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Minecraft 1.7.10 Mod - Zan's Minimap (VoxelMap) - Mob Detection + Set Waypoints!

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Subscribe for more! - http://bit.ly/La9QsI Please Like, Comment and Subscribe for more Minecraft videos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zan's Minimap - http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/zans-minimap/ *Fixed link - http://www.6minecraft.net/zans-minimap/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I'm Alex and we're back with another Minecraft Mod video! In this video, we're looking at Zan's Minimap, a nice little mod which enables a awesome map into the game, were you can set in-game waypoints to find your way home etc. and see where mobs are and watch out for those creeping creepers! I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please nuke the like button, comment and subscribe to NewNukeGaming for more Minecraft Mod videos! Thanks for watching :D ---VVV--- •Subscribe - http://tinyurl.com/SubtoNNG •Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/NewNukeGaming •Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/NewNukeGaming/143173652476388 •Twitch (Livestreaming) - http://www.twitch.tv/newnukegaming •Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/ajbernini/
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Text Comments (242)
El Sucio Dan (2 years ago)
Does it shows players?
Viktor Engene (2 years ago)
I think the contrast between the explanation and the background music is just PERFECT
ded .-. (2 years ago)
it wont work :(
Ultack (2 years ago)
Nice job on the review but drop the retard music in the background.
thunder ground (2 years ago)
Team Zachary!! (2 years ago)
can you make waypoints???
liv0082 (2 years ago)
Çağlar Şan (2 years ago)
Motherfuckyou NewNukeGaming
Ahamago98 DSO (2 years ago)
i can't teleport :((((
Emir Dinçer (3 years ago)
Max Gaming (3 years ago)
I Need new link, Disbanded?
Thanquer (3 years ago)
minecraft 1.5
Chump Crusader (3 years ago)
Yoran (3 years ago)
i cant open the setting: radar can you help me?
Mikel Reynolds (2 years ago)
+yoran pool press M
FreshProductions (3 years ago)
its not laggy :D
Randy Orton (3 years ago)
my didnt show any mobs, help?
Gresh TV (3 years ago)
is this forge
Dylan Hu (3 years ago)
does it have virus?
Chimberkaw End (3 years ago)
I'm on FTB monster pack and I can't go into the minimap options and the keybinds aren't showing up either
Kaiser Palpatine (3 years ago)
i know this is old but i can't see players or mobs
Kaiser Palpatine (3 years ago)
and i can't get into the radar place to change it
LongLobster (3 years ago)
thank you
LongLobster (3 years ago)
do you need cheats enabled
Ceasius (3 years ago)
It doesn't show mobs in full screen because if you go far away from them they're released from memory, it only shows near by mobs. It's about optimization
Fortune Kookie (3 years ago)
how do i take off the starting screen?
Kaiser Palpatine (3 years ago)
z its tell u
Blight Light (3 years ago)
i wish i knew....
i know this is old but i cant teleport and im very far away from my house help?
Karlson Nelnson (3 years ago)
URL bad:(
STRIDERPIE (3 years ago)
Will this work with other mods using forge?
FreshProductions (3 years ago)
how danny ??
Trainchannel Europe (3 years ago)
Yes it works for me
PEDRO Benedito (3 years ago)
zachary shabert (3 years ago)
i clicked on the links and presseddownload but it still didnt work.. help??
MysticFalls (3 years ago)
download Popularmmos challenge pack 2 they have the mod in there challenge pack
Benjin Tomimbang (3 years ago)
How to downlaod the waypoints mod here i dont see any links here
Gamer4Life (3 years ago)
there s no more mod
Alan Diaz (3 years ago)
How do I download this if I have Pixelmon?
Miles Matheson (3 years ago)
Seconded! Downloaded this mod and it didn't work, even though Pixelmon and Optifine still loads (even with this installed). 
Giovi (3 years ago)
how do you open the waypoint menu??
Giovi (3 years ago)
Yes, but on lappet's galactic raft modpack it open's a "stellar map" and not the waypoints menu. In any case I resolved this problem.
Martin Tvarožek (3 years ago)
By pressing M key on your keyboard.
Jacob Johnson (3 years ago)
He completely glossed over "In-Game Waypoints" I put a sign down, and it doesn't show up. How do I format the sign, there's nothing anywhere telling me that. Also, on "Cave Mode", you have to be underground for it to show anything different.
Jacob Johnson (3 years ago)
I just realized what it meant. I was referring to on the "in-game waypoints" button one option was "signs" I thought that meant an actual sign you put down, but I realized it meant the on-screen text next to a beacon for a waypoint.
Miles Matheson (3 years ago)
Go to your menu and see 'Waypoints'. There, you can set one to where your current location is. Or, alternatively, hit the 'B' key to do the same thing.
