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Introduction To PHP - A Complete PHP Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

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This is an introduction to PHP. It is a part of a series of complete tutorials on learning PHP as an absolute beginner. If you're interested in becoming a professional PHP developer and don't have any prior programming experience these tutorials might help you on the fast track to becoming a professional PHP programmer. Tutorial 1: In this tutorial I will cover the basics such as what is PHP, some past, present and future notes on PHP and what it's used for as well as how it works. We'll also touch on a few topics to be discussed in further detail in the coming tutorials. Please feel free to leave your comments, questions, suggestions. The slides are available at http://sheriframadan.com/phpcorner
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Text Comments (114)
TUYAMBAZE Jean Claude (3 months ago)
help me please iam a students in electronics and telecommunication engeeners ,and i want to know deeply webdesign is it reasonable or not
Riaan van Niekerk (5 months ago)
this why annotations should be banned
Shariq Ayaz (9 months ago)
well i have enough practical experience in PHP and i am finding native english person m/f to get him trained for free and the reason to teach him is that i want to fluency in English. so, for your PHP and my english kindly contact me: +923422770074
Ryan Bigota (1 year ago)
I specialize in php and have worked in php as a freelance for over 20 years. Now I work with http://remotephpdevelopers.com and do mostly work form home. Love it and living the dream baby!!!
Ann Douglas (1 year ago)
Very easy listening and following. Well done.
Hussam F (2 years ago)
Hi, I tried accessing your website its not available ... any help!!!???
Clever Techie (2 years ago)
PHP: Pretty Hot Programmer Q: Why dit the programmer quit his job? A: Because he didn't get arrays. (a raise)
Min Huang (2 years ago)
The site is down.
Suresh Triapthi (2 years ago)
nice video. thanks for providing this video. it is very useful. you may also refer-http://www.s4techno.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1391
Ramesh K (2 years ago)
Thanks for providing this video.it is very useful. you may also refer-http://www.s4techno.com/blog/2015/12/29/php-mysql-web-application-migration-steps/
tutorials stars at 3.08. Excellent intro, truly for beginners - no assumptions made.
mosab k2 (2 years ago)
so much information that isnt about PHP
myonlynick (2 years ago)
the first 15 mins are amazingly well explained although they are irrelevant to PHP itself. So i hit the like button for those first 15min ;)
rupal Goyal (2 years ago)
manikanta patnana (2 years ago)
how many languages are basic to learn for php like html required then after
xshanghu (2 years ago)
Great Professor !!!!
Soleil DeParis (2 years ago)
What happened to the link? even GitHub is not there... :-(
abhidhadse (2 years ago)
Simple but worthy and efficient: http://engineering.naukri.com/2015/09/better-practices-in-php-speed-up-your-code/
Webslesson (2 years ago)
nice tutorial for beginner.
Essa Demello (2 years ago)
so much information that isnt about PHP
Priya Singh (2 years ago)
The link given by you is not working. What to do???? Plzz help
messo show (2 years ago)
in xamp we use folder htdocs instead of www
dont have www folder in xamp
Cheston Best (3 years ago)
i tried the link not working
Mohammed Raeez Nazeem (3 years ago)
same here
sabir ali (3 years ago)
nice video
sabir ali (3 years ago)
nice video
Gaurav Arora (3 years ago)
This is a very informative video . I am not a programmer but I am getting a website made . Wanted to learn php to communicate better with our developer. Thanks for posting this video.
Farsighted20014 (3 years ago)
I am really happy that an Arabic guy has all these skills and abilities of programming languages .Good luck and keep it up .... yeaaaaah :)
Zern Grayhame (3 years ago)
nicely done tutorial
eCarsTogo. com (3 years ago)
Andrew Walters (3 years ago)
Link to slides is dead
Sanin (3 years ago)
"complete PHP tutorial" with one 19 minutes video... gj.
NonickGG (3 years ago)
can i learn mySQL without understanding PHP?
