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Minecraft: Custom NPC Mod - How to make Multi-part quests

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In this video, I reveal advanced quest-making techniques for the custom NPC mod.
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Text Comments (72)
Kee Shin Lim (5 months ago)
Thanks so much dude, it will totally help me make a troll machine xD
Keith Maverick (5 months ago)
How then when NPCs are how they ride Minecarts? Or so, How did they attack the Ender Dragon without a quest? Can you make that video for everyone happy!
Lop Achterop (10 months ago)
Which mods were used? Thanks!
Karm a (9 months ago)
Custom NPCs and his pack Tyrants and Plebeians,or Flans mod with many mods
Obsodaut (1 year ago)
The tutorial was great and all but I still don't know how to spawn in jewish npc's, do I make a faction for them or something?
Strange Moeez (1 year ago)
Thanks so much it worked
kaine the cool king (1 year ago)
fucken talk ideot
Vocaloid Oliver (1 year ago)
How would I make an npc say something then walk around and say another thing next time? Its for a quest map.
Danny Andrews (1 year ago)
nice tutorial but I have a question, when I do this I cant get it to have anything the player can say
Danny Andrews (1 year ago)
how cna I fix that?
Ruz (2 years ago)
question how can I make a skyrim quest? like go to this and talk to this
BarneyTEG (2 years ago)
Thanks For Video
Sebastian Abraham (2 years ago)
hey man can you make tutorial how to make npc riding a car from flans mod please im like and subscrise your video PLEASE make tutorial how to make npc riding car from flans mod :)
Yuchen Chen (2 years ago)
Molten Diamond Gaming (2 years ago)
My version of customnpc's allows me to switch it from texture to player, so then i just type in the playername and they get that skin. This will be useful.
Папа Нграыкпо
LavaToxic (2 years ago)
Monorisu Can you add your skinpack download link? Please
JustAnotherAngstyTeen (2 years ago)
This was so helpful!!! Thank you so much!!!!
土革工人 (2 years ago)
Can u do how to make a location quest
DarkUniverze (2 years ago)
get the location block from creative, place it in the spot you want the quest to be completed in, give it one name, then when you're making the quest, click on location then edit then put in the name of the location block.
Nguyen BG50 (2 years ago)
da ve dich vo cung nobita bi khung
Camo Cat (2 years ago)
at 5:49 when it said you should set it so the quest starts when you select yes how do you do that Ive got my quests dialog set up but the quest isn't actually given to you
Camo Cat (2 years ago)
i thought that might be it but i have that set for mine and it isn't working
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Alyse Marker If you pay attention for the next 20 seconds immediately after 5:49, you will notice that in the yes dialog's settings, i clearly click on the quest option and choose a quest that will be tied to the dialog.
Jason 619 (2 years ago)
you can put the links of the skins pls
Borttagen Kanal (2 years ago)
I don't know why but with my Quest when i give the Phone to Igon (Igon is like your Mao) he don't accept it he just starts the dialog from the start when he needed help!
Führer des Benutzers (2 years ago)
Sergent Chaudard (3 months ago)
Ça c'est con.
Alexander Veeger (2 years ago)
+Timroff GameZ No Himmler was a nazi general
Borttagen Kanal (2 years ago)
+Führer des Benutzers maybe they trying to make a version of Hitler (I said maybe don't take it seriously)
ImOKIE (2 years ago)
This totally helped me.Thanks for your help ☺ and I'm gonna subscribe to you
Kay Naef (2 years ago)
How to open thw npc menu?
Sauron Ikov (2 years ago)
i got everything but mao working
Sauron Ikov (2 years ago)
orenges (3 years ago)
if you want npcs to ride with you in a vehicle get themounter right click the seat choose customnpc and press mount by
NaomiGamEr (3 years ago)
can u make another conversation tutorial?
Kyle Jones (3 years ago)
This is 1.8.8 right?
Kyle Jones (3 years ago)
it has been updated. If you can find me a 1.8 tutorial i will be thankful
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+kyle jones No, but if custom npcs updates I assume it would still work.
Stelpan Gaming (3 years ago)
I knew the Atlantians story was fake.
Yuanyuan Xi (3 years ago)
how do u duel wield in flans mod
ItzChris (3 years ago)
+Yuanyuan Xi Press shift then scroll your mouse wheel.You can only dual wield pistols,smgs,and some shotguns.
DaRiUs MaX 10 (3 years ago)
When will you dooo 40k pack? :O
Monorisu (3 years ago)
Although still not released, Manus has leaked screenshots: http://www.minecraft-smp.de/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?58740
Can't wait to see that!
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Ivan Markovic Manus made some war hammer 40k stuff but has not yet released it...
raptor (3 years ago)
can you tell me the map?
ananda Mahesa R (3 years ago)
The best mod im ever seen
the17kyd (3 years ago)
How do you put your voice in
ThatRedGuy On Steam (3 years ago)
I Failed But Watched The WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!
Kyle Jones (3 years ago)
+JoshQuade Gaming Animations And More Have you tried multiple monitors? Make your quests while watching at the same time?
ThatRedGuy On Steam (3 years ago)
+Quade Macagba oh and do you hab star trek enterprise? i watch it every time i watch star trek
ThatRedGuy On Steam (3 years ago)
+Quade Macagba Yes And Yes
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Quade Macagba Uh,did you try reading the whole thing?
ThatRedGuy On Steam (3 years ago)
do you still do crappy descriptions? because if still, i recommend watching stampy or who else to try and see if you can make good descriptions
Heinrike Luna (3 years ago)
war thunder minecraft XD plane/tank combat
Zheka_PinG (3 years ago)
Monorisu, will you want to prove that you're provin your job? Create the siper monster from Custom Npc and fight withvhim using all weapons and recourses you have.
Monorisu (3 years ago)
No, no, I'm a health inspector.
Zheka_PinG (3 years ago)
I think, your videos are your job.
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Zheka_PinG I have a job?
Omnipotiontated (3 years ago)
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ItzOptical (3 years ago)
Omnipotiontated (3 years ago)
Can't compete with that, you win.
Monorisu (3 years ago)
King tut did not have bling, he had important tools to help him enter the afterlife. The afterlife underworld was ruled by the god Osiris. Osiris is married to the goddess Isis. ISIS is the Islamic state of Iraq and greater Syria. Islamic people believe in many of the same angels and events as Christians. The Roman empire was the first Christian state. When the Roman Empire split into 2 pieces, it was ruled by four kings. These four kings were the tetrarchy. Therefore, the tetrarchy is the tetrarchy.
Omnipotiontated (3 years ago)
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Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Omni No, 3 sides, sides = 1 syllable, 1 + 3 = 4, therefore I am the tetrarchy.
Cow of the West (3 years ago)
Oh, I thought Mao Tse would just enslave Himmler after the keys were found.
Darkstar 20 (3 years ago)
Dang i didnt know mao zedong even had a car
Kim 17 Un (3 years ago)
Thx now I can make modded maps with alot of quests like gta
Kaiso25Aeon (3 years ago)

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