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NO SKIN = WIN(kinda)! Fortnite: Battle Royale

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SSundee and Crainer TEAM UP once again and try to win! Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/Thanks4Subbing Watch more Videos ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MBP-0F2Ivg If you enjoyed the video, drop a quick like! It means a ton! Crainer's Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MisterCrainer Awesome Video Editor(Russel)!! https://www.youtube.com/heykillerfilms Thumbnail Creator(Nicovald) https://www.youtube.com/user/NicovaldG Play Fortnite for yourself! https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/buy-now/battle-royale -=Follow the Links=- http://www.twitter.com/SSundee http://instagram.com/ssundeeyt http://www.facebook.com/pages/SSundee/200010033358843 --------------------------- Music by Ninety9Lives Tobu - Such Fun Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Oc26AFDdU Channel: http://99l.tv/Subscribe Album Download Link: http://99l.tv/Levelup-i --------------------------- Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (48790)
Daniela Landa (6 hours ago)
your stupid
Israel Perez (15 hours ago)
Ti not
DogCheese420 Gaming (1 day ago)
Welcome back!
Xavier Escamilla (1 day ago)
YES about his intro and making videos =)
Rami Samara (1 day ago)
drink the first aid kit 😂
Lizbet Balderas (2 days ago)
Science or history
Alan Akhmetov (3 days ago)
Can you give m vbucks
frankie roberts (3 days ago)
go to clock tower in tilted has 2 chests normally
Damudkipbros INC. (3 days ago)
im watching fortnite playing fortnite and see an add for fortnite
KENNY NGUYEN (3 days ago)
Take your marker of tilted towers or I will tell mojang to delete your account
Lol fortnite is a game when u repeat the same damn word
GrieferGrabber 666 (4 days ago)
Its 1492 not 1422
not so funny things (4 days ago)
How many forts can a port-a-fort port if a port-a-fort could port forts
PizzaCat (4 days ago)
I wann see you play nintendo 64
Jussel Creative (4 days ago)
leviathan is already there
JUS510 (5 days ago)
Blueskull 267 (5 days ago)
who is your favourite skin
Tryhard N (5 days ago)
SSundees channel is getting weirder and weirder...
Bloom Accessories (6 days ago)
SSUNDEE play fortnite with craine and Thea and u and Maddi in squad s plssss
timothy wheeler (6 days ago)
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssss Ssss
TSM_Elementa l (7 days ago)
Fortnite:A pubg players minecraft
amanda ashburn (8 days ago)
If you win you win if you lose you lose
Braylen Edwards (9 days ago)
Kehaan oml it’s kehaan
Caleb Flores (9 days ago)
No skin= No scope
Noah Rafanan (9 days ago)
Heeesss bbbaaaaccckkkk
Jua n (7 days ago)
Noah Rafanan No shit
Bryan Unchondo (9 days ago)
I would love if you baught an n64 and played mario
Charlotte Powers (10 days ago)
SSundee = hasn't played in four mounths = Good Me = hasn't played in two days = trash 😥
GamingWaffle (10 days ago)
FaZe SSundee
YouTube Is life (10 days ago)
Yayyyy more vids 😃
Zaim Asrulefendi (11 days ago)
i feel like ssundee is just being a cringy nerd in the first minutes of the game
Brain Sherwood (11 days ago)
Crainer is werid
Violeta Varela (12 days ago)
RIP Dusty depot
Parker Dennis (12 days ago)
Finally videos
Mvpeer (12 days ago)
elaine luu (12 days ago)
You should wear skins so new players can run
SecretsAddiction (13 days ago)
Crainer:SIT DOWN Me when i get 10 kills and wins Me:Welp gg
Rishi (13 days ago)
Logan Bowers (13 days ago)
Alexis Zoulek (13 days ago)
In the middle of the chest it supposed to be
Alexis Zoulek (13 days ago)
And there's to Chester one
Alexis Zoulek (13 days ago)
Go to Tilted Towers go to the Tower and try to get a purple sniper it does 150 damage so if you get into a headshot it does over that so it doesn't style 250
Jua n (7 days ago)
Alexis Zoulek he’s not gonna read this
Trd Villanueva (14 days ago)
(On my opinion) Pubg players:Dont go to the package! Fortnite players: Rush the package!
