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Minecraft Mod Review: ELEMENTAL ORBS!

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Mod Review Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3E5DE2965FEE6087 Download: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1862227-162forge-elemental-orbs-v11-updated-july-12-2013/ Website: http://www.AntVenom.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/AntVenom Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/AntVenomFB Twitch.TV: http://twitch.tv/AntVenom Store: http://antvenom.spreadshirt.com Browser Add-on: http://bit.ly/W6F6j6 The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha Outro Track by Approaching Nirvana Evolve Album - Death of a King Download the Album: http://bit.ly/T7lIiH
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Text Comments (1594)
Friquido (8 days ago)
God damn it antvenom is autistic Edit; an autist with ADD
The Redstone Miners! (2 months ago)
Yes... ING gOts
Tee Vee Does Youtube (3 months ago)
Fire...🔥 Water... 💧 Earth... 💎 *TNT...* 💥
How can you speak like that on cow it is the holy animal of Hindu
Phillip Wein (5 months ago)
Elemental orb break!
TheHuyTo (5 months ago)
What about Omega water
Ms. Watakamis (5 months ago)
First comment in years
Ender YT (5 months ago)
Miss the old antvenom..
Poodsie Bro (6 months ago)
An intro where you could see the items on his item ring
DapperBubble (6 months ago)
Why am I watching AntVenom videos from 5 years ago? I don't know! But it's fun!
Jesse Greenhaus (7 months ago)
In 11:25 there is a cross of fire
Aaron Lorenc (7 months ago)
No cows were harmed in this video...hopefully
Kose Bose (8 months ago)
So old video... Hi from 2018
tacocat300000 X3 (5 months ago)
Lol same
Evan Eevee (8 months ago)
Did you not see the torches floating in the air towards the end of the review? I sure did!
Kirby (9 months ago)
You forgot Omega Fire!
The_Cheese254 (9 months ago)
Tnt Cows!
FH_NoColor Gaming (1 year ago)
The poor cows... Now are in the "Moo Haven" XD
FH_NoColor Gaming (1 year ago)
Minecraft Cow 1: Why You hate me so much? Is cuz I make noise? just.. MUTE IT FOR [Censored cuz this word is insultig] Me: Ant and Cow War 1?? (AACW1) AntVenom: hmm.. To Mute the sound.... (If U didnt get it , just mute the cow sounds)
FH_NoColor Gaming (1 year ago)
Why dislikes , its a great vid
Perfect Sonic (1 year ago)
Anyways, moo-ving on here...
Parmie (1 year ago)
Am I the first one watching this in 2017????
DissectedPig (1 year ago)
parmie enenfijftig no I watched it on new. years
Links Loki (1 year ago)
Daaamn you really hate cows :o
Rylen L (1 year ago)
"allows you to create elemental (ores)"
Alex (2 years ago)
if cows were muted would you hate them less?
AwesomeGoldenGamers (2 years ago)
Yeah lol.
Sebastian Szymczuch (2 years ago)
The Emerald Minecart (2 years ago)
Zeeshan y did u put this on your Chanel and mr potato not a funny name and Dan please subscribe to My tube channel because I subscribed to your
MrSoldier (10 months ago)
The Emerald Minecart kys fucking kid
Jasen Medeiros (2 years ago)
I like how I'm the first one to comment on this video in 2016
Gamergpf (1 year ago)
Ploopy I like how I'm the first one to reply to this comment in 2017
AwesomeGoldenGamers (2 years ago)
Valandil Elchin (2 years ago)
Omega water orb
Andrei L. (2 years ago)
wind orb
That86guy Patrick (3 years ago)
You mean, mowving along
Ardyn Izunia (3 years ago)
Aloysius Cheong (3 years ago)
The Lightning and TNT can be achieved in vanilla with the following commands: /execute @e ~ ~ ~ summon LightningBolt /execute @e ~ ~ ~ summon PrimedTnt
TheFalling Lord (3 years ago)
Carlos Villatoro (3 years ago)
This is like seeing sky getting payback on squids I HATE SQUIDS
Bob Stomachbaby (4 years ago)
My name derp
89MinecraftPro (3 years ago)
No! Your name bob!
Bob Stomachbaby (4 years ago)
I'm Moses wtf
Arman Attar (4 years ago)
The omega dry orb looks like the heat orb!!!!
Arman Attar (4 years ago)
The ice on the ice orb goes deep down
Arman Attar (4 years ago)
The ice on the ice orb goes deep down
Paula Wilkins (4 years ago)
I accually like cows
Moshilover 1100 (4 years ago)
Turns nearby stone bricks... Into mossy ones? Downloading... -bug catcher
Craftmaster_tms (4 years ago)
Hears antvenoms intro cant resist whistling to it
kristyf912 (4 years ago)
Sam Hellings (4 years ago)
4:27 Bang and cows are gone
What happened if you do lighting orb on creepers? CHARGE CREEPERS!!!!!!!
