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Can you win REVOLVER ONLY?

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Can you win REVOLVER ONLY? Thank you for watching please leave a like on the video and subscribe if you haven't already! Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL2IBrwgLIo
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Text Comments (6886)
Ceeday (15 days ago)
Thanks for being patient
Donald & Tammy Elkins (1 hour ago)
Ceeday hello friend HELLO
Max Marchant (1 day ago)
Ceeday bro ur the funniest and most entertaining fortnite YouTuber
Atticus and Evie (2 days ago)
Ceeday ii
Miguel Cruz (2 days ago)
Hi will
The Floosh (5 minutes ago)
Holy nice subs
Vinh Ha (17 minutes ago)
Yes, he did what I said...
skilled raven (34 minutes ago)
I won with revolver only
Greg O.B TV (46 minutes ago)
GODS PLAN!!!! 🔊🔊😅😅😅 8:46
Austin Bolton (1 hour ago)
ierey08 (2 hours ago)
I have a feeling your calling the revolver trash how dare you
I really Like your timer
Ovi Banik (3 hours ago)
Why do you laugh when there is a default?
Eli Koetje (4 hours ago)
Anybody wanna hit me up mt gamer tag is FuZZyMonkey787
Roderik Van Keulen (5 hours ago)
Can you win with only clingers
I love your channel but,I’m not comfortable to subscribe too much.Sorry
Doctor Savage (6 hours ago)
Do assault rifle only
SeanBI (6 hours ago)
Back bling ?
VR Chip (6 hours ago)
8:25 ahhaha
Njdon 367 (9 hours ago)
Ceedays ran name is will wtf
Ithegamer guy123 (15 hours ago)
Boites24 (17 hours ago)
3:07 IM DEAD😅😅😅😅
Amy Lee (17 hours ago)
10:01 that scream tho
Jojo 250 (18 hours ago)
I died at 3:02 keep up the good work ceeday
Diego Garcia (23 hours ago)
8:26 lol
ItzRex (1 day ago)
Ceeday your videos are so inspiring and have inspired me to make videos but I am struggling to earn subscribers
Elric 227 (1 day ago)
Yeet (1 day ago)
Love the outtro
Pedro Esparza (1 day ago)
This yeezy headass's name is will
gearratio380 (1 day ago)
You could win IF YOU WEREN'T A N00B111!1!!!!!1!1!!111!
Survivor Gamer09 (1 day ago)
Im laughing freaking hard while all ur videos😂😂😂
The Assassin (1 day ago)
I bet he plays on Asian server
Virtual Gaming (1 day ago)
Ceeday's real name = Will
Ic_y (1 day ago)
Hey will
Ic_y (1 day ago)
Dude wtf I watched you two weeks ago and you had like 400k subs
ItzYaBoy Finsbinss (1 day ago)
Era says his name get him “will”
Memo Valenci (1 day ago)
I bet he’s name is will
Kyle Allen Rakow (1 day ago)
7:42 - Era Called Ceeday Will....... Will?
abishay forys (1 day ago)
eras always knocked lol
Kenny TV (1 day ago)
Emp it up by the first gun you see, you have to use till the end of game, no other guns
xl-WholeGawd - (1 day ago)
This shit is funny
Angel Morales (1 day ago)
Sesson 8 are u kidding me
STRANGEJAWA (1 day ago)
Get ceday fucking 10 mil subs
Luca Siles (1 day ago)
Luca Siles (1 day ago)
Jacob Cullens (2 days ago)
Anyone realize that cee day said season 8 Battle pass at 3:25
Zavier Mcinerney (2 days ago)
You are a pro bro!
Fayez Shaikh (2 days ago)
what was the outro song
kevin Calderón (2 days ago)
He just said season 8 battle pass 3:25
Jacob Saggytits (2 days ago)
Hmmmm, Revolver Only. *Uses Impulses to kill last guy* :Thinking:
Jacob Saggytits (1 day ago)
Aa M I'm fine.
