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G2A 10 random Steam CD-KEYS #2

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If you want to try this out: https://www.g2a.com/r/10-random-steam-cd-keys-p or 5 random keys: https://www.g2a.com/r/5-random-steam-cd-keys-p
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Text Comments (59)
big_OL (1 year ago)
thanks for showing what these key packs are.
LikeTheSauce (2 years ago)
Wow, you say "GOOD BYE" in these vidoes just like this one guy I watch named "A Friend". Do you know him?
MrAmpuja (2 years ago)
He IS A Friend.
Zorrio (2 years ago)
X) You made my day lol x)
Vito Džidić (2 years ago)
I bought this for 2 dollars today and got a game worth 45$ (more like 3 games and source code)
nagget magget (2 years ago)
make another video <3
NTC FBC (2 years ago)
One of the reasons why these games are so cheap because many people like you bought these random keys, and decide to sell them on g2a. Even if they put AAA games on another kind of random key with higher price, which I really hope they do, the price of those AAA games will be reduced. Also, because not many people want to buy those games. So the sellers put them in random keys game to sell it easier.
NTC FBC (2 years ago)
so stop buying it. Do not get yourself scammed
TrollingRage (2 years ago)
To Be Honest You SHould Check Steam Prices As Well.. Although its true That its All Crappy Games That i Probably wont ever play
TrollingRage (2 years ago)
Good Point
PCtrainers (2 years ago)
+TrollingRage why would I check steam prices? it shows $7 for a 20 cent game
Waves (2 years ago)
this is A Friend..
Bigg_Biraa (2 years ago)
A Friend? <3
Vzin (2 years ago)
OMG A Friend :D
Necacal (2 years ago)
Friend, what is your opinion on the Litvusnaianin law forbidding alcohol purchases from 8 to 10 pm?
Capt. Frost (2 years ago)
is this guy from the channel a friend?
iButtKicku (2 years ago)
A friend??
Keane Mizzi (2 years ago)
clicked on a random video when suddenly A Friend appears
Anton Helgesson (2 years ago)
Ey can you open some g2a cases?
TRIPL3GH (2 years ago)
a friend. WAT
xXMinniNinJaXx (2 years ago)
That last game you list was half-life 3. (/O.O)/
juste (2 years ago)
A Friend is that you?
juste (2 years ago)
sick i was right
Ben Ballas (2 years ago)
+cunt yes this is his alt channel
Will Watson (2 years ago)
how do you keep up with theses games aswell as be one of the biggest runescape players on YouTube? dude a friend is crazy
عمرو (2 years ago)
There are plenty of shit games that need to be sold so they cover their name with "random". A legal way to scam you making you think that you'll get Fifa 16 or GTA 5 for 1$. No way in the earth you'll get that deal. You'll have a massive library of 8-bits 1996 overwhelmingly bad reviews games. So stop buying them!
General Moon (2 years ago)
He probably made a secondary account just for these games.
Peter Ghobrial (2 years ago)
i come here just to enjoy your voice accent :D
Rymden2 (2 years ago)
Can u get Runescape membership from this? Kappa
KoopaFreak600 (2 years ago)
Hey A Friend
Gamer Meojs (2 years ago)
Bobomen (2 years ago)
+Rune Mamba I accidentaly found this channel...
Rune Mamba (2 years ago)
+RsBobomen he did once on one of his runescape videos a few months ago i dont remember which one though
Bobomen (2 years ago)
+mucko1234 YEAH! I dont know why he don't share the second channel...
Arcadiez (2 years ago)
buy those 5 csgo skins and see what you get
smitth00 (2 years ago)
A... Friend?
Claudio Benigna (2 years ago)
Yes!I Like this videos
Mobstersoverdrive (2 years ago)
Those arent bot accounts btw afriend. Its just other people that bought the same 10 random keys as you and are trying to get some of there money back from the shitty games.
Snitsel xd (2 years ago)
I wonder if u can get something good
Snitsel xd (2 years ago)
+Markipedia Yeah ibomber is maybe good haven't tried it yet
Markipedia (2 years ago)
Unless you think ibomber and its time to get out of the solar sytem are good than nope
omgfackdehell (2 years ago)
Stop trying to make a normal game happen, its not going to happen. No but really, interesting video! GJ showing everyone to NOT buy these keys
JollyTHPS (2 years ago)
hi erasure
nechroe (2 years ago)
I don't know why you keep buying these
Dyo Kasparov (2 years ago)
he buys them with the money he got from the last video like this :D
John (2 years ago)
+MisterBrS the more he does it the more he shows how bad the chance is.
PizzaTech (2 years ago)
+MisterBrS Youtube Money :)
[ACE]' Cheats & Cracks (2 years ago)
Can you post the Keys? :D
Donald Trump (2 years ago)
+ScopeZ He activated all of them. That's how he knew the game titles.
illuminati (2 years ago)
Time to rename your channel from PCtrainer to SteamKey buying idiot.
Doug (2 years ago)
+MsUltrafox He buys these to shows us (the viewers) what to expect if we plan to buy them ourselves. He does it so we don't have to
illuminati (2 years ago)
Says the little boy from behind his daddy's laptop.
TheGmTom (2 years ago)
Kartoffel (2 years ago)
Did you ever manage to sell any games on G2A?
Thinking Thinker (2 years ago)
A Friend, my nigga.
Kartoffel (2 years ago)
Once again, why are there still no more game name's? Geez, I myself bought over 50 keys and all were bad, only good one i got was Hektor.
Aleksi Jalli (2 years ago)
steve carr (2 years ago)
Key will only work once
-R3LaXo (2 years ago)
Can i have the key that you already have ? please pn

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