Emily Diaz (4 years ago)
Great vid ant, but plz do a vid on the other omega orbs.
Brandon Ciraudo (4 years ago)
MOO ving on!
Sebastian Schnell (4 years ago)
U scare me ant
ChickenGaming (4 years ago)
BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!
RNich and RaiderMC (4 years ago)
Lol, 677 777 views!!! And, have you reviewed the 'Animal Bikes Mod'?
RNich and RaiderMC (4 years ago)
And I'm RNich btw
Zachary Wilson (4 years ago)
Maryann Brown (4 years ago)
Hey was What do you have against cows a$$hole
TitanOrangE (10 months ago)
a lot
KingBobbyG1223 (4 years ago)
Why do you hate cows? Milk is used for cake. Cows make milk. So without cows, we wouldn't have cake
Gregory Song (4 years ago)
is this the faithful texture pack?
Usuriosasp 8 (4 years ago)
what do you  have against cows?
Arty Gaming (4 years ago)
Apparently one of the updates changed the sound that personally doesn't bother me too much but ant doesn't like it so
alex barowski (4 years ago)
WhiteFlarie (4 years ago)
Texan Rump Science (4 years ago)
Stupid rude cows.
benlangford2003 (4 years ago)
If u had the teleport orb and named it herobrine, u would teleport to him
AyZix (7 months ago)
benlangford2003 No because he doesn’t exist. It’s a dumb creepy pasta for 7 years old kids.
Jazmine Royal (4 years ago)
poor cows
Fara Fellow (4 years ago)
03:05 Steaky.
Jacob Rubenstein (4 years ago)
ummmmm... where is the better water orb?
gae barton (4 years ago)
Ne tavo reikalas (4 years ago)
 ihate cows two
Celia Hernandez (4 years ago)
this video is very funny
Duckling's Grandson (4 years ago)
Moo-ving on here
Josh Lowery (4 years ago)
I am in the ant farm !!
Josh Lowery (4 years ago)
Cow vaporizer
Li Xiang (4 years ago)
Sky dose minecraft will love dry ore
Shonhon (4 years ago)
no cows stand in myy way!!
ContentRiver46 (4 years ago)
screew you cows
PuffBall Night (4 years ago)
PuffBall Night (4 years ago)
KEEP out the good work!!
PuffBall Night (4 years ago)
Ant you are awesome can you get 50.000.000 Likes is going to be awesome!!
Jaden Hahn (4 years ago)
07:08 herp derp a herpderp wiyh the trees
Leaf Shop (4 years ago)
too op
Jacob _ (4 years ago)
There are floating torches
Amreen Gill (4 years ago)
6,991 like
SupremeMcers Sword (4 years ago)
jose hernandez (4 years ago)
wish i could get the mod
brennen larson (4 years ago)
Water orb?
Username Pending (4 years ago)
He forgot to do the Omega Water orb
Kelvin Dang (4 years ago)
Lhhvnbhhbhg mngjbmbkn
Jason H (4 years ago)
The omega dry orb looks like the heat orb! XD
Ashton Pierce (4 years ago)
Hit Yo Gudda (4 years ago)
tnt orb is funny
Sport blue sky (4 years ago)
Ardyn Izunia (4 years ago)
You pronounce ingots really obnoxiously. Its not 'een-gawts' its 'een-guhts'
in-gits is the right pronunciation. Doesn't inGOTs just sound irritating? to me it does
RED Engineer (9 months ago)
CrazySkullGamer (1 year ago)
Waluigi Ingot not eenguts
Ardyn Izunia (4 years ago)
And i'm a bald eagle.
Cosmic Rabbit (4 years ago)
its actually ingot not ingit he's saying it right
Leoмαrιѕ (4 years ago)
The cows are flying to the sun XD
Tamir Zolboo (4 years ago)
Gabriel McGuire (4 years ago)
Animal abuse :P
Weird Internet Person (4 years ago)
U forgot the omega water orb
Arbiter Games (4 years ago)
Is this mod for 1.7.4?
Alex Carpenter (4 years ago)
You forgot the omega water orb
Sport blue sky (4 years ago)
it MAY harm your computer google says 
deleted (4 years ago)
ok not trying to be mean or anything but you say ingots wrong (ingahts) its really (ingets)
Claudia Droguett (4 years ago)
Mierda cogones
Craig Hester (4 years ago)
you completely demolished that world
Aliti Senikuraciri (4 years ago)
You mean creative
Hahodi d (4 years ago)
George Sasso (4 years ago)
Happy 2million
Rick Powell (4 years ago)
i love your videos
Alfred Hans (4 years ago)
Dark orb
Ruben's Gaming (4 years ago)
you still had the water orb

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