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Brads and greens intense game

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Text Comments (111)
ItsNotALake (4 years ago)
4 years later comment. :-P
Marremarräng (5 months ago)
4 years later comment ^^
Omer Taurea (5 years ago)
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Medical Vacuum Cleaner (6 years ago)
0:52 to 0:56 is how to play this game singleplayer.
ChiralKyle (6 years ago)
davids laugh makes everything more awesome
ReconBearzv2 (6 years ago)
This game contains balls. mmmmmm
Samwise Gamgee (6 years ago)
Like ARussianHat said "what game is this????
StarTheFury (7 years ago)
@luckdriver no peter griffin sounds like brad:P cause they stole brads way to talk sometimes he do and they stole brads laugh and put it in annoying orange's laugh:P
Medical Vacuum Cleaner (7 years ago)
If i had to name a game and 2 achievements from it that would fi this video, then Far Cry 2, Playing both sides... and ...against the middle.
CODmw2blackops100 (7 years ago)
yay video was made on my birthday bitches
stevensonbak (7 years ago)
Sounds like a really twisted porno when you press 7...
steelWindAlchemist (7 years ago)
"Green, he's so hard" That's what she said?
Heracles (7 years ago)
i love how green is graceful
TheNando078 (7 years ago)
what is this game called
nosmohttff (7 years ago)
@Aelistas01 Is it, it looks cool ! :) xD
Woody263 (7 years ago)
I love how Brad has so much respect for Green xD
Medical Vacuum Cleaner (7 years ago)
@Aelistas01 More like PES 2012.
Chyanne (7 years ago)
how is Robert Pattinson dating someone related to this wow
Glawio Cariad (7 years ago)
@Aelistas01 nope it's missing the vuvuzellas
Erwin (8 years ago)
@c0d3w0rd its an xbox indie game called:They came from the ground
Naomi Nekomimi (8 years ago)
What game is this? I WANT TO PLAY IT!
Son Of Shiro (8 years ago)
brad stay off the box if u cant handle the fucking chicken. lol
loljk529 (8 years ago)
I like how Green is considered Easy.
Cidrux (8 years ago)
sounds like peter griffin at the end xD
Josh Newberry (8 years ago)
Andrew Goh (8 years ago)
best victory music ever
TeamKillerCody (8 years ago)
what game is this?
Nico Cheese (8 years ago)
@Aelistas01 i hope :D
MrsLum (8 years ago)
"I've got a strategy, I get all tiny and nimble, and get big at the last seoconddd.. Spike!" LOL i can't work out why this video makes me giiggle so much ^^
pbjtlol1 (8 years ago)
Actually, it's "They came from the ground." and it's an Indie game.
SamusV4 (8 years ago)
Totally unrelated to this particular video but, I wonder if they'll do Lost Planet 2 when that comes out? And Singularity? XD
Turanga1i1a (8 years ago)
aargh - ya beat me to it, luckdriver! Oh well, how bout that PHOP!! (1:22)
SirMik003 (8 years ago)
Best. Game. EVER.
Lunarex (8 years ago)
This is a game for the hardcore, man.
luckdriver (8 years ago)
brad sounds like peter griffin at 2:02
nuttex (8 years ago)
@GodlyLuigi @GodlyLuigi marketplace.xbox[dot]com/en-US/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025855035a/
nuttex (8 years ago)
@GodlyLuigi You asked for the name of the game, didn't ya?
nuttex (8 years ago)
@GodlyLuigi They Came From The Ground
Fmaq (8 years ago)
I think he was doing Bobby Zilch from Psyconaughts.
Sxrillez (8 years ago)
Peter Griffin at 2:02
Sxrillez (8 years ago)
Eggerix (8 years ago)
They Came From The Ground
BWoodsPlays (8 years ago)
He does actually. He's been labeled "Ballhatchi" by some of the chatters and Brad.
ZaneSk8s (8 years ago)
its an indie game. you have to have xbox live for it
baldur106 (8 years ago)
ive searched many times for this game on google and i cant find it. i think its only for xbox live or something
hairesonyourchest (8 years ago)
slime games!