David Bryntesen (3 years ago)
how do I enable the cave mode?
HeyyImVenom (1 year ago)
same question...
Mister Knowitall (3 years ago)
Is this a Forge mod? 
Jacob Johnson (3 years ago)
+Rishi Amador Well, lightloader ain't a bad system, similar to forge, in fact. World Edit is also for LL, and LL is compatible with forge. You install forge first, then when you're installing LL, select the option that says you have forge. You'll put both your forge and LL mods in the same folder.
Rishi Amador (3 years ago)
No, it's liteloader. Sucks, doesn't it? :l
Exodusss (3 years ago)
how do i get it now
Exodusss (3 years ago)
it says it was removed
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
IN mine the teleport button doesn't work
Captain RAY (3 years ago)
is it save?
martymart 007 (3 years ago)
what do you haft to presse? a
PurringAngel (3 years ago)
How do you DELETE waypoints?
eline blom (3 years ago)
how do you put a new waypoint?
PurringAngel (3 years ago)
Push "b" on your keyboard, and wherever you are standing, it should be there, and you will have an option menu, like naming it, and changing its color and stuff.
NickyTV (3 years ago)
the link won't work..
Best Pony (3 years ago)
:( liteloader for 1.7.10
Best Pony (3 years ago)
ohhhhh nvm :/
Best Pony (3 years ago)
what u mean nvm it wont work for me
NickyTV (3 years ago)
oh nvm
progamer01ify (3 years ago)
Can you see players using this minimap?
shrimpyo (4 years ago)
How do we activate death waypoints? so once we die it tells us where our recent death was located.
The Real DJ Dave (4 years ago)
Nice :D
but why i cant teleport? pls help me 
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
Blaze The Ruthless (3 years ago)
Couldn't think of anything :3
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
Blaze The Ruthless (3 years ago)
+i Awesome1 Hmm, I will have to think about that one.
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
+Tiger Blaze i turned on the cheats but nothin happend  to the tp button its still blacked out
Kim van der Sanden (4 years ago)
what are the hotkeys, and by pressing F nothing happens ?
Kim van der Sanden (4 years ago)
found it
Did you change the keys in the opinions or maybe you have any other mod that has the key already
Damien Darhk (4 years ago)
for some reason the cave mode and rader tab r blacked out
Déjà vu Gaming (4 years ago)
i downloaded it but how do I transfer it to minecraft
LeftRightArrows (4 years ago)
its not working for 1.7.10 (the link on the website)
NitroShard (4 years ago)
Radar Isnt Working I Cant See Mobs Or Anything
Blaze The Ruthless (4 years ago)
NitroShard (4 years ago)
When i got it it made me download the nonradar edition so i couldnt turn it on
The Minecraft Raiders (4 years ago)
+Seth Roop lol just turn on radar
lgcoolstuff (4 years ago)
i dowload it but i cant teleport to it
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
lgcoolstuff (3 years ago)
oh thanks it workkkkkkssssssss :) <3
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
oh ok then maybe delete morph mod?
lgcoolstuff (3 years ago)
+i Awesome1 i have another mot which is the morph mod and if i change in to anything i cant teleport to it :(
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
Uday Mehra (4 years ago)
New link please
Gkitty 210 (3 years ago)
+uday mehra thanks so much!
JJTheEditor (3 years ago)
Uday Mehra (4 years ago)
+VovusQuokkuPlay ?
Raven (4 years ago)
+uday mehra You have the worst computer in the world!
Jonas Schäfer (4 years ago)
+Ghast Hunt now it's working :D
Swampratson (4 years ago)
i need help i downloaded this from a different website but it came in another language and i dont know what language its wierd but can you tell me how to change the language on it
Swampratson (4 years ago)
nevermind i figured it out but i cant turn on cave mode  i cant turn it off either
FearMig (4 years ago)
link seems to be broken
Pauliuksas (4 years ago)
I cant tp to the waypoint. Why?
oSyndicate (3 years ago)
no, you need to put /ztp village or something and it will tp you there
Best Pony (3 years ago)
you click the black square to the left of the waypoint
Dab asaur (3 years ago)
+That Gamer mine still doesnt work even if i enable cheats HELP!!!!!
Best Pony (3 years ago)
i dont need help now i didnt see the tp dot
Pauliuksas (3 years ago)
+Tyler Jobet thanks i now
millepora (4 years ago)
Very helpfull mod. I really enjoy it,must download if you are a survivor.
Knut (4 years ago)
minecraft 1.7.2 mod armas guns http://www.minecrafteo.com/weapon-mod-para-minecraft-1-7/
JustRetro (4 years ago)
Does this work on local servers like the annoying orange server
Joshua 906 (4 years ago)
How do you take of the wade points?
