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Let's play Steel Rain (PC game on Steam) by PolarityFlow 080p 60fps

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PolarityFlow (2 years ago)
Thank you for creating a video of Steel Rain. Try to play Stage 1-2 and Stage 1-3 an Planet 1 - Gaea Prime before Stage 2-1. This allows you to gain more Power and Credits to buy upgrades, what makes it easier to Finish 2-1. Its always possible to replay already finished Stages for the same reason and better scores. There is also a easy mode in the game, if you change the difficulty level to zero. I hope this helps, we hope you enjoy!
AliceShadow Rose (2 years ago)
+Polarity Flow did u send some people free Codes ?
Black Sails (2 years ago)
+Polarity Flow ooohhh okay, I wasn't sure why 2-1 was so difficult but I'm sure I will grind up a lot of credits off-camera. Maybe I should put a small annotation with your suggestion in the video..

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