Lion-O (8 years ago)
he finally beat green...new video XD
Oakman (8 years ago)
It's one of those games that is so simplistic...yet you love it for no apparent reason. Like Peggle.
Ataro104 (8 years ago)
you can find a free version of it online, it's called Blob Volleyball
mylifeisablur (8 years ago)
Lol "POP!" nothing happens
Michael Scarn (8 years ago)
someone please tell me.... what fucking game is that!!!!!!
awesomeiss (8 years ago)
This is an Indie Game on Xbox 360. Its called "They Came From the Ground"
Michael Scarn (8 years ago)
what game is that?
a grumpy frog (8 years ago)
D God (8 years ago)
I think this is slime volleyball, I play all the time on the internet
Aelistas01 (8 years ago)
its FIFA 2011
TheJasonAndJasonShow (8 years ago)
WOW. No wonder NG gets more views then you
manekage (8 years ago)
here we go, here we go PAH!
Fattness124 (8 years ago)
They announce the winners on the 12th i believe.
Babylauncher3000 (8 years ago)
its an indie game he downloaded from xboxlive. I believe it was called "they came from the ground" or something along thoughs lines
lightsinx (8 years ago)
Fck what game is this i wan to play it
hinro (8 years ago)
Self spiking is always a bad idea.
PAJARIN999 (8 years ago)
brad uses illegal attacks...LOL..XD
Lunarex (8 years ago)
MildTabascofries (8 years ago)
that looks fun.....what is it?
darkphoenix2 (8 years ago)
turn big at the last second and SPIKE
blackpiranaha525 (8 years ago)
what is this amazing game!
Shephered (8 years ago)
Lol! ' ...*Slam* - YESSS!!!...' lol
Jaci I (8 years ago)
lmao SLAM!** brad your hilarious XD
XAL (8 years ago)
end of the video and in between rounds doesn't count
moyga (8 years ago)
hahahha awesome. do more videos of simple arcade games like this
Spex530 (8 years ago)
haha funny stuff
tegolin (8 years ago)
Not as good as "I MAED A GAEM WITH ZOMB1ES!!!!1!!1!!1"
boo mobile (8 years ago)
For a $1 game, i'd say this is pretty fucking awesome.
logoonyogo (8 years ago)
atoasty bagel (8 years ago)
super save dude
codfreak38 (8 years ago)
They actually profited with the whole Slime Soccer idea?...
GandalfThePeriwinkle (8 years ago)
wat game is it?
manga4428 (8 years ago)
what game is this?
olaftheviking14 (8 years ago)
what game is that and what system is it for?
Venomwraith (8 years ago)
man was fun watching this live...
Brandon Slicker (8 years ago)
lol u sounded like peter griffen at the end XD
Demenic (8 years ago)
i would think
reptile797 (8 years ago)
Don't lie, he bought this game while on the feed, it's really called, "They Came From the Ground."
Haqim Anwar (8 years ago)
the last part was damm funny when he sing the son!!
SuperNerdSteve (8 years ago)
Slime soccer! I used to play this in year 7 in secondary school xD!! Google: Slime volleyball or slime soccer.
Roksdude (8 years ago)
Is it multiplayer?
Marloda (8 years ago)
The game is They Came From the Ground and I believe it's on XBLA.
wickman92 (8 years ago)
This game is a complete replica of slime ball
Wouter Veraart (8 years ago)
Haha, Awesome! Nice "humming" at the end xD
ZelosWilder (8 years ago)
That is why he is awesome though.
Nemo_K (8 years ago)
Cameron Kumar (8 years ago)
brad has some ninja skillz
jambalolk (8 years ago)
That game reminds me of blobby volley :D
AbbiXIII (8 years ago)
Xombie Boy (8 years ago)
LOL I love his singing at the end ha ha ha.
darkwolf1200 (8 years ago)
brad is so taking this game too serious
0ffspringfan (8 years ago)
LOL so much tension in a game involving 2 balls beating a third ball
Catshade (8 years ago)
I totally remember this from the live xD This was lulzy. Should've shown the whole thing, when he went to black and purple and white :P
ChocolateRain68 (8 years ago)

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