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Jess Wins First Fortnite Game!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Text Comments (12781)
Fnafgamer 45 (48 minutes ago)
I guess fortnite pros run in the family
Hunter Swift (1 hour ago)
Let’s get a rip in the chat for the spectator who thought he was watching ninja
Hunter Swift (1 hour ago)
Me: the perfects girl doesn’t exi...........
AlanisClaw (1 hour ago)
But she was playing Duo and only got 1 kill
Miguel Carvalho (2 hours ago)
First match, first win
Footy Boi (2 hours ago)
Ninja is cleaning dog shit💩💩
ShadeLight101 (2 hours ago)
1 game, 1 kill, 1 win
FrosT_ Bite (3 hours ago)
Wait if she is new in this game, how come she knew what to click to stand up again?
JKiiNG (3 hours ago)
This video shows that u don't need to build to win.She bearly built and she still won!Most people build and camp and hold the AdS button and are considered "good" but for the people who bearly build and still win get no spotlight.Judt keep in mind building isn't everything in Fortnite!Congrats on the W Jess!🙂
BlazeCSGO (4 hours ago)
"if Tyler is back tell him to fuck off" LMAO!
Alex Cortez (4 hours ago)
You’re so lucky you get to have sex with her, and receive blowjobs from her dude! I’m so jealous
Ev Oz (5 hours ago)
Ugly af girl
JJrobloxYT (7 hours ago)
She’s a monkey at 4:00
Chyden Moleno (9 hours ago)
Juliaawesome 918 (10 hours ago)
Jess and ninja are relationship goals
QuickPro Studios (10 hours ago)
She had better aim than me
Fusion Ice (10 hours ago)
Who else got a little triggered when Jess a didnt pick up the ammo
FabianTheFish (10 hours ago)
If you think ninja plays and dont care about his fam you're wrong because he stream and playing is searching money for his fam from the donations
oof (15 hours ago)
2:50 cleaning the p00p
if Maja Was relevant (16 hours ago)
I’ve never a duo game or a solo game only squad games rip
Shashi Garg (16 hours ago)
U should give away $1000 laptop or something for gaming
Parker Woods (17 hours ago)
How does this vid have 3k thumbs blown again?
Mubark NR (18 hours ago)
“I’m dr lupo I know how to teach”
XxSavage_ GamerxX (20 hours ago)
In his head ninja is saying i wanna play
The Wierd and the Asian (22 hours ago)
Ninja’s name=Tyler?
Ismael Cruz (23 hours ago)
We can Here you jess
MrTiger Vlog (1 day ago)
I'm too at fortnite 16 and I got 21 wins in season 4 I'm pro😄😄😄😄😄
MrTiger Vlog (1 day ago)
My ear hurts when she got her first then scream
gamer boy (1 day ago)
Well dome😄
Cash Draper (1 day ago)
Good thing there were not Streamsnipers.
Cely Cantillo (1 day ago)
Wow 😮
Cely Cantillo (1 day ago)
Jess first win is awesome
Make My Day282 (1 day ago)
ayyye Jess won C:
My 10 year old sis was playing with me and my friends and she won in her first game
The daily kid (1 day ago)
I can even win one game
She’s married to him and knows nothing about the job he made a career out of...
goofy productions (1 day ago)
She better than you
dafaja lujan (1 day ago)
Did he cus if he did I'm ok with it
Robert Mannino (1 day ago)
King Kahn57 (2 days ago)
On pc she is Better than me
James Morrison (2 days ago)
Ninja ur the best I love ur vids can u add me on snapchat
lewis Fury (2 days ago)
jess gg
TheGamingFan ’ (2 days ago)
Jess likes fortnite
Brayden Brasher (2 days ago)
Lupo: if Tyler’s back tell him to fuck off Jessica: I did Lmao
Tyler Daugherty (2 days ago)
if there was no face cam id say it is ninja
Jeff Vlogs (2 days ago)
Nice 1 kill victory
JeremyMStudios (2 days ago)
Lupo Is So Funny!
