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Minecraft: More Explosives Mod | 30+ New TNT Items!

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The more explosives mod adds over 30 new different kinds of TNT Item into Minecraft :D Please leave a like if you enjoyed! :D ► Subscribe to become a Wippling :: http://bit.ly/1imFwt4 Link to Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/877105-162-smp-more-explosives-mod-over-1500000-downloads/ Music From AudioMicro (http://audiomicro.com): - Blood Tears - Legend of the Wars - Map Ship and a Compass - Celtic String Orchestra
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Text Comments (252)
IsolatedTnT (1 month ago)
The Anti Ballistic Missle is basically a missle intercept system. It would protect you from missle attacks which is why you cant interact with it
Wyoming Ball (2 months ago)
Solomon Odonkoh (8 months ago)
The download link does not work
Iqbal Mala (1 year ago)
heres how the anti-ballistic missile works: if there is a non anti-ballistic missile in the air it will seek it out and go after it and will destroy it and itself so basicly a way to "disable" a acitve/in the air missiles. P.S. not sure but i think the range is some 100 or 250 or 500 meters/blolcks + or - x or z i think y dosent matter.
Bowser Jjumetroid (2 years ago)
If only this mod could be updated for Minecraft 1.7.2. I have a PC with a low graphics card that has my max version of Minecraft on 1.7.2.
The Ultimate Destroyer (2 years ago)
Ruby ore? 4:44
FloatingHat (2 years ago)
Nuclear explosion is so incredible.
Aweless swag-man! (2 years ago)
does anyone know a good modpack with More Explosives Mod and NEI?
Venom123 (3 years ago)
James White (3 years ago)
This Could Be The Most Basic Way To Find And Mine Diamonds On Minecraft!
Braiden Lim (3 years ago)
Jill Hilleshiem (3 years ago)
Do the bazoka thing with meter tnt
Jude Poyle (3 years ago)
4:14 I was not expecting that!
klau guz (3 years ago)
Bas Hoedemakers (3 years ago)
Michael C (4 years ago)
The anti balistic missile is used to shoot down any approaching missiles
Lucas ribeiro (4 years ago)
wipper what pc do you have
FAIN TV (3 years ago)
Kimer (4 years ago)
how can u download for 1.7.10
Alpfury the Folf (4 years ago)
you use the anit balistic missle stops other missles :p
you are beast!!!!!!!
Quintiax (4 years ago)
That strange ore that ypou saw is emerald in version 1.0.0 tot 1.4.0
Mitchell Hannam (4 years ago)
The ABM or Anti-ballistic Missile will counter 1 missile that is incoming within a 400 block radius of it'self so when I play this mod with my brother I usually have like 4 of em outside my house so when he tries to nuke me they just intercept it...  
Triya Mistry (4 years ago)
Internet Dweller (4 years ago)
I downloaded the mod and it didn't work problem: It's not a .jar file
ethan rees (4 years ago)
fuck you
Iqbal Mala (1 year ago)
ethan rees then dont watch his vids if you dont like it
Sean Norwood (2 years ago)
To whom are you trying to piss off?
EPIK Nation (4 years ago)
I think anti ballistic is used to intercept rockets
EPIK Nation (4 years ago)
Ultimate grieving tool just ask coordinates of someone's house
Alxxandria Hope (4 years ago)
ezevallos (4 years ago)
Click the landmine and then it disappear
ezevallos (4 years ago)
The anti missile stops missiles
GEO MMV (4 years ago)
Straven (4 years ago)
The anty bulistick missile blows up missiles
Santina B (4 years ago)
Santina B (4 years ago)
Weth you fire a missall and it is cameing you yous the yaalo missall and it will go strat up and disry the missle
mamo2xs (4 years ago)
place a missle than it will go
Accelerator (4 years ago)
The anti-ballistic missile is actually to explode the missiles that are about to explode.
Bowser Jjumetroid (4 years ago)
Yeah, technically, but the anti-ballistic missile just flies up there and stops (disappears) an oncoming missile.
hunter klein (4 years ago)
The anti-ballistic missile is used to shoot down near by missiles.
Burp the Sorcerer (4 years ago)
the explosions are so intense, they make my computer slow.
OMEGA (4 years ago)
OMEGA (4 years ago)
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Brooklyn Griffith (4 years ago)
99 205
marisela hernandez (4 years ago)
like the big boom in the end !!!
Tim O'Brien (4 years ago)
You idiot The bazooka fires whichever TNT does the most damage thats in your inventory
Iqbal Mala (1 year ago)
Tim O'Brien if you dont like them dont watch them
Tim O'Brien (4 years ago)
I could care less about Antvenom  doing a mod showcase
Tim O'Brien (4 years ago)
No Antvenom is stupid as fuck
Tim O'Brien (4 years ago)
Fran Maric (4 years ago)
which texture pack are you using??
