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Minecraft EMERALD HOUSE MOD! | LIVE INSIDE EMERALD BLOCK, HOUSE, SWORD, & MORE!! | Modded Mini-Game with MooseMods 🚩 SUBSCRIBE and SLAP THE BELL! - http://bit.ly/MooseMods 🔥 BUY MOOSE MERCHANDISE! - ➽ http://www.itsmoosecraft.com 👏 WATCH MORE VIDEOS! (PLAYLIST) ➽ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLauG_Z_057NGLVgi7gejd_o5LqgTj6kbo 👍 FOLLOW ME HERE! ➽ Twitter - https://twitter.com/ItsMooseCraft ➽ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ItsMooseCraft ➽ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ItsMooseCraft ➽ Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/MooseCraftLife 🕹️ MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS! ► MooseCraft (Main Minecraft) - http://bit.ly/MooseCraft ► MooseBlox (Roblox) - http://bit.ly/MooseBlox ► Life of Moose (Real Life) - http://bit.ly/LifeOfMoose ► MooseMods (Minecraft Mods) - http://bit.ly/MooseMods ► MoosePlays (Minecraft Pocket Edition) - http://bit.ly/MoosePlays ► MooseRoleplays (Minecraft Roleplays) - http://bit.ly/MooseRoleplays ► Jeff The Moose (Jeff's Channel) - http://bit.ly/JeffTheMoose ► ModCentral (Minecraft Mods) - http://bit.ly/ModCentral Music: epidemicsound.com Intro Song: https://soundcloud.com/papayaofficial/sunny Music by MDK: http://youtube.com/MDKOfficialYT
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Text Comments (925)
Lena Bena (14 hours ago)
I love your intro moose
Jessica Chatwin (5 days ago)
I will eat your butt.
NitroNot FlameLord (7 days ago)
NitroNot FlameLord (7 days ago)
do a food mod
F flame (7 days ago)
big fan
F flame (7 days ago)
Do the creeper mod plz
LeLand Del Buono (18 days ago)
It's emerald City from the wizard of Oz
BJ&J Borum (20 days ago)
Do a candy land
BJ&J Borum (20 days ago)
I’m Jaymoose do a candy land mod
joan debnam (21 days ago)
Do horobrine vs Jeff
37 million Popsicles (21 days ago)
Ethan can you do the phone mod
37 million Popsicles (21 days ago)
Do the phone mod
Tracy Cole (23 days ago)
jeff looks like he just woke up
Life As a Mommy (24 days ago)
do princesess mod
Rhonda Powell (27 days ago)
the emarald timpal is acuashaly the master emarald from sonic
Jaylon Rideout 456 (28 days ago)
Front back flip mode
Vanessa Ford (29 days ago)
so sic sooo nis
Jason Schaetzke (1 month ago)
guns mod
David Plowman (1 month ago)
Do the creeper mod bro
Amy Koomen (1 month ago)
Do Villager Mobs Mod
abdelrahman abdalla (1 month ago)
Moose raft mod
abdelrahman abdalla (1 month ago)
Moosecraft mod
Eden Schroeder (1 month ago)
I would have time to read those books and I would too
Eden Schroeder (1 month ago)
Like In wizard of oz
Eden Schroeder (1 month ago)
Wut the seed
Meagan May (1 month ago)
Ant man addon
An drew (1 month ago)
what's the song called for intro?
KASH KOLLECTORS (1 month ago)
emerald city is from the wizard of oz
noob tuber (1 month ago)
Godzilla only godzilla
Tablet mod
Geena Vigorito (1 month ago)
Do the ender dragon mod
Paul Homkow (1 month ago)
Pokémon moD
ericcole75 (1 month ago)
Gun mod
Luca Jones (1 month ago)
Your bad
Brittany Long (1 month ago)
Do the halo mod
Brittany Long (1 month ago)
Do the hall mod
Cashmere James (1 month ago)
Sword mod
James Masters (1 month ago)
do more fire mod
Liza Ackles (1 month ago)
Make a boss mod
Liza Ackles (1 month ago)
Do a deer mod
Liza Ackles (1 month ago)
Do a ROBLOX mod
Liza Ackles (1 month ago)
Do a Bowmasters mod
Liza Ackles (1 month ago)
Do a dead pool mod
Ben Roberts (1 month ago)
i like cars make a cars mod pls pls pls pls
Luljeta Guri (1 month ago)
The emrald temple is not a emrld temple it is angel iland from sonic the hedgehog 3 it is the place of the chaos emralds that thing thaf u called ufo in the angel island is the one and only MASTER EMRALD!!!!!