Dimic (2 days ago)
i actually liked dr lupo more after seeing how good he is at explaining and being calm in all this he's one chill mf :d
KiXx (2 days ago)
Mrs.Ninja is born
Cameron lol Bamber (2 days ago)
is ninjas real name taylor
Nicolas Mencias (2 days ago)
Carmela Teran (2 days ago)
Jess got carried
Rio Demare (2 days ago)
She’s better than Alia
LilJay Wildin (2 days ago)
Run a solo whore
Keegan Fordyce (2 days ago)
“Tell Tyler if he’s back to fuck off” 😂😂😂
Jonny5 Gaming Jonny (2 days ago)
You should do Duos with your wife ! Its really fun, me and ma lady do
Haris Khan (2 days ago)
Tyler's a ninja Jess is a assassin
Bryce Babler (2 days ago)
The entire gameplay Jess is like fuck you Tyler
Clickbait37 (2 days ago)
Wait so since her wife knows her to the are not just game friends but close real world friends? That's actually pretty cool. (I didint know I dont watch ninja hardcore, just casually sometimes.)
s7even (2 days ago)
when jenna's better then me
El anonimo (2 days ago)
Ninja tiene cara de : DEJAME JUGAR YA >:v
alex bustamante (3 days ago)
She got carried
christian Carter (3 days ago)
Links Gaming (3 days ago)
You suck
Links Gaming (3 days ago)
You duck
Abdallah Hassan Omar (3 days ago)
good game
Jambo 67 (3 days ago)
She swears soooo much
Logan Edwards (3 days ago)
Jess joins TSM
Márton. B (3 days ago)
Fortnite is a good game And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself :D
TEAM_ JLT (3 days ago)
We more of this when jess plays fortnite
Killem_Ky (3 days ago)
Jess: Oh God I'm getting shot at! Ninja:No you're not, Ben is. 🤣
Lamaj Muhammad (4 days ago)
She’s actually fine as fuck
Master Dad (4 days ago)
You guys are awesome Evan ninja wife
Vortex (4 days ago)
Save dat money
SilentStorm996 (4 days ago)
She Should stream lol
Crusher (4 days ago)
Doctor teaching
the robloxian king (4 days ago)
I'm in the game😁😁😁
Lady Of Blad3z (4 days ago)
Dr. Lupo is such a good guide 😂 he shows you how to be a pro in just some matches
OH Kakucs (4 days ago)
1:06 how does she know how to crouch ???this is not first time playing
Black panther Gaming (4 days ago)
Jess carried Ben no surprise
Contra Volta (4 days ago)
Türkleri Görelim .!! :)
K3vin Cyborg (4 days ago)
Wish I'll have a wife like that
Flying Pies (4 days ago)
Halp me Dr lupo I need HALP I ONLY GOT 3 wins I'm sad Edit:3wins
Landen walsh (5 days ago)
I gass it runs in the family
Lucas Sanchez (5 days ago)
William Meulenkamp (5 days ago)
DRLupo is the best teacher
J webb (5 days ago)
That’s awesome ninja gave his woman pointers and they played together.
AL Darkey (5 days ago)
Jess is pretty good
Vivek Kaushik (5 days ago)
So basically ninja married a noob. So what will their kids be? Mediocre!!!! So sad, can we hit 1mil likes!!!
Jase Neale (5 days ago)
Had to be faking it
Omg he has a wife!?! I want a Draw My Life to explain please
GraphX C (5 days ago)
It hurts
Jose Agurcia (5 days ago)
Dr lupo profesor
AR ZE (5 days ago)
con esa pc y ese ping tendrias q tener cortado los brazos hasta el hombro o jugar con el culo para perder jaja
Bruce Jordan GD (5 days ago)
Lupo Tutorials xd I Need Subscribe..
BJMILLIONS (5 days ago)
Even Jess swares LOL
coolremix show (5 days ago)
you and jess
coolremix show (5 days ago)
JTimbrell _106 (6 days ago)
4:06 she made a monkey noise😂😂

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