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Troll Pranks | Ep. 12 | Minecraft FunCraft

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Please *boop* the like button if you enjoy the video! :) Welcome to episode 12 of a Minecraft multiplayer modded server series with my Minecraft YouTuber friends. You might recognize a few familiar faces from Crazy Craft 3.0, Trollcraft and One Life! We're using a new custom modpack I put together called Fun Craft, it contains many exciting existing mods aswell as a few fun custom mods made by me (with the help of Paul101). This modpack contains new dungeons, monsters, pets, bosses, weapons and tools to play with! In this episode, I prank my friends!! Seapeekay gifts me a broom and Joel presents my with a beautiful build! FunCraft Roster - LDShadowLady https://www.youtube.com/LDShadowLady Smallishbeans - https://www.youtube.com/SmallishBeans SeaPeeKay - https://www.youtube.com/Seapeekay TheOrionSound - https://www.youtube.com/TheOrionSound Yammyxox - https://www.youtube.com/Yammyxox JoeyGraceffa - https://www.youtube.com/JoeyGraceffaGames Koil1990 - https://www.youtube.com/Koil1990 LaurenZSide - https://www.youtube.com/LaurenZSide Meghan - https://www.youtube.com/Strawburry17Plays Britt: https://www.youtube.com/bbpaws Mariel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnU15IGX3RHDoEKSrR1-FCw Check out Pau101's other projects: https://goo.gl/ni1pkw FunCraft mod list: https://goo.gl/MK6unN FOLLOW ME HERE: Twitter: https://twitter.com/LDShadowLady Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LDShadowLadyFB Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ldshadowlady
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Text Comments (9518)
CirusCollie CC (2 days ago)
Those wings tho
Neil Roach (3 days ago)
Lizzy can you please put your stitch hat back on?! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
lilyforver29 larios (4 days ago)
Adopt more animal girls pls
miss tina (5 days ago)
animal girls?????????
Marcos Caceres (6 days ago)
Doge : I'm surrounded by idiots (gets washed out the door)
Karlene Matthews (10 days ago)
LD please name something cute nom nom
Dana Ecker (10 days ago)
This number your like is that is your spirt amimal 1-4🐹 5-0🐷 Reply you spirt animal
Reemas Mohammed (10 days ago)
Reemas Mohammed (10 days ago)
How do you get contract
DarkGray_ Studios (11 days ago)
The hat was to heavy and Lizzy fell down
Yurika Acil (12 days ago)
She can become the half blood prince
Gladies Sanado (12 days ago)
What kinda Minecraft is that
ali al dairawi (13 days ago)
l like your house🤗
Saphira's Anime skits (14 days ago)
How do you play with her on the server?
thewronggelato (15 days ago)
As soon as the wildlife hit the cactus for some reason my computer started playing Take on Me by a-ha. *Me: Whaaaaaaaaa?*
rainbow dash (15 days ago)
Omg it's the john Cena door
Ghost Warrior (16 days ago)
What happens when you put nutella on salmon? You get Salmonella.. HAHAHAHAHA.
Rheanna Doble (17 days ago)
Can you made a fairy house with some fairy inside pleeeeese!!😂😍
chloe rees (17 days ago)
luv watching you
Alberte Sørine Bang (17 days ago)
👩🏼This is Lizze 👚She is a youtuber 👖one like one sup
Gisele Gayle (18 days ago)
What happened to your daughters
Sophie Anikow (19 days ago)
You need to do a collab with Aphmau omg omg yassssss
Christine Johnson (19 days ago)
Joel is sooo nice and kind too Lizzie
Sam Xie (20 days ago)
Camila Fajardo (20 days ago)
Get the de oration mod
MSJ Mashups (20 days ago)
Did she change the colour of her house? It looks different
Rosilda Oliveira (20 days ago)
Hi Lizzie, could you get a cat and call it Tobias like in simulacara?
Kiwi Is a Artist (21 days ago)
You should make a cat cafe
The Pastel Werewolf (21 days ago)
3:10 who see Joel?
Moonlight Luna Mia (21 days ago)
Does anyone else miss when Lizzie posted regularly? Have an amazing day! 💜
Tae Trautman (21 days ago)
Next episode you should get more animal girls and name them Eddy or Summer
Erin Ostrom (21 days ago)
anyone know what mods she uses for the Disney hats?!?
Can you hear a cat 🐱 0:01
Jack Stevens (22 days ago)
You should name eat you Rude Boi! 😎😎😎 lol
Sushi Kat (23 days ago)
“I’m surrounded by idiots.”
Sasha Mistriver Sso (23 days ago)
You should find a cave and call it the crafty cave! You could keep animals and a collection of crafting tables! Like the shadow cave from Shadow craft 1.0 I think it would be really cute! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🌺
Addison Kiser (24 days ago)
Oh my god post more often shoutout plz
sheri Jennings (24 days ago)
Project zargo is watching
Sharon Schwartz (24 days ago)
xbrxken souls (24 days ago)
You should add a painting of you and your cat. It will look so cute😍😍😍
Josephine Mambwe (24 days ago)
Love you so much and sweet videos
CedarKittenz (24 days ago)
She said Joel was a friend........
Olivia Lund (25 days ago)
name a animal Mr or Ms taco ,stitch King or stitch queen BTW love your videos SOOOOOOOOOOO much
DaisyHowson RG (25 days ago)
You forgot about fun craft!
Christopher Moon (25 days ago)
Can you try inviting people to your funcraft server please?
xxX Gacha Aria Xxx (25 days ago)
Who keeps watching her series over and over again xD LOVE YOU LIZZY!!!