Aa M (1 day ago)
Jacob Saggytits get out of here
Texas Rey (2 days ago)
Can you do pistol only? No hand cannons or revolvers just pistols of any rarity
Post Foxx (2 days ago)
DEZZE nutz
Kevin Kart (2 days ago)
Wasn’t even revolver only
monkey space 123 (2 days ago)
yo lol spray bitch and battle pass 8😂😂😂
magnus koch (2 days ago)
col dude
Marcel Rolando (2 days ago)
This should be named Can you win with a revolver and a teamate
Nosh (2 days ago)
Hi Will
Finn Kirkpatrick (2 days ago)
Play roblox fornite lol
LAHTiger222 (2 days ago)
you can win revolvers only... play against shitty people
Iain Geronimo (2 days ago)
"Season 8 Battlepass"
MrTrollMaster07 (2 days ago)
3:07 so funny
azhan haq (2 days ago)
Where is the raptor
Crix - Crox (2 days ago)
Killa bee fan detected
cucklord 69 (2 days ago)
this is the best fortnite youtuber i’ve seen.
Marcus Andreasen (2 days ago)
Hit him once twice nice
David (2 days ago)
Why are your meme sounds so funny . I died cause the gods plan one lul
MirrorEffect 195 (2 days ago)
2:05 Ceeday being risen from the dead
king scandal (2 days ago)
And ur outro is fire the ultra instinct bass boost ahhh its firrreee broooo!!!!!!!
Nate to the 8 (2 days ago)
How u level down lolol
king scandal (2 days ago)
Ceeday u are the funniest and best youtuber I have found just randomly like everytimei watch ur vids I laugh and ur challenges are crazy af XD but keep up the good vids man
iTzShaDo (2 days ago)
0:36 Thank Me later
Mexican Tacoman (2 days ago)
Season 8??
Mexican Tacoman (2 days ago)
Season 8??
Weapon (2 days ago)
And I can’t get one revolver kill
KruZ_Rain (2 days ago)
Yo, One Of Those People Were I Was A Teknike😂
Twice Daily (2 days ago)
I’m having a panic attack what can I do 😰😰
fortnite beast squad (2 days ago)
The memes he puts in his vid is so funny
JigglySlayer (2 days ago)
0:48 did he just say big pot shields?
Hayden Meyer (3 days ago)
I actually did this a while ago
Song in outro?
Max._.Gudojc (3 days ago)
Hi will
Woody Gaming (3 days ago)
Can you win without getting any kills?
Matthew Foreman (3 days ago)
First day watching already subbed
Dank Kermit (3 days ago)
Season 8 battle pass?
Max Prentice (3 days ago)
Please do a d1 vid, i miss that game hella lot😩😩
Redstone Knight (3 days ago)
Hand cannons are basically epic and legendary revolvers
Fortnite god (3 days ago)
Season 8?
fluffy fat (3 days ago)
3:25 season 8 hasnt even passed yet
ScottishBawbag (3 days ago)
fluffy fat yeet
Bobby Getman (3 days ago)
I got the omega
HockeyLuke42 (3 days ago)
Era knows steals all ur kills
Enzo Gaming (3 days ago)
Nice video bro
Noot Noot Recruit (3 days ago)
Era trash
Jeremy Hanton (3 days ago)
What servers r u on
Malachy Crossan (3 days ago)
Am I the only one that heard era call him will? 7:40
Lucky Charms (3 days ago)
So ceeday your real name is will aka William
Kye Cunningham (3 days ago)
He has clearly done the battle pass challenge “pistol eliminations”
VeNm D3rpington (3 days ago)
i like ur name bro will
VeNm D3rpington (3 days ago)
did he call u will
Hasmik Hovakimyan (3 days ago)
its that john default and that spray bitch from that season 8,omg lol
3:09 O NO!!!
The G.O.A.T (3 days ago)
His name is Will ha xd
The G.O.A.T (3 days ago)
3:10 omg😂😂

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