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I'M IN THIS GAME!!! | The Adventure Pals

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Text Comments (12058)
Neptwo (2 minutes ago)
“time to smashy smashy my boy”
Sloppywaffles 13 (11 minutes ago)
Why are these all closed? Are they closed on purpose? Man inside shop: shhhhh it's that guy again.... Women in shop: ufhhh when he left a year ago it was for good
The Man of Mansasse (11 minutes ago)
why wont you notice your brother (bigumike)
Joceline Aponte (16 minutes ago)
I want this game!!!
Dv Eis (37 minutes ago)
you're parents are hotdogs
Hbrtlrnz (2 hours ago)
"This is not a Micheal Bay film"
BlueWolf 7831 (2 hours ago)
Holy shoot dan i haven't seen this game for AGES!!! And now that ur in it I'll probz play it a bit more! ;)
Kellyn Younger (2 hours ago)
That cupcake cat is my time of cat
Sweet lookin' Toast (3 hours ago)
how do i become dan on pc? what fo i press???
NastyXKilo (3 hours ago)
dantdm's card: legendary/epic/rare other youtber's card: unknown
ladyunicorm (3 hours ago)
Kind of reminds me of Pokemon
Katrina Howell (3 hours ago)
Mr Rock will knock out enimes then you kill them duh doi hehe i SUBSCRIBED i thought this would be boring but its... AWESOME btw love the voices :) <3 (:
Bella Morris (4 hours ago)
deficit Israeli alone advanced chain vessel match female derive rice something mountain.
MrBubbles34 (5 hours ago)
the shop is exactly the same as the castle crashers one but its a bee instead of the bandit!!The shop in castle crashers even sells bombs and potions too!
Alonzo SC (5 hours ago)
Reminds me of Scribblenauts
not working
Yourfriendlyplay (6 hours ago)
Richmond Nguyen (7 hours ago)
Do more Roblox plz😃
Jordan Campbell (7 hours ago)
I mean rayman legends
Jordan Campbell (7 hours ago)
Play Cayman legends
Cp Shadowgirl (7 hours ago)
It was a gramma not a grandpa lol
Lilly Cakeiy (8 hours ago)
Dantdm:SAVE THE GRANDADS! Me:(uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I DONT HABE GRANDADS) (PS theyre both ded)
Angle (9 hours ago)
I beat you 19000000 money 💴 that dan won’t heart this or pin it
Deanthony Vanarsdale (9 hours ago)
Terraria why he stop?
chinaisbrown (10 hours ago)
YAY this game... ._.
chinaisbrown (10 hours ago)
this is THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!
Exp is an acronym, it stands for execution points....lol
CrashCrazy (11 hours ago)
Rah Gaming (11 hours ago)
The Animation reminds me of Adventure Time.
Rah Gaming (11 hours ago)
XD dan even says this himself :p
Ninja Jojo's Dojo (11 hours ago)
Dynamic PZ (12 hours ago)
“I love that confetti comes out my butt.” - dantdm 2018
Dev Dev (12 hours ago)
Can you please please please (pretty please) play epic battle fantasy 4 after this its an old final fantasy type game but much higher quality plus it's the second most recommended game on Kongregate
CreepyPastaKid J (12 hours ago)
Starlight Night (12 hours ago)
Um dan those are your parents not your grand parents it even says mum = mom
Aiddin Wilson (12 hours ago)
dan how do i change my skin on xbox for adventure pals
Pikablue769 Animations (13 hours ago)
Yay! It’s finally here!
Ashleyshodowwolf1221101 (13 hours ago)
🤣😂 no giraffe yes giant pug🦄
Gangster Turtle (13 hours ago)
This game remendes me of Mario and chucul. Question is Buju Mike your brother its because he says you are his brother
Blazergamer 5613 (13 hours ago)
Play splatoon 2 ya do that I would watch that gameplay it's really fun u missed 4 splatfests
Lucky SSO Lucy (13 hours ago)
Awzome video!!
Trip's Animations (13 hours ago)
I wish they brought this to mobile.
Dekota Ross (13 hours ago)
They are your parents boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyy yyy yytttt y
Natalie Hudson (13 hours ago)
Make this a series, finish Detective Pikachu, and do more Minecraft Maps again!
Johanna Pataluna (14 hours ago)
what about the hat in time series could you make more of those videos
Josh Bryan (14 hours ago)
Is this 2 player and if so, how do you activate it?
Tai Babakhani (14 hours ago)
Good luck and cool
Richard Seymour (14 hours ago)
Please play total war shougen 2
Fay King (14 hours ago)
tell me how to be dantdm in the game
luis hernandez (14 hours ago)
ayyyyyyy :D
Jordan Pearl (15 hours ago)
Rayman legends is better because it has rayman origins
Maria Mata (15 hours ago)
Can you do a stream on this game please? I would love to watch it!
