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God of War (dunkview)

154880 ratings | 3290966 views
The latest entry into the roll and hit genre. with Skill Up https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ7AeeVbyslLM_8-nVy2B8Q
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Text Comments (7404)
Marquete50 (1 hour ago)
You nailed this review
Ragingwukong (2 hours ago)
What was that the music at the end
Alowishus (4 hours ago)
Kudos for using the music from Medievil.
Nathoodle (8 hours ago)
God of war 4 is the only game I can think of that kept me interested from beginning to end. When I had to go to school and stop playing this game I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was like falling in love for the first time.
Kexerino (9 hours ago)
Thx 4 not having jokes in this
Capabletsf (10 hours ago)
His son " *boy* "
Evad Thebest (10 hours ago)
Wow, a smooth jazz/5 thats actually amazing.
SuperKinahead (13 hours ago)
woah is that what the blue armour looks like
Alexis Negron (14 hours ago)
Wait till knack 3 comes out it'll blow everything out of the water!!!!
Megashark 101 (14 hours ago)
I don't really know what Dunkey means by weak side quests, I haven't noticed any. The Fafnir Quest was great, as was the Andvari one. Muspelheim and Niflheim are also both super cool.
Quinn (15 hours ago)
Why so much satanic music
HaydLynx (16 hours ago)
God of War 4 is one of the best games I have ever experienced
HAWK _YT (18 hours ago)
Ripping of up😂
Om Bhatt (19 hours ago)
Skill Up yha!!!!!!!!!!!!
War Butt (19 hours ago)
Playlist says “serious videos (with no jokes)” starts roasting immediately
SkateRat Cj (20 hours ago)
Nibelung Valesti (20 hours ago)
Father of War
AJtheguy (20 hours ago)
was that fucking MediEvil music around the beginning of the video
Crurned (21 hours ago)
A Father's Day present
gabriel zimmerman (21 hours ago)
I love this vid but I feel as though the rating system would be more understandable if the scale was bigger (say out of 100) because 4/5 can me very beautiful and above par to perfect with small flaws.
Eastwood007x (22 hours ago)
I think God of war as a series sucks but this review had me watching til the end
O9O8 (22 hours ago)
This does have jokes
The Fantastic Paul (1 day ago)
RIP Knack
Strifix (1 day ago)
The adventures of Kratos and Boy
Christopher Ross (1 day ago)
*queue the jazz* lay down some beautiful limericks of reviewer truth. I fucking love this channel
Cheerful Person (1 day ago)
Just received the platinum trophy. Sometimes I wanted to break everything around me because I picked the last difficulty, but overall, this game is literally the best game I've ever played. I really didn't expect it to be that good (didn't expect it to be bad either)
Jesse Albert (1 day ago)
Bought a ps4 just to play this and I have no regrets
Bag of Farts (1 day ago)
Reminds me of Darksiders
Gergő Laky (1 day ago)
Video has a fucking flow
Gergő Laky (1 day ago)
That last music scene was awsome, god the mood was set
Gergő Laky (1 day ago)
How can dunkey read my toughts
khayle05 (1 day ago)
This > last of us
Xao_Phan (2 days ago)
This game is just a story trip, they said it would require strategic thinking in the difficulty descriptions and whatnot, but is just as mashable as the previous entries, l personally miss good games. I ended up returning this game to friend and watched the story in YouTube instead, was a better experience without the dull and simple gameplay.
Micolash Cage (1 day ago)
Xao_Phan To each their own. The gameplay can be a bit button mashy but still had a learning curve and I found strategies that worked and didn’t work. Sucks you didn’t like it though!
Snorty McGout (2 days ago)
A game should never get a 100% rating, that's ridiculous
John Boan (2 days ago)
Fucking Dunkey got me to cry AUGH love you though dunkey
John Boan (2 days ago)
No joke the music actually made me cry a bit
Dafinsrock (2 days ago)
The jazz music was a bold choice but I'm here for it
Václav (2 days ago)
Yeah funny joke knack killer maybe knack one but not knack 2
King Dededinkleberg (3 days ago)
"...His son, Boy, is constantly seeking his approval"
Vishisht Mishra (3 days ago)
Last of us gets 10/10 but god of war only gets 4/5? Pathetic! Tlou is pretty overrated
A K (3 days ago)
War Guy 4.
GlastHeim Porings (3 days ago)
His son Boy, is always seeking approval.... hahaha
You're Retarded (3 days ago)
I feel so retarded after watching dunkey give such a positive criticism. Game of the year
Austin Vines (3 days ago)
Whats going on dunkatron, can you make a video on Speed Racer, its on Netflix. It’s one of my favorite movies and I think you would love it too.
Waluigi (4 days ago)
Did you just say Knack...Killer...?
aussj4link (4 days ago)
I hated it when they did the same name shit with Doom 4. I don't get this shit where they're calling these games by the first name rather than what game in the line they actually are.
Catswork (4 days ago)
Meatzone (4 days ago)
4/5 really? wtf
Ora Saikatsu (4 days ago)
I understand people not liking this game compared to the three past main entries, but I don't think I'll understand the *reasoning* behind it. How the combat is just button mashing hack and slash, how the puzzles are too simplistic, how it's just a bunch of walking around; despite the fact that past 3 God of War games did have these same issues, in their own ways. There is like, no combat strategy in previous God of War games, but, arguably, it's meant to be that way because it's cathartic to kill a lot of enemies. Puzzles kind of sucked in the first two, but 3 apparently has good puzzles. And the games are kind of notorious for back tracking and lots of walking around, pushing blocks, etc. It's like listening to people complain about Dark Souls 2 in comparison to Dark Souls 1. Like yeah, the levels are uninspired, we can agree on that part, but everything else is relatively the same. Both games have the same issues, one isn't worse than the other
RandomFinn (5 days ago)
Froma Greek god of war to a hunter hermit Nord living in Skyrim
Mr.Stingy (5 days ago)
God of war is the best thing coming out of DC Rebirth
Somewhat Bored (5 days ago)
Mr.Stingy You and I are probably the only people here that know what the DC Rebirth is.