Charles Frozone (4 years ago)
I'm in the ultra modded survival mod pack and there's no control for the map, I tried pressing m but it won't do anything HEEELP!!!! <:(
talles souza (4 years ago)
huehuehue brbr
Renj Cruz (4 years ago)
what version is this please reply
NoupFire (4 years ago)
Do you teleported on the waypoints ?
Nicki's ASMR (3 years ago)
NoupFire (3 years ago)
+XxNickiSoCoolxX Does Minecraft thx
Nicki's ASMR (3 years ago)
sieb2 gaming (4 years ago)
Cave map doesent works to on multiplayer at reis
sieb2 gaming (4 years ago)
Im gona do smart : you can also see mobs with reis minimap but it doesent shows what mob only if its a player animal or monster Zans/voxels does work on multiplayer and reis doesent work on multiplayer
Luis Xavier Barajas (4 years ago)
Did need forge?
Luis Xavier Barajas (4 years ago)
¿Comunidad hispana por aquí?
Me Doggo Not Llama (4 years ago)
umm, well, i think rei's minimap is better. It has more options. And rei's minimap does show mobs if u were wondering.
DarkTigerPT (4 years ago)
you say in the title that it is for minecraft 1.7.4 but u are doing this vídeo on 1.5. I still like the vídeo, just don't like the lie.
Asperger (4 years ago)
Thanks man,this helped me alot :D
Jeffrey Ranshaw (4 years ago)
For some reason the map is showing all white. I can see the players and mobs bunt the landscape is all white. If I look at the large version of the map. I can see all the landscape. Any ideas?
Viden (4 years ago)
It's possibly a installation bug. You may have to check if you actually installed the mod correctly. May be a mod bug otherwise.
Benjamin Chen (4 years ago)
Try zooming in or zooming out with " Z "
sieb2 gaming (4 years ago)
What are your pc specs most of all its the processor doing somthing wrong
Joseph Enriquez (4 years ago)
We have the same problem. Help me please
FatterGames (4 years ago)
its 1.7.2 fagot
Sargon Oshana (4 years ago)
+Brynden Somthing Fagit* C: Faget and fagit sound cooler.
The Bacon Gamer Guy (4 years ago)
People say use this mod it is cheating in the hunger games
Tristan Möller (4 years ago)
when i made a checkpoint i can't tp to it (do you need to be on creative to tp there or  are there some other options to set tp and that stuff:) PLZ HELP i need  an answer
Ahmad Alghazali (4 years ago)
same proplem
hey guys I'm from Ukraine ну-ка а вы амерекосы 
Matt [] (4 years ago)
It awesome
Fix a Fix (4 years ago)
exscusme but at me not can press the "teleport to " button
keeva2007 (4 years ago)
the only thing that sucks about it is u cant teleport in the nether -_-
keeva2007 (3 years ago)
+Basel Ayed does that work? huh....ill have to try it once i play it again
Basel Ayed (3 years ago)
set waypoint next to the portal in Nether :P
PVPmartix231 (4 years ago)
zapraszam na kanal
Angel (4 years ago)
Is there a death waypoint?
NitroShard (4 years ago)
There Is
TheGazozix (4 years ago)
I loved this mod. when will release for new version? this mod is amazing.
Itskreds ggkiller (4 years ago)
newnukegaming add my skype Itskreds
YNM RECORDS (4 years ago)
how do i make the minimap bigger
MetalVarangian (4 years ago)
I'm having the same problem. Did you find a solution.
XAROXEUM (4 years ago)
Everytime i log out of a Server my waypoints aren't there. I have to reset them. Wtf?
Alex (4 years ago)
The mod's updated since then, so I've updated the title :D
Akulli (4 years ago)
the title says 1.6.4 problem ?
centauri (4 years ago)
It did say in the vid...
Turtl3Man (4 years ago)
I'm glad I chose Zan's minimap over Rei's minimap
zymethpwn (4 years ago)
I put this into my minecraft jar and it's not doing anything.
fernanidnho had core (5 years ago)
no te pa minecraft 1.5.2
Seth Plays (5 years ago)
How do I download it
BeatsByRik (5 years ago)
does it work in the nether?
Richard Eddy (5 years ago)
I tried pressing M for the map options and it's not working. I have the Feed the beast mod pack and can't get the map options to be able to show the mobs on my map
Zein Naja (5 years ago)
He posted the video in May. However the mod and title of this video has been updated to 1.6.2.
dragon0502345678 (5 years ago)
how do i put it in minecraft ?
Pluto Beatz (5 years ago)
so that means that we can see where people are in f.eks hunger games!

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