Joel Johansson (14 days ago)
I don't watch his videos anymore i've grown up but i really feel happy he's happy again
JustLooking (15 days ago)
R e v i v e d
Savannah Martin (16 days ago)
good one
Rishon Burnett (17 days ago)
thank you for coming back I watched you since I was six
Tina Zajsek (17 days ago)
Luis Martinez (17 days ago)
lil pump
Luis Martinez (17 days ago)
is this allowed
Carlos Ramirez (17 days ago)
Golden Owen (18 days ago)
Welcome back man!
Johny T. (18 days ago)
The forest
Jaydon Lehane (19 days ago)
shammond Hollis (19 days ago)
hi SSundee you are my favorite uow trow
khalil douglas (19 days ago)
wich is better blue or green?
Leah Pickrel (20 days ago)
Make fortnite video
MarcusFirePVP Gaming (6 days ago)
Leah Pickrel, DUDE(did I assume your gender?). L O O K W H A T T H I S V I D E O I S A B O U T .
Colton Washburn (20 days ago)
Your videos SUCK!
Roshak Sarshar (19 days ago)
Colton Washburn shut up
Maylogaming Tv (20 days ago)
night shadow (20 days ago)
hi ssundee i think you should play castle crashers i can help you if you have a xbox i have a level 89 thing comment back and i will give you a username
Nathan Cocker (20 days ago)
i love fort a ports
Eunice Mae Martin (20 days ago)
Joshua Yoon (21 days ago)
why u no play with crainer anymore?
Vin Gamez-Mendoza (21 days ago)
Vin Gamez-Mendoza (21 days ago)
Ok lay more fortnite
Jonathan Morton (21 days ago)
Play with Madilen
crafter (22 days ago)
i love ssundee
Klein (22 days ago)
Ian: I gave my heart to Christianity Me: Okay cool Ian to Crainer: Okay lets go kill stuff
Miguel Rivera (22 days ago)
Man! Haven't watched him in like 2 or 3 years and he still has a laughing problom xD
Laura Heise (22 days ago)
You promised you wouldn't leave last time you left that was a promise and you broke it!
Cubinator Endo (22 days ago)
Ssundee is the new Jack Douglass
JohnHan (23 days ago)
It's just fun and sad and all to watch Ssundee being bit different then before and Crainer reacting weird
kyle davidson (23 days ago)
do the dance challenge please
kyle davidson (23 days ago)
do the dance challenge
Tabby (23 days ago)
How is your wife?
Tabby (23 days ago)
O MY GOSH! YOU ARE BACK! A MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
Reno Distruct (24 days ago)
For the win(kinda) i feel like you are refering to wakanda
Damian Navarro (24 days ago)
Pau B (24 days ago)
I cried
ergim142 (24 days ago)
Man I hate no skin people not all of them are bad but significant majority of them are playing like a fuckig bots and if you matched with 3 no skin players just leave the game don’t even bother to play...
Viani Gunawan (24 days ago)
chad Alagar (25 days ago)
crainer is ninja *confirmed*
Mick Gleeson (26 days ago)
Give me some v bucks
Mick Gleeson (26 days ago)
Give me some v bucks on Jagger Gleeson iPad
Mick Gleeson (26 days ago)
Give me some v bucks on Jaggers ipad
Mick Gleeson (26 days ago)
Give me some v bucks Jaggers Gleeson iPad
MrChicken28 Gaming (26 days ago)
Christina Zhu (27 days ago)
Can you please make some Minecraft videos with crainer? All the YouTube gamers are switching to the popular games and I really miss watching fun Minecraft videos :(
Ssniper67 _89 (27 days ago)
Ure back im crying I missed u ssunddee I haven't checked ure channel until now im crying plz respond to this comment
Pugno (27 days ago)
Warum redest du englisch und nicht deutsch?
Markus Sim (27 days ago)
He's back. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kon TGP (27 days ago)
Did crainer cuss in the end when seundee died
Rachel Thomas (28 days ago)
i count that as a win
Sayler Videos (28 days ago)
Sharpen (28 days ago)
play with ninja m8
Henry Tarum (28 days ago)
we're professional minecraft players.gets kill already
miguel granada (28 days ago)
Glad you're I'm so glad
The Visitor (29 days ago)
I’m so happy your back again sorry
Kametsu San (29 days ago)
I got so mad when he dropped the pump
ashley Taylor (30 days ago)
the blue burst is better than the gold scar
U are the best ssundee
Linda Lim (30 days ago)
alexisamc (30 days ago)
I think your better than ninja
Kingdomruler10 (30 days ago)
Where’s Madelyn

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