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How to Install Minecraft Forge 1.8 - Simple Tutorial

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How to install Forge for Minecraft 1.8 - it takes less than 3 minutes. Download Site: http://files.minecraftforge.net Command Syntax Mod: http://youtu.be/Zx5ZKqIaVMU Donate here: http://bit.ly/DonorCP | http://patreon.com/CrushedPixel ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Server IP: crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters
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Text Comments (87)
Jammy (5 months ago)
ToastyCake (6 months ago)
my game keeps crashing when i run minecraft
ItzAMeBananable (9 months ago)
This is wayy outdated also it doesnt work, it keeps crashing.
Freek (11 months ago)
I can't open it :c
Bystander Bax (1 year ago)
You earned 1 sub and another like thank you bro. (I had it all right except i didnt know you had to have the profile yourself so i couldnt find it)
WolfPaxMC (1 year ago)
There's no mod folder what do i do D:
im ur father (10 months ago)
After you lauch the Forge Version of minecraft, the "mod" folder should appear :)
XoSuPerFrEaKoX (1 year ago)
good video...easy to follow.....i DL 1.11.2 of forge and replaymod and they worked great till i hit f5 one time to change my view. man it screwed EVERYTHING up....i know its in beta so it was expected. but it worked great till that point...now i jus did 1.11 of both....seems fine....good work
ZWOGs (1 year ago)
My Minecraft crashes every time I try to launch after I installed Replay Mod. How do I fix it? The only other mod I have installed is PixelCam
Define Potato (1 year ago)
try removing PixelCam from the mod folder so the Replay Mod is the only one in the mods folder
CMD STUDIOS (1 year ago)
Woah i love that intro
SamGoldfish (1 year ago)
I installed forge successfully, but when I add mods to my mods folder, minecraft will not start up. Any suggestions?
BashCat (1 year ago)
Arqus (1 year ago)
Help pls i dindt get that CP Thing
Nastya litvinov (2 years ago)
How can i find the video that i recorded?
milocow44 (2 years ago)
I don't know why, but it doesn't work with the replay mod for me. I've done other mods in the exact way you've said, but the replay mod is different for me.
sp0nGe (1 year ago)
I have the same issue
FLOBATHTHEGR8 Gaming (2 years ago)
+milocow44 same keeps crashing for me
Mr. Maniac (2 years ago)
it didnt work
Styrac (2 years ago)
When I load my replay I can't move out of first person from my player. Help?
KRIAK2233 (2 years ago)
When I click run on the installer... nothing happens... please help
Kezzy (11 months ago)
same here im trying to do some research
ealiev60 (2 years ago)
what about windows?
Ivain (2 years ago)
+ealiev60 supposed to be the same thing but it doesn't work for me. the launcher refuses to launch it
Ghost Pickle (2 years ago)
Does it give your Mac a virus???
Ghost Pickle (2 years ago)
+Marcus Lai Kai Cong K, I'll just get on my laptop when I get one and not on my family computer.
Marcus Lai Kai Cong (2 years ago)
+Redstone Tutorials YES!!
Ghost Pickle (2 years ago)
Does it give your Mac a virus???
Ghost Pickle (1 year ago)
+Billanater 1 I installed it a while ago posted 1 year ago :D
Billanater 1 (1 year ago)
I have done it on mac, it doesnt.
MajesticDeath (2 years ago)
+VanderCraft I get that message too
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+Redstone Tutorials Of course not...
My real name (2 years ago)
my forge IS CRASHING why? plz help!
Sancarn (2 years ago)
"It's that simple" and yet it doesn't work xD. I follow the instructions perfectly and I get the mods folder and everything but when I drag the replay mod in there... nothing... It's happened in the past with numerous other mods too... I just for whatever reason can't install mods manually... The only thing that has ever been able to is the FTB Launcher (which does everything automatically) In Game Output: [20:02:52] [main/ERROR] [FML]: Unable to read the jar file ReplayMod_v1.0.2.jar - ignoring
Angus Helldin (2 years ago)
+Sancarn Something is probably wrong with your computer. Every Windows and Mac computer can read jar files natively. I'd suggest trying to to the exact same process on another machine and see if it works. If it doesn't, you're doing something wrong. Follow all the steps extremely close in that case. But it's probably not your fault.
jackmeup (2 years ago)
Is the new version compatible with 1.8.8?
smellydonut (2 years ago)
+Jackmeups Stuff yes
Danny - DinoGamer (2 years ago)
This video is OUT DATED! please update!
RandomGuy (2 years ago)
I want to get the new replay mod working, so i downloaded the newest version of Forge, but when i started it, at the corner it said FML, and the mod wasn't loaded.  So then i tried downloading the version that you downloaded, and it did the exact same thing.
