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How to add planes to FSX/FSX Steam Edition

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in this video, I will be showing you how to download and install new planes and airlines to Microsoft flight simulator x. I will be demonstrating this with the Lufthansa Boeing 777. I will also be showing you how to refine your search for planes in the online library. To download planes, I use flyawaysimulation.com. DISCLAIMER: If you are to use this tutorial, I am not responsible for any harm or damage to your computer or flies. To do this, you will need to install winrar. I will leave a link below. Please be aware that the installation process can be very different between each aircraft. I will be doing a flight video very soon. This is completely free. As always, Subscribe, Like and Comment. Links to Winrar, Twitter and Instagram will be here: Winrar: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0 Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamePlayer48 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gameplayerinsta
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Text Comments (193)
IsabellaRBLX (1 day ago)
It didn't work. :(
Majid Ali (2 days ago)
He is a very smart kid even if he is 12
Majid Ali (7 days ago)
This video has very good Explanations about how to add plane to FSX.
Uncle Andy (12 days ago)
Can you do the same thing for other planes? Like is it the same steps or does it differ?
Uncle Andy (12 days ago)
I've been looking for videos like this for a while, to my surprise, it actually works.
baubre 11 (14 days ago)
Thx works!
William Griffiths (19 days ago)
i dont have steamlibrary anywhere in my computer
Saints (21 days ago)
i have a problem at 5:38 i cannot find the '' GAU '' folder i only see '' CFG'' and ''AIR'' , uuh help me pls
manooj1000 (22 days ago)
How to add British Airways 777??
Christian Rodriguez (23 days ago)
So when I try to download this plane, the gauges folder in fsx do not show up. Can anyone help?
Mother Earth (23 days ago)
disby 83 (26 days ago)
I followed every step with same download and I have no 3D cockpit or Lufthansa skin. :/ very helpful video though.
Gentil Wynsberghe (29 days ago)
WOW thank you it really works and i love it!!!!!!!!
Planes Guitars (1 month ago)
So I went on program files (x86), Steam, Steamapps, common, but then it just says Steamwork shared
TinySquid21 (1 month ago)
The primary display and the multi-function display do not work. What should I do?
vuksan bosnjak (1 month ago)
hey i know this was a year ago but i really need help.When i start the game it says scenery.cfg error then it says scenery 210 not found.If someone knows how to solve it i would be so thankful.
Green Yoshi (1 month ago)
I installed the some plane as you and it doesn't appear. Pls help.
VL4DI97 AVIATION (1 month ago)
I havent got any secondary disk
DiploVibe (1 month ago)
Guys don’t waste your time I did everything he did same plane ✈️ and everything and it dosent work so this kids a bull shiter
it doesn't work!!!
ikjok[ok hihihou (1 month ago)
How to download fsx, I do not know how to load, just with
justthestuff (1 month ago)
help what do i do if the plane skin is not loading in in the flight?
one thing I've learnt..........do not always follow comments and quit without giving it a try..........................someone will always not get it right.............................100% working.................i couldn't find a folder named microsoft games..so I just created a folder called microsoft games and put my fsx folder in there, then also created microsoft games folder in the regedit(some spelling, spacing and letter case)...........then continued with the steps
i meant, *same spelling
VachuGames (2 months ago)
It worked but i cant see the panel and livery
AlexSawyer 10 (2 months ago)
Dude you've damaged one of my flies 😂😂
Badr Al Mallah (2 months ago)
thank you so much
Hazard Skate (2 months ago)
tried it again and it worked, thx man 10/10 instructions super clear
Hazard Skate (2 months ago)
good tutorial but didnt work
Skip Movies (2 months ago)
thank you bro you helped me a lot!
MY TECH (3 months ago)
Nice !
Aaash (3 months ago)
Hey mate what are your pc specs ? Just wondering
Cosmic Acorn (3 months ago)
Have a 500th like, sir.
Mohamed Jaaved (3 months ago)
worked thanks a lot!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
StandingRBLX (3 months ago)
Stingy aviation (3 months ago)
KAI (3 months ago)
Really bad video makes no sense
Michaeltube (3 months ago)
So basically I can install ANY skin or mod for both FSX Steam and FSX Singleplayer? Or does there have to be specific files for each version?
