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When life gives you lemons make lemonade.. when life gives you Harley Quinn run Subscribe:http://www.youtube.com/Alex4higher?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alex4higher Tony: https://www.youtube.com/user/TCTNGaming Music: http://www.audionautix.com/ Music: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (22)
COLBY CONNOR (1 month ago)
whats the map?
Jonathan tallman (1 year ago)
Harley Quinn is fricken hot
Oscar Daniel Vallejo (1 year ago)
Jonathan tallman HUsh
Oscar Daniel Vallejo (1 year ago)
fugge snuffels HUH
slog _ (1 year ago)
she's sexy
Alex Garcia (1 year ago)
That's stupid
Frisk Undertale (1 year ago)
lol lol
P2isthename jr (1 year ago)
you ass hole she is my real girlfriend in real life
Shanae Mosley (7 months ago)
Fuck you I play joker
slog _ (1 year ago)
no she's not she's mine
Omega (1 year ago)
What map is this?
rodpeezyKIDz gaming (1 year ago)
did anyone see the shadow when Alex was standing on the table
Team Biznitch (1 year ago)
Tony sounds different in your videos
sparkle gamer (1 year ago)
just kidding
sparkle gamer (1 year ago)
lol sanic drive ing a car sanic and harlequin I ship It
Peter Vogel (1 year ago)
pancakeman12 HD (1 year ago)
Nice video bro :3
Javier Rodriguez (1 year ago)
nothing _ (1 year ago)
did you f*uk harly up so bad you killed her!
super groot (1 year ago)
go play maez
Rod (1 year ago)

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