Tobias Cannon (4 years ago)
its the default texture pack
Fran Maric (4 years ago)
Will L (4 years ago)
Anti ballistic missile will stop any missile that is diving down.even the nuclear missile!
Jay Barnes (4 years ago)
Jay Barnes (4 years ago)
Landon21 (4 years ago)
You are awsome And so are Your games
Landon21 (4 years ago)
Your videos are awsome man Your awsome to
Michael Leo (4 years ago)
Mary Weston (4 years ago)
The anti-ballistic misile it can stop misile
elitehammer04 (4 years ago)
Nice video
Zaix (4 years ago)
please tell me your minecraft version...
jasper rijk (4 years ago)
cool!!! TNT mod i go him to install! 
Andy Cooke (4 years ago)
is this a virus?
VIPVinne YT (4 years ago)
Actually the bundled c4 is 9 more if u do it on flat land
VIPVinne YT (4 years ago)
Anti ballistic missle stops missiles for example if a nuclear missle was gonna blow up your world then set the anti ballistic missile to the same coordinates
Infinity_Drag171 (4 years ago)
The yellow missile will stop any missile. Maybe if you set off the nuke missile and you did not mean to
Reema Alyousef (4 years ago)
I have the mod soon I'm going to make a mod showcase
M Nolasco (4 years ago)
Jackass is the donkey
Harry Burton (4 years ago)
It blew my mine
Lucky Crafter (4 years ago)
Open Box (4 years ago)
anti fragment missle blocks other missle
ian joseph (4 years ago)
You noob
Dhilansunanda Bong (4 years ago)
I used 3 nukes at same time but it doesnt lag
bvb lover bvb (4 years ago)
chris H (4 years ago)
if you set a missiel of and put the anti-balistic missiel down it will folo the first missiel and stop it
xXBiGFluFFy (4 years ago)
the anti ballistic missile means if someone shoots a missile it blows that missile up in mid air so you don't die
Bungy Booce (4 years ago)
Ow you did
Bungy Booce (4 years ago)
Wy did you not do nuclear power Sined, jasmin Melkic >:[
Bungy Booce (4 years ago)
Lisa Strickland (4 years ago)
the anti ballistic missile stops missiles from coming down
Ben Brooks (4 years ago)
i like tnt all the time
Jason Keil (4 years ago)
wipper your just awsome
Lindsay Poveromo (4 years ago)
daniel sanchez (4 years ago)
The anti ballistic missile detonated the missile coming
Jonathan Tarkington (4 years ago)
It was awesome
LiLnwiLL (4 years ago)
How do you get you're minecraft to look so good!
IncendiaryGaming (3 years ago)
Its a GSL Shaders Mod or something like that
Chase Cumming (4 years ago)
then anti ballistic missile will destroy other missile stopping it frome destroying
majkls (4 years ago)
John Grassus (4 years ago)
What a load of shit, house didn't even explode. Do you enjoy firing virtual rockets in the air? This is so sad.
Dillan C (4 years ago)
maybe the anti ballistic missile destroys a missile in midair!!!
dan718100 (4 years ago)
He forgot lava tnt
Renzo Cruz (4 years ago)
like you now man
Renzo Cruz (4 years ago)
Tjeerd Veeger (4 years ago)
Jake Ross (4 years ago)
Hey! Come join my new Minecraft server AllianceCraft it is a PvP/Faction Server! Join fast to get a lead on the enemys and build your empire quick. Drop party at 25 people. Invite your friends! IP:
Meme Druglord (4 years ago)
try a TNT on water or the ocean! :DDD
James Ferguson (4 years ago)
yesh I agree. TNT on water or ocean PLZ
Christopher Cormier (4 years ago)
the anti-balistc missel destroys any in coming messil
Oliver Daniells (4 years ago)
Oliver Daniells (4 years ago)
Milissa Leatherwood (4 years ago)
why the missl dusint exsplod is becuss it stop missl
UltraTntGamer (4 years ago)
This video is great for a crazed gamer like me! :D
Shelly Moore (4 years ago)
And for people who like/love explosives. like me
Yana Kopalina (4 years ago)
me too)))) 
Some dude (4 years ago)
The anti-blasticsticks Missiles shoot down other down missiles on their own
Jagdish Badhan (4 years ago)
that was amazing but laggy saggy
zigleee 111 (4 years ago)
famhx glads (4 years ago)
The light red ore was ruby
Neddyfram™ (4 years ago)
That ore is ruby, its now emerald
Alien Kid (4 years ago)
Wipper is BEST mod-rewyuer!!!
Greg Koc (4 years ago)
whats the name of the lighning and leaf-waving mod?
Sean Norwood (2 years ago)
It's a shader Dur

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