Random Railfan (3 months ago)
Or you can just use Rikoooo, the files download as an application and it installs for you.
Killian Martin (3 months ago)
You sound like squirrel
Kermit The Dank Frog (4 months ago)
Thanks man!
yahya khalid (4 months ago)
Is it working on p3dv4?
Mike Games (4 months ago)
it works i search so long for downloading a plane thank you :)
George Barhouche (4 months ago)
I did the exact same thing but the virtual cockpit is blurry and black, there are no gauges and details. 2d cockpit and everything else is good. Any help?
Pro Aviation Gamer (4 months ago)
you helped me alot
bal kou mia?
Niño Allan (5 months ago)
are the panels working?
I am Dogge (5 months ago)
is it safe for 2018? Any glitches or viruses?
Cool Gaming Tutorials (5 months ago)
please help my cockpit is black
Play3r Bot (5 months ago)
Amazing Tutorial and it does work very well!
Cpt Aviation (5 months ago)
Yh cheers it did work
Tanay Kumar (6 months ago)
What there is no virtual cockpoi but other developers?
Dizzy ILuvCats (6 months ago)
This kid need 1,000,000 subscribers! I have been searching YouTube for a good tutorial and none of them were good enough for me to understand or anything like that! But this kid made it POSSIBLE for me to actually add an aircraft
GamePlayer (6 months ago)
You're welcome.
Taskin Karadeniz (6 months ago)
hey mate, do you have any idea about how to make rex 4 work in fsx steam? Because I couldnt make it run, it just doesnt load the textures.
It´s not working for me can someone help me
dave emanuel (6 months ago)
It worked, but the airplane is all white. No detail or coulor
Tariq Romain (6 months ago)
hey this is a great video, i downloaded the lufthansa 777 200F but i didnt get any engine sounds but all other sounds worked. any way to fix this problem?
ethanthekiller 12 (6 months ago)
Thank you for the tutorial.In my heart,yours are the best.Keep it on!
tony stark (6 months ago)
there is no .gau file? what to do? plz help for md 83 by simviation
Mavic Chrome (6 months ago)
This is greate
KingDanny Moses (6 months ago)
great help
Sour Grapes (6 months ago)
Can you only use this on Steam Edition?
Toasty Muffins (6 months ago)
No, if you go to your Program 86 you can see FSX and its basically the same
GamePlayer (6 months ago)
Sour Grapes This tutorial is for steam edition. However, you could possibly find out how to adapt it for your version.
Hadwan La (7 months ago)
What control you use? mouse or joystick
GamePlayer (7 months ago)
Hadwan La Thrustmaster HOTAS X - Joystick and Throttle
シSheriffBeatz (7 months ago)
isnt working did it for 100 times over and over .
Lauri Small (5 months ago)
シSheriffBeatz your doing it wrong
Ahmad Muzammil Ridza (8 months ago)
I don’t know why. But when I downloaded it and did exactly the same thing you did it just doesn’t seem to have texture (completely white). Please help.
Jacob Kreth (7 months ago)
StormyBuzzard75 thanks worked
StormyBuzzard75 (7 months ago)
Go to settings, then hit "customize" at the bottom and disable the directx10
V0K3R4L (8 months ago)
For me its not working help me please
Cpt Aviation (8 months ago)
If it works i will like # all ready have If it doesnt ur still the best and its me being stupid And i WILL say thank u if it does anyway
Cpt Aviation (8 months ago)
Hopefully it works fine for me
Cpt Aviation (8 months ago)
Gameplayer so ur so good at this!!! Im downloading it now but with the easyjet a320 But i have a disc does that matter???
EastToaster02 (8 months ago)
Thanks so much! Been wanting to do this for a while, Worked 100%!, You just earned a like dude! Well done.
GamePlayer (8 months ago)
EastToaster02 You're welcome!
William Baldwin (8 months ago)
When I click on the unzipped file I get: Effects Model Panel Sound Texture Aircraft.cfg Titanv2.air I don’t know what to do, someone please help.
Yash Gupta (8 months ago)
How to update default airport.
GamePlayer (8 months ago)
Yash Gupta Expect a video soon.
Yash Gupta (8 months ago)
thank's bro it worked
IHasDandruff (8 months ago)
What if there is no gau file
Emir Boy (2 months ago)
VexinZ (8 months ago)
Thanks It Worked AND ALSO IM THE 100TH COMMENT YAY!!!!
