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20,000 Q and A plus Setup Tour

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Thanks guys for 20,000 subscribers! ★ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LtJim007 How to make a Bukkit/Spigot Server: ► https://goo.gl/2BBvlr How to Portforward your Server: ► https://goo.gl/UTBO87 Visit my PlanetMinecraft page for Map downloads: ► http://goo.gl/KUoswQ Background Music: ► https://goo.gl/Ygtcok ★ Spigot Account: https://goo.gl/O0inAU ★ Contact Email: [email protected] ★ Server Owner Setup Tutorials: Episode 1 - Compiling a Jar File: https://goo.gl/xuvcOc Episode 2 - Making the Server: https://goo.gl/2BBvlr Episode 3 - Port Forwarding: https://goo.gl/hLa9mR Episode 4 - Free Domain Name: https://goo.gl/y1ROHG Episode 5 - Server Icon: https://goo.gl/JjMFa8 If you get an error with a plugin the best course of action is to create a ticket or send the developer a private message containing the error!
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Text Comments (110)
KingStation (1 year ago)
you deserve 10 Million LtJim007 ! and Congratulations For 20,000 <3
KnifeKat (1 year ago)
What is that game where you are running away from the Gold Blocks breaking on the floor? The Wool one is ColorShuffle, yeah? I checked the Bukkit page and seems its discontinued? Doesn't work for 1.12 does it? Looks pretty neat tbh
Burgercat (1 year ago)
where did u got ur username??
Official Clwolf (1 year ago)
Lol cable management on fleek
Official Clwolf (1 year ago)
yeah XD
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
yeah the cables on my desk are messy af, I should probably sort that out
Official Clwolf (1 year ago)
LtJim007 love your channel tho, you've really made my minecraft server network evolve
Official Clwolf (1 year ago)
LtJim007 yeah but like your desk cable management is just great XD
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
All of the cables are neat except the yellow sata cable that connects to my ssd, I didnt really care about where it went
Hatty_Cat Gaming (1 year ago)
Been so long man, just thought id check back! Congrats on the growth
Nice and Congratz on 20k subs. <3 PS: YOU'RE AMAZING!
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
thanks :D
Esenchital (1 year ago)
tx video 😘
Freddyzockt (1 year ago)
Hey LtJim007 can you show a world reset plugin wich you can usw with a command ? ^^
Steffen Johannessen (1 year ago)
James, when are you going to vlog a day at uni for us?
Mitchal TechIt (1 year ago)
MrPiggy Skillz (1 year ago)
Congrats! Keep it up! Love your content <3
Pan Policjant (1 year ago)
I'm from Poland. I before created a server. Your tutorials, help me and give me new interesting plugins. Thanks for support ;)
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
witam glad to help
InstaAfterEffects (1 year ago)
Woah! I got featured at 1:14! Thanks for answering!
Killer4410CA (1 year ago)
keep it up, love your videos :)
thomas jørgensen (1 year ago)
Awesome video! :)
Grevils (1 year ago)
Hey Good Video , i am your subscriber and i have made a server with all of tis plugs you can see the server in my channel
Emilio Martis (1 year ago)
You are amazing! You will get more and more and more and more subscribers! Best of luck! =)
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
hehe thanks :D
YTCreap_ (1 year ago)
I remember, when u have 2k subs
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
such a long time ago now!
iJamgo64_ (1 year ago)
Congrats Jim! Been watching you for ages, you deserve more subscribers. Mind checking out my main channel and reviewing it so I can make it better? Thanks!
Doxixx YT (1 year ago)
1293 subs in ? 9h :o
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
lol I just took a while to make this video
PerVicz (1 year ago)
nie rozumiem angielskiego ale masz sub
xPlayZ Official (1 year ago)
Make a Face-Reveal!
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
.....maybe :P
Viral Videos (1 year ago)
You should change the title to: "20,000 Q&A ( + HAND REVEAL )"
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
haha I was thinking about putting "REVEAL?" in the title but decided not to clickbait everyone :P
BaconSubtractPancakes (1 year ago)
When you said you tried to make plugins but it was to hard, you should try and learn a more simple language than Java first.
BaconSubtractPancakes (1 year ago)
I am still waiting for the day you do one of my plugins. D:
BaconSubtractPancakes (1 year ago)
Oh Gosh you actually responded... https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/authors/thebacongamer.241234/ Thanks for responding to the comment though.
