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Ni No Kuni 2 - Pugnacious (10)

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Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEZiAg2bYC7kjWEmZV4Y6fS910HbD4eYg Welcome to my let's play of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. In this series I will play through the entire game with commentary. Enjoy. Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose Instagram - www.instagram.com/stampycat
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Text Comments (396)
Matthew Smith (4 hours ago)
it was a gold glim
Harry McManus (6 hours ago)
I sore a golden orb
Master Lu (15 hours ago)
your Niali accent was actually pretty good!
Catman 7805 (18 hours ago)
Stampy its pugnacious pronounced pug-na-shis
Squidman Richmond (21 hours ago)
A golden orb dropped out of the sky and made you stronger. 9:46
Nicole McGowan (22 hours ago)
Best series ever
Muslay Khatun (1 day ago)
I think the curios boy is the ghost in no no mini one
Emma Perkins (1 day ago)
I miss drippy
Emerald carrot (1 day ago)
You went super saiyan!!!
1:22 Yoda is that you? XD
Mich Gamer (1 day ago)
Lofty should have a drippy skin
Julian Sanchez (1 day ago)
Hey stamps what's you're favorite anime
j tucci (1 day ago)
I think its said as pug nay see ihs
Immortal Demon (1 day ago)
Carter Goeden (1 day ago)
Cynthia van Zanten (1 day ago)
Stampy when you hit a higgeledy you absorb it
Judie Iriene Tobias (2 days ago)
Stamps did you remember those gold orbs in ni no kuni 1 i think that was it
BoyKingGamer (2 days ago)
stampy u didnt get strong by pressing buttons... if u see the video again a ball of light appears and hits u
XxGalaxyxX Lol (2 days ago)
I think it’s Pug - Nay -Si -Us
Sam Holmes (2 days ago)
Glim from
Sam Holmes (2 days ago)
Its golden jglim frim first game
Maja Skotnicka (2 days ago)
Nieaaeeeeoiiilee I think the name was, right?
Emotional Hats (2 days ago)
Basically I'm pretty sure you picked up something xD soooooo yeah
robin mcgill (2 days ago)
15:51 Lofty's face...
Angelo Giolando (2 days ago)
With a knife
Angelo Giolando (2 days ago)
Couldn't they kill the bird
Dolphindiver 131 (2 days ago)
HAiiiiiiii random ppl who see this comment
Misty Shine (1 day ago)
SillyAwsomeGuy (2 days ago)
i think the big guy pooped out a golden orb and u got it
its a pug!!!
Clayton Adams (3 days ago)
lofy did that
Galaxy Seven 7 (3 days ago)
twingaming gods (3 days ago)
I think that when you got extra powerful when fighting the manticore it happened because if you remember in the first ni no kuni (wrath of the white witch) you could pick up those golden orbs which gave you a special ability or in this case I’m guessing it just makes you stronger. One of the reasons I think this is that when it happened Evan was sort of “glowing” Love your videos keep being awesome 😁
Brad Fire (3 days ago)
Maybe Evan went super saiyan
L B (3 days ago)
It's pronounced (pug) (nay) (shus)
Minecrafter 879510 (3 days ago)
10:00 I think you activated your kingmakers ability
Todd Ward (3 days ago)
It is a pug 😂🤣
Annette Li (3 days ago)
I'm Chinese and I noticed that the city is based on this year's Chinese animal. This year is the Year of the Dog.
fire gamer (3 days ago)
I think in the battle Evan powered up because of Lofty
Blue Whale (3 days ago)
Yaaaaaaaassssss I Looooovvveee this series
DarkValenstorm Gaming (3 days ago)
Turn on captions 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙂🙂🙂🙂🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😬😬😬😬😏😏😏😏😏😏
John Myles Leong (3 days ago)
Stampy the Nino kuni 1 special of Oliver has a big fireblaze magic it's your special move but in Nino kuni 1
SoulKnight (3 days ago)
You can see a yellow orb slowly going towards you and then you get that power
Stephanie Ehrhart (3 days ago)
Hey Stampy when that guy you played dice said you had to pay one million guilders it was really 1 billion guilders. I did the math.
david Lee (3 days ago)
lofty's girt it was
david Lee (3 days ago)
i think
david Lee (3 days ago)
david Lee (3 days ago)
Aqua Gamer (3 days ago)
I wish you can keep the bird
Lirel Morris (3 days ago)
It was one of those zing orbs from Ni No Kini 1
Mason Carlson (4 days ago)
Omega (4 days ago)
Stampy, The name is pug-NAY-sh-us hope i helped 🙂
Denise KHAW (4 days ago)
yesterday: i'll pay u back the bread u bought for me friend: u better next day friend: U O ME U O ME U O ME U O ME me: -_-
They're right though.you owe them
Denise KHAW (4 days ago)
yesterday: i'll pay u back the bread u bought for me friend: u better next day friend: U O ME U O ME U O ME U O ME me: -_- shut up
Justice Backstrom (4 days ago)
Micah Kanaar (4 days ago)
Lofty gave you power lofty gave you power
Jestingwheat856 (4 days ago)
In nino kuni 1 there were golden orbs that would supercharge you and your familliars attacks, it’s one of those
Aarush Bothra (4 days ago)
Your audio randomly keeps popping or crackling. It's not much, just one pop or crackle at a time. Just thought I'd let you know.
