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Text Comments (70700)
Kai (10 months ago)
Ashden Lafferty (2 months ago)
Kai lol
Candeemations (2 months ago)
Travis Griffith (2 months ago)
Happy Studios Jiro Abdon (3 months ago)
Tim Robinson (6 minutes ago)
Tim Robinson (20 minutes ago)
I have had them before any 1 who has them be warned its sooo bad and gross!
Russell Maspaitella (41 minutes ago)
Eat the super sour jelly beans its very sour
Nathen F (1 hour ago)
I don't want you to die but I want to watch you suffer
Pratham Patel (5 hours ago)
*it just tastes yellow*
John Booher (5 hours ago)
pause at 1:45 that face tho
Pikmin Plush Stuff (6 hours ago)
WOULD YOU RATHER: Have the only food you will EVER eat be a blood-flavored jelly bean OR Have the only food you will EVER eat be a squid-flavored jelly bean
Fericka Laflèche (7 hours ago)
Imagine bleeding squidy snot. ew
fishermen 0106 (7 hours ago)
unikat the gamer (7 hours ago)
i hate lemon
Parrokeet (8 hours ago)
the last one was sour, lemon, and cola.
Ryder Bush (8 hours ago)
Would You Rather Be A Girl Or A Boy 99% Boy 1% Girl
Ezekiel Soto (8 hours ago)
You ate my favorite animal
Lorenzo Lovato (9 hours ago)
i am named after a car
Gacha fox potato (11 hours ago)
I'd choose never leave your house so you don't have to go to school
Gacha fox potato (11 hours ago)
You left out Lamborghini
Hyper_ Duck234 (11 hours ago)
David Ptosrt (12 hours ago)
David Ptosrt (12 hours ago)
Krzystof Czajkowski (15 hours ago)
3:10 dan dude.... the names of (fast) all cars are names of people that are famous...
Hanan Jamal (16 hours ago)
Hanan Jamal (16 hours ago)
Don’t eat the red jelly bean
Jasmin Miranda (16 hours ago)
squid snot
Aleks Todorov (16 hours ago)
Divya Shandilya (16 hours ago)
Hahahahaha haha😂😂😂
Hannah Hock (17 hours ago)
Valerie Trejo (18 hours ago)
Some one that was in my class his name is Van
Serena Marianen (19 hours ago)
7:29 where's that cough medicine when you need it?
Meliza Heyres (20 hours ago)
13:33 we knew you're dan.. lol
Rafan alesto (21 hours ago)
Pepole wants have be named after a car because they,re names want to be lamborghini or bugati
Novalee Rapana-Enosa (22 hours ago)
Do a nother one
Michelle Yates (22 hours ago)
I ate fish one
Freya Animates & draws (23 hours ago)
Dan: ewwwww blood!!!! Me: *grabs hand full of m&m’s*
Belinda Stewart (23 hours ago)
i love blood taste (i drink my own blood its ok)
Sky Flyer (1 day ago)
i would love to be a mclaren 720s :3 3:27
4:10 I accept with dan
Vikash Kumar (1 day ago)
play fortnigt pls
Philip Yimer (1 day ago)
The cough medicine made him cough. Lol
Christian YT gaming (1 day ago)
The people who chose no thumbs that means you can't play a PlayStation because you want to be able to move the joysticks you idiots how can you not resist a PS4 or Xbox or any kind of PS4 or Xbox is I choose only thumbs because if you had only thumbs you could get popular and get rich the only person on Earth who has only thumbs
Christian YT gaming (1 day ago)
I had a accident that made me have 17 Blood transfers from different people which I have two blood types so I can have anyone's blood I drink blood to and whenever I get hurt or cut I suck the blood out until it doesn't bleed
Boom Evan (1 day ago)
Anyone who sees this will have a 🤗
Bonkeys Gaming (1 day ago)
the 1st question is ez id be famous because if ur famous u get rich. wait but if ur rich ur rich for being famous?
