just good these videos and forget your problems lmao. btw so old video. nobody gonna watch this comment.
Air Matt (12 days ago)
Nope I saw it
Vexxubetyou xxyoubet. (13 days ago)
2 ping
Craig Geiszler (13 days ago)
Is raptor ded? Nooooooooooo
Jason (13 days ago)
Now you cant Anymore sooooooooooooooooooooooo
WPB Something (13 days ago)
Season 8?
KaganDaNoob 8 (13 days ago)
Rip your black knight
toxicbeast 4322 (13 days ago)
That Minecraft ad is fake because the iron sword ain’t enchanted and when the zombie died it went on fire and it was day and the zombie didn’t go on fire
Masterfist7 (14 days ago)
Ayyy, the outro song goes with the outro dance🔥🔥
Baby Xenomorph (14 days ago)
0:58 who saw that. Yeah 666

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