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Woot Tutorial - FTB Beyond - Mods A to Z

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In this episode we cover a mob farm replacement mod called Woot. Mods A to Z is a series that will hopefully make you an expert in every mod included in FTB Beyond
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Text Comments (20)
My Creative World (11 months ago)
Great YouTuber you deserve more subs
Joakim Fossan (11 months ago)
In the latest release, I am able to prick the ender dragond for the prism, but the ender dragon now costs 120k RF per tick instead of 12k.
dadat30 (11 months ago)
You gained a SUB! :D
Dead Phoenix (11 months ago)
Use some autocrafting mechanic for the crafting. I'm not sure if you could easily set up AE or Refined Storage to do it, but autocrafters provided with the materials should definitly work.
MrSoizes Creative (11 months ago)
Please dude, I just want to know how it works, I don't need to be shown every recipe, every modpack has nei or jei
Christopher Doubiago (1 year ago)
Wonder if you hook up the wither spawner to a nether star generator if you get a net gain in power and stars?
Asen Merjanov (1 year ago)
This mod is quite bonkers... but I guess Ender IO spawners and a big drop is also pretty bonkers - so if u have absurd amounts of power this is at least less laggy.
Jamie Lewis (1 year ago)
Wither skeleton skull DO work. Idk if it was changed or if you were wrong but I AM getting skulls in my woot factory
Dominic Lindhammer (1 year ago)
I like your channel and find the idea for this series quite original. But I think that these videos should be a little shorter. Especially the parts where u show every single recipe are very redundant, as we all have NEI. Cuz i aint gonn spend 30 hrs watching yutub vids to be a pro in one modpack ^^
Ilies Chamkar (1 year ago)
Yeah, i thought the same. I want to see how does the mod works, not how is crafted.
Brandon Smith (1 year ago)
Hey, thought I'd let you know that this isn't currently part of the FTB beyond A to Z playlist. Thanks for the videos, it's been a big help for me jumping into this beautiful mess.
MrBeast1901 (1 year ago)
Pls make more <3
Tuanz Bro (1 year ago)
Do blood magic
Nicolas Olivier (1 year ago)
I'm waiting for more ! :)
भुरू भाइ (10 months ago)
Nicolas Olivier (1 year ago)
I do not have preferencies, i let you decide ! All the mods are interresting :)
FunshineX (1 year ago)
any specific mod?
Gavin Burns (1 year ago)
I've been looking for this (happy 4/20)
भुरू भाइ (10 months ago)
FunshineX (1 year ago)
Mr Mackey says Drugs r bad m'kay?

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