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i lost everything.... (Subnautica #15)

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Text Comments (5531)
Markey Mark (4 seconds ago)
the pran will crush at that depth
You orange
Homie sea otter (18 minutes ago)
Use Silent running mode next time- and maybe make a creature decoy
Rodrigo2020 (19 minutes ago)
Dan ..........brick bronze got content deleted and even Justin made a video only on this sad news
Pie King (20 minutes ago)
Run 🏃‍♀️ go back to the base now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Hanna dye
Christopher Hazelton (34 minutes ago)
SIMERR FORLIFE (47 minutes ago)
Da_MLG_Meme_Doge (1 hour ago)
Ninja 720 (1 hour ago)
Look for a cuddlefish egg in your storages in base and make aquarium for the base and drop the egg there and wait for it to hatch
Jake The Savage (1 hour ago)
Dan:No..................No..................No.............. Me:Yes
Ninja 720 (1 hour ago)
As u have khrarr
Ninja 720 (1 hour ago)
The Warper killed you
Ninja 720 (1 hour ago)
Sea Dragons eat Reaper Levaianths
Dan reset your save for the prawn
Fuzionb Side (2 hours ago)
Dan:the leviathan hangs around hear so I don’t want to hang Reaper leviathan:raaaaaaaaaaar Dan:I told you we shouldn’t have come hear
georgia marsh (3 hours ago)
Osian Richards (3 hours ago)
My puppy just jumped in my bed
Isaac Swain (3 hours ago)
Play more SUBNAUTICA! It's my favorite game, and it's fun to watch you play it
Jiggyboy 06 (3 hours ago)
You have went the rong way 😂🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍔🌭🍔🥙🍔🌭🍔🌭🍔🌭🍔🌭🍔🌭🍔🌭🍖🍗🍕🍗🍖🍔🍖🍗🍕🍖🌭🍔🍔🌭🍖🍗🍕🍗🍖🌭🍔🍟🍔🌭🍖
Sorina Feehan (3 hours ago)
Today is Thursday
Danny B (3 hours ago)
Oh turkey boy your the one who helped dan on hello ngubor
Danny B (3 hours ago)
Can watch him stream dan do more streams
Harry Potter Weirdo (4 hours ago)
andro cedrome (4 hours ago)
Vicky Hallewell (4 hours ago)
DanTDM is the best i even had a dream that i met him and we went to his house and saw his pugs but i am allergic to dogs so he had to keep Darcie and Ellie in a different room so Jemma had to look after them and Me and Dan made a Subnautica vid but i got terrified but Dan i love your vids
Džeina Līdaka (4 hours ago)
R.i.p 😨😨😰😱😱💀👻😿😨
ELEMENTAL POWER (4 hours ago)
Good job dan good job
Boom2/Kaboom (5 hours ago)
Kieran Pickard (5 hours ago)
Play slenderina
Matilda Bryan (5 hours ago)
Jozef Ducký (5 hours ago)
Laurens Channle (5 hours ago)
haracan ceyara (6 hours ago)
I love your subnatica vviiddss
Pro Gamer (6 hours ago)
Do the minecraft series
Rupert Dickinson (6 hours ago)
play unravel
charlie Ritchey (6 hours ago)
DragonManJosh (6 hours ago)
Dan: Here comes the rescue. Nothing will stop us now. Ghost Leviathan : I Beg to differ/.
SW6 games (6 hours ago)
I love U
Jasmine Tweedy (6 hours ago)
Love ya dan
The Winner 08 (6 hours ago)
Why is there lava underwater?!?
Ali Fawzy (7 hours ago)
i finished spring vacation
CosmicKitten 92 (7 hours ago)
Dan Ur so horrible and mean why do u not notice or talk to Ur bro biju Mike?! Where's the love huh?! >:(
super miner (7 hours ago)
rip more tdm
Sky Blarek (7 hours ago)
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Yep 👍 has a great 👍 here for a great 👍 was my last lesson in life so we just have been together all year amp have a two month coming week yay 😁 day one ☝️ I am still a big deal at home 🏡 this time we have been eating a great 👍 morning with a i I am still a bit off my Twitter last year but it is so good I wanna am with my life in a good night 💤😴😘🌙 morning is an exciting night of the hunger of god to be in a great time and I gotta is a time to
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Hi can
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
H h huh g good
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Hi can FaceTime
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Nina In the kitchen (7 hours ago)
Kendric Langreck (7 hours ago)
Dan! Try to chop granny in half with the gilateen in granny!