Aarush Bothra (4 days ago)
Might be a youtube compression issue or something
Rainbow Pumpkin (4 days ago)
PUG 🐶🐩 ( I couldn't find a pug emoji :P)
Steel Spector (4 days ago)
All these people telling him how to pronounce pugnacious, but he may not even read them if he’s pre recording
Jackson Rhodes (4 days ago)
The orb from the fiesta game
Ravenclaw_0wlz R Cute (4 days ago)
At the end of each video, who thinks to themself: " NOOOOO IT JUST GOT TO THE GOOD PART!!! "
Kroterz Kid (4 days ago)
Kroterz Kid (4 days ago)
No no mini one was better
I agreed
boom boom (4 days ago)
it was lofty
Jenny Stanley (4 days ago)
Pronunciation Pug-naysh-us
Calvin Carter (4 days ago)
The glow effect could be lofty
pinnapleisfood :p (4 days ago)
I think that thing where you turned gold was loftys abilty maybe, correct me if im wrong ;-;
Kenneth Roycroft (4 days ago)
You picked up a golden glyph
arav dogra (4 days ago)
it was the kingmaker
riyaan hussain (5 days ago)
why not just kill the birds or kill the gate keeper (get real guys) (politics is something innit
riyaan hussain (5 days ago)
the golden orbs from ni no kuni 1 thats what hapened
Clio Lim (5 days ago)
i love roland HAAHAH does anyone agree with me
Demetre Thimiopoulos (5 days ago)
All warn you ther is an evil guy bud ai dont tell you
tlvansta (5 days ago)
To answer some of your questions: His name is pronounced pug-nay-shus You got super powerful because Lofty dropped a gold orb, it fills your health and gives you unlimited MP for a short time You can heal and use MP items during battle by pressing the main menu button during battle Love your LP! This game is amazing ❤️
ATallSteve (5 days ago)
I think it's pronounced Pug nauseous
Beth (4 days ago)
Hilarious 🙄
Shea West (5 days ago)
The goku charge up thing you did has from lofty cuz he I kinda A higlde
Ice Fish (5 days ago)
It was a gold orb
Bobonator TV (5 days ago)
You got super strong by picking up a bright yellow orb
litten0307 Channel (5 days ago)
Bird:U O ME U O ME
litten0307 Channel (5 days ago)
Why 5:00 AM?
litten0307 Channel (5 days ago)
Inkaris (5 days ago)
The flashy thing happened because you got one of the gold circles from Ni no kuni 1 if you remember
Luisett :-l (5 days ago)
Hey Stamps! You got your first golden orb
JEW jew (5 days ago)
MaximoUpegui (5 days ago)
Let’s hit 9 mil
When arcade companys go too far
Gen7 Plays (5 days ago)
The scene when you first entered gold paw would’ve looked amazing with the studio ghibli animation from the first game...
Strawberry Jam (5 days ago)
The power up was from the gold orb that drops when you fight a boss. It was from the first game
Game Clan (5 days ago)
Duncan McCrostie (5 days ago)
I ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Ni no kuni 2 it's the best And Stampy you where the first YouTuber I ever watched
Gold Dawn (5 days ago)
*in Hermione's voice* it's not going to work🎶
Gold Dawn (4 days ago)
I don't say that because I have played it or watched someone else play it, I've only been watching him. I'm saying this purely out of intuition
Cristal lina (5 days ago)
that was a golden glith lofty thros them out at random moments
exp613 (5 days ago)
Shadowjedi 623777 (5 days ago)
Loved the end cut scenes. AND SHUT UP YOU STUPID BIRD I GET IT "WE O YOU"
Jose Frescas2 (5 days ago)
Even went super sayin... Woah
popconguy (5 days ago)
pugnatious pug tenacious
Dann Olvega (5 days ago)
Pug-nay-shoes not Pug-ne-yus
Anna Liu (5 days ago)
10:07 Yeah, just think of them as golden glims
Anna Liu (5 days ago)
stop butchering these names, Niall is Neeall, and Pugnacious is pug nayshus
Hailan Chen (5 days ago)
Good job with the episode, also I saw the "Surprise attack" coming from two miles away
Miko Makowski (5 days ago)
How you got super powered was actually from lofty, your kingmaker, giving you power.
Erica Wang (5 days ago)
*R* *I* *G* *G* *E* *D*
Not zUb (5 days ago)

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