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Gang-Plank Galleon - Donkey Kong Country

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Music: Gang-Plank Galleon Composer: David Wise Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0631035C92A6EF84 Platform: SNES
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Text Comments (65)
The 16 bit guys (2 days ago)
I am jealous at adults that had these games as their childhood
ThePihvi FIN (26 days ago)
1:15 is the best part
Peashooter Flamingo (6 months ago)
this boss fight was too easy! it was easier than the boss fight from dkcr on the wii/wii u/3ds
DantheFoxman Gaming (9 months ago)
Did anyone think that the part from 1:15-1:21 sounded like "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul before the Game Grumps did?
TheBreakingBenny (3 months ago)
words4weapons (1 year ago)
TheBreakingBenny (1 year ago)
What is Francis and RubberFruit doing here?
Ashley_ (1 year ago)
I remember getting to this point as a kid and laughing at the music. The transition was kinda weird but also awesome and certainly unexpected. I literally said "Ooooooh shit!" Because I knew things just got real, and my mom got really pissed off since I was like 7 years old. XD
Valkyrie Stunna (10 months ago)
Ashley1epic sure you did
Marco Dant (1 year ago)
RIP Konami
Marco Dant (1 year ago)
Turvum no im jocking
Marco Dant (1 year ago)
Turvum they made the tree's sprite, so beautiful
GuardianStriker (1 year ago)
Carptain Andy Trout at yer servish!
Matthew Matousek (2 years ago)
I remember when I thought I beat the boss, but then I realized the credits were actually fake...
Jeffery Francis (3 months ago)
I had played Link to the Past recently and it has the same sort of "enemy credits" that list all the enemies so I thought the game was over as well.
SakuraDNZ (2 years ago)
emmm los creditos? ;-;
erik sobek (2 years ago)
You guys... this is the PERFECT IRON MAIDEN SONG.
Waldemar Soroka (1 year ago)
I LOVE THIS !!!!!!
nrojbsa (2 years ago)
wow 2 people who didnt have a awsome childhood :p
Bryan __ (11 months ago)
nrojbsa lol
AsyluMadness (3 years ago)
I remember getting a SNES and this game for my 6th birthday. First attempt at this boss and I died to a falling cannonball, my sister watching said I would never beat it. It took me a few days (on top of the weeks it took me to make it thus far), but I did it and it was the best feeling in the world and I love this game and my sister can GO SUCK IT.
Twee zer (25 days ago)
smg gam3r (9 months ago)
bazla123 (3 years ago)
K.rool>tiki tribe leader. Always... Kremlings were far more threatening and the better villains of the dkc franchise!
Peashooter Flamingo (6 months ago)
No they arent! the most threatening ones are the tikis and tiki tong! but, I miss hem.
azart61 (1 year ago)
bazla123 Agreed, the Kongs and Kremlings go together like Mario and Koopas do.
Mr.Ridley (2 years ago)
+Lucky Korin The vikings are sort of like K.roo/kremlings copycats.
bazla123 (3 years ago)
Nope, haven't played TF but it does look much better than Returns!
Bonk, Herr of Tim (3 years ago)
Haven't played tropical freeze but where do the vikings rank?
Johnathan Hernandez (3 years ago)
It went from happy to badass faster than I can think of a joke
STR1 _ (10 months ago)
Especially a funny one.
madden8021 (4 years ago)
Fake Credits.
oh yeah right ! so thats what you mean ...
madden8021 (2 years ago)
+Larry Koopa David Wise did Compose this wonderful game but this is the King K Rool fight where the Fake Credits roll in.
+madden8021 what do you mean ... im pretty sure david wise composed this or what ?
Brandon Williams (2 years ago)
Fake Kredits😂😂😂
Luckydude23 (4 years ago)
Avast Maties! We be Kremlings! Awesome music!
0IIIIII (3 years ago)
TheCluelessYoutuber ~ (4 years ago)
+ksn2632 I agree, David Wise is a genius.
Prince Edward (9 months ago)
0IIIIII (3 years ago)
+TheCluelessYoutuber ~ Why not?
Guillermo Pazos (3 years ago)
+TheCluelessYoutuber ~ Why are you all taking in an almost 2 years-old post?
TheCluelessYoutuber ~ (3 years ago)
Hi, guys. What the fuck are you doing on my year-old post?
0IIIIII (3 years ago)
+Crusader Cheese bro, the op's post is more than a year old.  I don't think +TheCluelessYoutuber ~ is gonna get back to us.
Keesan (4 years ago)
DKC Soundtrack > The music industry since 2007
Gustavo Delgado (5 years ago)
grep : |
Tom Baginski (5 years ago)
Best ship theme I've ever heard.
Tom Baginski (5 years ago)
Fighting K.Rool with happy-ass music. :P
SethBlizzard (5 years ago)
I was looking for precisely this melody, but didn't know what it was called. Thank you. So ridiculously catchy.
Tom Baginski (5 years ago)
Curse those black bowls from the sky
sk8hawk4134 (6 years ago)
dkc2... jumps on bad guy "aarrgh"
Monkeynews (6 years ago)
I actually still remember the first time I beat him, me and my brother were jumping around shouting we did it!! and cheering while the fake credits were rolling. Then he got back up and jumped on diddy's head. Needless to say we both screamed and rushed to the control pad. haha!
Derek Barnhill (6 years ago)
omg! always flippin hated this level.
.632369A39. (6 years ago)
That fat M'fer, K. Rool, & his friggin cannonballs!!!! Made up 4 it wen I finally beat him
UnivingIshiro (6 years ago)
F*cking kredits fooled me at my last balloon...
shanedawsonluv123 (6 years ago)
@tf2vsl4d Gay
shanedawsonluv123 (6 years ago)
@Kaisergun Stupid face.
Jesse Park (6 years ago)
Xarlable (7 years ago)
Rubberfruit videos all over this song on my head, HHHHNNNNNGGGGHHHH.
GoodGuy Trotsky (7 years ago)
GoodGuy Trotsky (7 years ago)

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