Jordan Pearl (15 hours ago)
I was so happy when I saw this U can tell by my profile pic
Julio Laboy (15 hours ago)
The part where you select levels reminds me of cuphead
Leticia Osorio (15 hours ago)
Btw I heard yanny bit Dan you have to play oceanhorn it's a puzzle game so you might want to do a live stream on it
ernie pangelinan (15 hours ago)
Hi dan
Bryce Beadenkopf (15 hours ago)
I love rayman too
Tea Drachen (15 hours ago)
So much nostalgia
PixelPanda 24 (16 hours ago)
tom pickup (16 hours ago)
PLAY POKEMON. i'm a fan of pokemon
Velocipede (16 hours ago)
2 horror games baldi and Doki Doki literature club both seem normal but they get creepy
Sonny Boi (16 hours ago)
It reminds me of adventure time .-. sad that adventure time is ending
Newb Extraz (16 hours ago)
"I'm gonna need a shield potion after this." DanTDM, you play WAY too much Fortnite.
"In my hand is a pen that will write a poem of me and you!" ~Monika
Harley bloop! (17 hours ago)
this is giving me mad Adventure Time vibes XD
Cat Girl (17 hours ago)
Not a grandad a grandma
Izuku Midoriya (17 hours ago)
"Me? Its dangerous to go alone im just a kid."-The Adventure Pals.....no wait...THAT WAS TheLegendOfZelda RIGHT THERE
Brandon J (17 hours ago)
THE ROCK THE ROCK it’s mr rock
Candy Stevens (17 hours ago)
and this is where the derp was born... MUAHAHAHA
Nathan Loftus (17 hours ago)
Dan: oh look! You can jump on the slimes Mario: what?! Dan: who are u Mario: it’s me a mario Dan: errrr.... u can’t jump on....errrr.....slimes Mario: I’m coming adventure pals! Dan: no!!!!! A few minutes later Mario: ah there u are dan. Dan: huh? Mario: oh u didn’t see me then uh... hello. Dan: aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Mario: well, if your gone then die slimes!!!! Luigi sniped Mario (OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!! Metres) Luigi: Mario! I said that we only jump on OUR enemies Dan: just saying...couldn’t u have stopped him earlier? DanTDM was eliminated by Luigi with a scar
Swordfish Gaming (18 hours ago)
I doesnt just have your name it also have your face
Helio Tay (18 hours ago)
The boy and the giraff they remind Me of Fin and Jake from adventure Time
BlueFox Videos (18 hours ago)
Does dan not notice he is killing the grandpas in the hotdogs? They fly because it is their soul.
Lilderek7 (18 hours ago)
how do you be dantdm in switch
Mr. Mudkip (18 hours ago)
When you Adventure Pals with your Best Mates
Jason B (18 hours ago)
It has been two years dan since you played this.
Poppy Playz (19 hours ago)
Awesome vid Dans voices are so funny and weird
Jakob Fedele (19 hours ago)
I am the Diamond Minecart Jr.
Jakob Fedele (19 hours ago)
I love your vids dad
Simeon Rogers (19 hours ago)
Jakob Fedele I don't think he is your dad
KingTDLYT (19 hours ago)
Simeon Rogers (19 hours ago)
KingTDLYT it's lesgetit actually
Diego Rodriguez (19 hours ago)
Is it me or did dans shirt have a dimands
Simeon Rogers (19 hours ago)
Diego Rodriguez it did
Peter-Mitchell Woods (20 hours ago)
Is 9t on p24 pr xbox
Sasha :D (20 hours ago)
just think about it. this is all happening on the kid's birthday.
Amelie Evans (20 hours ago)
Dan!!!! It’s not you grandad ....... it’s your dad
Night Alpha (20 hours ago)
DragonDude 3833 (20 hours ago)
Dan, just so you know, you keep saying "grand dad" but it's just your regular dad
Alexandra Kussow (20 hours ago)
this was made four days before my birthday
Emileshka Torres (20 hours ago)
._. :3 <3
Cat Lover Games (20 hours ago)
"Naughty Dancer" Damn, you actually put that in your video
Joseph Mckenna (20 hours ago)
Dan what have I told you stop doing voices 😶
caitlin owen (20 hours ago)
I love the girrafe(SPARKLES)
sarah huggins (20 hours ago)
they are your parents (you) or wilton said its DADS hat and papa is another word for dad and mum is another word for mom (as you know) and did you notice the name changed when the skin changed so your name is danTDM instead of wilton
Dan Can You Play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 And 2.5 And Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Amelia Jacobs Perdomo (21 hours ago)
And turkeyboy55 is BACK🤗🤗🤗🤗😀
Crab Man (21 hours ago)
Hahah dantdm said at a part he said “let’s eat a let’s drink a potion” HAHAH dan you don’t eat drinks you silly
John Roberts (21 hours ago)
(0_0) = me
Amelia Jacobs Perdomo (21 hours ago)
bigpapakimble (21 hours ago)
HAHAHA i was eating a hot dog for lunch and the i wanted to watch this
caitlin owen (21 hours ago)
who is watching in 2018??
caitlin owen (21 hours ago)
I love your channel Dan.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BUDDY
Dannieee _____ (21 hours ago)
I love this game

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