Elaine Guo (25 days ago)
plz do more animal girls
Meghan Leigh (25 days ago)
You should name your iron golem - Wobi
3:10 hoi joel
kitty cat 26 (26 days ago)
are you still doing this series
Kayla Tu (26 days ago)
Leave a like if you love LDshadowlady!😄
Stephanie Truong (27 days ago)
Get a pegasus in Funcraft and call it Princess Angel
Jose Cervantes (27 days ago)
More fun craft
Izabella Lovesdogs (27 days ago)
We’re luna
Annika Anderson (27 days ago)
You should build a witch’s hut like you did In crazy craft and put your bat plant in it
Robbie Grant (27 days ago)
rachman hakim (28 days ago)
ld build pink tree house and pink house
Mallory Linder (28 days ago)
Build houses for elteast most of your pets!!
Tamera Kremer (28 days ago)
Lizzie you should build a troll chicken dungun and prank someone with it.
FeLiX fEldEmLeGS (29 days ago)
Read the title as "Trollcaft" and got so excited......I'm so dumb (._.)
Fun time Aldi (29 days ago)
Wait what im sat on it
Grace Mulroy (29 days ago)
R u still doing fun craft of just one life 2.0 plz awsner
Erica Rodriguez (29 days ago)
Do more one life
Lysa Galaxy (1 month ago)
You also have a nice bf!🙎🏼❤️👦🏽 btw that is you and joel....
Gabby Retriever (28 days ago)
you mean fiancé?
Laurel McKay (1 month ago)
3:52 FRIENDS?!? Don't you mean...... FIANCE?!!!!!? 💜💗💗💗💗💜 So happy 4 you! Joel said it in his stream.
ISDOGGYGAMER (1 month ago)
Why did you stop at ep 12?
blackpink fan forever (1 month ago)
hahahah you look rediculous
FeLiX fEldEmLeGS (29 days ago)
Cara Rocks (1 month ago)
Make more
Shane Cagang (1 month ago)
Omg you look cuteee aaaww 👸👸👸👯👯👯
Exclusive Equestrian (1 month ago)
Should take those hats and sell them in a shop
phqxm (1 month ago)
it's been 6 months and we're only on episode 12..
YooHooYT Gaming&MORE! (1 month ago)
Is Lizzie going to keep going with the FunCraft series, or is she done with it as well?
Cocoa Tem (1 month ago)
Is funcraft GONE?!
x Emily x (1 month ago)
Are you ever gonna turn your house back to light purple and a darker purple? I liked those colors better than the colors you’re using right now.. I hope you see this! It’s just my opinion, too. 💖
Baelissa Kat (1 month ago)
LIZZIE when you killed those pigs for blood you might have killed ...PUA!!!!!!!!!!!! plz like so Lizzie can see
Bradee Peters (1 month ago)
can you sent me funcraft
Lilliam Mora (1 month ago)
Hi ldshadowlady pot on funcraft a Stacyplays,Funneh and the krew
Mini Stacyplays (1 month ago)
He isn’t ur fiend he is ur bf
I'm DSMN (1 month ago)
6:28 The tunnel looks like the pansexual pride flag. Just in a different order
Luis Mesina (1 month ago)
you shold put more stands
Brayden Greaves (1 month ago)
Can you name a pet BGSHADOWGUY that's my dream youtube name ( ;
Anya Ta-asan (1 month ago)
Lizzie love your vids also can you name a pet anya 😙
Ali Al (1 month ago)
To prank Yammy you should fill her house with zombies riding cats like in her head
Mamasita Si loca (1 month ago)
make more base infators please
Jill Richards (1 month ago)
W Wh Who Who l Who lo Who lov Who love Who loves Who loves L Who loves Li Who loves Liz Who loves Lizz Who loves Lizzi Who loves Lizzie Who loves Lizzie? Who loves Lizzie Who loves Lizzi Who loves Lizz Who loves Liz Who loves Li Who love L Who love Who lov Who lo Who l Wh W Please this took me forever! 10 likes???
S Trpcic (1 month ago)
And his name is John Cena
Your boy Foxy (1 month ago)
Your boy Foxy (1 month ago)
Gaming with Dizzy (1 month ago)
Ldshadowlady make a statue of Joel and then show then burn it pls
Happy Lama55 (1 month ago)
U probably won’t see this but if you do please read it Ok I know this is weird but I love watching ur vids bc there are kids at my school throwing footballs at my head calling me eyebrow Evi and just being rude and it makes me not wanna eat or talk it makes me cry then I watch you videos and I feel better thank you and you probably won’t see this
Erin Barone (1 month ago)
Cat Sims (1 month ago)
I think you should make a fashion show or shop
Galaxy Productions (1 month ago)
You Should’ve Filled Lauren’s House With Blood And Left A Sign “Your Daily Blood Delivery” Without Your Name
The Muslim Kitty (1 month ago)
can you name a wolf if you catch one ;3 name it PICK ONE PLZ LDShadowLady: Yan Yan Yummie Yami/Yamie Cookie Splash Bubble Bub Too Too Roo Tarroo Liffie/Lizzie Pandana Zsquare Floweee Yee Jamie Mamie Gono Wiwiwi
Rhiannon Bernecki (1 month ago)
Lizzie post plz I love u!!!!!!!
Can I join your server? I play on moblie I can make yt videos on them...pls can i
Alex kenning (1 month ago)
you should pull a prank on Joel you should cover his house in Lizzie heads
Gaming PC (1 month ago)
ca u do like 3 vids a week insted of onece a month

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