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Ultima 1 Game Review (Apple IIGS Remake)

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A look at the lesser known Apple IIGS version of Ultima.
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Mr. Polecat (14 hours ago)
Hmmm, I had the Ultima Trilogy for the 8-bit Apple ][ (which had an improved Turbo Pascal remake of Ultima I in it), and I recall the world of Ultima I being split into 4 continents/islands, rather than one big continent like in this //gs version. Am I just mis-remembering things? Does the game world change after you go into outer-space and come back or something?
Andiar Rohnds (2 months ago)
Kimbap Tempura (6 months ago)
I had the original when it came out, and I dumped hours and hours into - I mean it was amazing you could even go into space!
MoodyOldDude (8 months ago)
You know you actually sound like Richard Garriott himself?! LOL
tbb033 (11 months ago)
For IIgs, this looks surprisingly disappointing. The music seems to be the real advantage over the PC re-release
Fart Crapper (2 years ago)
What the heck.. where can I get this?
SimmeringPotpourri (2 years ago)
Haha. Nice pic of Richard.
Bob Millard (2 years ago)
Wow, thanks for putting this up! In-game music and dungeon monster graphics seem to be the only improvements over the eight-bit versions. But cool to see, anyway. Thanks again.
Luzur (3 years ago)
I got into Ultima around Ultima 3, but that was with the C64 version.
archelonprime (3 years ago)
Wow, I had no idea a IIGS version was ever made!  I played and finished the Apple II version years ago on a IIGS however.
Daniel Glaser (4 years ago)
Well done! After seeing this, I really want to play U1 and play Bach while I'm in the dungeons. The GOG version (DOS) has no music, but I have a Bach CD that will suffice.
fucheduck (4 years ago)
be a bobbit female cleric and go cut somebody's dick off. I thought it was a hobbit in Ultima II.
tbb033 (11 months ago)
The Tolkein people made them change it at some point
fucheduck (4 years ago)
my folks had an Apple II GS in 1988, unfortunately, I was totally ignorant of this title and settled for the Apple II version then when it came out(and I found out today it had come out in 1994 lol) I was already using my own IBM and knew nothing about any apple news. wish I had DARN!
dudeumidontknow (4 years ago)
Wish I could play that version, I like the detail they added to the AIs, I'm playing the DOS version on Dosbox.
Alexander Twose (4 years ago)
The music when you are inside the dungeon is really amazing. It sounds like a real organ. This "Little Fugue" from Bach sounds perfect on the IIGS! It contrasts, though, with the very poor graphics.
Farulosonoth (5 years ago)
Also, you forgot to equip it! Your attacking with a dagger.
Farulosonoth (5 years ago)
The game is talking about the rod with a steel chunk of metal on the end... not the stuff you spray in a muggers face. Not sure if you were being sarcastically humorous, but your tone made it sound like you didn't know that.
CaptainRufus (5 years ago)
And how would we go about this? I would love to give my moneys for a copy, or even a file to use with emulators. And you know you would love money for the Figuarts Sailor Moon toys coming up. Japan nerd things do not come cheap. :v
CaptainRufus (5 years ago)
Ultima Codex posted about your video too Tanru! Like I said there, is there any chance of showing the slightly redone Ultima 2 from the Apple II Ultima Trilogy release? You are THE Apple II guy on the Youtubes far as I am concerned.
TanRu Nomad (5 years ago)
In an hour? Nice. I'll check it out.
TanRu Nomad (5 years ago)
Burgerbecky! Thanks for making my childhood all the more enjoyable with your awesome IIGS games!
Rebecca Heineman (5 years ago)
You get copies from me. I'm the one who wrote it.
CaptainRufus (5 years ago)
I can get to the Shuttle in about an hour on the PC version. Maybe check it out.
TanRu Nomad (5 years ago)
I wonder how updated the space shooter section is. And of course I don't mind if you forward it. :)
CaptainRufus (5 years ago)
Nice to see a 94 port of an 86 remake of an 81 game. It was still my first rpg of any kind back in 88 on my C64 . Hope you dont mind but I linked the video to the Ultima Dragons facebook. Figured they might like it.
laffer35 (5 years ago)
I managed to get it running in UNZ, I believe... it's so long ago now. I bought an original copy, so maybe there was some issue with the one you downloaded? Though the UNZ emulator isn't all that great, it seems to vary a bit for people what they can get to work, I don't really know much about it either.
TanRu Nomad (5 years ago)
Yup, I believe that was Joe's shop
TanRu Nomad (5 years ago)
A fellow youtuber and really cool guy. :) The status of this game is kind of murky because Joe Kohn, the last person to own the rights to the game passed away back in 2009 so the game as been unavailable since. I'm not sure if that means its abandonware or not. Hopefully we can get confirmation that it is so Alex Lee can host it on his IIGS website.
Dave K. (5 years ago)
i miss the intro :P
TanRu Nomad (5 years ago)
Just checked it out. Nice seeing Mr. British himself introducing them. I haven't seen them before though.
TanRu Nomad (5 years ago)
Agreed. Nothing like some classic Bach to set the tone.
laffer35 (5 years ago)
I didn't even know about this version, very interesting to see it... given the late release date though, I would have expected it to be a bit more updated than this one... though the music is pretty nice. Have you had a look at the FM Towns Ultima Trilogy? Those are interesting, they kind of look like something you'd find on a NES.
maximpact24 (5 years ago)
Very nice! I especially like the dungeon music. The enemies look good as well. Cheers to you! ^>^

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