Joelle Henry (7 hours ago)
When you lost everything I played hello darkness my old friend
So all of that one hour was all for nothing
Gulliver Roma (8 hours ago)
Dan, PLEASE COME TO THE PHILIPPINES IN BAGUIO CITY, if you want to go to my house it is at Bakakeng eagle crest face 1, block 3 lot 26
Patrick Oopara (8 hours ago)
dan what should I draw
Gulliver Roma (8 hours ago)
FAVORITE FOOD OF LEVIATHANS Reaper leviathan: Sea moth Ghost Leviathan: Cyclops Sea Dragon Leviathan: Prawn Suit
Poor cyclops
The Final Terrarian (8 hours ago)
Taylor Ostenson (8 hours ago)
We had Monday off because in Minnesota we had a big snow storm and got 15 inches
Julius Adonis Leyba (8 hours ago)
Every time i want a shout out no luck or no shout out(not hating you btw)
RBLX_BLX (8 hours ago)
Dan, the Smokey stuff in the lost river is called brine and it is a real thing, in the brine you can’t find tons of materials!
Fabio Spino (9 hours ago)
Their was a teacher walkout in Oklahoma United states
Don't worry turkyboy55 is here
Fabio Spino (9 hours ago)
The enforcement platform is a MOUNTAIN which means it’s in the MOUNTAIN BIOME
Jacob Veltman (9 hours ago)
Just name your seamoth DA prawn and make it the same colour as da prawn
Jacob Veltman (9 hours ago)
Let's Dan let's go
Alexander Sesack (9 hours ago)
You are mad
I'm guessing if this was a video when he loses everything he will play HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME IVE MADE MY MISTAKE NO WHERE TO RUN NOWHERE TO HIDE
Master assasin Gamer (9 hours ago)
Ritaben Shah (9 hours ago)
Now you can just exit the game and start from save
Ritaben Shah (9 hours ago)
R.I.P cyclops
Ritaben Shah (9 hours ago)
Now I don't know what to do
Anthony Roberson (9 hours ago)
Can you please play little night mary
Kai Yuan Loh (9 hours ago)
Even Canada had no school and I know cause I live in canada
Justin Potter (10 hours ago)
Hi Dan😂
Alexander Sesack (10 hours ago)
Im sorry about your prawn
Sparky The Diamond Husky (10 hours ago)
Dan you should make SUBNAUTICA every day!😀😎😃😍
Sparky The Diamond Husky (10 hours ago)
Rip Cyclops and da prawn
evan sareyani (10 hours ago)
I just wanted to be involved in things
evan sareyani (10 hours ago)
If you go to the auorora there is a secret door and it leads to a lab
Elodie Massa (10 hours ago)
redxxshadow ME TOO! it is SO annoying!
Blue Orca Entertainment (10 hours ago)
Since u took out the module it became exposed to the depth and you could have just put out the fire witht the extinguisher on the ship... Im sorry for your loss, but you could have avoided it. Good Luck
Joshua Youngseok Lee (10 hours ago)
Youre brain worked even slower today... is that even possible... Sorry if i offended you
Jmachado2005 DABOSS (10 hours ago)
Dan, when you get another Cyclops then you can right click or left click On your mouse and it will automatically turn the light On.
3D TASTIC! (10 hours ago)
(Graveyard music plays) Today we are here because The diamond mincarts Ciclop We all loved it but now its up the upon us...
游戏空间 (10 hours ago)
R.I.P prawn and cyclops
DrCookieGaming Pieters (10 hours ago)
Plz change the color of your seamoth to red or blue
Noah Pearce (11 hours ago)
I can’t watch the stream cause I’m asleep
The Left Badnick (11 hours ago)
Sweet shirt
Tim Heron (11 hours ago)
Hey turkey boy I know you from hello naber
Tim Heron (11 hours ago)
Tim Heron (11 hours ago)
Millan Shiela (11 hours ago)
Do more stream of subnautica
Mohammed Khan (12 hours ago)
Ng Hock Kheng (12 hours ago)
I couldn't watch any subnautica because I am in school so could u pls do a video and not a stream..
Janja Kutricki (12 hours ago)
DanTDM,I have some bad news. PBB is dead. It's gone. Read this: Pokemon Brick Bronze got closed because it used unaltered assets from real Pokemon games. Due to the nature of our game, and the past behavior of Hasbro, we do not believe RiM will have the same fate. I thought I was dreaming but I realized it was gone.... :'(.

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