Es Garza (1 month ago)
do all cool mods and im in moose army right now
Colton Jones (1 month ago)
Do cat mod
James Weaver (1 month ago)
do a death mod mr . P.P.
James Weaver (1 month ago)
this is not very smart moosecraft.
Subagini Nimalan (1 month ago)
Water mod vs lava mod
Zetlin Manaia (1 month ago)
Matthew Meyer (1 month ago)
You have to make a very funny thing like you disappear a house and make it look like it looks like we're is funny thing like she likes Ning Nong
Teresa De La Torre (1 month ago)
There is a dinosaur mod
Jealeny Zelaya (1 month ago)
max bo gold homes
Donjai Karnickey (1 month ago)
A black hole mod
Tom McEwen (1 month ago)
Xavier Botherway (1 month ago)
Ben 10
Lucia Rosborough (1 month ago)
do a everything made of moose mod with tons of moose milk
Weirdo Vids. . . o (1 month ago)
Diamand House Mod! Plz? 😉😊
Quinton Boyer (1 month ago)
X ray mod
Andre Conrad Villarica (1 month ago)
fast build mod
Andre Conrad Villarica (1 month ago)
herobrine mod
Andre Conrad Villarica (1 month ago)
harvest moon mod
Andre Conrad Villarica (1 month ago)
bitcoin mod
Azor quijano (1 month ago)
no c'mon, emeralds.... booo
Jena Dorsey (1 month ago)
Avengers mod jenadorsey1911
Stephanie Turner-Paige (1 month ago)
cool dood Green (1 month ago)
Deer mod beaces YOUR OWSOME!
Joseph Bossley (1 month ago)
Hat mod
Thomas Doan (1 month ago)
Poop mod
Aris Arcenal (1 month ago)
Dragon city mod
Kade Jackson (1 month ago)
Animal mod make sure they have a mooses
Melinda Navins (1 month ago)
geff is crazy
Natalie Meehan (1 month ago)
Nathans house
The Redstone Destroyer (1 month ago)
Love the intro
vedantdhole (1 month ago)
That is not a emerald hotel it is a sky skyscraper
Mandy Vartanian (1 month ago)
MaviFashiszLe (1 month ago)
Is a chose emrald dude from sonic
Marie Vixama (1 month ago)
Do YouTuber's lucky block mod
mel smith (1 month ago)
It's the white house.😂
Judy Armstrong (2 months ago)
God zelhy mod
Naval Aziz (2 months ago)
The temple is master emerald from soinc
nana subia (2 months ago)
Do pup g
The Daggster (2 months ago)
The moose mod
Sylas Villapaña (2 months ago)
Savage moose
Sylas Villapaña (2 months ago)
Valerie May (2 months ago)
plz do the wolf mod or the gun mod
Stephanie Collier (2 months ago)
do tnt modmy name is kade
Keaton Judd (2 months ago)
Coolest mod
Danielle Meyers (2 months ago)
overwatch mod
April C Martin (2 months ago)
and mess with the pixelmon mod
April C Martin (2 months ago)
and you just have to freind me
April C Martin (2 months ago)
please add me as your freind on roblox
Erin Caplan (2 months ago)
Place items Mod!!
Shelby Vercelli (2 months ago)
Lamborghini mod please bro
Do a moose mod
Dr Blue (2 months ago)
Mo crèches
marius crafter (2 months ago)
Put the mods in the descreption
Kaya Suskevich (2 months ago)
Emerald city from wizard of oz
Kaya Suskevich (2 months ago)
Burt Perez (2 months ago)
Do a infinity war mod
Hank Williams (2 months ago)
Hank Williams (2 months ago)

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