Ken Chapman (3 years ago)
Oberyn,,snap,,,,,,great explanation to PHP,,Wished he was my tutor  too,,thanks sherif,G/LUCK.
Oberyn Martell (3 years ago)
man i wish you were my teacher
Oberyn Martell (3 years ago)
+tanvir hasan oh thanks
A.D (3 years ago)
wheres part two where you actually show how to code?  Did i just waste 15 minutes?
Abhishek Gupta (3 years ago)
Nice Work!!!
Elaine Leung (3 years ago)
Thank you you make it easy to understand.
Hamid Kamiss (3 years ago)
Oh my god is the same year i was born in 1995 love PHP is my favorite programming software!!!
Darius Brown (3 years ago)
+Gelar93 lol programming languages are In fact software, feminism lol
Darius Brown (3 years ago)
+Gelar93 it's a script lol
Gelar93 (3 years ago)
+reymart bolasoc PHP is a programming language. It's not as common as something like Java or C/C++ to develop applications but you can totally even develop shell applications if you want! 
ShiksTV (3 years ago)
+Gelar93 actually it is not a programming language... it is a scripting language :P
Gelar93 (3 years ago)
lol what? PHP is not a software, it is a programming language
Sams Tutorials (3 years ago)
excellent tutorial
Breeze Singh (4 years ago)
really gud
Mokgadi Rasekgala (4 years ago)
ANother great teacher!!!!
Irakli K (4 years ago)
other parts?
Nikunj Rai (4 years ago)
Diribo Hassan (4 years ago)
smart tutorial
Greg Lubinsky (4 years ago)
This was outstanding, and spoken in plain American English. This is the third one I tried and the 1st one I understood.
west coast (4 years ago)
Excellent teaching skills man!!!! yup I agree! 
Marius Riis Haugan (4 years ago)
Excellent teaching skills man! Good job on explaining clearly in a comfortable pace!
Shafeek Sharaf (4 years ago)
plz eput c ,c++ java asp more tutorials man asalamu alakume
Marcosz10 (4 years ago)
How much has PHP changed since 2010-2011? I'm trying to learn PHP from buckysroom.org but their entire videos were made back in 2011.  What would I be missing?  Is it a good idea to continue with the videos?
FISSEHA MALELE (4 years ago)
It is really great tutorial for beginners!Thanks for posting man!
Archishmaan Okonkwo (4 years ago)
vinay ganesh.d (4 years ago)
Hi nice beginning with starting tutorials. really great to listening to such kind videos. nice lecturing. Keep it up the great jobs......
Kris Maly (4 years ago)
I love this video. Enjoyed watching this video. Thanks for educating the community and your volunteer-ship is appreciated. Your voice is very clear and presentations is very good. Please please keep producing and publishing videos would be highly appreciated. I have a suggestion that I have seen a videos developed by KudVenkat are looking very good for educating how about see a video and on the same line or better way you could teach us PHP and when you teach coding don't forget to explain small errors encountered and fixing the same. Thanks a bunch
Jamie Thomson (4 years ago)
sapko bosnjak (4 years ago)
hi i em new to programing and i am 16 but il try to make a online page that is good i hope in 90 days :D so ty for video :D
hector villasano (4 years ago)
wow thank you so much
Lonecat61 (4 years ago)
I like your direct teaching method! Nice and easy to understand...hoping you have a tutorial on MySQL too!
Proximoto Proximoto (4 years ago)
I am more confused now
Ray Zadeh (4 years ago)
Hey, great video... but where is part 2?
Rob Hawkins (4 years ago)
good intro. The way you mispronounce Apache is driving me nuts tho. It's not the french word, which in pronounced uh-pahsh... that pronunciation has a silent e. It's pronounced uh-pach-ee, with the A sounding like the A in patch. It's a native American tribe, hence the feather. There is no tomAto tomAHto here. Drives me nuts to the point I can't concentrate lol
sai jayanth (4 years ago)
good video ......increase the video quality
Inderveer Sidhu (4 years ago)
great job 
solobackpacking (4 years ago)
Where is the rest of the videos?
