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♪ "Together is so much Better" - A Minecraft Parody of Haven't Met You Yet

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TOGETHER IS SO MUCH BETTER!! GET 10% OFF A MINECRAFT SERVER TODAY: https://serverminer.com/?p=song CREDITS: Vocals by Andy Brown (unseenvocalist) http://www.youtube.com/user/unseenvocalist Produced by ServerMiner Backing track from "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble. Original map biome: http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/YhvfE#/5/64/46/-4/0/0 LYRICS: I'm all alone, Got no-one around, I've mined into lava so many times when I'm underground, Nothing gets done, When you're not having fun, Nearly got blown up, now I'm on the run, I've tried so very hard on my o-own, but every job just makes me feel alo-one, If only there was another possibility... If only there was a way to work it out, That me and my friends could all be here now, so, we could be building houses and slaying creepers with swords, Together would be much better! Now here I am, looking over this land, Meeting a friend must have been my plan, Whatever idea, our dreams will appear, Creating worlds together will be so clear, Mods can be so amazing, Giving you the power to make changes, Now I can see any possibility, So it came and I worked out how, That me and my friends are all here now, so, we're building houses and slaying creepers with swords, Together is so much better! When at our goal, with united control, The enjoyments started, So we all party, so we all party... And I know how powerful friends've made me, With strength and improvement I can now see, All of the multiplayer possibilities, And no-ow today it has all worked out, Online is what it's about, Creating and finding Doing some mining Some mining, some mining, some mining, some mining.... So it came and I worked out how, That me and my friends are all here now, so, we're building houses and slaying creepers with swords, Yeah, together is so much better! Together is so much better... Oh so much fun, When you're with everyone, then I get, I said mine, mine, mine, mine, Mine, mine, mine, mine, (Together is so much better) Mine, mine, mine, mine Mine, mine Together is so much better......
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Simply Thandi (2 years ago)
I looooove this
Hello, Can I put this video in my new top 10 Minecraft songs? We will credit the original creator in the description of the video, also in the comments section.
ServerMiner (3 years ago)
+Best Minecraft Animations 2015 | Top 5 Minecraft Songs/Animations (Minecraft Animation) Minecraft That is fine! Please let us know if we make it into the video ;)
minecraft (3 years ago)
join awesome new website with music and more
ConnieMSP (3 years ago)
is there an actual server?
Joshua Mascio (3 years ago)
Cool video ceep up the good work
DarkMystGaming (3 years ago)
This is awesome! Better than the mainstream minecraft parodies like captain sparklez and yogscast. This should be more popular. 
Joshua Mascio (3 years ago)
#1 video the best one evee
DarkMystGaming (3 years ago)
Although you need to smooth out those camera movements. Make sure you use the curve editor in whatever 3d editing program you are using. And if you mixed the music, then the drum needs some compression on it. Still great though!
Jermaine Carlton (4 years ago)
WIIU 100 Ok
CJ_Behard1234 (4 years ago)
2:57 epic
Joseph Brown (4 years ago)
RiceyFx (4 years ago)
Awesome job dood
Pongi//Joehy (4 years ago)
I have a server with them and its really great! Go check them out if you want a reliable server with good customer support!
AJ Watt (4 years ago)
Join my server! It's creative and mostly survival :) we have lockette and protection stones to get rid of griefers, join today! Pieville.serverminer.com! Thanks! See you soon!
Cinna BonBon (4 years ago)
Everything is so fabulous! I love everything!
Juan Madrid (4 years ago)
Hate animations
Antoine Bon (4 years ago)
Amazing work
Matheus Gabriel V R (4 years ago)
04:04 Authentic ?
MoreClickWithBitei (4 years ago)
Awesome Vocals! Animation could use some fine touches, but overall great parody!
202fingerboarder (4 years ago)
Awesome Greay job guys :)
John Farmer (4 years ago)
Iron golem LOL
AntonVSpi (4 years ago)
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Ohay der (4 years ago)
Who else saw herobrine???
Ohay der (4 years ago)
Well, I was going to create one, but this one was so much better! Fantastic soundtrack!
LeProDude (4 years ago)
this is really good! keep it up!
Meetch (4 years ago)
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H3RO887 (4 years ago)
Liked, commented, and subbed! Love it! Great video! If I ever rent a server, I'm coming to you guys!
The Iron Furnace (4 years ago)
Hey serverminer! I was wondering if we could be friends because you seem very cool. If not, I understand because you probably have so many people ask you this. Anyways i would like to play minecraft with you or even if you could help me out on my server! I hope you reply! btw my email is [email protected] Hope you think about it! 
The Iron Furnace (4 years ago)
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xboxman920 (4 years ago)
there awesome hosts i set off 4000 blocks of tnt on 1gb of ram and only crashed placing blocks and that was it and no lag when playing properly and there CHEAP   
J0k3RPlaysMinecraft (4 years ago)
ServerMiner staff, please can you make a video of how to put server icon for my serverminer server?
Matt Dav (4 years ago)
That was awesome
rubiktwist11 (4 years ago)
ServerMiner (4 years ago)
Thanks for all the great comments and support!!! Please remember to like, comment and share the video, it really helps us out! :)
MrBifkin (4 years ago)
I paid to host our SMP Minecraft server with these guys and they are really good value for money. The connection is flawless, and we've had absolutely no problems so far (been with them for a month). I'm on one of the cheaper offers too, what ever 20 slot one is. We've 8 members on at a time and never had problems. Worth checking out if your thinking of getting a server. There is a try before you buy on their website from what I remember.
Thomas Cozart (4 years ago)
Nice parody for a first!! Also what program??
Tuna Yücer (4 years ago)
C0nsole (4 years ago)
The animation isn't great but the vocals as AMAZING!
TheSocialGamerss (4 years ago)
Imma going to buy 3 servers from here this parody makes me want them faster serverminer ill be trusting you. Ill order them after christmas when i get the money
TheSocialGamerss (4 years ago)
Imma going to buy 3 servers from here this parody makes me want them faster serverminer ill be trusting you. Ill order them after christmas when i get the money
Lol that iron golem on the end
Luís Silva (4 years ago)
Great vid! It says all about the minecraft in community :D Best regards, Mehano, MINEPT.NET
callum mckay (4 years ago)
Awesome vid! Going to get a server from here in the future!
Ryan Young (4 years ago)
SausageQueen (4 years ago)
A parody that works so perfectly for a server host especially :) Server Miner is absolutely the BEST host!
MrGnomerdoom (4 years ago)
hehe, cool :-)
PieKingFilms (4 years ago)
Levi B (4 years ago)
Silken'sPersonal (4 years ago)
Bearbait01 (4 years ago)
Great! :D
idrumcolerain (4 years ago)
ServerMiner knows what's up.
KR4STL (4 years ago)
Serverminer is a great minecraft server host, their servers are awesome and have great up time, they also give out lots of freebies!

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