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
link me
Kzone (1 year ago)
You should post other games, I would love to see a csgo series
JustThumps (1 year ago)
3:47 LOL I made that profile picture
Gianluca (1 year ago)
Pombo (1 year ago)
at least he did a hand reveal.
DexterousJonesy (1 year ago)
LtJim007 keepo
Pombo (1 year ago)
LtJim007 I just noticed your hand is very skinny :kappa:
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
EXACTLY! maybe a foot reveal next time kappa
f4nity 44 (1 year ago)
You inspired my french server dude thank you so much u are the best !!!!!
Chet Lewis (1 year ago)
nice setup! congrats on 20k. what camera do you have? i have a blackwidow x chroma te, its pretty cool, just a compact size of yours pretty much
Chet Lewis (1 year ago)
LtJim007 dang, that's nice. I have a Sony alpha a5000
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
thanks and Its a canon EOS 500D
OMDS HaHa (1 year ago)
What's your skype or discord can I talk to you I have a few servers all unique wip I wounded if you would like to help and your friends not saying ip yet as it's not out yet and don't want people joining yet
Tommy-Lee Coldham (1 year ago)
sorry if u said it in the video I didn't get to watch it coz it was playing up what do u use to edit and record ur videos? also congratulations on 20k well it's 21k now
Tommy-Lee Coldham (1 year ago)
LtJim007 dude your a legend thanks I find that premiere pro is the best aha
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
nope it wasnt in the video, I use adobe premiere for videos and photoshop for thumbnails. Used to use sony vegas but i really didnt like it.
Ozek (1 year ago)
Noice vid
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
Noice comment thanks
legoshowtv (1 year ago)
dude for 19 year old u have a very deep voice where im 18 and i dont have one lol
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
Yeah so many people tell me that
Sleepinq Panda (1 year ago)
you have come this far man keep up the grind
Sleepinq Panda (1 year ago)
"Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine" ~ Jack Ma see how far you've come :)
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
Ive been close to quitting a few times but I manage to keep at it somehow!
BenProPlayz (1 year ago)
19, I thought you were like 30. :\
lemons99 lemons (1 year ago)
LtJim007 Can you show us how to setup noip with router settings and everything I'm having problems
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
haha so many people think Im like 10 years old than I actually am :P
Milan Hájek (1 year ago)
Record vlogs pls :-)
DexterousJonesy (1 year ago)
LtJim007 alot
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
lol im not sure how interesting that would be xD
Regn (1 year ago)
Hey Jim! Im a big fan of you and you have really helped me out on making my server improve. If you need any graphics of some sort please contact me. I will make you anything for free <3
Regn (1 year ago)
I understand :) Love your videos, keep up the good work (y)
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
Thanks for the offer but Im happy with my logo and channel art atm
Nexurent (1 year ago)
Nice vid
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
cheers :D
Nayfin (1 year ago)
Wow, I subscribed to your channel a long time ago, and I had always assumed you had a ton of subs. Love the videos, keep it up! 👍
Nayfin (1 year ago)
LtJim007 I was actually really surprised to discover you didn't have over 100k at least, your vids are just that quality, you deserve all the subs you have and more
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
ryandoesgaming (1 year ago)
Congrats on 20k bro I have been watching forever and have used this channel to find many plugins for my server well done Dude!
Captain Anz (1 year ago)
Wanna join the server I'm admin on I can give u a Youtuber rank if u want
Tommy-Lee Coldham (1 year ago)
Captain Anz what's ur server ip
FoxBitExtra (1 year ago)
Congrats on 20K bro! That's amazing!
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
thanks mate!
grbSB GAMING (1 year ago)
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
Thanks everyone! On a side note I really need to learn how to use my camera and make it auto focus :3
Mitchal TechIt (1 year ago)
Auto Focus Works by its self that is the whole point but as long as your camera has your face or what ever you are trying to record should focus on that. If you want to figure out how to make it auto focus i could help but i would need your make because ever camera auto focus is different.
LtJim007 I would be so hyped
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
hehe maybe ;)
Numero Uno plz do a duo with him please
Easy Roast (1 year ago)
Dudeeeeeee 30k face reveal confirmed???? Haha, can't wait for our birthmonth coming up soon!
Velo RJS06 (1 year ago)
congratz Ltjim007
Velo RJS06 (1 year ago)
could I help you in your video sometimes? also, could you check out my server the IP is stampyrjs06.serv.nu
LtJim007 (1 year ago)
Gamer Nic (1 year ago)
Tim Buckrue (1 year ago)
Notification squad!
ThonyBro (1 year ago)

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