Elias Hoste (10 months ago)
You probably downloaded Forge Mod Loader instead of the normal forge.
Guan Edits (2 years ago)
+RandomGuy i was expecting to see a fix but everyone is saying same
Neraki (2 years ago)
+RandomGuy same
milocow44 (2 years ago)
+RandomGuy Same w/ me.
TheMinecrafters (2 years ago)
+RandomGuy Same :/
MinecraftGamerLP (2 years ago)
How i can create my own Taps ??? PLS HELP
JfKidding (2 years ago)
Command Genius (3 years ago)
wait you use voila? i use that too!
xIkeGx (3 years ago)
xIkeGx (3 years ago)
it does not work CrushedPixel
PausCraft (3 years ago)
I've installed 1.8-Forge but every time I want to start it minecraft crashes. Do you know where the problem is?
Finn Else-McCormick (3 years ago)
It says it grabbed 0 required libraries and then crashes when I open it. Help pls
SparkySywer (3 years ago)
It doesn't show up on the launcher, and when I look in the versions folder, it doesn't have the json file. I tried adding it, but it made my launcher not work, so I removed it. What should I do? I used multiple versions, the latest, second latest, oldest 1.8, and the one you used. And then a couple more. Also, when I use the installer, the letters are messed up.
ElBos (3 years ago)
di it and I had no problem, this was the easiest showcase ever 
Thotha (3 years ago)
Is it compatible (I'm not that good at English. ) with optifine?
Mega MLG (3 years ago)
Wha? I just wanted to see the site on meh android phone and have mcafee installed and said the website is suspicious and they tested that it has a virus or an unwanted item in it! Any help?
Mac Lim (3 years ago)
Its not a virus just discard the warning.
Alexis Le Mouhaer (3 years ago)
now, the game launch but when i start in a world, the game crash :'(
mbpl10 (3 years ago)
Ummm... Still this: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=b9x3sdJL Help!
Paul Wesley (3 years ago)
1:47: mariusmetzger in the favorites. :D?
Čobani (3 years ago)
Thank you!It works for me now. ^^
MartijnXD (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorial! This really helped me !
Spongebob VinePants (3 years ago)
Ummm...I have a problem,whenever I go on the forge site,it just doesn't open up and starts downloading some random file with no name that's 70MB...Can you help me,please?
Spongebob VinePants (3 years ago)
+PokeMasrerJ Yeah,maybe that's the problem!I will try to fix it later because I just started a game on League of Legends :D
PokeMaserJ (3 years ago)
+Daniel Karamitev weird. It works fine for me. Maybe your Anti-virus program is acting up? *shrugs* 
Spongebob VinePants (3 years ago)
+PokeMasrerJ Oh and I'm not trying to be rude :D
Spongebob VinePants (3 years ago)
+PokeMasrerJ Well yes,I do and I still get that problem -.-
PokeMaserJ (3 years ago)
+Daniel Karamitev Are you going to the site in the description? It will not do that if you go to the site in the description.
CocoaMix86 (3 years ago)
Who made that intro? It looks really good
ElBos (3 years ago)
Thanks for adding this from my request! =) :)
Skjold (3 years ago)
i really love the new intro! very quick and informative at the same time. :)
Struf | MapMaker (3 years ago)
Now install optifine + forge + Command Syntax Mod
PokeMaserJ (3 years ago)
+Struf | MapMaker (Inactif) Optifine and Forge together is almost always a combo for disaster. Optifine breaks SO MANY Forge Mods. If you want something similar, I recommend Fast Crast
Zym3x (3 years ago)
new intro!
Aimeran (3 years ago)
SpieleWERT (3 years ago)
Mit diesem Video wäre wohl geklärt, dass du auch deutsch (bzw. deutschsprachig) bist :DD
Paul Wesley (3 years ago)
+Levon Altunjan 0:21 ARD - deutsches Fernsehen
halbzwilling (3 years ago)
I bet I can do a tutorial for that too, but mine would be exactly 5 seconds long! :D
Sturm Panda (2 years ago)
+Halbzwilling lel Viertelzwilling auch hier?
NOPEname (3 years ago)
I will watch it ^^
Poptart Overlord (3 years ago)
Forge is finally for 1.8 yayayayaya thanks for telling us
Poptart Overlord (3 years ago)
Ohhh ok
CJ Burkey (3 years ago)
yeah, it has it's own little section on the page 
Poptart Overlord (3 years ago)
Ooo that's why I didn't hear of it because it's in beta
CJ Burkey (3 years ago)
+Master.A Crafter It's in beta, I didn't know either XD
Poptart Overlord (3 years ago)
Lol I think I was living under a rock LOL!

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