Zak Urbain (5 days ago)
Someone please tell me that song at the end
Professiondude (5 days ago)
damn dunk. you made me cry
Overbite (5 days ago)
This isn’t a video game dunkey script, this is... A SCRIPT
Cipher Twelve (6 days ago)
Knack killer lol
Rango pistacho (6 days ago)
Wait you americans know about hunt for the wilder people?
Phantom Anna (6 days ago)
seriously, Santa Monica needs to make a DLC where players get to play as Atreus, play through his POV of the story. It's just simply amazing and beautiful :)
Lucas Lehmann (6 days ago)
where is our knack 3 bois
Lucas Lehmann (6 days ago)
finally a knack killer
OriginalNameSansAngst (6 days ago)
Sure. 4 outa 5. 4.8 outa 5.
MAGIC WAFFLE702 (6 days ago)
Can you do a dunkview on Tron Legacy! I wanna hear your thoughts
Ya Boi Kamina (6 days ago)
“His son, boy”
Grant Chudler (6 days ago)
Holy shit dunkey’s watched Kikujiro
The Ark-Ham Sandwich (6 days ago)
there's something so satisfying about the second to last scene where Atreus runs off towards the one opponent and Kratos charges the other one. well shot? lol
Martin Kilpert (6 days ago)
Best Narrative for a game review I've ever heard.
Lillie Does Stuff (6 days ago)
Did dunk confirm something was better than Knack?! What is this?!
Rzejdi (7 days ago)
But God Of War came out before The Last Of Us...
Rzejdi (7 days ago)
But God Of War came out before The Last Of Us...
Tanks A Lot (7 days ago)
This was the first god of war game I saw, and I watched jacksepticeye play through the game, as I wouldn't be able to play the game for myself. After finishing watching jack's playthrough, I looked across the internet to see the story from the previous games. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but Kratos' blades seem to repsresent the fury and rage. Look at how his attacks are less controlled, and more of swinging his blades in the general direction of his opponent. The leviathen axe represents Kratos being more calm, making percise movements, and a more controlled way of fighting. It represents Kratos trying to be a man, rather than a mindless killing machine. He has new responsibilities, and is trying to change his ways to better suit his role as a father. I'm still new to the franchise, and I'm still not entirely familier with norse or greek mythology, so god of war fans, feel free to correct me if I said the dumbest shit possible.
Philosofic Lion (7 days ago)
In older GOW games the combat was the abduction of violence while in the new game his moves are move weighted and carefull since Kratos has something to lose now
Demonichellfighter (7 days ago)
Cactoos (7 days ago)
I want it
TheLoyd (7 days ago)
photo mode is a major part of the game
Knight Slayer (7 days ago)
Soooo song?
Idiosyn (7 days ago)
That montage makes me think of sunsets in Hel
Contra Machina (7 days ago)
really? wow
Brandon Jose (7 days ago)
That was a close one I thought both Knack games were destroyed
Ian (8 days ago)
Dunkview = best review
NewsAnchor (8 days ago)
I cried
AhBao阿宝 (8 days ago)
Pappo (8 days ago)
this game is a fucking masterpiece, i loved it!
gooseslayer XL (8 days ago)
He isn't mortal he is still immortal
Pearl Best Gem (8 days ago)
Can't wait for God of War 2!
E p i c M e m e s (8 days ago)
Apparently Dunkey has the humor stone or some shit because I’m actually crying right now.
Meat Dragon (8 days ago)
Assassins Creed is a good franchise
Ritwick George (2 days ago)
Pao Chongloi WHAT, this comment caught my attention naturally.
Pao Chongloi (3 days ago)
Meat Dragon Nobody Trolling you if you come here with that intention go home and sleep.
Sean Dearth (8 days ago)
good shit
SammyroxxGaming (8 days ago)
"And his son, *Boy*,"
Thicc_boi_Ian (8 days ago)
AJTheMightyGamer (8 days ago)
This was a really solid video. Wasn't super ha ha lol xD funny, but it was a solid fucking video, I'm glad that while the wacky humor of Dunkey remains consistent throughout his videos without ever getting super stale for the most part, it's great that his more "serious" content remains entertaining and keeps you invested. Probably also helps that this game is good
Michael Fulton (8 days ago)
Clearly its a rip off of Dark souls 3
Meow (8 days ago)
Hunt for the wilderpeople is soo good
potato boy (9 days ago)
God of infinity war:return of scarecrow
Teneos (9 days ago)
No.Jesus dude have you never played a 3d game before?
Samuel Hernandez (9 days ago)
Dislike, 5/5*!!! U get ur like when u correct ur score :D
Noah Macauley (9 days ago)
Furi is too good... glad to see you're giving it some exposure
Antonio Jimenez (9 days ago)
No game can ever beat knack baby.
Varta (9 days ago)
Crap Drawings (9 days ago)
Does he not like superhot
Cody Martin (9 days ago)
Love sax in the city
Vishnu Bokaro (9 days ago)
This game turned me straight. It's that fucking good
Casper (9 days ago)
Yeah but dunkey didn't you know that the Valkyrie boss fights are actually done by from software

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