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Fix Counter Strike Source LAG!!!

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There you see link!!! ..::::.. | 0 0 | http://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/download/2985
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Text Comments (52)
Everything you want (19 days ago)
You got one new subscriber
KolibriEffect (19 days ago)
Everything you want thanks u. This are old video. Watch new drift video. :)
Everything you want (19 days ago)
Thanks bro you helped me very much
KolibriEffect (1 month ago)
Guys dont stress, this not work for all. Just minimal fps boost. :)
RebelGaming (1 month ago)
RebelGaming (1 month ago)
dude the link pleas
technical shareef (2 months ago)
fake not working
Zeljko Kostic (2 months ago)
Console comands or only paste in Cstrike folder and finish?
Ancient Hacker (2 months ago)
I have Windows 10, i5 4460T CPU with 4 GB ram and Nvidia GeForce 820A GPU Still I have enough requirements then why it is lagging?
KolibriEffect (1 month ago)
Wtf, how lagg?. You have a good pc. Cs source stats need only 1.7ghz 1-2gb ram and minimal video card.
Ancient Hacker (2 months ago)
Bro it worked but not much
Ancient Hacker (2 months ago)
ok thanks anyway dude, stlll i have subscribes to your channel
KolibriEffect (2 months ago)
Ancient Hacker That dont do so much fps. But its ok.
Troy DIAZ (2 months ago)
It worked!
FlameR*/A / (3 months ago)
THANKS DUDE <3 , My Specs - video card- NVIDIA GT 7800 Proccesor - AMD FX 860 RAM - 8 Good pc , But Css v34 is lagging csgo 100 fps but in css v34 299 and lags to 100 and that shit and freezes
GETAWAY CAR (3 months ago)
how to enable gunshot wounds on bots
Faiza Khan (4 months ago)
Top10Cringe Videos (5 months ago)
thx im playing on 2 gb ram windows vista and i have more than 60 fps THX DUDE
Razer Gamer X (5 months ago)
did it fix any game lag?
KolibriEffect (5 months ago)
mylearnman hog That need help, but not soo much. 😋
The Red Gaming (7 months ago)
Very very goood
PerfectMusics (7 months ago)
KolibriEffect (7 months ago)
Dublu Tutorials thats not work on all pc. Thats give some little fps boost.
EscapeReview GamesBR (8 months ago)
Gooooodddd man thanks bro
cleo_the_pro _beast (10 months ago)
is this works on windows 7 32 bit
TaK TuMo (8 months ago)
U need 64 bit My setup is Windows 7 4gb 64 bit Nvidia 660 gtx i3 its nothing laging :))
KolibriEffect (9 months ago)
cleo_the_pro _beast Amm. i think. Try.
YaniIi gamer (11 months ago)
hii i dont have a powerful pc can this work me????
Oof Master64 (9 months ago)
technically yes its not a high game only needs 2 ram
Gaurav Mestry (11 months ago)
i have i5 2 gb nvidia graphics but still lagging this method not works
KolibriEffect (9 months ago)
Gaurav Mestry If you need i can record a new fix video of cs source
shahil prasad (1 year ago)
dammmmm this is so good ,,doesnt even laggggg ,,thanxxx bro,,i subed+liked the vid
KolibriEffect (1 year ago)
shahil prasad thanks you verry much. Check another videos.
funcky43 (1 year ago)
did not work
Tipul Pistolar (1 year ago)
cool picture :)
KolibriEffect (1 year ago)
The M4A4-S Thenx you 🤘🏻😋😏
Delfin Nuestro (1 year ago)
It work a little but thnks it helps
victor tolentino (1 year ago)
not work
Shantonu Chowdhury (1 year ago)
not work...
Shantonu Chowdhury (1 year ago)
Ok....thank you so much......
KolibriEffect (1 year ago)
Shantonu Chowdhury Later i show there link for you.
Shantonu Chowdhury (1 year ago)
ping problem ar still in there and if I masking my ping that also not working..... if you have any other suggestion...... thank you...
KolibriEffect (1 year ago)
Shantonu Chowdhury my windows is 7 ant this work
Shantonu Chowdhury (1 year ago)
windows 7........ thank u for the reply....
saiid (1 year ago)
ahmad uhh thank you for sharing this link
KolibriEffect (1 year ago)
said :D thenx Man
saiid (1 year ago)
i subscribed to you channel enjoy :)
KolibriEffect (1 year ago)
said :D Hey nice
ahmad muaz (1 year ago)
this is good
KolibriEffect (1 year ago)
ahmad muaz thanks!

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