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FTB Tutorial: Unlimited Power, Sustainable EU Generator, IC2 & Thermal Exspansion

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Hey guys its Ausyarr and I've got a fully sustainable and automatic eu power generator that can be built early in game and be expandable to generate huge amounts of EU power and all so give a supply of random items such as glowstone and other ores. The System simple uses an igneous extruder from thermal expansion to create an infinite source of cobblestone for a recycler from industrial craft to create scrap witch can be burnt for power and all so be turned into scrap boxes for random items. All of this is compatiable with a batbox and up. FaceBook: /Ausyarr GPlus: bit.ly/1bbiMf2 Twitter: /Garelaw Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/Ausyarr Intro & Outro Music: FloidBeats http://www.youtube.com/floidbeats
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Text Comments (42)
pc31754 (11 months ago)
The scaps are going into the top section of the generator. Any help?
Michal Veres (11 months ago)
Can you help me, When i put a igneous extruder put in water and lava, it doesn t make coblestone because it need energy. this is how it looks :D http://prntscr.com/hg1cwf
Michal Veres (11 months ago)
oukej i think i have it :D
Neel (1 year ago)
Cringe AF Intro
Anthony Langendoen (1 year ago)
seems like a nice setup for someone like me who maeks diamonds from there coal, but i don't know if its configurable or they updated thermal expansion but the extruder thing does need rf and in your vid it seems like it doesn't?
Brenda Bass (1 year ago)
My Igneous extruder is not lighting up when i put the lava/water in.
Chobrenga (2 years ago)
This is super inefficient compared to most
Fri Stuffplz (2 years ago)
This has one problem: by adding gregtech you have much lower chance of producing scrap (8 scraps out of 64 items w/o gregtech, 3 out of 64 with gregtech) For example FTB ultimate
Archon (2 years ago)
This is genious
Robert Kajor (2 years ago)
You are not using engine to pump scrap out. what is it on wooden pipe?
MorgurEdits (2 years ago)
+Robert Kajor A gate. It is used to tell the pipe what to do. Probably on this case its set to give a pulse at all times when there is no redstone signal applied on it. They are made with assembly tables from BC silicon
Braadkuiken (3 years ago)
I upgraded my single igneous extruder to produce 16 cobble at a time, although I am having trouble dividing the cobble across all of my recyclers.... any tips?
Graphluid (3 years ago)
Well this is alright for the first day... But you can't run a Mass Fab on this shit xD
Flapp (3 years ago)
Whats the name of the blue and the brown pipes? The brown pipes are wooden pipes? But they dont look like normal wooden pipes.. is there Something special?
Flapp (3 years ago)
+Ausyarr ok! Thanks bro! It worked! Now I have another problem... 😕 i cant use the glass fibre cables for my thermal expansion machines... And sry for my bad english.... I`m from Italy ;3
Aus (3 years ago)
+Flapp Ok I got ya mate, there automatic ones with a gate in them that provides a redstone pulse. I'm not sure if the Buildcraft gates exist at the moment, either they exist of there is a bc alternative for them.
Flapp (3 years ago)
+Aus yes but the wooden pipes... they look other then my pipes (ftb infinity?
Ausyarr (3 years ago)
+Flapp The Blue Pipes are insertions pipe but they don't exist anymore, the pipe addon mod is no longer updated. You can use diamond pipes as a replacement.
1984jesp (3 years ago)
the auto wooden pipes aren't extracting the scrap from the recycler. Am I missing something?
Aus (3 years ago)
probably you haven't got a gate on it or the gate isn't setup. it will need to pulse when there is an inventory.
KralwinTRGaming (4 years ago)
After i close and open game recycler can't powered 
Lion 450 (4 years ago)
how do you use diamond pipe for this?
Rohan Bhattacharya (4 years ago)
nice, it's very compact, efficent and early game!!!
Aus (4 years ago)
I don't really do IC2 that often but this where i start when I do.
gecko_guy1 (4 years ago)
DUDE me and a few friends have been looking for a power source (thats not solar of lava to cheaty for me) this helped so much thanks
Spurr (3 years ago)
+Ausyarr I like using reactor with lava fabricator
Tamazing T (4 years ago)
Aus (4 years ago)
You probably have a mod called power converters. Look for a block I think called bridge. If not, mekanism mod the basic universal cable will convert power into RF.  http://youtu.be/kJ9uzc0dRbs is an old video where i convert steam mj/rf, you can get the idea of it from there.
Tamazing T (4 years ago)
+Ausyarr how can i convert ic2 power in to thermal expansion
Aus (4 years ago)
I hate using power sources that everyone uses.
Dota Bytes (4 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Looking for compact energy power source forever! Before i only use RF from solar generator:Extra Utilities!
Aus (4 years ago)
Reedstere (4 years ago)
Very helpful thanks
kenneth lambeets (4 years ago)
Really nice turtorial it helped me alot :)
Aus (4 years ago)
kenneth lambeets (4 years ago)
Really nice turtorial it helped me alot :)
Hip Cactus (5 years ago)
What's the pipe you're using called?
TMK (4 years ago)
+Ausyarr Thanks and Thanks
Aus (4 years ago)
insertion pipes from buildcraft extra pipes I think. If they don't exist now you can use diamond pipes. BTW Nice avatar.
TMK (4 years ago)
But seriously tho what is the pipe hes using?
Aus (5 years ago)
I use automatic wooden pipes to pull the items out and the blue pipe are insertion pipes, you can all so use a different insertion pipe that is green. 
Aus (5 years ago)

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