Michel Zou (4 years ago)
Thank you for this video How do you put a site online once you have learned to program?
Michel Zou (4 years ago)
thanks a lot
Arix Zajíček (4 years ago)
Well, it's kind of a long process, but not impossible. First, you must download (Which I'm assuming you already have) XAMPP or WAMP. You should make sure the site runs well before putting it online. Then, you must port forward. This is an easy, but hard to figure out process to do. You must go into your router settings (Site is usually on the router) and port forward port 80, standard HTTP port, to your computer. But beware, this allows all network traffic on port 80. After completing that, you must, or should, mask your ip. After all, you don't want people to access your website using your IP. A good service for this is no-ip.com. They have free Host Redirects (Which is what you want) to an IP. Create an account, add a host redirect. Call it whatever you want, and make it point to your public IP address, which can easily be found by searching what is my IP on google. Good Luck!
jake waterson (4 years ago)
thanks that video was very great
Djemai Bouzida (4 years ago)
this video is very interresting
Manav Misra (4 years ago)
Killer intro beats!
carl Okeyo (4 years ago)
is this guy alive? if so where is part two?
Pakistani villages (4 years ago)
Thanks boss good work
Suraj Kumar Adhikari (4 years ago)
Great Video
Kobina Bruce (5 years ago)
now trying to get into it will pass my comment later
Ram Garg (5 years ago)
Really nice video for PHP Technology!!!! Please visit and comments at "Software Assurance Corporate Video"
Dingohnter (5 years ago)
You have no idea how much people like me really do appreciate the time you took to make videos like these!! Thanks alot! :)
Mariam Lotfy (5 years ago)
Usman Alee (5 years ago)
Great work
MaghoxFr (5 years ago)
The complete newbies need the intro, like me.
mohamed samir (5 years ago)
thanks ramadan great work
Vincent Pi (5 years ago)
aaronre (5 years ago)
php starts at 16:45
K M I have been tryi
CPKarth123 (5 years ago)
Sandy Jernigan (5 years ago)
anyone have recommendations on a simple lightweight php editor that uploads to webserver?
Tony Montana (5 years ago)
Very Good,Thanks
Sayali Pawar (5 years ago)
sherif u r awesome.....totally loved the video...! simple language,great understanding...! keep doing the good work...thnx mate...! :)
Roxana Castaneda (5 years ago)
thanks, good video
Jack Winters (5 years ago)
thank you for this helpful video
vikrant kumar (5 years ago)
great video shrif....... watch my channel
Milos Stojicevic (5 years ago)
Well done. Excellent presentation! I'm studying IT and right now we started with PHP. Thank's for your tutorial.
Abdelwahab Bounasser (5 years ago)
fl studio intro
Steven Sooil Ahn (5 years ago)
Thank you for your video guide for php tutors. Can i post your vidio in my web?
Stephon Unomon (5 years ago)
Very good detail, thank you.
MrWhileloops (5 years ago)
Great presentation. Thanks.
Musee5 (5 years ago)
great presentation..thanks :)
Michelle Du (5 years ago)
Great presentation, I really like it, I looking forward to see your more videos, Thank you!
Charles Nwankwo (5 years ago)
Just learnt more new things, keep it up!
Andre Alexei (5 years ago)
I agree, this was very nearly a waste of time to watch.
i2omani (5 years ago)
Halfway in the vedio i thought to myself "hmmmm, he is good, i like him! but i bet he doesn't have a 2nd part" and you failed me. I know we all got stuff in our life, but if you ever get the chance to finish this i will appreciate it. Thank you for you efforts good luck
cauldron (5 years ago)
very nice presentation skills, thanks for sharing i learned quite a bit
Peristilo peris (6 years ago)
very good
SanjayKumar Rajbhar (6 years ago)
where is second part sir..!

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