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FTB Ultimate Pack Released!

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The FTB Ultimate Pack is now in Public Beta! Simply open the FTB launcher, click on Private Packs, and enter the code "ultimate". Click Add, and it will show up in the list Modlist: http://pastebin.com/sC9AWhH8
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Text Comments (117)
chef bayardo (5 years ago)
who has an ultimate ftb server i want to join a good server suggestions
Memes + (5 years ago)
It crashes when I make a new world, but I haven't tried to port an old world
Louis rafter (5 years ago)
Biblio craft is in this
Joshuab75000 (5 years ago)
J0k3r3210 (5 years ago)
What version is this?
Markus Solberg (5 years ago)
Uhm, yeah but if you got anything that isnt in the ultimate pack theire going to crash your world, and also your Mass Fabricator if you got one, will be there and thats cheaty since you cant legimatly obtain that in the ultimate pack unfortatly
NCAIN123 (5 years ago)
but its down the now till my internet swaps from virgin to sky
NCAIN123 (5 years ago)
its ncain.cainhome.co.uk:25577
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Need to check the dates on yt vids you watch. This is old news. Its not a private pack anymore and should just show up in the list
punisher999100 (5 years ago)
Every time I try join a server it crashes on me and my FML isnt loading which is most likely the cause
Ethan M. (5 years ago)
when i type ultimate it says invalid private pack. I don't know what is wrong.
claycraftia (5 years ago)
Hunter Milam (5 years ago)
I Believe So...maybe, it would require you to be out of the nether though...might be worth a try!
ElTraidor (5 years ago)
I don't think so.
BenCubed (5 years ago)
I got the modpack but every time I load up the game it crashes and exits out when I reach the singleplayer multiplayer texturepack screen. Please help me I really want to play this modpack
mellesubs (5 years ago)
Do you have optifine installed?
Eduardo Reis Nobre (5 years ago)
You will have no problem with that...
ElTraidor (5 years ago)
i mean loading world not lading.
ElTraidor (5 years ago)
I made a new world it said lading world building terrain then the words go away and then in a min it says minecraft has crashed
MrSpiffykai (5 years ago)
only 90 mods
Tarro57 (5 years ago)
Equivalent Exchange 3!!!
Kyle (5 years ago)
I could just delete my Nether folder and regenerate that, right?
Kyle (5 years ago)
It works ok, my concern are things like ore generation, or the flat bed rock, cause that's super important :P.
Hunter Milam (5 years ago)
yes it would, it has to re-generate the nether ores and stuff...so you might have to...the item id's are the same but it wont generate new ores...
Will Taylor (5 years ago)
I dont have the damage indicator thingy
NCAIN123 (5 years ago)
maybe whats your name then i white list you
JJ1Monster (5 years ago)
Would this be the same for The Mindcrack pack?
NCAIN123 (5 years ago)
rondouglas would you like to join my FTB ultimate server ? it is white listed though so if you want just tell me and ill put you on?
NCAIN123 (5 years ago)
i get it too but i know its something to do with chickenchuncks
haris Drndic (5 years ago)
old worlds
Flutterbat (5 years ago)
Same for me :/ (Mac OS 10.6.8, Imac 27" late 2009)…
tommy warner (5 years ago)
why does my pack crash when i create a new world? Please someone help
ninjakirby4 (5 years ago)
Thank you so much. This was giving me a lot of problems.
FunshineX (5 years ago)
copy your save into the ultimate pack and check? The ids are the same so it should work OK
Kyle (5 years ago)
I'm using the DireWolf20 Pack now, would moving my world to the ultimate pack require me to regenerate my world to be able to use the new mods 100%?
ZERO B (5 years ago)
Yay magic!
Zachary Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Why did I get it automatically?
Zachary Gonzalez (5 years ago)
I have the v1.0.1 and it works great.
TheDarkeningCloud (5 years ago)
i did try reinstalling and still the same results but 0.1.3 had a pack that installed the instmods as well so i have already been playing and besides i didn't mind installing forge myself i was just saying what it was doing for pack v0.1.0 and v0.1.1
Neo Dimi (5 years ago)
they to put "ultimate" without the quotations
The Velour Fog (5 years ago)
It still doesn't work :(
RadicallyCorey (5 years ago)
Is anyone else getting the Could not register backpacks via Forestry. error i can't even launch it because i keep getting this error
The Black Talon (5 years ago)
works fine for me, only some lagg but i dont care it have 90 mods, but i recommend you to delete all voxel mods so it gets even less lagg. ;) thanks for code man, best. modpack. ever.