Vortex Eleven (8 months ago)
I question, what should I do if there is no .gau file ?
Andrew Can (7 months ago)
If you click on the readme file you will see that you just need to run the .exe folder in the extracted file and it will auto-install it(They have added auto-install):)
ariel beeri (8 months ago)
Same here
Does it cause viruses by doing that
Aaryan Ramourti (8 months ago)
Melvin Ting (8 months ago)
Nice tutorial👍
Gelo (8 months ago)
i prefer simviation and rikoooo,rikoo has auto installation
jims pancakes (8 months ago)
can someone help me i cant find steam library
Legedia 328 (9 months ago)
Perfect explanation, thanks, it worked!
GamePlayer (9 months ago)
Legedia 328 You're very welcome.
786free1 (9 months ago)
How do you know which planes have the virtual cockpit?
GamePlayer (9 months ago)
786free1 1:13
aryan rishi (9 months ago)
I have a disc for FSX...not the downloadable version. I don't see any FSX files in my documents or downloads...please help!
Gelo (8 months ago)
use rikoooo
GamePlayer (9 months ago)
aryan rishi No problem!
aryan rishi (9 months ago)
I have figured out what to do anyway, and I used your tutorial for the rest. Thanks!
GamePlayer (9 months ago)
aryan rishi Sorry, I don't think this works for the disc version.
Mr_fly31 (9 months ago)
GamePlayer (9 months ago)
Mr_fly31 You're welcome!
El Grande (9 months ago)
Cool bro!,i saw that u installed a garuda indonesia b737 800.It was the best airlines in my country and i used it everytime i played fsx.Keep the great work bro,greetings from indonesia🇮🇩
Ted Thegamer223 (10 months ago)
is it a virus
GamePlayer (10 months ago)
TheGamer223 GAMEZ What do you mean by 'it'? The one I downloaded is not a virus. However, other packages that you choose may be, but it is very unlikely.
Fernando (10 months ago)
Oh nice it’s a zip file
Aerlium (10 months ago)
Ur the best and you have helped me so much to instal fsx add-ons
GamePlayer (10 months ago)
Aerlium Thanks.
Donny Peters (10 months ago)
yo, thanks dude. after trying like, 3 other ways to download planes, this method works. thank you so much
GamePlayer (10 months ago)
No problem!
Xtremeez (10 months ago)
Benjaminsensen (11 months ago)
It didnt work for me :/
BananaJones (11 months ago)
how i just wanna fly an airline and its not working
GamePlayer (11 months ago)
See if this video helps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OakVIwAfttg
Desmolight (1 year ago)
Hi i tried to install this amazing aircraft and it worked but... there is no paint at all, its just pure white, thats the outside and also the cockpit, please help
StormyBuzzard75 (7 months ago)
Go to settings, then hit "customize" at the bottom and disable the directx10
Mező András (1 year ago)
Thanks for all :)
skinnypizza (1 year ago)
I can't find my gauges folder any idea where It could be
Zak Davis (1 year ago)
Do mods work is multiplayer?
GamePlayer (1 year ago)
Zak Davis It really depends. I usually see addon aircraft, like this, in multiplayer, but as far as I know, skins do not work.
TheSwedavia (1 year ago)
Wwhat screen recorder do you use
TheSwedavia (1 year ago)
GamePlayer Thanks :D
GamePlayer (1 year ago)
Psydfex (1 year ago)
wow no offence but at first i thought it was just another 12 year old kid who is gonna make some shitty tutorial, but i watched it for a bit and this is probably the best plane installation tutorial for FSX, it was VERY helpful, thanks.
Asssassin402 (5 months ago)
Psydfex iI'm is
Mikhail Gorbachev (7 months ago)
I completely agree this was great
OMGMaw (9 months ago)
Psydfex lol
Ashley Thomas (1 year ago)
It worked! Thanks so much! Cool to see another kid playing FSX. :D
Alberto Bjørkelund (1 year ago)
THANKS A LOOOOOT it worked like
Also, how come your mic cuts out every 5 seconds.
Mother Earth (23 days ago)
He edits out the 'uhh' Or else it would be really annoying
GamePlayer (1 year ago)

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