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Minecraft: Wyverns Mob Mod! New Dragon Mobs! (Mo' Creatures)

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Travel to the wyvern dimension where dragons rule! Tame a mythical beast, give him armor and ride him off into the distance! If you enjoyed the video, be sure to give it a like! •Follow me on ze twitterz: https://twitter.com/bazillau •Mod: [http://bit.ly/YeTDWm] •Music By Approaching Nirvanna •Intro By TacoBite
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Text Comments (41)
Not to be rude but... YOU DID IT WRONG!!!! You press shift to get off and you cant put the crystal armor on the wyvern!!!
Nicole Gulli (3 years ago)
How do u take the armor off the wyverns?!? HELP ME PLEASE
Matthias Horste (3 years ago)
It is pronounced why-vern. And that is (from legend) a type of dragon.
Mary Marzec (4 years ago)
You can't put Crystal on them
The Psychotic Brunette (4 years ago)
I have this mod and if u press shift u get off and f to fo down.
Madison Floyd (4 years ago)
crystal armour does not work on wyverns
Liz Agna (4 years ago)
do you crouch right click or do you crouch left click?
Gwen Landry (4 years ago)
there is a mama wyveren witch is really big when u kill her and u can give her encesses
Edgy Dinosaur (4 years ago)
not that it matters, but "wyvern" is actually pronounced (wie-vern). my father has this mythical beasts encyclopedia.
Noble1200 (4 years ago)
I wish they were bigger
lion747 (4 years ago)
awesome vid but you prononce it why verns
Natalia Bargiel (4 years ago)
we should be freinds dude ;D seriously
Natalia Bargiel (4 years ago)
its Wyvren
nazgul nusur (4 years ago)
i name bob all things xD
Ian Dyer (4 years ago)
Press f
absolutely noice (4 years ago)
don't use sky's picture thats stealing and fucking dumb
Lucas Taylor (4 years ago)
Too AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Skim's Realm (4 years ago)
how do you get the unicorn horn sorry I'm a noob
John Smith (4 years ago)
they really need to add something like this in vanilla minecraft it would be sweet
brandon whhalen (4 years ago)
pronunciation=WHY-VERRN that's how you pronounce it
master 51935 (4 years ago)
Imagine if he fell
Bazillau (5 years ago)
2680 and counting! :D
MrWilliamo (5 years ago)
Bob and Bob Jr are obviously the best! Getting closer to that 10k buddy! :D
Siwielec (5 years ago)
How did you get an egg on your first try?
Siwielec (5 years ago)
It's obvious Wyverns :-)
meat (5 years ago)
Bazillau (5 years ago)
That's the same feeling I get lol
DeDerped (5 years ago)
awesome video! love your vids!
LastEmperorHD (5 years ago)
Whenever I upload a video, I'm always like, YEAH!!! IM SO EPIC! But when I watch a video from bazillau or the AtlanticCraft, I'm always like "crap."
GHOST_ (5 years ago)
These guys NEED to add walruses c; My favorite is the.. Dolphin :D
RickFlip123 (5 years ago)
There's an official server for this mod it's on the mod page but the main world is down ATM
kieran (5 years ago)
Added to voids wrath?
Fox (5 years ago)
Junior... seems legit.
Dylan Holly (5 years ago)
Why is stuff like this not in the Vanilla game?
Dovah (5 years ago)
Pronounced Why-verns
SenjarG (5 years ago)
Two words : Epic Mod!
Bazillau (5 years ago)
and they're ostriches! That's what makes them epic xD
Sam Smith (5 years ago)
I like ostriches pretty much because of the level of customisation. You get the essences the armour, flags and chests etc.
Bazillau (5 years ago)
It really should! The model for it is A-MAZING :D
TCTNGaming (5 years ago)
epic :D wow this should seriously be a seperate mod
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Hope you enjoy this mod spotlight! Whats your favorite mob in the mo' creatures mod and why? :-)

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