James244 (5 years ago)
If you're getting stuck on the loading screen when entering a world or creating a new one, go to advanced options in the launcher and put "-XX:PermSize=128M" without the quotations in additional java parameters.
jameso321 (5 years ago)
no, you are just dumb
Nubly1 (5 years ago)
How do I download it? Nothing happens when I put the cod in the private pack thing. It just gives me a invalid pack error
ThaSupa Gansta (5 years ago)
@TheDarkeningCloud that is a error on your computer deinstall feedthebeast an reinstall that should fix it :D
TheDarkeningCloud (5 years ago)
i just wish it had minechem as well
TheDarkeningCloud (5 years ago)
sadly it doesnt install the instmods when its downloaded so you have to manualy install forge otherwise you can only play vanilla
MrGreeguy (5 years ago)
MrGreeguy (5 years ago)
I downloaded the pack and I don't know if my current laptop can handle 87 mods... :-(
Mallchad (5 years ago)
I meant called.
Mallchad (5 years ago)
@rondouglas I dont get how to change Euro Server to download. Do you mean make a folder cakler Euro server?
FunshineX (5 years ago)
New worlds or are you trying to port an old world? Pastebin your crash log file
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Options > Advanced Options > Download Location
ElTraidor (5 years ago)
Why does it crash everytime i open a world?
Andrew120001 (5 years ago)
Same here
JamesDoesVideo (5 years ago)
And how would I go about doing this? It seems to say "Error downloading modpack", right when the progress bar gets to the very end of the main modpack download, not the Jar download.
Angeels (5 years ago)
Any idea on how to setup a server with this pack?
ITSPETETHEBEAST97 (5 years ago)
Bleez (5 years ago)
That's awesome, didn't know about it.
MrGreeguy (5 years ago)
I know that and I want to buy a new and better pc
FunshineX (5 years ago)
windows8 isn't much different than 7, other than the new start screen, and it boots in 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes. Minecraft runs just the same.
FunshineX (5 years ago)
dw20/mindcrack packs only update on mondays
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Yes I am!
FunshineX (5 years ago)
on the start screen there is a music icon that is crossed out by default, click it to turn on.
FunshineX (5 years ago)
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Set your launcher to use the Euro server and restart it.
MrGreeguy (5 years ago)
Do you have a new pc that has Windows 8?
gudenau (5 years ago)
The launcher is ugly.
Fadedeathdave (5 years ago)
K, didn't realize, thanks
Trainguyrom (5 years ago)
Looks great :)
Zx Wilderfir (5 years ago)
Much Love
Tim Oxley (5 years ago)
cant get my sound to work on it for some reason
AddictiveGamer198 (5 years ago)
AddictiveGamer198 (5 years ago)
How does this have the latest XXyCraft and Dw20 Doesnt ?????
JamesDoesVideo (5 years ago)
I keep getting an error while downloading the modpack....
claycraftia (5 years ago)
You should do a tutorial on how to set Minecraft up on windows 8 because I heard that it isn't that simple... if it is *facepalm*...
Lazy Shpee (5 years ago)
Are all the mods you use in there ?
GGRocks (5 years ago)
thanks for the code! :)
FunshineX (5 years ago)
its in dw20 right now
FunshineX (5 years ago)
i did hear that tfc is going to be in its own pack. I've never tried it but have watched some yt vids on it. I probably won't do my own series in the near future however
FunshineX (5 years ago)
how could you tell?
FunshineX (5 years ago)
yes I will be using it. Need me some end game!
Moanzx (5 years ago)
AWESOME ty so much man!
Mafficraft (5 years ago)
The new pack has got Greg-Tech included. Do you will use or disable it for your Let's play because it will take much longer with it?
juustkunas (5 years ago)
yh its in the dw20 pack
MinedMaker (5 years ago)
Oh yeah! now where gonna get some crazy stuff! cant whait!
TheRyanx00 (5 years ago)
Well you should be!
Fadedeathdave (5 years ago)
Ooh, and Xeno's Reliquary, I don't think that was in a pack before, cool....
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Yep just saw he updated it based on a bug I reported.
FunshineX (5 years ago)
The server jar pack isn't available yet so server admins need to create it on their own. I don't know of any servers that have it up yet
FunshineX (5 years ago)
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Try going into advanced options and change to use the Euro server to download
Fadedeathdave (5 years ago)
Yeah, I saw Jaded tweeted about this, can't wait to try it! Shame I have to go out for a while now... :(
Mallchad (5 years ago)
How do I fix that my launcher cant connect to java.net ?
DAN RACING (5 years ago)
Any Server That I Can Join Whit This Pack??
Fed Hi (5 years ago)
You can get the xyxraft updated but you have to dl it from the xycraft site.
Industrialbeast (5 years ago)
Very Nice!

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