Bonkeys Gaming (1 day ago)
ive watched u since 2014
gman andersch (1 day ago)
Yeah my name is George why can’t I just be called orange
Alessandra Solano (1 day ago)
Jerome Sutton (1 day ago)
We should do not do the video that therow
F Stroop (1 day ago)
did anyone else hear him fart
saki namij (1 day ago)
I. Have eaten a squid before and It was nice
blue print (1 day ago)
1:30 the smell.
PSYCHO STEVE23 (1 day ago)
You could text or write to talk
Lucyna Delbowska (1 day ago)
My dad loves the Taoist of fresh blood witch is wierd
Blue Phillips (1 day ago)
Matt Birkenmeier (1 day ago)
I think he’s sick... :V
MutantRecord109 (1 day ago)
cross your fingers he wasnt sick
Ben TSS (1 day ago)
Ha ha ha...you just made a big mistake 😈
Who's watching in 2193?
Mario Roussety (1 day ago)
R Re Red Red i Red is Red is e Red is ev Red is evi Red is evil Red is evi Red is ev Red is e Red is Red i Red Re R
Miter at
Mobile Gamer (1 day ago)
Would you rather Own pewdiepies channel or Dans channel Id have pewdiepies channel Becuse then dans channel would be left
Chris Young (1 day ago)
Kristo Vainik (1 day ago)
But then you can watch videos on your phone or tablet
Kristo Vainik (1 day ago)
4:49 that's so funny
Kristo Vainik (1 day ago)
When your famous your rich
Hektik Tekato (2 days ago)
red blood
adamski221 344 (2 days ago)
Live live
Regina Brown (2 days ago)
Detroit red (2 days ago)
7:23 the red one has been chosen TWICE
Detroit red (2 days ago)
6:38 T H E R E D O N E H A S B E E N C H O S E N
Tiffany Adams (2 days ago)
How bad was it
Samarai person (2 days ago)
The red one has been chosen............ AGAIN
Sara Thomas (2 days ago)
You droped a jelly bean in the end when you are 5 jbs
Jaramiah Cook (2 days ago)
Sour WarHeads try the product called m Berry it's cool
IWolfWolfie (2 days ago)
By names Bentley
Cindi Averill (2 days ago)
XD blood again
Jacob Levi (2 days ago)
Vamp tdm
Bridget Walker (2 days ago)
I guess the cough medicine wasn’t working
Aliya (2 days ago)
dan was it really fresh blood
Iguana Games (2 days ago)
I under stand why it's naked because if u never leave ur house what if your house is on fire
Catyse Roblox (2 days ago)
I would wanna be called Audi
Tr0y Playz (2 days ago)
And subscribed
Tr0y Playz (2 days ago)
I liked
Andrew Naylor (2 days ago)
phil Smith (2 days ago)
You are my best mit ever
ALLISON HAHN (2 days ago)
Do it again
it's me calla calla (2 days ago)
Matthew Henning (2 days ago)
I wish i could try it
ania celińska (2 days ago)
love blood
Crafted MC Studios (2 days ago)
What’s actually worst warheads sour beanboozled or double dares
J jj (2 days ago)
Crystal YT (2 days ago)
THE RED BEAN IS THE WORST BUT ALSO THE CHOOSEN ONE DanTDM:Uhh they already smell discussing I haven't even eaten one. Me:DAN GIMME THE BEAN I DONT WANT U TO FEEL TORTURED PLZ GIMME THE BEAN OH AND UR A VERY NICE PERSON IK FOR SURE CUZ OF HOW NICE U ACT U R SO GOIN TO HEAVEN!!! Dan watch a vid search on YouTube called "Why DanTDM is the nicest person" I forever wish I was u so nice AND A AW AWE AWES AWESO AWESOM AWESOME AWESOM AWESO AWES AWE AW A Hope u get 800 billion subs by Next year or next two years at least sooner or later
Sky Segal (2 days ago)
Michael Watson (2 days ago)
They discuting
Michael Watson (2 days ago)
Range Rover jaguar
0:08 pause
max gameing game (3 days ago)
Me: chooses duck Game: woot woot thats the sound of da police Me: um Game: GIMMME BUCKS
Charles Estrella (3 days ago)
Officially a part canibal :3333
I Joey
Hey Dan
LuAnn Brown (3 days ago)
I had a turtle

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